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  1. These Pixelated textures are part of the main PMDG_747QOTSII.dll gauge file. I think doing this makes them dynamic and that the VC lights at least can be dimmable and the landing light splash can be overlapped making it brighter when both inboard and outboard landing lights are switched on. They do look to be a low resolution though which is probably why its so blocky and pixelated.
  2. Sorry for the delay replying been busy with work. I'm still working on the 787 although I've started to re-do the base textures in HD 4096x4096. Here is the left engine as a preview
  3. I'm afraid it's not quite finished yet I have the night lighting to do then I will upload to Avsim. Maybe when I have completed this one. :wink:
  4. Hi guys. New here and just thought I'd show you all my version of Thomson's new 787, hope you all like it :smile:
  5. Hi guys. Noobie here just thought I'd share what I'm painting at the moment not quite finished but getting there.
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