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  1. Errands have kept me out today, but just finished a couple of flights that I didn't have issue #1 with the XPDR. I had to set it as you said and it worked nicely to where now they just say "Radar Contact". It's the default C172 analog gauge version. Hopefully a better SDK with more simconnect functionality will make for better fsuipc progress. @ rwilsonlj - Like Dave already mentioned, I have 5 Cereproc voices and the newer one is the worst and it's way to pronounce things is driving me crazy. For those who use Cereproc voices steer clear of the "Carolyn" voice. Sounded great when I previewed it using aviation lingo, but wow is it awful.
  2. Thanks, Dave. 1- So I hear it give me the squawk and I have to go into P2A again and enter it? I always set it in the aircraft. I've never set it in P2A. I don't even know why I would. Must have missed that part in the manual. Once I'm in the sim I don't want to alt tab to P2A and didn't think I needed to. If it's giving me a squawk code why doesn't it set it in P2A itself? How do I even do that? 2- The main ones are Muni or Mun being short for municipal and INT being short for international. I was just thinking something like "Int = international, elseif proceeded by "K", or followed by another letter without a space. Sorry I can't explain better but I have zero idea of what this coding is compared to my limited best guess at it. 3- My point was really that if it's bothersome for something low and slow it would be a nightmare for airliners, such as traffic alerts. They're going to be getting them much more frequent than a Cessna. I've balanced them out now for most average flights but the default settings are just way too lean. 4- I do exactly that. I set the climb rate to 200 fpm since although I can start at 500 fpm, I can only climb at 100' fpm once I hit 13,000. Maybe a max ceiling entry block?
  3. I have MSFS ATC off. I'm using normal frequencies. It is 100% P2A. I'll start gathering examples in my flights tonight and tomorrow.
  4. This is very often. Too often to list all of the instances so can someone tell me or link where this is explained? Maybe it's a limitation somewhere in the current MSFS SDK or something else. Problem is when I fly VFR and tune in what should be ground or tower in tons of places that I'm nearing I get ATIS. For the record, I'm using MSFS with the latest navigraph data and no other addons that would cause this. Thanks, Dan
  5. ATC won't let me leave them if flying a VFR flight following. This is an example only (KAPF to KFLL): Initially I start off asking "Cessna 951 request VFR Flight Following from KAPF to KFLL). ATC replies with as happily expected (really love that it will do this). Later in the flight, I change my mind and decide to land at KFXE. I cancel my flight following and am told to squawk 1200. I then try to tune in KFXE Tower but when I do, ATC tells me to switch back. I cancelled my flight following and they acknowledged this but cannot change to anything at this point without being told to get back on freq xxx.x. Thanks, Dan
  6. I really don't like a title to lack info about what the topic is about, but can't think of better. Is it possible to (in a future update perhaps): 1- Have ATC stop telling me what to Squawk xxxx in every single message from them? 2- Learn to say "Municipal" instead of sounding like a Jamaican saying "Mun"? Or International instead of spelling out INT? No idea what it is to code this but think it would be simple if using IF or ElseIF statements. VOXATC fixed theirs back when I used it. Especially bad when they spell things out that aren't meant to be spelled. 3- Revise defaults!!! I haven't posted much at all and have learned to use the program through either searching this forum or reading the manual but now that I have 100+ hours with it I can say that no matter what aircraft I fly there are many default options that should not be as they are. For instance, having to set the distance for aircraft alerts. I read tons of topics where many people had issues with a plethora of ATC alerts and all of which were told a better setting to set the alert proximity and others. I fly mostly low and slow GA and if it's too much with it I would think the default would be too much for everything else. Why not just adjust some of the default settings from the start? 4- Expedite climb and other expectations. I'm mostly flying a C172. ATC seems to think I have a rocket ship and doesn't seem to know my max ceiling, let alone the climb rate. Even if it could not know this due to limitations, please give an option to tell it not to remind me literally every 7 seconds. I've been testing this for over 100 hours now and these are just things I see as a new user thru now. They are all downfalls 'TO ME' in this addon. No idea if it's due to limited SDK or just a "take what you get" type of thing, but these are what I find most needing to be fixed. Thanks! Dan PS. I have others that but think they are more needing their own topic that might be something I'm simply doing wrong or maybe bugged.
  7. I never seen that as default behavior. What other addons are your using? I know I get some similar warnings from "OnAir", but that's only with it and not MSFS 2020. If actually from MSFS 2020 then please post a screenshot or link to a video.
  8. Glad I could help 🙂 Yeah, I guess I'm used to just airways for the IFR Low. I'd still be doing my planning on skyvector regardless, but just this one flight I wanted to fly to Area 51 which isn't seen on Skyvector but is seen as KXTA in both FS20 and P2A so wanted to use P2A as my planner.
  9. The route I have in my images is KRNO to KLAS so your screenshot of LA looks closer to what I see but as I originally mentioned, those two images are only one single zoom click different. Nothing wrong with my install, just odd there are a billion more airways in both our images than any IFR LOW would ever have in real life. Just check Skyvector or Foreflight, or anything other than P2A. As for Avsim not allowing image embedding, they do allow it but for dropbox you simply need to change the ?dl=0 at the end of the link to ?raw=1 at the end of your links. Like this, here is your own image of LA.
