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Found 38 results

  1. Please forgive me while I try to explain the situation as best as I can. I'm not hearing the unique/authentic engine sounds that the 737NGX offer. All I'm getting are the default FSX engine sounds. Whether I'm in the VC or an outside view, the engine sound and volume is the same. There is not a difference in the type of sound. The engine sounds worked originally when I first installed PMDG, but put it away for a while and have recently started flying again. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling PMDG with no success. I've searched all over the web and couldn't find anything related to exactly this. I've found bug posts with FSX with a solution of pressing 'Q' twice to turn off/on the FSX sound but that doesn't apply to me. I miss hearing the authentic sound of the engines. Can someone please help? Running FSX SP2 on Windows 10 x64. Thank you! Justin
  2. Great little aircraft. Two questions: Is there any way to eliminate or lower the beacon light motor sound? The torque gauges will go way past the redline during takeoff. I limit them with the power lever but that requires a lot of attention. Is this normal? Thank you, F4sup Roger
  3. vp49p3

    Learjet Tone

    Hello All-everything goes great with flight in the Learjet except for a persistent issue. During flight when the autopilot is on, out of curiosity I make the mistake of turning on the radar altimeter and testing it. All of a sudden a tone comes on. I'll turn the altimeter off, but the tone stays on. I start turning all switches on and off, but the tone stays on. It is so irritating that I stop the flight. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I had this for the 2nd time in a week now, with the Q400. At some point during flight, the P3D Sound Subsystem Crashes: The current sound is being played back ad infinitum. The first time I didn't even notice until landing. I can no longer toggle sound on/off any more. I no longer hear switches, nor changes in engine/propeller sound. The checkbox checks and unchecks, but the current sound just keeps playing. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Any tips how I could find out? Thanks, Felix
  5. Lattanz

    FS2004 Crackling Audio

    Hello all, I'm one of the later migrants from Windows 7 to 10 and dragging FS9 to the next gen with my new computer. As seen in this video, I am having some really annoying audio mix. I'm trying to find a solution but have yet to find one, has anyone got a fix or a link on how to fix this? *******CAUTION*********** The audio in the attachment is loud to showcase the issue, sorry headphone users. :) Thanks, -Mike
  6. Hello All-the engines' sound is very loud inside the Learjet virtual cockpit, or it could be some other sound which emulates the engines. In P3Dv2 I turn down all of the settings sound control to zero, but the loud engine noise persists in the Lear. The sound is not present when I change to exterior views, only in the virtual cockpit. This is the only aircraft with this problem. Anyone else had this issue? Perhaps I should uninstall and reinstall. Any advice? Thanks.
  7. Not sure what it is but when MCE launches...I get this buzzing in my ear that doesn't go away. Constant and irritating lol. Any ideas. Using Logitech G930 headphones. Only in MCE. Just noticed when I hut down, p3dv3 crashed. I got this in the event viewer and not sure has anything to do with it? EventData as_audio.exe 1.0.6197.28207 58586fe1 KERNELBASE.dll 10.0.14393.479 58256d37 e0434352 000da832 534 01d271b33d14c8b9 E:\P3dV3\as_srv\as_audio.exe C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll 93436ad0-f31f-4792-8961-9cc8fd2a3fe6 Thanks, Great program!! Bob M
  8. With one of the newer patches for FS2CREW for the 777, you added the abilitiy to reset the audio system, incase you lose sound. Are there plans to add this funtionalitiy to the other versions? such as the Dash-8, Airbuses or the NGX (maybe when it goes P3d), as I do sometimes still have the problem of losing my sound for fs2crew with these programs occationally. Thanks
  9. Hello folks, it drives me to dispair: I bought a new PC with Windows 10 Home, installed all necessary drivers and of course Prepar3D v3.4 with addons, aircraft included (PMDG 737NGX, 777, 747 QOTS II, Aerosoft Airbus A318-320), of course FS2Crew for B737, B777 and Airbus. From the beginning my sound in FS2Crew ist mixed up most of the time (left is right and right is left, not only FS2Crew but also the 737 sounds) and ONLY with the 737, seldom it has the right sides, very seldom sound sides change in flight. No matter if I use stereo 2 CH or surround 7.1 CH. I've excluded all possibilities that came into my mind to handle that error, found some answers in several forums that didn't help me. No problems with other programs/games. Does/did anyone of you have the same problem and can help me out? Is there a logfile that can help? It's very annoying if the checks come from the left ear and the checks (e.g. oxygen) com from the wrong side. My measures up to now: - Newest versions of aircraft, FS2Crew, sound drivers - FS2Crew, P3D and PMDG set to Sennheiser headset - Headphone out/in USB before starting P3D (helped one time) - Uninstall/Reinstall of PMDG and FS2Crew I hope, anyone of you has an answer. And btw: yes, UAC is off, FS2Crew Configurator started in Admin Mode anyway, P3D installed outside of "Programs", i. e. C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v3. My specs: Intel i7-6850K @3,6 GHz (OC 4.2 GHz), ASUS Rampage V Extreme, 32GB DDR4-RAM, Windows 10 Home 64bit, 2 x nVidia Geforce GTX 1080Ti 11GB SLI, Samsung SSD 960 Pro 1TB, Sennheiser PC 363D Headset Greetings, Andreas
  10. Hi all, I have a problem with my 747. When I load flight (with C&D panel state), I can hear default FSX fuel pump sound. I thought it is normal, but as I saw a few videos on YT, I realized it is wrong. I spent all day by searching of solution, but unsuccessfully. I had similiar problem with my 737NGX a years ago, but there helped saving of the default flight (C-172) with battery switched off. I tried to reset default flight (and then set as I wrote), but it didn't help. Default flight and 737ngx is loading correctly, but 747 isn't. Help me, please. I am realy frustrated...:( Thank you in advance for the answers.
  11. Dillon James

