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  1. imn2sims


    Great looking add-on......but now I feel sorry for myself and all the other lowly Android users. So, is there any possibility of a version for us.....purty please and thank you Steve
  2. imn2sims

    Descent Checklist

    OK, thanks for the explanation Bryan , that makes sense. Steve
  3. Something I noticed and am wandering about is the call to the flight attendants at TOD. If I use the TOD announcement by the pilot to the passengers, at the end he says " flight attendants please prepare the cabin for landing". Now when I run the descent checklist, part of the flow of the PNF includes the same announcement to the flight attendants. Is his message over the passenger PA also or is it direct to only the attendants via interphone? Thanks Steve
  4. Can someone please post about how much space this beautiful Queen will need when she moves into my SSD ? Thanks
  5. imn2sims

    Rudder Ratio message

    Just a wild guess, could be a static discharge from you to the stick. If you're moving around while doing other stuff you may be picking up charge from skooting on a rug or rolling on a plastic rug protector in an office chair. You might be "zapping" your joystick. Try touching something to discharge yourself before you touch the joystick next time. Could also be a flaky connection that acts up when you move the joystick. Seve
  6. imn2sims

    System Requirement question

    Thanks, that's great news! Steve
  7. The PMDG 737 and 777 run very well on my system and have been using them for years with no real problems. That said, I would appreciate it if someone from PMDG would comment on the compatibility with the 747 Queen of the Skies II. My system is actually a high end (although older) Alien laptop. The graphics card is an nvidia GT 260M. It is running Vista 64 Service pack 2 (don't judge me ). It has plenty of RAM also. I can run both the 737 and 777 at around 26fps as a reference. It meets the minimum system requirements as stated for the Queen. Even if some features can't be realized with my meager laptop I would still be willing to buy if it. Been following this for a LONG time and just want some reassurance that it will function. Thanks, Steve
  8. You're sure right about that! All the more reason to ditch GSX :ph34r: . I would rather have the loaders and such just appear in place if they're going to take crazy paths and run over each other and everything else on the tarmac. :huh: . Steve
  9. OK, since we're just throwing out ideas, how 'bout showing the FO doing his/her walk-around. This seems a logical way to "connect" UGCX with FS2Crew. Sorry if this has already been mentioned. Personally I would choose this over virtual passangers and it seems less resource intense. Steve
  10. imn2sims

    help with slight stutter with video

    Try changing FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.15 to FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.10. This stops some micro stutters for me YMMV. Steve
  11. imn2sims

    Pause at FSDT KORD

    Jim, I read that thread and have this problem also. Just curious as to what fix you did as there were several "fixes" mentioned from re-installing to changing the anti-popup setting to DX10 fix. I'm running DX9 BTW Thanks Steve
  12. imn2sims

    Purchased but can't D/L

    UPDATE: Got it installed (very easy) and so far everything seems to work just fine. Love the jet/prop blast effect!! Took the 737 up to 24K and very nice looking contrails. Also your website works just fine on my home server so....ALL IS GOOD!! Most likely be getting the 777 Immersion soon B) . Thanks Steve
  13. imn2sims

    Purchased but can't D/L

    Thanks for the quick reply. Might not be necessary, I finally got an account made and got it D/L'd. Had to use my phone which made entering the serial# somewhat daunting :rolleyes: . Never did get the site to work on IE or FoxFire. Might be a proxy server problem on the network where I am. I'll try at home later. Won't get to install 'till tomorrow now :( . Thanks again, Steve
  14. Is your website having issues? I just purchased thru SimMarket (Order 1244745) but seem to have no download link on theri site even though it shows as delivered. Then read that I have to register on your site to get the download????????? ANyway tried to register but your site seems to only work on Chrome and even then it wouldn't accept my mail address with strange message "email address is NOT invalid". Wouldn't that mean it IS valid? lol Anyway would appreciate some help. Thanks Steve
  15. imn2sims

    FYI Turbine Duke V2 release

    Bought it first day cause I already have the first version and it's really good. There are only 2 or 3 companies that have earned first day purchases IMO and RealAir is one of them. I've got about 6hrs on her so far and the first day purchase of RealAir products has definitely been reconfirmed. I won't repeat what others have already commented on other than to confirm their feelings and excitement. The cherry on the cake is the integration of the GTN750. Stick one of these babies in this aircraft and it's "flightsim nirvana". I love the way this plane acts on approach and landing, very solid and the final flare is completely controllable and believable. Congratulations Rob Young and all the folks at RealAir, you have once again outdone yourselves. Steve