  10. Since I use Navigraph I decided to look to see if there were issues with duplicates or something that looked abnormal but I can't see where it installed any data to in P2A. P2A has an empty Navigraph and NavDataPro folder in two locations (I can see hidden files and folders but these files wouldn't be hidden anyway). ...\Pilot2ATC_2020_x64\Grammars ...\Pilot2ATC_2020_x64\Data Makes no sense to have two empty folders in two different locations. I can't see where Navigraph installs to for P2A but it would help if I knew what files to look for that it might be installing. The only thing I can see is cycle_info.txt with several other files that installed to the data folder directly. I also just noticed the same exact issue is with the IFR HIGH map.
  11. Good thing I decided to check my post for my updated sig or I wouldn't have saw your new reply via using "Edit" (one doesn't get notified for such a thing...). No luck on restarting it. Tried that before and after I posted actually.
  12. New to Pilot2ATC here, but have been through the user manual plenty, watched all the tutorials and spent hours reading on this forum. Been searching for the issue for a while now using search here on the forum and cannot find anything. Problem I'm seeing is the IFR-LOW map's airways. No idea what other lines it's showing but they aren't just the airways. I've de-cluttered by trying everything else off (NDB, VOR, APT, etc) but they aren't the issue anyway since it's the over abundance of the lines. Even if they were also the vector ways, jetways & airways combined there wouldn't be such a thick amount of spaghetti. As can be seen in the images, I'm using the latest Navigraph Airacs. The images show a side by side to SkyVector to where I tried my best to show equal zoom. In the first image all looks okay, but then in the second, one mouse-wheel of added zoom (or + on the map zoom) and the clutter appears and the map is unusable. I can still zoom further and pan, but even with my beastly comp it's sluggish with all the extra data and unusable because,,, well it's obvious by looking at the 2nd image. Can't plan or get a general sight picture through all that.
  13. Okay, not really. Just wanted to say I just got Pilot2ATC and am loving it! Haven't been on Avsim in ages and didn't expect anything this great to be available for MSFS this soon. Again, loving it! I had a similar product last time I was a die hard simmer and nice to see this surpasses it (not to mention this actually has active support). I've invested in some Cereproc voices over the years and seeing I could use them in this made me buy it without trying the trial. No regrets. Lots to learn, sure, but have hit the manual often and just found a few answers to other questions here in the forum. Special thanks to Clumsy and his fine video that introduced this and X-ATC-Chatter to me (Clumsy deserves a raise). As for my cat, she's fine. She has got skinnier since I started simming again but for now anyway, she's alive 😉
  14. Thanks, Raymond. I updated it via Endir, but it obviously didn't take. I got it all straight now. Definitely not, Andy. The shaders in the ShadersHLSL folder you don't touch. It was a shader program that corrupted mine over a year ago and I noted my fix. Sounds like the issue is as Gerad and others have said. If you disable whatever your shader injector of choice is, and delete your shader folder "C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders" and don't have the issue then it's clearly just the profile/ini settings being used by that program.
  15. Hiya, Howard. Not sure there is a p3dv4.4 compatible version of Envshade, unless you're updating it from a forum post on Toga's forum. I just bought it and downloaded what simmarket had and when I load my settings via Envdir I get a message saying it's not compatible. Now by saying that, it still works for me but either isn't updated to see this update as a supported version, or it still needs to be optimized. I actually found your post from a Google search on a different Envshade issue where the installer would skip my registration (not give me the chance to register it). I figured it out myself but during the process of searching my hard drives for remnants of an earlier install today I found several locations. I saw folders and files in documents and settings, program data and my documents. Some of these were user config files that maybe it's reading and corrupting something. To make things more difficult the folder names weren't the same. Sometimes it said; "Toga" while others the root folder was "Simmarket". I once again uninstalled Envdir, Envshade and Envtex, then deleted all of these folders and files (the one in Program Data was under simmarket and was a license which is most likely why it was skipping the registration process and tossing .net errors). After I did all that everything worked fine. Maybe look in these locations and do the same just in case it's finding dual settings/configs and causing you issues. One other thing is be sure to delete your shaders folder in "C:\Users\Dan\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Shaders" (though, you might have to change it to your own name 😛 ) . This folder will rebuild next time you launch P3d but I'm betting you already know this procedure. A while back when I bought Envtex and PTA, and URL, etc, etc, I somehow hosed certain files that caused the "whites". These were fx files. The corrupt files that caused the issue were in my \\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL folder. The files were:Cloud.fx, FuncLibrary.fxh, General.fx, GPUTerrain.fx, GPUTerrain.fxh. There were also two others in the \\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\PostProcess folder. They were; FXAAResolve.hlsl & HDR.hlsl. If it seems to be working sometime, and not others, I would suspect either a rights issue (having it installed in the program folders directory or other windows dead zone) or at some point it isn't being run as admin. From looking at your specs I would be willing to bet you don't install in those default folders but that's just what it sounds like (other than what I first mentioned of remnants somewhere that are tossing a wrench in the turbine). Hope this helps.
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