    Making Sound For FSX?

    I am a beginner software developer... And basically I'm trying to make a sound pack for fsx... Now then... To have the working sounds, this would mean that the sounds were constantly playing in FSX while you were flying INSIDE the aircraft. So I basically want a constant sound inside the aircraft. Now I understand this would mean putting it into the sound folder in the flight simulator aircraft, but I am wondering how I would configure Flight Simulator to play these sounds while the aircraft is Flying and the battery is turned on. I understand that it has something to do with the .Cfg Sound file but I'm unsure what exactly I have to do to it... Could someone help? Thanks!
  12. Just found it on YouTube. Maybe a alternative for TSS or the default sound set.
  13. Hi there, i just tried the Flight1 Cessna 172R on my FS2004. I follow the described procedures and also looked at some 172R Videos on Youtube, where the fuel pump was clearly audible. But i cannot hear the fuel pump in the Flight1 Cessna 172 (although according to the Instruments, the fuel pump works). Is this a bug on my Installation or is the Sound simply not simulated? I'd like to hear of your experiences. Do YOU hear the fuel pump on this simulated aircraft? Thanks in advance Bodo
  14. Maszario57

    FSX Sound Issue

    Hi everyone, I fly FSX on a Macbook Pro Retina 15" on Windows Bootcamp. Everything works fine and I get decent FPS, yet I have an issue with sound. The music overlaying the main page stutters and breaks, and the voiceovers for the missions do the same. All other sounds (such as aircraft noises and such) work fine. Please can someone help me out?
  15. unc1rlm

