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  1. Thanks, Raymond. I updated it via Endir, but it obviously didn't take. I got it all straight now. Definitely not, Andy. The shaders in the ShadersHLSL folder you don't touch. It was a shader program that corrupted mine over a year ago and I noted my fix. Sounds like the issue is as Gerad and others have said. If you disable whatever your shader injector of choice is, and delete your shader folder "C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders" and don't have the issue then it's clearly just the profile/ini settings being used by that program.
  2. Hiya, Howard. Not sure there is a p3dv4.4 compatible version of Envshade, unless you're updating it from a forum post on Toga's forum. I just bought it and downloaded what simmarket had and when I load my settings via Envdir I get a message saying it's not compatible. Now by saying that, it still works for me but either isn't updated to see this update as a supported version, or it still needs to be optimized. I actually found your post from a Google search on a different Envshade issue where the installer would skip my registration (not give me the chance to register it). I figured it out myself but during the process of searching my hard drives for remnants of an earlier install today I found several locations. I saw folders and files in documents and settings, program data and my documents. Some of these were user config files that maybe it's reading and corrupting something. To make things more difficult the folder names weren't the same. Sometimes it said; "Toga" while others the root folder was "Simmarket". I once again uninstalled Envdir, Envshade and Envtex, then deleted all of these folders and files (the one in Program Data was under simmarket and was a license which is most likely why it was skipping the registration process and tossing .net errors). After I did all that everything worked fine. Maybe look in these locations and do the same just in case it's finding dual settings/configs and causing you issues. One other thing is be sure to delete your shaders folder in "C:\Users\Dan\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Shaders" (though, you might have to change it to your own name 😛 ) . This folder will rebuild next time you launch P3d but I'm betting you already know this procedure. A while back when I bought Envtex and PTA, and URL, etc, etc, I somehow hosed certain files that caused the "whites". These were fx files. The corrupt files that caused the issue were in my \\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL folder. The files were:Cloud.fx, FuncLibrary.fxh, General.fx, GPUTerrain.fx, GPUTerrain.fxh. There were also two others in the \\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\PostProcess folder. They were; FXAAResolve.hlsl & HDR.hlsl. If it seems to be working sometime, and not others, I would suspect either a rights issue (having it installed in the program folders directory or other windows dead zone) or at some point it isn't being run as admin. From looking at your specs I would be willing to bet you don't install in those default folders but that's just what it sounds like (other than what I first mentioned of remnants somewhere that are tossing a wrench in the turbine). Hope this helps.
  3. An incredible amount of thanks, Shad67. I have just under a terabyte on my install and flawless for years until a major snafu. Never used the scenery config editor before and in under 5 minutes I fixed the issue. People need not fear, for me anyway I simply scrolled down and it had flagged errors. Upon seeing it I did a facepalm in agreeing it was the problem and was able to sim again.
