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  1. ctstech25

    Racing real-time flights

    ...and for additional realism, I load www.liveatc.net/ and listen to the Departure, Arrival and Tower freqs, listening for the RW aircrafts clearances. I'm in Palm Springs and enjoy flying Westjet flights from Vancouver to Palm Springs as described in this thread and hearing the Towers clearance for landing and then watching the plane out my window.
  2. Sheeesh, you guys keep late hours... Thank you and the team for all of your hard work...
  3. ctstech25

    Repainting PMDG

    I used this set of videos on youtube 2 years ago... I believe there are 21 or so videos and he never got to complete them... they are the best ones I found at the time and have not really looked for additional ones...
  4. ctstech25

    Instant OOM

    Some have found a solution by backing up one NVIDIA driver, I know it worked for me. NVIDIA's latest driver has issues...
  5. ctstech25

    Tiger Lounge

    Looks like the guy on the left has an analog laptop...
  6. Ahahahahahahahaha... Got It!!!!!
  7. I would have guessed 0747 in the time zone she was created...
  8. ctstech25

    Hey hey folks

    Dan, I understand the OCD part, I picked up on that when you spent time erasing artifacts around the window frames left over from the paint kit... Your instructions helped me to keep my file structures in line (I only erased my master psd file once...(yur not really photoshopping if you haven't erased 10 hours worth of work at least once)) and my habits you helped create make working in photoshop much easier... Thanks again... ps... I've had to get rid of 2 bodies
  9. ctstech25

    Hey hey folks

    Mr. Prunier, I second this post as I was able to get through all 22 of the youtube posted videos and was extremely successful in my knowledge and ability with photoshop... Seeing you here gives me hope you may yet show us the last few if it is something you enjoyed doing. Thank you so much for your work in the swimming world and I wish you all the success in world. ps... I too have moved to P3D with mostly ORBX scenery and a few quality airports... its a whole new world out there! Norman Henderson (never sure if my sig is working)
  10. ctstech25

    Experiences flying with Prepar3d v3

    Specialized Roubaix
  11. ctstech25

    Experiences flying with Prepar3d v3

    Flew a night flight last night from CYVR (fsdreamteam) to KPSP (default scenery)... whew, where to start... well, I guess the start... running P3D v3, ASN, Aivlasoft EFB and GSX (for now), I loaded the PMDG 737-800 at the gate, taxied out with very smooth and beautiful emmersion. Lighting was spectacular, aircraft handled easily, audio in surround sound and all working seamlessly. Take off was uneventful except for the tingle down my spine from the sheer excitement. Flight was gorgeous with the moon being a waning gibous out the left side with shadows in the cockpit dancing over the instruments, pretty spectacular. Arrival and landing was unexpectedly smooth and visually perfect... I am used to 7-9 fps on most landings so up around 14-17 fps was quite a pleasant surprise, so much so that I was eyeballing stuff instead of landing and was too hot and off center. Got down on concrete at least and didn't run off the end. Taxiing in was just as smooth as the departure and shutdown was also uneventful. Presently, I am extremely pleased with the new P3D... PMDG 777 currently enroute to TNCM... same results thus far... smooth fps, beautiful flight. I have experienced the SMOKESYSTEM error, but that doesn't seem to affect anything on flights, so ignored... Additionally, I have not loaded down P3D v3 with traffic (big frame killer), fs2crew, not running radar contact... ohh, ohh, ohh... there goes the Grand Canyon... ... or other payware scenery, so I still have some work ahead... So for now, I should probably get back to my real job so I can keep paying for this stuff... Norman Henderson
  12. ctstech25

    FS2Crew ....Its Here!

    Bryan, So far, its awesome… I have only done 2 flights and I need to create a scripted page as I have done for the 737, but so far very nicely done... Norman Henderson
  13. ctstech25

    The Ng will shoot straight up in the air

    Looks like you are all lined up on final.... :lol: :lol:
  14. Once I started using Aivlasoft EFB, I was hooked for good. Running on a laptop networked to the main rig right next to my 46" Monitor... can't beat it!