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  1. Actually, not yet. I learned something really interesting today. It seems I don't consistently get the squares, even when flying the same flight repeatedly. So if I fly from KBWI to KPVD for example, sometimes I see the squares, other times, when flying the exact same flight, I don't. So I wondered why. Well I discovered that if I simply load FSX for the first time of the day (which usually takes almost 8 minutes for the first launch of the day believe it or not), I seem to see the white squares when loading the flight. Then if I close FSX and reload the exact same flight, the loading takes MUCH shorter to boot (under a minute), and also, for all my subsequent flights, I never see the white squares. I am not sure if I am clearing out the memory when I reboot, or something like that, but for whatever reason, it always seems to do the trick for me! Can anyone explain this strange phenomenon? Thank you all, Chris Catalano
  2. Thanks. You were right - it failed. Do you know of any other suggestions that may work in light of this? Thanks, Chris Catalano
  3. Thank you all for the replies. As I had mentioned, I put in a query to the people over at Mega Scenery since I am only getting the white squares when flying over their products. This is what they said: Dear Mr Catalano, The same patch to fix the black squares will also fix blue or white squares as well. “ This is caused by an outdated terrain.dll file. This file has been updated by Microsoft with this patch. Simply click on the link below and select RUN and the installer will automatically update your terrain.dll. >>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND RUN THE TERRAIN.DLL UPDATE PATCH <<< (8 Mb) So apparently they seem to be aware of this issue. I look forward to trying this fix later today. I'll report back and let you know if I have any success. Thank you all very much. Chris Catalano
  4. That's very interesting! Does that mean that all the white or blue squares only occur when there is some water beneath the square? It seems that often they are even over the land mass areas too where water is not present. Does this mean that if I see the large squares that there is always necessarily some sort of water (ie, lake, river, mud puddle :-) beneath it? Thank you again! Chris Catalano
  5. Thank you all for the replies. Yes, I am running other programs with FSX in the background. I'm running Radar Contact, Active Sky Next, some air-traffic control chatter, and FS Passengers. Even Though the Process Explorer Seems to Indicate That I Have a little more headroom, Perhaps I don't have as much as I really believe. Most times this seems to a car when I am flying over my Mega Scenery Earth areas. Yet sometimes flying over the same exact areas I don't see the white squares. But I think that the usual memory limitations of FSX must be the culprit here. I also put in a query to the people over at Mega Scenery Earth. Thank you all for the insight. I really appreciate it. Chris Catalano
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'm not entirely sure if that's exactly it, because when I run my PC Process Explorer in the background, I noticed yesterday that I never exceeded 3.1 GB of the allocated 4 GB that FSX uses. That should've been plenty of headroom with the graphics and the amount of RAM that I have. I'm not saying it's not possible what you proposed, I'm just not entirely sure if that could be it. On the other hand, you may indeed be right. Chris Catalano
  7. Hi Everyone: Does anyone know what these large white squares are in the middle of my scenery? They appear most often when I am flying over my Mega Scenery areas (see picture) Thank you, Chris Catalano
  8. Hello: Can someone teach me how to post a picture on the FSX forum? I used to be able to attach a picture, but I cannot do it any longer. Every time I hit the picture icon on the tool bar, it only gives me the option to attach a URL. Is there no longer a way to attach a .jpg to my posts? I read the help section, but I don't seem to have the required tools that they reference on the Forum Help files. Sorry... I am sure it must be extremely easy to do this... I just can't seem to figure it out... Thanks, Chris Catalano
  9. OMG!!!!! I can't believe I missed that!!!!! That was SO easy! I guess when I reinstalled FSX this week, I didn't realize that there was a setting for that, and even if I had, I wouldn't have realized at first that showing all variants was not the default to begin with since they used to automatically show up in my previous installation of FSX! Thank you SOOO much! I have been goiong out of my mind trying to figure this all out! Thanks, Chris Catalano
  10. Hi Everyone: I am having a terrible time trying to re-install all my NGX liveries. I got a new hard drive (old one died), did a fresh install of EVERYTHING for FSX, but for some reason the new NGX liveries simply won't show up for me. In the Operations Center when I go to the free downloaded liveries, they indicate that they are installed correctly (Green bar that says "installed). THey are showing up in the Livery Manager too. I also see the corresponding texture folders in the associated Sim Objects PMDG folders, and I see the appropriate thumbnail that is created in each texture folder, and the CFG file in the associated folder lists the installed liveries, but whenever I load FSX, they are simply not there, even if I filter the aircraft to only display only PMDG aircraft. Only the basic 5 models show up with the house colors. Before my new hard drive, they installed and showed up fine fort me. I uninstalled the PMDG completely again tonight hoping a fresh re-install would fix the issue but it is not working. I am running FSX and the PMDG Operations Center as "Administrator", just in case if that matters. Can anyone help me to figure this out? THank you. Chris Catalano
  11. Thank you all. One last issue for me - I now have it up and running, and the WX tutorials were great! But for some reason, I used to be able to hit the Terrain button on my EFIS and the map of my surrounding terrain would be drawn in green. Now for whatever reason, whenever I hit TERR on my EFIS, the screen shown nothing by way of terrain. It just shows the ND with no weather, as if its a clear day. It seems that I cannot use Terrain and Weather at the same time on my ND, and furthermore, even without the weather, I still get no terrain to display when I am on the ground. I used to be able to turn on the Terrain button/display when I was taxiing out to the runway and it used to always draw it correctly. Now I seem to see nothing. I even tried hitting the MAP button on the WX panel down below on the center panel, and I still can't see any terrain draw. Any ideas? Thank you, Chris Catalano
  12. Hi Everyone: I successfully updated my 737 NGX tonight, and I know it contains a functioning weather radar. I am using the latest version of Active Sky Next. I don't know much about the weather radar. Heck, I don't even know if there is a button to turn it on and off. I used to use the weather gauge that came with ASN. So four questions: 1) How do you actually turn on the new weather radar? (I ssee there is a WX button on my EFIS, but don;t I also have to press something on the center console too?) 2) Must Active Sky Next be running before hand to get the weather radar to show up on my ND? Will it run wothout Active Sky Next? 2) Is there an explanation of the weather radar tool in the PMDG manuals - if so, where would I found it? 3) To that end, is there a document that will explain what each of the buttons means (i.e "tilt", "WX", "Auto", etc...) Thank you all very much! Sincerely, Chris Catalano
  13. I guess I am a bit confused still - if I buy this, what will it do AUTOMATICALLY out of the box for FS9 - JUST add lights to the default planes (which I actually never use - I almost always fly the PMDG 737)? Or are there other benefits that happen immediately upon installation. I am not sure I want to go through a lengthy process of editing every single one of my Ultimate Traffic planes manually - not only are there hundreds of these, but it would take a while I am sure....Thanks,Chris Catalano
  14. Does anyone know if the new 3D Lights REDUX for FS9 automatically makes all the addon AI traffic planes (Ultimate Traffic and My Traffic) planes work with the 3D lights? Or, do I have to do something to make all the AI planes work with the 3D lights?Thanks,Chris Catalano
  15. Based on the above comments - since I am connecting my MCP directly to my USB port, and have nothing else connected to the computer via USB except a printer, does the fact that I have a 10 foot USB cable for the MCP have any negative effect? In other words, would a shorter 4 foot USB cable going to the MCP from the computer translate into better results?Chris Catalano
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