  4. Two letters and one word for you, Tony, and with a high chance this post will be deleted and I will be expelled forever from the PMDG user forum... VR PORN. Since I got the Oculus Rift and discovered a rather incredible app (SLR), I am more than a happy camper. Since VR Porn I have kicked out my wife, stopped seeing my girlfriends, and made tons of money from co-workers in being a VR Pimp. :) *The above is a joke of course, but if I had a wife, she would now be second :) Ok, other than that (that incredibly awesome thing), I love the education stuff more than the games. I have about 30 paid games. The absolute BEST is a free app/game, called; "Rapid Fire - A Brief History of Flight". That alone will blow your socks off. You stand on the tarmac and get some sweet fly-byes from the Wright bros plane to the latter. The Concorde flybye at it's maximum speed is worth admission alone. I sim late, after a very labor intensive day and laying in bed, so no where for me to tip, haha. Driving games are also incredible. Dirt is fully support as are many other great driving titles (No GTA though yet). The educational apps are great. From traveling in blood vessels throughout the body to going on the first trip to the moon (that one is about $9 usd). The growth of a fetus in the womb, etc, etc, etc. It's just mind boggling. I can't believe how great kids will have it in learning, and just happy to be alive in this day and age to see it. Finally a 64bit sim and VR. I didn't even ask for that much and we now have it. Google earth alone has taken me away from reality for hours on end in VR. A must for any VR'er is Virtual Desktop. I don't use it for pretending to be at my computer, but it has some features that some don't know about, like the video player. Youtube has tons of 360° videos. You can paste in a URL and it will download the video and then you can experience the video in VR. Fly with the Blue Angels! Take a trip with me on my instruction flights in getting my PPL (to come), many others and millions more by the time your get to this sentence. Watching movies is great too. I have a Samsung 4k TV hanging at the foot of my bed and love it, but in VR, and even though it's far from 4k, I prefer it. I can even change my environment. AND, I can lay in bed while watching it. I always wanted to be a bartender and bought a bartending game that I can prepare and serve drinks. I'm an old fan of Nintendo's Mike Tyson's Punch out so got a boxing game that will leave you sweating before round 2. A mountain climbing game that will indeed leave you sore in the morning. None of this is exaggeration. The Oculus was once $600+ alone, now it comes with Oculus Touch (which once cost $200), all for only $399. The touch is two hand controllers that all the games I mentioned use. Not at all for simming, but maybe someday. I tried them but prefer the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. I still wouldn't use them over what you already have. Oh, the Titanic is another great app I just got. Do you like the ocean? I have 3 great apps for underwater exploration. The sky is great, but the ocean is 2/3rds our rock we live on. Did I mention VR porn? :P All in all, you will be very surprised just how much you use VR for. Simming is a quantum leap over what it was before VR, but if you're a simmer, you like brain activity type of anythings, and educational apps (most are free) and things like VR Chess might even have you not open your hangar door. I prefer mouse. In fact, I will most likely be alone on this, but even though I do own a program (what most VR/Simmers prefer) called Flyinside, I don't use it. I have my reasons and will revisit it, but in a nut shell it allows you to bring outside apps, charts, maps, browser, etc, into your aircraft without taking the headset off. MOST reviews I watched for saying it was a must have are pre-p3dv4.1, the point one being the kicker. I got back into it as 4.1 was hitting, so in comparison I prefer the raw default p3d than it. I should also mention I'm a tad of an overboard simmer. I have a yearly subscription to Foreflight (navigation, flight planner, weather, ebag, etc, used by real pilots) connected to the sim so I must remove my VR to see it on my ipad. The immersion isn't broke because it is immersive in it's own rights. As for motion sickness goes, I don't during simming, but have felt sea sick in being in a shark cage in one of my ocean experiences. If rollercoasters make you sick then a VR experience in one will be a close second. Some apps (experiences) make you move your head around a lot.and you will experience a "break in" period. It will be harmless and you'll indeed muster through it to remain where it brings you, but you will also be happy to take the headset off when the time comes. I do highly recommend, and joking aside, not driving right after using it when you first get it. Odd as it sounds, it's so realistic for some, that it can have minor lasting effects that can even give you a very temporary false sense of reality once you unplug, haha. Not so much vertigo but a more heightened ability to control your balances that may make you walk or see things funny. Again, it's temporary and it has the bonus of getting the result of a six pack of suds would get you without costing you any coin! Just be sure when you get it you download the free "Rapid Fire - A Brief History of Flight". It is short, but it alone was worth the price of admission!
  5. Hey hey, Dan. Been trying to make time to catch up on things around here, but glad to see you're still doing all that you do. As for the support site goes, I know. Mentioned it a few times. Logged in and have my account, etc, etc, etc. I mentioned the many things I did, but rather than retype it, I'll paste where I mention the issues with the support portal. Not only do I mention it a few times, but I've said your exact words in many years and thousands of posts in actually helping people on this here user forum. Thanks.
