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  1. Rob, what's the basis for this conclusion? If so, looks like I'll have to try and return all the parts I've been gathering up for this build.
  2. Rob, thanks for the RAM info. It will help me decide what to do. Robert
  3. Rob, just wondering what you see as the advantage for P3D and XP11, if any, of getting this 4400 DDR Ram. I ask because I was planning to use my existing 32GB of G.Skill 3200 DDR Ram for the i7 9900k upgrade, as it is compatible with the Z390 chipset. FWIW, I am presently using this Ram: Thanks for any advice you can provide. Robert
  4. I didn't increase my AA settings because I was ok with their being one notch below max. But I did fiddle with some of the other graphics settings and found that I was soon getting the message that XP was slowing down and that I needed to reduce my settings. Not very analytical for sure, and more testing obviously needs to be done. But I'm concentrating on P3D at the moment. I didn't experience the graphical issues that Rob has mentioned. And I forgot to try altering the Thread Optimization setting as Rob did but will do so when I next give XP11 a try. Robert
  5. Ben, I can confirm your expectations. I've had my 2080ti for a week now, and it makes a marked difference from my 1080ti when approaching a detailed airport in a complex airplane when running at 4k 30hz/vsync. The improved control on approach alone, to me, has been worth the cost of the upgrade. To me, the percentage improvement over the 1080ti is irrelevant; what matters is the smoothness and improved immersion that the card provides. And I think my experience will get even better when my 9900k arrives in a week or two, to replace my 7700k, which is overclocked to 5.0. Unfortunately, Rob is right when he says that there's something wrong with the way this card and XP11 interact. So far I too am seeing little or no difference at all compared to my 1080ti. Robert
  6. I’m glad to see that so many have checked out these video tutorials, found them to be worthwhile, and subscribed to the channel. BJ Marten’s subscriptions, which numbered 12 on 8/19/18, presently stand at 61. I hope your show of support will ensure that he continues to produce these helpful videos. Thanks for the kind comments I’ve received for having posted about these videos. It’s nice to know that others appreciate them as well. Robert
  7. My original post on this subject was deleted by the moderators because it contained a link. I am re-posting without the link and am instead providing instructions on how to find the videos. I discovered these “Cold & Dark to Taxi Ready” videos a little over a month ago and have been following his YouTube posts ever since. He creates these videos to help refresh himself about the startup procedures when he’s not flown an aircraft for awhile. His hangar includes both GA, such as the MilViz DHC3 Turbo, and commercial airliners, such as the Maddog MD-80. He has kindly posted his videos for all of us to utilize. These are not home movies; they are very professionally done. Given the large number of planes I have, and how infrequently I get to fly some of them, I have found these videos extremely helpful. And it doesn’t hurt that his hangar mirrors my own. I was disappointed to see that he has only 12 subscribers as of today [8/19/18 was the date of the original post], and a low number of overall views. I fear that his channel has been lost amongst all the cat videos and the like. I am posting to call everyone’s attention to his helpful videos, to give his channel a boost, and, selfishly, to encourage him to keep making them. Do check them out. I think you’ll find them worthwhile. I sure did. You can locate them by searching on YouTube for "BJ Marten." Robert
  8. On Sunday I made a post recommending BJ Marten's "Cold & Dark to Taxi Ready" videos on YouTube. I had recently discovered them, thought them to be excellent, and wanted to call the community's attention to them. Today this post returned to the front page as others favorably commented on the post. But soon after these comments, the post disappeared without any explanation whatsoever - or even notice to me. What seems to be the problem? Robert
  9. My notes indicate that iBlueYonder added a tool called Autogen Configuration Merger to my setup. This may be what you're referring to. Robert
  10. macwino

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    For v1 users, can't you just copy over your v1 NavData folder with the Navigraph data? Robert
  11. macwino

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    I hate to pile on . . . but these guides are very well done and are clearly a labor of love. Thanks so much for all your effort. Robert
  12. Thanks for all your effort in preparing this. Looking forward to reviewing it. Robert
  13. Hi Jean-Luc, I am running XP 11.11, the officially released version. Yesterday was the first time I tried to use the GTN750 in the Carenado C90 so I had no prior experience. All I can say is that none of my other Carenado or other planes had this problem. In any event, the problem is solved. I replaced the RXP ini file that was generated for the C90 with the one generated for my Carenado B1900. Now all is fine. I compared the frame.rect= entries and saw that they were different. So I thought I'd give this a try and it worked. Thanks for the assistance. Robert [addendum] Further to this post. I've ascertained what caused this problem to begin with. Unbeknownst to me until now, Carenado includes an RXP ini file with the plane. Why it does this I don't know. It would have been nice if it enabled you to integrate the GTN750 into the panel, but it doesn't do this. Instead, it appears that it establishes incorrect frame.rect= parameters for the GNS750. As I've noted above, remove this file and start from scratch and the panel isn't corrupted. Robert
  14. I just tried to load the GTN750 in the Carenado C90 for X-Plane. This is not an integration. I simply want to use the GTN as a popup. With the 750 loaded via the Plugins menu, it displays the popup as desired, but parts of the GTN window also take over and display in the ADI, the altimeter, the radio windows, the chronometers, and where some digital displays are located. If I disable the 750 the panel displays are restored to their normal state. If I load the 650, it doesn't affect the panel displays. It is only the 750 which is the problem. I've not encountered this with any other plane. I have the Carenado B1900 and the Shrike and there is no such problem running the GTN750. Any thoughts on what might be the problem and how to fix it? Thanks, Robert