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  1. i can't find my registry key. :( I paid a lot of money already to switch over. I don't want anymore problem...please help me. I had uninstall and reinstall p3d a couple of times already
  2. It advised me to fix the registry since P3D could not be found. Can someone advise me how to fix this issue
  3. so anyone know how I can properly reinstall 773? it doesn't want to activate
  4. sorry, i don't know how to post my name in the profile My name is chuong nguyen. my email address is steekyrice20@gmail.com
  5. steekyrice20


    Does anyone know why I'm getting an error when I start FSX? RAAS not running properly? Also, I can't activate my 773. I have uninstall and reinstall many times. Any help?
  6. any help with this? I can't start the 772 or the 773 after the updates and the purchase. the error is 777x.dll app crash. anyone experiencing similar problem?
  7. I see a low fuel temp in dash display. How can I fix it? With the upcoming winter schedule, I would like to know the procedure to fix this issue. fly lower? change fuel type? I remember this issue similar to the MD11s. The only thing I can do in the MD11 is to cheat the fuel type in the FMC. Any help appreciated. :wub:
  8. no im not switching between liveries. I shut down fsx......restart with a new livery from scratch. check it out
  9. I have noticed that on some of the liveries, the turbine fan doesn't appear to be moving at all. Can someone fix this? Or is it just my computer?
  10. http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=delta+pmdg+777&CatID=fsx&Go=Search the regular delta paint used to be on there.........i don't know what happened to it.
  11. any chance for a hello kitty livery or korean air livery? :rolleyes:
  12. can someone make a Korean Air livery? I know there's one in the Ops Center but I want a more realistic plus dirty look. thanks.
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