    Sound Issue

    Hello..I have Windows 10x64. I am trying to get rid of that grainy background noise when you have all the volume turned down in the settings (cockpit envoirment..etc etc etc) and you still have that Horrible sound that you have to tolerate. I have the onboard audio on the motherboard. Would like to have dead silence or at least filter out that background sound. I downloaded a sound equalizer and was going to see if I could filter it out. My problem is everytime I move mouse from p3dv3 to the equalizer. the p3dv3 sound goes off and I can filter or work with it. Is there a way to stop that. Hope you understand what I mean. Got to have the sim sound in order to try and filter out unless someone knows any better. Thanks, Bob M..
  16. Yesterday I downloaded Carenado's Beech 58 and was checking out all the features. I noticed when I am outside of the aircraft, the engine sounds are really (I mean, REALLY) bad. Is this a known issue, and is there a solve for this? Also, is there a list of highly recommended mods to this aircraft? Thanks.
  17. Hi Bryon The FO voice normally (and logically) comes from the right. When wearing a good quality set of over ear headset to excludes the possibility of also listening to the other person one must obey (the wife). I mean having one earpiece off the ear to listen to the 'outside' world. If I have the right earpiece off my ear I can't hear the FO and when I have the left earpiece off I can't use the microphone. Would it be possible to have the option to have the FO in the left ear so allowing the headset to be reversed? Another option would be to allow all FS2Crew sound to be switched to mono. There are no Windows controls to do this. I said normally the FO comes from the right. The exception is the Airbus Flight Control Check responses which are mono.
  18. Hey simmers ! Is touchdown sound for AI aircraft possible, if so can you suggest any related downloads ? Thanks for any ideas !
  19. Yesterday I replaced the GTX 750 TI with a new GTX 1060 6 meg Nividia card. After installing the card and new driver from Nividia website. started P3D and no sound. I went to Device manager and saw that my default sound was I reset set it to what it had been , and sound returned. Now I went to the helicopter i am current;y flying a Cera Sim AS365 and that copter has some sounds in the VC for switch clicks for lighting, and parking brake to name a few, and now those sounds are missing when I activate those switches or the brakes. This was not occurring prior to replacing the GPU, so I am thinking that something is messed up in the sound, since these new Nividia drivers also have been known to cause problems due to their handling of HDMI sound. I found dozens and dozens of posts on this issue with people uninstalling drivers, changing bios settings, etc..etc..... Now my question is, has anyone had a similar experience with the new Nividia cards and if so, has anyone found an easy correction of this problem.
  20. unc1rlm

    Sound Issues

    Little Help, Please. In the sound menu area; (P3dv3.4 or latest program) I have checked the boxes.and then .turned all the sound off and I still hear jet aircraft sounds like takeoff's or maybe annoying background noise on my speakers or headphones. ...maybe don't see them the aircraft..say Atlanta Hartsfield. Is this normal or are these sounds from an addon program like My traffic 6 or an atc program like vox.. Not sure. Thanks for any help. Bob M.
  21. dimatrixxx


