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  1. Not sure if it helps but I had a smooth experience and changed a few options to see if it had any effect. I was looking at online settings and decided to turn some off. Setting AI to offline and I suddenly had a stutter fest. Put it back to online AI and stutters are gone.
  2. AI offline gave me serious stuttering. Setting online AI and I'm back to smooth running.
  3. Scott, Loaded the latest version of linda and fsuipc. Is the MCP2 from Vrinsight fully supported at present. If i load one of the downloadable profiles the mcp loads but none of the knobs work. Is there a line in one of the ini files that needs adding. Been a while i cant remember. Thanks Darren
  4. Unfortunately there are A Holes in every aspect of life. Matt i've always enjoyed your videos etc. Well done for your efforts.
  5. James, Yep i know. I just thought id let the aircraft load completely before trying to load my saved scenario. Ok on a side note. When i thought i had this sorted i decided to copy over my saved modules directory that had my fsuipc saved in it with controls already configured. This was the version from Petes website. When i copied this back into p3d and ran it again. It failed !!!!!!! So i deleted the contents of modules again. Ran the sequence above and it worked again. Did a fresh install of fsuipc using the simmarket zip. Loaded my controls again and it works fine if i follow the sequence above!!!! I'm not saying this is a fix. There is obviously a problem somewhere but it seems to work for me.
  6. Had another look at this. Ok i have Win7. I had both the V3 and V4 installed and removed the V3 but it made no difference. I fly the 400F with the KLM Goldstar Texture. I have saved a scenario at EHAM using Flytampa. If i load P3dV4 and load the saved scenario from the scenario screen i get the problem. Sometimes if i swap to the default and back again it works sometimes not. I wondered if it was due to having a saved scenario so: I load P3dV4 From the scenario screen i change the vehicle to the 400f KLM texture just hit ok to load the default scenario with the KLM 400f Once the pmdg countdown gets to 0 i then load my created scenario from the menu. The scenario at EHAM then loads correctly. Ive tried this 3 times and its loaded correctly everytime. Ill continue to test but it maybe something to do with saved scenarios. Bit like the old days with fsx!!
  7. Roar, Is it for the remote FMC? If so i added the following to the ini file and its working fine now [SDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 EnableCDUBroadcast.0=1 EnableCDUBroadcast.1=1 EnableCDUBroadcast.2=1
  8. Perhaps if others who have no issues can chip in we might be able to nail this down. I'm also using Win7 not Win10.
  9. Chaps, Do you have both the P3d V3 and P3d V4 747 installed? I wonder if the problems some of us are having is somehow due to having both versions installed.
  10. Thanks Ethan, I thought it was something like this. Because i use a 3 monitor widescreen setup when i view left or right i see this untextured wing. Is it possible to remove? It wasnt there before the update.
  11. I'm having a small issue since updating the 747. I mainly fly from the cockpit view and view left or right to give a view out of the cockpit. I'm using a homecockpit option. Since the update if i view left or right i can now see the wing tip and outer engine from withing the cockpit but there are no textures displaying. The wing and engine are just white in colour. Ive tried a new livery but its still the same. Is there some way to disable the wing/engine from being displayed from within the cockpit? All other views are working perfectly.
  12. Is this possible in FSUIPC? Not tried it but might be worth a look.
  13. I found i had the same problem but with the PMDG 777. It was Linda not loading the correct module. Always loaded the default aircraft. If i force the correct module and reload the lua everything is fine.
  14. Or go back to Win7. I noticed after the update i couldn't stop defender running on startup. I hate these kind of things where MS assumes we are complete idiots and need everything done automatically for us. I'm back on WIn7. Its just familiar and more simple for me to use. Are the updates for win10 still automatic or can they be turned off?
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