  6. Just my own input on VR. Thiago has not been wrong yet and has perfectly stated my perception. Since FS2000 I lived through my cockpit builder stage (spent $11k+). Later went through my multi monitor era, and now cannot imagine anything better than VR. Personally I choose Oculus Rift over vive, and Thiago is 100% correct in no Oculus v2 until 2019. They do have a cordless one that will temp people to get, but it's not as good as the corded, other than it being wireless. Like many people I watched videos on youtube but there is absolutely NO WAY to record the experience. I have yet to experience PMDG in VR, but the A2A 172 and Duke B60 is heavenly bliss. I cannot (no one can) explain how real it seems unless you witness it. The first time you're placed in the cockpit of a C172 and have an airliner roll on by and you turn to see it in actual size, or when you duck a tad and look over your full size wing. I have several thousand dollars of addons and wouldn't bat an eye at not using any of them anymore if they chose not to support VR. It's that good. Price is crazily low. As Thiago stated, it's less than half and you actually get a lot more. For those considering which to get, know that Oculus, Vive, and I'm sure the rest use the same components for the most part, but Oculus is big brother. They know the next gen parts to make the improvements needed to make it a worthy v2 aren't going to be readily available until the end of the year. Others will use their own software perhaps to upscale, but I've messed with many and it's crazy to compare VR to a monitor's resolution. It's not at all the same experience and can't imagine anyone that has used it to not see that. 4k? Haha, not likely until later. Anyone stating otherwise are not be truthful and are doing what all manufacturers have done since the wheel, and that's gimmicking up to what the market is asking for. Like when "doublespace" (software) said you got double the hard drive space. No one could top the current hard drive capacity back then and Maxtor did overnight, only not to tell people they were getting a normal size drive with compression software. It certainly will be nice when it happens, but spoil yourself now unless your only money is allowance. You could be dead tomorrow and if I had the money I would buy every simmer out there VR just so they could share my enthusiasm about it, knowing they have no clue how great it is. Lastly, I will explain a couple things that VR did to change simming for me that 6' of monitor never could. When landing, you are taught to look far down the runway and beyond. As you would in driving a car in not looking straight down on the road. No matter what you read, you will never get the feel of what they mean until VR. Steep turns is HUGE. Steep turns can finally be practiced correctly. You can easily do a steep turn once comfortable in an actual aircraft without ever looking at your gauges and without dropping more than a few feet. Simming on a monitor is nothing like VR and VR I can finally steep turn all day with the same ease as the real thing. Turning on a point is another one. Even with triple screens and track IR, it lacks a certain feel. VR it's easier of course, but your also seem to feel all the other factors (yaw, elevation changes, speed). All from what VR tells your senses. IFR is better in my opinion because in the real world it's easy to not trust your instruments because the way the clouds look. Never on a monitor did I get too disoriented. I've heard many people complain about IFR but it's much more realistic in my opinion. In a real aircraft (even a crowded 152) you will lean in. Same with VR. Blurring is there, but it's far from a deal breaker for me. When you lean into a gauge and see it's many working layers, it's just awesome. Seeing the GTN750 in VR is also mind blowing every time. I feel like I own the real thing. There are many things to get used to and I use controllers and the keyboard. Immersion for is not blown for even tipping my headset to find something. It was at first and now I have to do it much less, but if I do it isn't at all an issue. My personal main gripe is night lighting action. Headlights and streetlamps have an annoying flicker at times. I use a few addons though like PTA, ENVIR, etc so I could be making it worse. I have had a random friend come over for the last few months from work to show them the VR experience. They've freaked. I save the flight sim for last and take off from KTEX in the A2A C172. They are all at their loudest when I go wheels up! One friend tipped right over and face planted my floor. I have to keep telling people that if it gets too much, to close their eyes. It's that real that you feel as if you were on a moving platform. Anywho, that's my zero two!