    Hi all! After reinstalling the OS and FSX and PMDG B777 I have following problems: 1. I can hear all the time a pack sound (AIR Conditioning sound) even when the packs off, apu off AND Air Condition Unit disconnected. I found out that if I turn the EQUIP Cooling OFF then the sound disappears... When I connect/or disconnect the ground air condition unit there is no sound change at all. 2. I set the fms settings to create an fsx flight plan but the aircraft not creating it. Reinstall does not help. Please help me.
  22. Hello all, I've had a problem ever since I've started flying with Vatsim, and therefore with a headset. The communications do come through the headset as I want them to, and the other sounds (cockpit, environment) through my speakers... except for the engine sounds, which come through the headset along with the voice. It's quite disturbing, since FSX doesn't offer to separate the engine sounds from the environment and cockpit ones, only from the voice. Anyone knows a solution? (I have FSX with Acceleration, fly the Aerosoft Airbus A320, and use Vatsim through FSInn.)
  23. I was thinking about the engine sounds in FSX/P3D on constant speed prop airplanes. The sound pitch always changes with throttle changes like the airplanes have fixed pitch props. Then it dawned on me that a sound file that changed pitch with prop RPM and changed volume with throttle setting is what is needed to make a proper sound configuration file for a constant speed prop. Problem is.....FSX/P3D doesn't allow that. got me thinking. Could I move some of the engine sounds from the combustion section into the prop section and would it make it more realistic. I have done a couple of airplanes now and one of them is the 500S. I think it is much more realistic. Here is the modified sound.cfg file. See what you think. //********************************************************* // Aero Commander 500S FSX/P3D //********************************************************* [FLTSIM] product_code=FSIM [SOUND_ENGINE] number_of_engines=2 eng1_combustion=COMBUSTION.1.00 eng2_combustion=COMBUSTION.2.00 eng1_prop=PROP.1.00 eng1_starter=starterA eng2_starter=starterB eng1_shutdown=shutdownA eng2_shutdown=shutdownB eng1_combustion_start=combstartA eng2_combustion_start=combstartB eng2_prop=PROP.2.00 [STARTERA] filename=CARAC500Sstarter_left viewpoint=1 link=starterA.1 [STARTERA.1] filename=CARAC500Sxstarter_left viewpoint=2 [STARTERB] filename=CARAC500Sstarter_right viewpoint=1 link=starterB.1 [STARTERB.1] filename=CARAC500Sxstarter_right viewpoint=2 [SHUTDOWNA] filename=CARAC500Sshutdown_left viewpoint=1 link=shutdownA.1 [SHUTDOWNA.1] filename=CARAC500Sxshutdown_left viewpoint=2 [SHUTDOWNB] filename=CARAC500Sshutdown_right viewpoint=1 link=shutdownB.1 [SHUTDOWNB.1] filename=CARAC500Sxshutdown_right viewpoint=2 [COMBSTARTA] filename=CARAC500Sstartup_left viewpoint=1 link=combstartA.1 [COMBSTARTA.1] filename=CARAC500Sxstartup_left viewpoint=2 [COMBSTARTB] filename=CARAC500Sstartup_right viewpoint=1 link=combstartB.1 [COMBSTARTB.1] filename=CARAC500Sxstartup_right viewpoint=2 [COMBUSTION.1.00] filename=CARAC500Srpm1_left flags=0 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.002208,0.957447,0.600442,1.404255 vparams=0.002208,97.872337,0.050773,94.680855,0.176600,88.297874,0.280165,63.967613,0.372727,35.627529,0.474380,10.121457,0.512397,5.870445,0.602479,0.000000 link=COMBUSTION.1.01 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=10000 [COMBUSTION.1.01] filename=CARAC500Srpm2_left flags=0 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.101545,0.851064,0.785872,1.340425 vparams=0.090508,0.000000,0.194260,3.191489,0.264901,19.148935,0.328918,62.765957,0.381898,94.680855,0.483444,95.744682,0.668874,18.085106,0.807947,2.127660 link=COMBUSTION.1.04 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=10000 [COMBUSTION.2.00] filename=CARAC500Srpm1_right flags=0 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.002208,0.957447,0.600442,1.404255 vparams=0.002208,97.872337,0.050773,94.680855,0.176600,88.297874,0.280165,63.967613,0.372727,35.627529,0.474380,10.121457,0.512397,5.870445,0.602479,0.000000 