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  1. I just went into the 3 X-Europe folders and removed all the tiles replaced by Orbx TrueEarth.
  2. I'd appreciate this link too. Thanks, Robert
  3. Christopher, try Chuck's Guides. It's for the XP 11 757 but may provide what you want. Robert
  4. Thanks for taking the time to explain this. I was a bit lost. I look forward to implementing it later today. Robert
  5. I am using the RXP GTN tool to replace my F1 GTN VC gauges in various planes where only the F1 units are supported, such as A2A and Carenado aircraft. I find, however, that I am unable to close a GTN popup window by clicking on the popup's left bezel as I can do with the F1 popups. Is there a way to implement this feature for the RXP popup windows? I have played with some settings in the ini file, but haven't found anything that will work. Thanks, Robert
  6. That worked! Thanks so very much for the help. Robert
  7. Hi J-P, The RXP 750 is using the 1802 database, which I added long ago for use with the F1 GTN, not the 1803 database used by the RXP unit. Also, in the Registry, the first two paths are there and correct. And there's also a third entry at the top for "(Default)" with "(value not set)." However, the third path you mention - the one for "DBDataPath"="C:\\ProgramData\\Garmin\\Trainers\\Databases\\" - is not there at all. So I suppose I need to add this path and perhaps that might fix the problem. If so, do I go to Edit>New and select one of the options in the list and enter the missing text in the Data field? I need your help here if that is the fix so I don't mess things up any further. Thanks, Robert
  8. Hi J-P, I just wanted to let you know that I uninstalled and reinstalled the RXP 650 and 750 and it made no difference. I still get a Charts Not Available message on the opening Database screen. Robert
  9. Hi J-P, I wasn't as clear as I should have been when I posted early this morning. The problem doesn't involve a specific airport or chart. It is a global problem - "global" meaning all of North America which is where I understand charts ought to be available. Thus the startup screen indicates in yellow text "Charts Not Available" and I get a message alert to this same effect on final launch of the 750. Nonetheless, I ran the tests you suggested. The individual charts are in the folder you indicated, including the charts for the dozen or so airports I tested. The standalone Trainer displays the charts. And changing the sim date to June 1, 2018 doesn't alleviate the problem. I also checked and confirmed that the problem exists for planes which have no GTN, such as the default Mooney Bravo, where I added the RXP GTN as a popup. And it also exists for those planes where I used the RXP tool (which is amazing) to substitute the RXP GTN for the F1 GTN. This includes planes by A2A and Carenado. The only step I can think of that I haven't yet tried is to uninstall and reinstall the RXP 750 and 650. Thanks for your assistance. Robert
  10. When I launch the RXP GTN 750 in P3D v4.4, I get a "Chart function unavailable" message. The startup screen also indicates that charts are unavailable. I am at a major US airport. I have tried both the Worldwide (Jeppesen) and North America (Garmin) databases in the Device Options pane and both give me this message. I thought that charts were available for North America - and I indeed have them with the older Garmin database used by the F1 unit. I re-downloaded and reinstalled the Garmin Trainer installer for v6.50.1, chichis the one used by RXP, but I still get the charts unavailable message. Is there something I need to do to activate the charts in North America? Or have I been mistaken about their availability? Thanks, Robert
  11. Rob, what's the basis for this conclusion? If so, looks like I'll have to try and return all the parts I've been gathering up for this build.
  12. Rob, thanks for the RAM info. It will help me decide what to do. Robert
  13. Rob, just wondering what you see as the advantage for P3D and XP11, if any, of getting this 4400 DDR Ram. I ask because I was planning to use my existing 32GB of G.Skill 3200 DDR Ram for the i7 9900k upgrade, as it is compatible with the Z390 chipset. FWIW, I am presently using this Ram: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820232206&nm_mc=TEMC-RMA-Approvel&cm_mmc=TEMC-RMA-Approvel-_-Content-_-text-_- Thanks for any advice you can provide. Robert
  14. I didn't increase my AA settings because I was ok with their being one notch below max. But I did fiddle with some of the other graphics settings and found that I was soon getting the message that XP was slowing down and that I needed to reduce my settings. Not very analytical for sure, and more testing obviously needs to be done. But I'm concentrating on P3D at the moment. I didn't experience the graphical issues that Rob has mentioned. And I forgot to try altering the Thread Optimization setting as Rob did but will do so when I next give XP11 a try. Robert
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