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  1. ok found it, now we have 2 solutions. With CTL INPUT WITH AP disabled, the plane will completely ignore your yoke inputs no matter what you do with the yoke. With adjusted COLUMN NULL ZONE value you can still disconnect autopilot when you put pressure on the yoke. I understand that nobody would ever disconnect an AP this way, but it's a nice feature when you do it by an accident and the plane reacts to it, makes you be careful with controls and be on the edge. I'm surprised Kyle didn't suggest it, he knows every option on the CDU and has probably memorized all the manuals A to Z ; )))) But it's good that pmdg includes all these tons of options, shows these guys don't cut corners.
  2. ok I didn't find an option to disable the AP disconnect but I found a solution that seems to work: I played with the value for CRL COLUMN NULL ZONE (fmc page 2 under simulation options) and the value that works for me is 30%, but it can vary depending on your nose attitude when engaging the autopilot, I think I'll just enter 50% and move on. It doesn't affect the hand-flying behavior so I think it's autopilot related, whatever. I didn't check Captain Kevin's suggestion yet, will check it out now!
  3. Thanks I'll check it out tonight (typing from work too). I did scroll thru all the fmc system and pages and didn't notice anything of this nature, next time will pay a closer attention.
  4. In my case calibration does not help because my yoke has a faulty mechanism, both P3D and Xplane-11 see the vertical axis being pressed downwards when the yoke is in neutral. The horizontal axis is centered but the vertical is offsetted and the sim thinks I am pressing on it, when I'm not. I'll make and upload a pic when I get home.
  5. skelsey the subject is about flying the analogue tech planes in modern times, which is even more complicated then back in the day because you are required to follow this "mini route" (c) as Kyle calls the sids and stars ))) And you brought up an interesting point: most of the average flightplans today can't be done in VOR mode. So I can continue using the GPS and not worry about this method as "cheating", I guess. So the DC9s and the 737-200 that Delta flew less than 10 years ago had GPSes in them? Speaking of concentration required to fly it the old way, indeed I find it very hard, nearly impossible to do a small VOR based sid with so much going on and semi-automated autopilot that needs inputs. Simmers of any nationality are very intelligent people, I am somewhat below that level of talent ;))))
  6. Thanks that's a start. I believed it is not up to you to select a sid or star. When you get a real flight plan (I use FSCommander with online connection to flight plans), it gives you a plan that starts and ends at a certain waypoint. It may vary from day to day. So you have to insert a sid that ends at the first waypoint on the plan and then insert a star that starts at the last waypoint of the plan (by the way sometimes wind changes direction on final and you have to scrap the whole star/transition, another question I'll ask other time, now now). So if I find any small STAR that isn't RNAV, it will not fit into flightplan, there will be a break (a dead zone) between the last waypoint of a plan and the beginning of a star. I guess I can ignore it and fly thru the dead zone but I'm not sure it's ok in real life ;))) Ok I'll see what I can do and we can have another topic then. As for the yoke, I'd hate to replace it since it's giving me a problem only with PMDG 747. It's my 2nd CH yoke, it seems it isn't very reliable so if replacing I should probably look into Saitek.
  7. hm, may be. My trim however is not assigned to an axis but to am up/down switch on you yoke. I do have a problem with yoke: the vertical axes is not centered and the physical neutral condition is actually giving a slight downward input on the elevators. The CH yoke is 4 years old (bought brand new) and the problem has developed within a year of purchase. Nevertheless it doesn't spoil the experience with other planes. also Kyle, remember you taught me how to fly sids and stars couple years back? Can you now teach me how to fly sids and stars with analogue instrument cockpits like a DC-9 or 727?... ; ))) There are still DC9s flying for cargo carriers in US and Europe and it totally bugs the heck out of as to how in the world they are doing it. I don't think they are exempt from it and I don't think they are using GPSes. Delta Airlines was using 737-200s in mid 2000s and they had no GPSes in them. I've seen a frooglesim video where he showed a small SID execution with a DC9, that small one was a nightmare to do tracking a VOR signal with 2 VOR instruments simultaneously, but how do they fly a big one? Some stars (like KATL or KDWF etc) are very long and consist of many waypoints, and no VORs around... Mystery.
  8. ps I was able to engage it at cruise level with null zones set to very high (unacceptable for hand flying), then it disengaged on descend, same twice (2 flights), had to fly it manually on climb and descend. Don't mind it below 1000 ft but hand flying up or down from cruise level is a bit too much for me. No good, nicht gut, no esta bien, pas bon, ne horosho, nie dobrze, this needs pmdg's attention.
  9. I have the same problem and above solutions don't apply, it has to do with the latest 747 update that has murdered both the -400 and -8 versions. The 737 and 777 are ok. Also note that the FSLabs A320 has a delicate autopilot requiring some adjustments to null zone and sensitivity settings, and that one I have no problems with either. It's definitely something with the latest 747 update and I'm surprised most people don't experience it. I went to pmdg new forum but it looks unfinished and I don't know where to post there.
  10. Boeing just did MAX, why would they do a 797? I didn't research on a 797 much but airlines only wanted an economic update to a 737NG, mainly new engines and wing revision to save money on fuel. Boeing could have attached a whole 787 nose to it with a 787 cockpit but airlines didn't want it, they never have money for additional expenses ))) the 787 is such a cutie, a little brother 797 would make a nice modern pair to go along with 787, but airlines "live on a marginal profit" so Boeing is forced to continue patching up its dinosaur 737 (and same with the A320 NEO). A 787 and an A350 seem to be a different story because they are a new type. What do you guys think?
  11. there is no such thing as an absolute plane to an enthusiast. But 767... it takes this firm (pmdg) like 7 years to develop an airplane, and they are at least 3-5 years from starting any new (from-scratch) project so we are looking into a 10-12-15 time period for a development of a 767 )) I'd rather see them updating the existing products including the MD11, than wait for a 767 so that you have a chance to buy it when you are in a wheelchair in some nursing home for elderly people ; ) Better put pressure on the QW because they have nothing going on right now, the 787 though misses few functions here and there, is a very delicious product.
  12. what is NG3? a MAX? the 700/800 product is turning outdated and as many know the cockpit geometry is wrong, I'd like to hope there will be a 3rd version of a regular NG besides the MAX. Also, guys the life is running by, I had the original NG when it was released back in... Bush times or was it Clinton back then? Since then, half a life has passed by, really want a new NGv3 before life is over )))
  13. Kyle you're overreacting and I don't know why )))) In my message I did not ask questions or requested clarifications. Since it is a solid business, and not some sort of a worshiping cult, I stated my disappointment, that's all. Like... you buy a teapot and then you say your thoughts, doesn't matter what the teapot factory is this or that. Good news for me is the J41, happy to know it is coming, although a little upset there will be no fms, I wish there were 2 options set via manager. After some frustration learning this FMS at the beginning, it turned out to be very rewarding and fun. I like FMSes )))
  14. I know, I'm not demanding or anything, just saying it is disappointing because it is a formality business and not like simulator hobby, customer relations and all that. I'm not a corporate lawyer, I'm a simmer.
  15. The plane lived perfectly within XPlane world, would want to continue flying it in XP only. Very upsetting to know that it is abandoned, and about $70 spent on item that was released for a sim that was to be superseded by a new version in the next few months. Only flew it a dozen times before kaput. Sad.
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