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  1. I encountered the same problem today. Ryan answered to my ticket and he came up with the right answer dead on target: I had installed the Aerosoft Bronco X, using their brand-new installer for P3Dv4, last night. After doing some traffic circuits with it I called it a day. Then today I downloaded the new PMDG installers, deinstalled the 747 and the 777, and reinstalled them using the new installers.. Both came up with dead cockpits, with a hint to a problem with the PMDG dll file being unavailable (although it was where it was supposed to be, and also the dll.xml entry for it looked ok). I tried deinstall-reinstall cycles several times, but to no avail. Then Ryan tipped me off as a response to my ticket, mentioning problems with the Bronco apparently screwing up something inside P3D. I deinstalled the Bronc', then reinstalled the PMDG planes, and now they're both running sweetly. Big, big compliments to the great PMDG support, on a sunday of a long holiday weekend to boot. Great job, folks! Keep up the good work! Best regards from Germany Michael Sagner
  2. Thanks, that would be great! You might consider doing it similar to the way Pete Dowson does in FSUIPC: there you can define profiles, and you can choose the desired profile for each aircraft. That would save time and hassle for the users.
  3. As I usually fly Airbus, Boeing, Cessna, Piper etc, and as I use a joystick for the airbus and those types that feature a stick in RW, and I use a control yoke for Boeings and the types that have a yoke in RW, it would be very convenient if the CP 'preferences' could be saved along with the aircraft. This way, all the settings for view changing by hat switch could be different for aircraft flown with a yoke vs. the ones flown with a joystick. The tab "Aircraft" is still disabled within CP - what functions will be implemented under this tab?
  4. v0.1.25: focal setting working fine, BUT: It works only if the view setting is to "Virtual cockpit view", not the chaseplane view. That means that if you switch to an outside view and then back, the chaseplane view will be selected, and this must then be changed to VC view.
  5. msagner

    Exe.xml file corruption

    Same issue here. There was an orphan "</Launch.Addon>" line that screwed up the xml parser.
  6. msagner

    About cameras view on your server

    Concur. Absolutely. I'm working in the support team for a major smarthome system which also depends on an active internet connection on the users' side. Don't ask how much hassle, cost and grievances are incurred by doing it this way. I'm suffering through this ordeal from day to day, on the server side.
  7. First of all - thanks, guys, for making this tool available at such an early stage! I have now V0.1.19 installed (Win10-64Bit, P3Dv3.4) I find it is not possible to change the focal setting of a camera, or any camera. All the other degrees of freedom work perfectly, it's just the focal length that's giving me trouble. This holds true on my machine for: Aerosoft A319 Majestic Q400 Pro A2A C172 FSUIPC full license installed, latest version Selected view by right-click: On-board (chaseplane) Something else I found, also concerning focal setting: After starting up the sim, I'm in cockpit view with a wide-view focal setting. If I switch to outside view using the icon in the chaseplane UI, and the switch back to cockpit view (also using the appropriate chaseplane icon), the focal setting changes to telephoto range. Neither setting (before or after the switch to outside view) can be adjusted in chaseplane. Anything I can do to help find the issue? Enable Logfiles? Best regards Michael
  8. Please count me in among your followers as well. Enjoying every video you post. And make sure you make a stop at Innsbruck LOWI once you're crossing Europe on your Rtw trip! Michael
  9. msagner

    ILS Problem at LPPR

    I have the new TropicalSim Porto (LPPR) 2014 scenery installed on FSX (no other 3rd-party scenery in that area). When approaching Porto on the ILS 17 (109.90), I overshot the runway four times in a row, twice with Aerosoft's Airbus X Extended, twice with the PMDG NGX. Each time the autopilot would catch both localizer and glidepath, both AP's were switched on for a full autoland, but the plane ended up way too high on short final and the AP's quit autoland mode each time. Anybody else around who encountered this problem?
  10. msagner

    Norway! Updated v2 (FSX and P3D)

    Being able to read actually helps! Thanks, that worked.
  11. msagner

    Norway! Updated v2 (FSX and P3D)

    I've been trying several times to download "Norway Mesh X", but all I keep getting is an error message. Could you check that? Thx in advance, and a very merry Xmas!
  12. I was trying to do the IGS Rwy 25 approach into Sion/Switzerland (LSGS) the other day which is rather challenging with a 6° glidepath. I found I had to do a visual approach after passing the MASAB waypoint as the IGS 25 localizer/DME (108.35) did not get displayed. I did several checks afterwards and found out: * the IGS 25 localizer/DME (108.35) is not received by the Q400 radios * the Montana VOR (115.85 MOT) 10 nm east of the airfield isn't received either. Both stations can be received when using the FSX-standard C172, and the PMDG NGX as well. This is true when using the FSX standard scenery as well as the FlyLogic SION X scenery (the payware uses the FSX stock scenery IGS/VOR). Using: Windows 8.1, FSX Acc, Q400 1.008 Any ideas appreciated! Best regards Michael