link=COMBUSTION.2.01 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=10000 [COMBUSTION.2.01] filename=CARAC500Srpm2_right flags=0 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.101545,0.851064,0.785872,1.340425 vparams=0.090508,0.000000,0.194260,3.191489,0.264901,19.148935,0.328918,62.765957,0.381898,94.680855,0.483444,95.744682,0.668874,18.085106,0.807947,2.127660 link=COMBUSTION.2.04 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=10000 [PROP.1.00] filename=CARAC500Sprop_left flags=2 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.004415,1.106383,1.000000,2.000000 vparams=0.000000,100.000000,0.364238,100.000000,0.415011,87.234039,0.580574,20.212767,0.637969,10.638298,0.823400,0.000000,0.898455,0.000000,1.000000,0.000000 link=PROP.1.01 [PROP.1.01] filename=CARAC500Sxprop_left flags=2 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.004415,1.106383,1.000000,2.000000 vparams=0.000000,100.000000,0.364238,100.000000,0.415011,87.234039,0.580574,20.212767,0.637969,10.638298,0.823400,0.000000,0.898455,0.000000,1.000000,0.000000 link=PROP.1.02 [PROP.1.02] filename=CARAC500Srpm3_left flags=2 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.245033,0.765957,1.000000,1.319149 vparams=0.237037,0.201207,0.406181,0.000000,0.580574,19.148935,0.666667,42.553192,0.741722,79.787231,0.788079,94.680855,0.871774,100.000000,1.000000,100.000000 link=PROP.1.03 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=10000 [PROP.1.03] filename=CARAC500Srpm4_left flags=2 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.697572,0.638298,1.000000,0.829787 vparams=0.156733,0.000000,0.735099,0.000000,0.841060,1.063830,0.871965,9.574468,0.907285,24.468084,0.940397,58.510639,0.962472,86.170212,0.999167,99.054817 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=10000 [COMBUSTION.1.04] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm1_left-f flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.000000,1.042553,0.547383,1.446808 vparams=0.002208,98.936172,0.039735,100.000000,0.125828,98.936172,0.227373,92.553192,0.332390,67.518250,0.429986,17.518248,0.509194,5.109489,0.595474,0.000000 link=COMBUSTION.1.05 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 [COMBUSTION.1.05] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm2_left-f flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.198675,1.000000,0.900662,1.510638 vparams=0.030905,1.063830,0.103753,11.702127,0.357616,62.765957,0.467991,72.340424,0.589404,71.276596,0.677704,58.510639,0.816777,7.446808,0.922737,1.063830 link=COMBUSTION.1.06 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 [COMBUSTION.1.06] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm3_left-f flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.068433,0.638298,1.000000,1.148936 vparams=0.068433,1.063830,0.275938,10.638298,0.366446,30.851065,0.467991,70.212769,0.523179,90.425529,0.609272,98.936172,0.863135,98.936172,1.000000,100.000000 link=COMBUSTION.1.08 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=32500 [COMBUSTION.2.04] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm1_right-f flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.000000,1.042553,0.547383,1.446808 vparams=0.002208,98.936172,0.039735,100.000000,0.125828,98.936172,0.227373,92.553192,0.332390,67.518250,0.429986,17.518248,0.509194,5.109489,0.595474,0.000000 link=COMBUSTION.2.05 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 [COMBUSTION.2.05] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm2_right-f flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.198675,1.000000,0.900662,1.510638 vparams=0.030905,1.063830,0.103753,11.702127,0.357616,62.765957,0.467991,72.340424,0.589404,71.276596,0.677704,58.510639,0.816777,7.446808,0.922737,1.063830 link=COMBUSTION.2.06 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 [COMBUSTION.2.06] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm3_right-f flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.068433,0.638298,1.000000,1.148936 