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  1. In the meantime there is a free iOS app calld 'DH8D TOLD'. It works just as well as Aurasim did.
  2. It’s frustrating to have to see you explain yourself over and over. I feel like people think that if PMDG state the intent to develop for MFS there is some miracle they already have access. I feel your pain simbol, I think we’ve all been desperate for a new sim we will believe anything.
  3. Just recently tried it out myself with a chopper on external view but hadn’t thought to try it inside. I’d be interested to see how others set it up.
  4. After spending waaaaaay too much time recently adding a whole bunch of missing liveries into UT Live, I can say I’m very happy with the results. If you want an easy install that you can set and forget, UT Live is probably the way to go. That being said, if up to date schedules and liveries are important to you, I would probably go the AIG one click route.
  5. Rex have a way to help you out - see this link - https://mailchi.mp/0515be7d5051/rex-customers-of-the-flightsimstore?e=443744bc18
  6. Unfortunately the wrappers will no longer work as their server isn't online anymore. Depending on what you bought and when, most developers have been very helpful and understanding if you contact them and provide all the correct proof of purchase. If it is mostly Orbx stuff you will want to contact then direct to see if they can assist you in migrating your products to their platform.
  7. I can't remember exactly where I got mine from but I think it's this one and should do the job. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jB1DfQ8usBVRF7llcufucjhrX88El6dv/view
  8. Appreciate that every customer is going to have different views but I'll chime in too and give a big thumbs up for the GSX files. There are two parts for me, the complete rework of the airport so everything works as expected and secondly the gate guide so I can pick a gate that will just work!
  9. If you haven't already, you can disable 'door checks' within the 'customise aircraft' section of GSX in the sim. That way it won't matter if it is open or not, GSX will hook up and just start loading.
  10. Yeah I just recently bought them but they were on sale so it doesn't hurt that much. Annoying that by the looks of it they have been at this for a while too.
  11. The FSLabs already offers this as part of the package. You just type in the correct address on your tablet and you can use the fmc.
  12. I had this in the past too and I know you’ve probably already tried but I had to delete all the control assignments for views in the sim and then I reconfigured the hat assignment in chaseplane. This solved it for me, hope it helps.
  13. You know what also gets tiring? Seeing new people come here for help only to be belittled. Great way to grow the community! Nobody is forcing you to reply to the question if you don’t want to. Not everyone is here to grow their post count. Quite a few times I’ve rolled my eyes at some of the questions people ask so I just stay out of it.
  14. Rick, this post is a complete waste of time. Last I checked this was a user to user HELP forum, not an opportunity to make yourself feel better for having known the answer and not giving it. For what it’s worth to 5he original poster, from memory that is correct, it’s just a case of selecting ‘data’ at the end of the process you described above.
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