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  1. p3d vulcan

    Apologies for digging up an old thread but did you guys manage to fly this without getting a really bad light haze out tje cockpit window in p3d v3?
  2. Virtual Avionics

    anyone had any luck?
  3. MyTraffic and Ultimate Traffic 2

    Funny as they don't show lights at night in ut2 either!
  4. MyTraffic and Ultimate Traffic 2

    Sure have. The response was it's a bug in p3d that lm has to fix. Even though the a320 is fine in mt6.thats why I've thrown the towel in and gone to ut2, even though it's older. Ut2 models, and others I've added into ut2 has made the world come alive in terms of light etc
  5. MyTraffic and Ultimate Traffic 2

    If somebody could let me know if the other model in mt6 show their lights at night (I'm guessing they would) Could get traffic back over water then!
  6. MyTraffic and Ultimate Traffic 2

    I've moved from mt6 to ut2 for the time being with the 2013 schedules. I've added the missing models and textures for airplanes at egnx The reason being is that only the a320 in mt6, from an airliner perspective seem to have navigation or strobe lights visible from a distance
  7. Prepar3d V3 and My Traffic 6

    It works for me guys but an observation is that the v3 standard ai have the lights at night showing from a distance but the my traffic 6 still suffer from not seeing the lights until they are really close
  8. p3d vulcan

    thanks for the responce. You`d go iris then?
  9. p3d vulcan

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a vulcan that will work in p3d? I'm really surprised there isn't one already with all of the hype of the last flying one in the UK coming to the end of its life? Thanks Ollie
  10. Hi all, Would it be worth me adding another 780 gtx to my rig or should I upgrade my card? Thanks Ollie