vparams=0.068433,1.063830,0.275938,10.638298,0.366446,30.851065,0.467991,70.212769,0.523179,90.425529,0.609272,98.936172,0.863135,98.936172,1.000000,100.000000 link=COMBUSTION.2.08 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=32500 [COMBUSTION.1.08] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm1_left-r flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.000000,1.042553,0.547383,1.446808 vparams=0.002208,98.936172,0.039735,100.000000,0.125828,98.936172,0.227373,92.553192,0.332390,67.518250,0.429986,17.518248,0.509194,5.109489,0.595474,0.000000 link=COMBUSTION.1.09 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=-179.999985 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 [COMBUSTION.1.09] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm2_left-r flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.198675,1.000000,0.900662,1.510638 vparams=0.030905,1.063830,0.103753,11.702127,0.357616,62.765957,0.467991,72.340424,0.589404,71.276596,0.677704,58.510639,0.816777,7.446808,0.922737,1.063830 link=COMBUSTION.1.10 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=-179.999985 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 [COMBUSTION.1.10] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm3_left-r flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.068433,0.638298,1.000000,1.148936 vparams=0.068433,1.063830,0.275938,10.638298,0.366446,30.851065,0.467991,70.212769,0.523179,90.425529,0.609272,98.936172,0.863135,98.936172,1.000000,100.000000 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=-179.999985 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=32500 link=COMBUSTION.1.11 [COMBUSTION.1.11] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm4_left-f flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.838852,0.872340,1.000000,0.936170 vparams=0.143488,0.000000,0.631347,0.000000,0.673289,0.000000,0.741722,0.000000,0.849890,1.063830,0.909492,8.510638,0.969095,50.000000,1.000000,98.829041 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 link=COMBUSTION.1.12 [COMBUSTION.1.12] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm4_left-r flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.838852,0.872340,1.000000,0.936170 vparams=0.143488,0.000000,0.631347,0.000000,0.673289,0.000000,0.741722,0.000000,0.849890,1.063830,0.909492,8.510638,0.969095,50.000000,1.000000,98.829041 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=-179.999985 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 [COMBUSTION.2.08] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm1_right-r flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.000000,1.042553,0.547383,1.446808 vparams=0.002208,98.936172,0.039735,100.000000,0.125828,98.936172,0.227373,92.553192,0.332390,67.518250,0.429986,17.518248,0.509194,5.109489,0.595474,0.000000 link=COMBUSTION.2.09 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=-179.999985 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 [COMBUSTION.2.09] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm2_right-r flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.198675,1.000000,0.900662,1.510638 vparams=0.030905,1.063830,0.103753,11.702127,0.357616,62.765957,0.467991,72.340424,0.589404,71.276596,0.677704,58.510639,0.816777,7.446808,0.922737,1.063830 link=COMBUSTION.2.10 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=-179.999985 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 [COMBUSTION.2.10] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm3_right-r flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.068433,0.638298,1.000000,1.148936 vparams=0.068433,1.063830,0.275938,10.638298,0.366446,30.851065,0.467991,70.212769,0.523179,90.425529,0.609272,98.936172,0.863135,98.936172,1.000000,100.000000 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=-179.999985 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=32500 link=COMBUSTION.2.11 [COMBUSTION.2.11] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm4_right-f flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.838852,0.872340,1.000000,0.936170 