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  1. Hi I am interested in knowing more about how you would go about using a reality XP gauge as I want to make sure they are right for me .... I use FSX (yeah ok, I'm a skinflint) with Win 10 on an i9 (happy days it runs proper) I am reasonably competent with FSX but not an expert in hacking gauges into panels especially in the virtual cockpit. Are there some resources that show how you go about adding this gauge to an aircraft panel in virtual cockpit and in 2D popup (for GPS panels I use these undocked and on a separate small screen with an autokey script to make the window borderless and automatically position it)? I mean infro older payware aircraft that dont have an automatic installer shipped with them or even a freeware or default aircraft rather than the latest payware that seem to be reality XP ready. Are there download resources which have replacement panels for common payware aircraft with the gauges already replaced? My main reason to buy is that I have some payware aircraft that when you enable the payware gps the FPS makes the plane unflyable (even when you have been thru support and got the dll.xml correct and permissions correct on a new FSX install ). Hence throwing in towel and considering this as an option. Does the reality XP guage have a significant frame hit on a reasonable spec machine? Can you write flight plans on external planners and import so you can have a corresponding FSX plan to work with Vox ATC? Also apologies but I see a similar product from F1 - what would you say are the main differences? Really appreciate if someone could pick this up and help with the questions.....just wanna check it's within my skills or lack thereoff, time and budget and it actually solve my problem with bad paywarenav.dlls
  2. I thought there was a captain sim forum here but I cant find it. I am reinstalling Captain Sims 727 in FSX and I have moved the 727 to a new Simobjects folder from\aircraft to \CA Jetliners How can I get the loading application ACE_727.exe to point to the new install directory so I don't get error aircraft cfg not found? (I moved CS727 back into aircraft and it worked but there was not a setting where the user could pint to a new directory and I havent found a cfg file yet) Why? because I use simstart and simobjects folders to load only the sections of fsx I want for faster loading and less memory issues.
  3. Is there a way that VoxATC can read callsign for aircraft.cfg instead of having to use Vox ATC to set the correct callsign every time you change aircraft.....?
  4. I have recently upgrade to Voxt ATC 7.43 from Vox ATC 6. Voc ATC 6 including an english addons for correct wording such as "ready for departure" instead of takeoff Anyone provide clues as to what I need to do to adjust VoxATC to the English wording?
  5. Hi, Is there a way to easily merge different agn files (with same agn filename because they are for same area) for photo scenery? I have a product called Revolution X which is building and trees for UK photo scenery however it's a little sparse on the trees IMHO. I also have a number of freeware agn packs with more trees and I was hoping there was a way to merge these into my current Revolution x agn files. I am looking at merging multiple agn files in one go. I have been looking at a couple of tools AGNmerge by vogel but it's in French and has no manual - if this is the right tool then could someone walk thru how to use it. Also looked at scenproc but again its a complex tool with little documentation and I havent worked out exactly how to use it. Again if this is the right tool, a walk thru of how to merge agn would be great. Thanks Rob
  6. When sharing Gliding tasks (which is a race around a set of waypoint's after being launched in a glider to a particular height - which is not enough to just glide around and requires skill to complete) for flight sim you must save the exact weather state so everyone has the same thermals to use. i thought explanation might illustrate some queries above. The files shared for these tasks are *.cmx --> cumulus X! file that creates clouds and thermals based on. Cumulus X is a freeware addon. *.flt --> you can open with notepad, saves things like panel positions and sim launch option settings *.fssave --> this one saves the action position (variables state) of the sim, eg state of aircraft, speed, height, where, engine state, what switches you have on and off etc. *.pln --> the planned route *.wx --> general flight sim weather conditions If you save all these then anyone launching this saved flight with these files will have exactly the same conditions including weather conditions upon launch. If you use active sky live weather with dynamic updating then I would think the initial conditions set by WX will overwrite after your update interval. I hope this helps.
