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  1. Rlambert93

    Start up Apu

    What start up setting like cold and dark etc us the Apu all ready running so just the engines are left to start. Many thanks Rob
  2. Rlambert93

    Engine start up

    Insufficient air pressure keeps coming up what do I do please can't start engines because of it. Rob lambert
  3. Rlambert93

    Engine start up

    Can't start engines keep saying insufficient air pressure where am I going wrong what should I be doing using sop2. Many thanks Rob lambert
  4. Rlambert93


    Just got it loving it but can anybody point me in right direction for 777 set up as to where to get a preset one for download. Many thanks Rob
  5. Rlambert93

    Eng fail l and elec backup sys

    Yeah that's looks to be the trick to get it working thanks for that Regards Rob
  6. Rlambert93

    Eng fail l and elec backup sys

    Have these errors on start up after pushback to start engine can anyone help as am currently stuck on the apron blocking people. Regards Rob
  7. Rlambert93

    Pro flight multi panel saitek

    Thanks for that I will try it. Rob
  8. Rlambert93

    Pro flight multi panel saitek

    Any ideas guys
  9. Rlambert93

    Pro flight multi panel saitek

    Does anyone know if this will work with the pmdg 777-200 or if it is possible to get it to work. I already have it and can't seem to get it work with this plane. Regards Rob
  10. Rlambert93

    Flybe livery request

    +1 be a cool repaint.
  11. Rlambert93

    Crazy need help fast

    Anyone know what this problem is pmdg 777 going crazy right now. Altitude speed flickering like crazy and my map going absolutely crazy Trk hdg changing like crazy. Can't follow map but auto pilot working ok. Rob
  12. Rlambert93

    Payware quality airport available as freeware

    Thanks guys some good scenery and ideas to look at and download hope people keep this thread live with more ideas. Many thanks Rob
  13. Rlambert93

    Payware quality airport available as freeware

    Yeah that's what I mean. Rob
  14. Does anyone know of any good scenery that's free that a 777 can get into and out off. Don't mind a challenge as it can be a bit more fun. Many thanks Rob
  15. Rlambert93

    Disney westjet

    Yeah working fine now thanks for the help all. Rob