  7. "Hi" Kyle. Thanks for the reply. I installed the mentioned PMDG products and there was never an entry to put in my serial key. When I launched P3dv4.1 a window comes up saying I haven't yet activated it but it doesn't say how or where to do this, just that I need to. It's not activated so of course the pmdg dll's don't work and p3d will crash because of that. Again, it's just not activated. No activation window on a fairly fresh install of windows and P3d. In other words I haven't had any pmdg aircraft installed since. So I don't see how it could be still valid. As for the OC goes, it has a support section. I tried to create a ticket from this help section. It needs you to log in (yes, the operation center has this, or mine does anyway). It doesn't let me log in to send a ticket via the OC because it says my username or password is incorrect. PMDG's website (support portal) allowed me to log in and create a ticket. I know a ticket is best, so tried and tried, and tried. It is when I click submit that it says the message about illegal text in an input field. Which field, I have no idea. There are several input fields in a form. An issue I tried to troubleshoot for a solid hour before posting here. Prior to that, I spent a solid hour trying find an answer via the forum. Prior to that I did my own troubleshooting for over an hour. Odd about no shortcut on the desktop or start menu. I've been a Microsoft beta tester since Millennium (98 v3). In the last month I've installed hundreds of addons. All have shortcuts. Not one does not. Windows 10 issue? I don't think so. Maybe WIN10 + PMDG but it's obvious they know how to query the win10 registry so cannot see for the life of me how they wouldn't know how to do what every other addon can. Heck, I can explain it faster than I can get this to work, haha. I'd be happy to email my insanely verbose notes of my install. My install is currently 242gb. Zero pending issues other than this. Doesn't make sense. It shouldn't be this difficult. We're missing something stupidly simply here. I believe it's what I mentioned about "Error opening key: 2". As mentioned also, I found a topic about that error and the user said PMDG helped him resolve it by deleting a key in the registry, but that he never mentioned what key. As for which version of p3d I'm using and choosing, The installer doesn't give me any option to choose. Maybe because it's the only one I have and again, this install is virgin to ever having PMDG installed so still not sure how it could already be validated. Last but not least, no migration tool or anything like that. Thanks again.
  8. Yes, and Yes. No firewall, no anti vaginas, and yes to admin. Thanks!
  9. Hey folks, I'm done trying for the moment on getting this to work and opening a ticket. Just not my day I guess but other than leaving some time to write this, I have no more to give to this issue with the avalanche of issues in trying to get support. 3+ hours now so do forgive little old me. After hours now of simply trying to install the 777 & NGX, I get no activation window or start menu shortcuts. I haven't touched my pmdg fleet in ages so had to create a new password on the site. Operation Center still doesn't see that password as legit, so I went back to the site and tried a ticket there. I then was told I had illegal text in an input field and after a solid half hour of screwing with my text below (removing dashes, semicolons, etc) I still get the error. Like I said, just not my day. Luckily for me I have the good habit of CTRL+A & CTRL+C before every clicking a submit or post option so I have what I tried to submit below. If anyone can shed light on any of the issues it would be helpful and appreciated. May Day, May Day,, May Day... Issue 1: After installing PMDG 737 (+ exp) & 777 (+ exp) I have no window popping up to show me where to enter my key(s). Issue 2: No shortcuts after install, reboot, etc. The only way I can run the operation center is to re-run the installer and choose modify. Info: Checked the PMDG Operations Center.log and there are several of the same error throughout - Error opening key: 2. I read a post from a year ago that one person mentions that PMDG had them delete a p3d key in the registry to fix this issue, but cannot find a key (they didn't give location in registry). I also have a fairly new install of both Win 10 64bit as well as P3dv4.1. Everything running great otherwise now for 2 months since the fresh installs. I don't see why I would have a p3dv3 entry in my reg, but imagine an installer from another addon may have done so. I also found a post where someone mentioned reinstalling the Simconnect at Prepar3D v4\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib. - Did that with, no change. - Tried reinstalling with, no change. - Tried petting my cat with my big toe while eating pizza, no change (though it was sort of fun). Ops center says I have the latest and greatest. Downloaded new installers Oct 2017. Mother's maiden name: Judd Blood type: A+ Fetishes: Available upon request Thanks in advance, and hello again! Dan PS. I tried to buy the J41 for P3dv4 from the Operations center and had my $5,000,000.00 ready but couldn't find an option to enter my credit card info. Are you aware of this issue??? :P
  10. Lucky man, David. Feel free to send me your AVTN_WW_DB.bin, safetaxi.bin, terrain.odb and card files!!! :) I'm sure you already know it, but you can copy them to your C:\ProgramData\Garmin\GTN Trainer\db folder and be as up to date as your real world systems. I've done it a couple of times. Works 100% PS. We both have the same 2 initials, so it wouldn't really be theft either!!! JK ;)
  11. My possible not so "niceness" is due to lack of reply from support. I lost the love for support forums and the godlike developers of the sim community, so as I stated already, yes the old version was fine. Mentioned that a few times actually I thought. Looks like only a couple.