  7. Hi All I have bought a new computer and I am reinstalling my FSX products (yes it's old but I likey) I have installed FTX global and England and hi-def trees and buildings (among other FTX products) and then tried to install Earth SIMs IOS, IOM, Gurnsey and Alderney. The autogen isn't showing correctly in these areas. I have some old autogen compatibility files from ES which are smaller than the Orbx adjusted ones but these dont work. I have read that FTX is compatible with ES but that there might be some updated autogen files to download. Is this right and where can I download? If not does anyone have any solutions to make compatible please? Many thanks in advance. Rob. PS I have posted in Orbx forum - some reads, no answers.
  8. Thanks John. What a nuisance this was a useful utility. I presume noone has come up with a way of a way of fooling the installer? Can anyone suggest a freeware alternative?
  9. Yes exactly!!! I haven't!!!! I have acceleration installed which already includes SP2 yet FSX Save says it need SP2 to install. (Installed on my win 7 system no issues.) Any ideas?
  10. Hi I am just reinstalling FSX on W10 and trying to install a program I have used before; FSX Save V1.05 It says it can't install because FSX isn't FSX SP2 and wont continue. (I have also tried running MSI as admin!) But I have FSX acceleration including SP2 installed and I have enabled Netframework 2.0 in win 10 So I don't understand why this program will not install. Anyone any ideas? Is there a new version or equivalent program to auto-save while flying? I do have unregistered FSUIPC installed. I have heard registered has an autosave, Any recommendations for this function? Thoughts and walk thrus appreciated. Rob
  11. Hi Jabloom Did you get any further with this? I have win 10 and MS Speech has lots of free voices that don't appear in voice config for vox atc. Is there a way to enable that doesn't involved a hex level workaround? I a happy to regedit but it looks a lot of work and an increasing chance of failure with the 13 free english M$ voices. It is a shame these can't be activated in VoxATC! Rob
  12. Simconnect is definitely installed correctly and working (triple checked files position content and sharing and verified by other programs, sdk scrubbed and reinstalled but no luck there) Vox ATC is installed and working, indexed, panelled etc. (I have V6 so this bit of setup fine and checked) Firewall exceptions in place. (have disabled them to ensure not a factor) Yet server and client VoxATC wont talk! No green. I don't think 7.42 network actually works with fsx and win 7 as I can't get this to work and noone has confirmed that they have it working! Docs not much help. Spent hours 😞 Will stick with my V6 I think.
  13. I have VoxATC 7.42 installed and working as demo (Thanks to Jay above) but still cannot get Voxatc to network properly. Simconnect I have been thru in detail and is setup and Simconnect is working. The 3 folders needed are shared and the files are in the right directories, with correct entries (one for each program, each program using same port on fsx machine and network machine) and no extra simconnect file versions. I have the latest published SDK for my FSX (gold) and have even reinstalled the SDK (FSX, FSX 1a then FSX accelartion SDK's) to be sure. And the other working simconnect network programs tell me simconnect is working. I disabled the firewalls temporarily so not them. VoxATC is working on my FSX machine (indexed, paneled, initialised and speaking etc) So I am sure I am set up correctly but still no green hookup. Do you have to wait a long long time for them to go green? do you launch before or after FSX or something? What am I doing wrong? What have I missed? What else do I need to test and check? Oh for decent documentation! Does VoxATC even network with FSX win 7 (64)? Please just chuck ideas! Has anyone got VoxATC to network with FSX and Win 7 (64) ????? Anyone? Anyone?
  14. Ok have hit the buffers on this I think. So as no one came up with any better ideas I did a thorough uninstall and careful reinstall including all the voices. indexer and panel worked as they should and voices configured ok. fired up sim Track IR works so local simconnect is good active sky and plan g connect so remote simconnect good. (Simconnect settings checked - voxatc don’t recommend any so a forth global setting with new port put in in case) launch flight with flight plan open panel and enable ..... This voxatc needs registering!!!!! What? It’s not been 30 days yet and I haven’t got it going! Anyone know how to reset? (I might try redownload and reinstall by getting fed up with this program that simply doesn’t seem to work as per the documentation!) suggestion for best route forward? Any? Even unhinged ones? i have version 6 which I paid for so may revert to that and be disappointed with vox atc.
  15. Is the VoxATc writer not helping Bobs family during this time by taking support requests direct?
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