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  1. This is a solution I designed to address the problem of not being able to see the lighting panel switch nomenclature on my Honeycomb Alpha. It is a light bar consisting of 6 tiny LEDs that use 5V USB cord for power. If you have a 3D printer you can make it for a little over $10 . Full description and photos here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4077825.
  2. OK, thanks for the quick answer and I understand. I can still use the latest releases on my laptop with W10 and then use a thumb drive to transfer to "old rusty" 🙂
  3. This is the first version that has failed to run on my "old rusty" flightsim computer that still runs fsx just fine. I have a bad feeling this because it is running Vista. I can't upgrade the OS on this machine or I would, just to be able to run this latest upgrade. Am I out of luck? If so I completely understand, but just want to know if this is the reason. Thanks Steve
  4. I use your products for the 737, 777, and Q400 and they all work fine on my gaming laptop. Caveat is I have to run Vista (64 bit) on that machine. Your requirement section says Windows 10. Am I out of luck or do you believe it should work since the others are running OK? Thanks Steve
  5. OK, thanks for the explanation Bryan , that makes sense. Steve
  6. Something I noticed and am wandering about is the call to the flight attendants at TOD. If I use the TOD announcement by the pilot to the passengers, at the end he says " flight attendants please prepare the cabin for landing". Now when I run the descent checklist, part of the flow of the PNF includes the same announcement to the flight attendants. Is his message over the passenger PA also or is it direct to only the attendants via interphone? Thanks Steve
  7. Can someone please post about how much space this beautiful Queen will need when she moves into my SSD ? Thanks
  8. Just a wild guess, could be a static discharge from you to the stick. If you're moving around while doing other stuff you may be picking up charge from skooting on a rug or rolling on a plastic rug protector in an office chair. You might be "zapping" your joystick. Try touching something to discharge yourself before you touch the joystick next time. Could also be a flaky connection that acts up when you move the joystick. Seve
  9. The PMDG 737 and 777 run very well on my system and have been using them for years with no real problems. That said, I would appreciate it if someone from PMDG would comment on the compatibility with the 747 Queen of the Skies II. My system is actually a high end (although older) Alien laptop. The graphics card is an nvidia GT 260M. It is running Vista 64 Service pack 2 (don't judge me ). It has plenty of RAM also. I can run both the 737 and 777 at around 26fps as a reference. It meets the minimum system requirements as stated for the Queen. Even if some features can't be realized with my meager laptop I would still be willing to buy if it. Been following this for a LONG time and just want some reassurance that it will function. Thanks, Steve
  10. The warning sound for gear down with low throttle sometimes sticks on and nothing short of resetting the aircraft stops it. Also with gear down already it will start when I add the second notch of flaps no matter what the throttle setting. Any one else seen this? THanks Steve
  11. Anyone know the purposes of these switches below the GPS unit? EDIT: Did some Googleing and evidently the TKS switch is for the anti-ice system and the GND CLEAR stands for ground clearance and allows you to turn on the COM1 radio without having to fire up the whole avionics bus. BTW, the GND CLEAR isn't functional it seems and probably not the TKS either. Steve
  12. Meant to post sooner but just want to thank you for the update as now I can run the PF activities without CTD using the new option to not run the wx checks . Steve
  13. Looking forward to trying this all out later this evening. Thanks again Bryan, you deserve a break.................................................................OK that's long enough now get to work on UGCX :p0503: Steve
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