  12. Of course the actual virtual cockpit will be the main factor for bezel placement, but any and all nav units can work with any aircraft since FS2000 (or earlier). PMDG create the aircraft and follow rules for how they navigate, as does all aircraft devs. Even the A2A piper cub can use whatever exists if we want it to :) If it supports the 750 it will be super simple for us geeks to get rxp working (though I'm not a fan of rxp) in the vc. Minor panel.cfg edits, and that's only if it's not supported. @ PMDG. Hurry up already... I already bought a JS41 baseball cap and matching socks and underwear. It's all starting to stink but I know the day I decide to wash it all will be the day it's released and want my uniform ready... :P
  13. I love the title topic of "these crashes are ridiculous" because I'd love to use it for mine, but yes, they certainly are. Not sure if you get my 5 million crash reports per day since the last major update but if no one is going to watch the debugging I'll shut the damn thing off... Chaseplane can be good, but not if it doesn't work with common things we use, such as force feedback. The old version worked fine with it, no change on my end, the update simply sucks. FIX IT! Faulting application name: ChasePlane.exe, version: Faulting module name: tmffbdrv.dll No changes to my p3dv4.1 install at all until an hour ago when I bought 8 airports. As all my other addons, not issues from them, only chaseplane crashing as soon as I brake in ANY aircraft causing my force feedback to kick back. I emailed your word not allowed company about it and only say word not allowed since you or your idiots didn't reply weeks ago, so word not allowed it is! You have enough info, now fix your broke update! Another thing I have 100% proof of and a kind note to others tired of chaseplane screwing up their P3dv4.1 session (most likely several version of p3d). Uncheck launch when starting sim because every time the stupid app updates, and ONLY when chaseplane delays starting due to its update, the sim will be completely black. I keep an intense install, and operation log of my own in xml format and even did 3 full OS reinstalls and 5 P3d installs to be 100% certain it is chaseplane that's throwing the damn wrench in my turbines. If you'd like my detailed proof just email me and MAYBE I'll reply to you as you have not done for me. You're a joke.
  14. I just posted this without seeing this sticky. I've had too much time from forums and I'm a tad rusty I guess. In any event, I will paste my feedback here so my $.02 is where it should be for user input record purposes, but was happy to read someone say on page 1 or 2 that an offline mode is being worked on (so no need to reply). Thanks! Dan ********************************* Hello, I recently got back into simming and saw the chaseplane product while installing the other FSFX products I happily own. I enjoy it for the most part, but I'm hoping one change can be implemented as soon as possible. The need for internet. I understand it's needed for saving profiles, install validation and such, but it seriously needs an offline mode for users who have already validated. I bought it, installed it, and was getting acquainted with it and boom, hurricane Irma came and other than no water and power for 11 days, no internet for nearly a month (Naples, FL, we were the welcoming committee for her). Needless to say I very much hated chaseplane these passed few weeks for this and wanted to request an offline mode and not "No internet = app close". Luckily I hadn't uninstalled EZCA so no 2 weeks of tweaking to get back in the air. Being put out of work over irma for 2 weeks and not being able to sim with chaseplane, sucked. Just my zero two on that, in hopes to get us an offline mode. Well, that's all I got. I'm off to Active sky to say the same since why it needs the internet to do all the other modes that aren't live weather is beyond me ;) Thanks, Dan ***************************** Thanks, Keven. Please feel free to delete my topic.
  15. Ahhh, I see (now). A forum junky for decades and now I can't see stickies right in front of me. Thanks, Keven.
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