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  1. How would you rate the xplane 727 against the Captain Sim version Ron Service
  2. Will the above joystick work on ms 2020 Ron
  3. Has anybody got the QW 787 immersion to work properly. I purchased it via ORBX and have yet to get it to work. I have the PMDG 747 which works ok. Any help appreciated Ron Service
  4. Referring to the title. I believe this is a free upgrade. Are there drawbacks? Any help appreciated. Ron Service
  5. Thanks for your reply Bob. After further attempts at trouble shooting, I've found that Microsoft.net framework is also screwed up and also Java. I could not repair either of them with the relevant software. Also, with Windows 10, .net framework cannot be uninstalled. I ended up calling in Geek squad. They worked on it for about six hours. and ended up reinstalling Windows 10 . i.e. option retaining files. That did not fix it. I may have no alternative but to do a complete reinstall of Windows 10 including all files, which of course means reinstalling all apps. I guess I should do as you do and in the future as following good housekeeping, do a system backup each month. What would you recommend I do in the way of backing up my apps if possible. I have lots of PMDG apps P3Dv4 and many other flight simulator apps , also a couple of external drives. Any help appreciated Ron Service
  6. I guess some of you guys have experienced this. It happens mainly when I start P3D 4 but occurs with other apps , FSX steam seems to work OK . The history of the problem started with me running PMDG Operations center 2, which said there was an update. When I tried to install the update, it wiped out Operations Center 2, and when I tried to find it I messed up some files. I was able to do a restore to 2 days back and most things work partially. The desktop is screwed up partially. I am pretty computer literate but don"t want to get expensive help if I can fix it myself. Any help appreciated Ron Service
  7. rservice


    Anyone had any unauthorized charges on their credit cards as a result of transactions with Flightbeam? Ron Service
  8. My prayers are with you and your family Jim, and thanks for all the help you have given me and others over the years Blessings Ron Service
  9. I had the same problem with just the 747 models. The solution was to free upgrade to 4.4. Make sure you have your license and password data for p3d Ron
  10. Since the update I cannot display any 747 model , 737 and 777 are OK Ron
  11. Thanks guys, uninstalling the client and reinstalling it did the trick. Make sure you have your p3dv4 license and password handy as you will have to reactivate them Ron
  12. After loading an aircraft in p3dv4, either 737 or 777, the virtual cockpit displays but is not initialised, i.e. no buttons are changeable
  13. Caution, Always print out your invoice and license information. I have tried to retrieve my license data for P3d v4 but because this data is associated with my original email address, Lockheed cannot confirm my license data or its contents, so I cannot use P3D v4 which I paid for. I did print out the invoice and license data for V3 and that works, so forewarned is forearmed or four legged or whatever. Ron
  14. I purchased LOWI at the current sale but I cannot download it via FTX central. I have downloaded other ORBX products without problems. The LOWI product is listed in my account. I have contacted ORBX forums but have not yet received a reply. Any help appreciated. Ron
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