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  1. Thank you, Alex. Keep up the great work. LNM is the best map program there is for flight simmers! It is great for showing learners on the flight sim programs where they are on the map. Let alone all the great aviation-related functions you have built into it. Keep the updates coming. Thanks again. Mike
  2. Hello Alex. Thank you for a fantastic program. I cannot fly without it. I received the same error message a couple days ago but now it is not showing up when doing the test connection for the winds in LNM. It happened after I had purchased and installed Rex Weather Force for MSFS 2020. In the Weather Force program, there is a note about what wind source they use. It doesn't seem to be the NOAA source, but i dont recall it offhand. I disabled the slider to send info from Weather Force to other programs, and will see if this cures the popup. Perhaps it had something to do with the winds "interchange" between Weather Force and LNM? Maybe incompatible file? I will continue to monitor and let you know if the message recurs. If you figure out what is going on, please let me know. Anyway, great job on super useful program. You make the Flight Sim community better with it! Mike H.
  3. Quite the process. I eventually figured out that somewhere along the latest update process or the installation of the newest Nvidia driver that the Data tab under General had the offline box checked. That resulted in my system not being able to access the online server, and resulted in the never ending circle loop. So I manually reset to online access, made sure the cache size was appropriate, and sure enough, the Marketplace tab at the top was no longer greyed out. I now have the program back where it was before the above. Problem solved. Thank you to all who provided suggestions on how to help. By the way, the solutions offered more formally I did try but without success. Hopefully the update tomorrow will go smoothly. This is a good program with some hiccups that with time will be solved!
  4. I can fly locally but with no server access for multiplayer, etc. I am not sure about local scenery refreshes. The automatic access to the server is looping endlessly. I will wait until the Tuesday update to see if this is resolved. I am a longtime FSX, P3D, Xplane user and this is the first real problem I have had with MSFS2020. Every one of the programs has had teething problems and I suppose this is inevitable. I wonder how much testing goes on between updates, if it seems we are getting weekly patches now? Perhaps it might be better to slow things down and test among specific advanced users before? Of course, this might not be an MSFS2020 problem? Patience is in order.
  5. Thanks for the tip, but I have nothing whatsoever in my Community folder. Stock install only. The issue appears to be the Automatic Server access that is looping endlessly. I have signed out and back in with Xbox, rebooted, signed back in, and still the same, No Marketplace access as the server cannot be accessed. Anyone else with this issue lately?
  6. Have just installed the latest MSFS2020 update and also the latest Nvidia video driver, as of December 15 versions. And a recent Xbox update from the Microsoft store too. Now the Marketplace tab in MSFS is greyed out, so I cannot access it. Has anyone had similar difficulties, and/or suggest a fix? It seems also that I am not able to Automatically connect to the server, just getting a revolving circle that endlessly rotates. Are the Microsoft servers working alright for everyone? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. No. It appears to be exactly the same version as 3 years ago. I hope GoFlight will update it so older hardware will be usable in MSFS2020. Hopefully also there will be instructions on installation and use. It has only been a week or two since FS2020 arrived, so patience is good. I have found the GoFlight products to be really useful and intuitive to use, especially for small GA aircraft, where they simulate the real world units well.
  8. Would you be able to direct us to where the workaround is? I couldn't find it on the MSFS forum. Thank you.
  9. Probably answered my own question as in a glass cockpit aircraft there may even not be a need for a suction pump, as whatever "gyros" would be electrical? But it is a bit confusing as there is a checklist item to check the suction gauge. Anyone care to weigh in?
  10. Would anyone know where on the panel the suction gauge is? It is referred to in the checklist but my old eyes cannot spy it. Could someone help? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have learned the hard way not to try Beta versions. Do you know if there is somewhere that explains exactly what is stored in the Preferences folder? That is, what are the files, and what do they do in the program? My problem is although i had a copy of the Prefences folder, I couldn't figure out what was crashing the crash on loading, so I couldn't determine which of the files were Ok and which were not, so i had to start again as if I had a blank install of X-Plane. Presumably the program internally has all the data stored on our choices of joystick, buttons, keys, etc. that we have chosen to assign, so I was asking if there was an easy way to draw out these into some sort of a report or picture, so we had a digital hard copy if we needed to go back and reassign as above? Other than the old way of writing down on paper what we had assigned. I can go into each file using Notepad and by scrolling down for some time, can see what I assigned. But this is tedious and in this digital age seems wasteful. Any thoughts? Thanks again for your help.
  12. Hello all. I just had the task of re-entering all my X-Plane 11 keys and joystick bindings, following a crash with the beta. While doing this, I wondered if there was an easy way to print out what keys and joystick axes/buttons had been assigned to what? Seems to me this would be a good feature to have, if one could print these to an easily read file, so that one could re-enter things as before. This may be in the manual, but wonder if anyone had similar experience and could weigh in? Thanks.
  13. Thank you. Any GA floatplanes for X-Plane 11.2 that would work with the GTN 750?
  14. Hello. Would anyone in the know be able to help? I am pressing the NAV/GPS button on the cockpit beside the Garmins to get the autopilot coupled to the GPS but it will not shift out of NAV mode. I have the Flightplan loaded and have pressed the CDI button. Any thoughts what I am doing wrong? X-plane 11.2 and default Cessna 172 floatplane. Thanks.
  15. Thank you. Pity there are so few given how easy the GTN750 is to use with a touchscreen monitor. Beats having to play around with mice and rotating knobs and cursors to try to program in a flight plan. Developers should offer this as a standard feature, in my view.
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