vparams=0.143488,0.000000,0.631347,0.000000,0.673289,0.000000,0.741722,0.000000,0.849890,1.063830,0.909492,8.510638,0.969095,50.000000,1.000000,98.829041 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 link=COMBUSTION.2.12 [COMBUSTION.2.12] filename=CARAC500Sxrpm4_right-r flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.838852,0.872340,1.000000,0.936170 vparams=0.143488,0.000000,0.631347,0.000000,0.673289,0.000000,0.741722,0.000000,0.849890,1.063830,0.909492,8.510638,0.969095,50.000000,1.000000,98.829041 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=-179.999985 InsideConeAngle=90 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=9500 [PROP.2.00] filename=CARAC500Sprop_right flags=2 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.004415,1.106383,1.000000,2.000000 vparams=0.000000,100.000000,0.364238,100.000000,0.415011,87.234039,0.580574,20.212767,0.637969,10.638298,0.823400,0.000000,0.898455,0.000000,1.000000,0.000000 link=PROP.2.01 [PROP.2.01] filename=CARAC500Sxprop_right flags=2 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.004415,1.106383,1.000000,2.000000 vparams=0.000000,100.000000,0.364238,100.000000,0.415011,87.234039,0.580574,20.212767,0.637969,10.638298,0.823400,0.000000,0.898455,0.000000,1.000000,0.000000 link=PROP.2.02 [PROP.2.02] filename=CARAC500Srpm3_right flags=2 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.245033,0.765957,1.000000,1.319149 vparams=0.237037,0.201207,0.406181,0.000000,0.580574,19.148935,0.666667,42.553192,0.741722,79.787231,0.788079,94.680855,0.871774,100.000000,1.000000,100.000000 link=PROP.2.03 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=10000 [PROP.2.03] filename=CARAC500Srpm4_right flags=2 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.697572,0.638298,1.000000,0.829787 vparams=0.156733,0.000000,0.735099,0.000000,0.841060,1.063830,0.871965,9.574468,0.907285,24.468084,0.940397,58.510639,0.962472,86.170212,0.999167,99.054817 ConePitch=0.000000 ConeHeading=0.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeVolume=10000 [STALL_WARNING] filename=CARAC500Sstallhorn [GEAR_UP_WARNING_SOUND] filename=CARAC500Sgearwarning flags=2 viewpoint=1 [AP_DISENGAGE_SOUND] filename=CARAC500Sapdisconnect [FUEL_PUMP] filename=CARAC500Sfuelpump flags=0 viewpoint=1 maximum_volume=23700 [GEAR_DOWN] filename=CARAC500Sgeardn [GEAR_UP] filename=CARAC500Sgearup [EXIT_OPEN] filename=CARAC500Sdoor_small_open [EXIT_CLOSE] filename=CARAC500Sdoor_small_close [LEFT_TOUCHDOWN] filename=CARAC500Stouch1 [RIGHT_TOUCHDOWN] filename=CARAC500Stouch2 [CENTER_TOUCHDOWN] filename=CARAC500Stouch1, CARAC500Stouch2 [GROUND_ROLL] filename=CARAC500Sinroll viewpoint=1 minimum_volume=6000 maximum_volume=11000 minimum_speed=3 maximum_speed=60 minimum_rate=0.80 maximum_rate=1.80 link=GROUND_ROLL1 [GROUND_ROLL1] filename=CARAC500SXroll viewpoint=2 [FLAPS] filename=CARAC500Sflaps minimum_volume=7000 maximum_volume=12300 [GYRO_SOUND] filename=CARAC500Sgyro maximum_volume=8400 [LEFT_WING_SCRAPE] filename=smwngscr minimum_speed=1 maximum_speed=60 minimum_rate=0.5 maximum_rate=2.0 [RIGHT_WING_SCRAPE] filename=smwngscr minimum_speed=1 maximum_speed=60 minimum_rate=0.5 maximum_rate=2.0 [FUSELAGE_SCRAPE] filename=smblylnd minimum_speed=1 maximum_speed=60 minimum_rate=0.5 maximum_rate=2.0 [CRASH_SOUND] filename=pcrash3,cncrash1,cncrash2 [SPLASH_SOUND] filename=psplash,cnsplas1,cnsplas2 //////////////////// // New Wind //////////////////// [wind_sound] filename=CARAC500Swind3 viewpoint=1 rparams=16.0000,0.660000,100.0000,1.464000 vparams=0.000000,0.000000,30.5000,11.200000,66.3000,32.800000,102.9000,38.400000,142.8000,25.600000,174.7000,7.200000,198.2000,4.800000,200.0000,0.000000 link=wind_sound.1.01 [wind_sound.1.01] filename=CARAC500Swind4 viewpoint=1 rparams=28.9000,0.767000,95.6000,1.203000 vparams=0.000000,0.000000,40.8000,0.000000,58.4000,13.600000,88.4000,34.400000,120.2000,46.400000,146.8000,27.200000,170.4000,17.600000,200.0000,6.400000 link=wind_sound.1.02 [wind_sound.1.02] filename=CARAC500Swind5 viewpoint=1 rparams=53.7000,0.561000,98.4000,1.217000 vparams=0.000000,0.000000,62.3000,0.000000,94.7000,12.000000,98.3000,32.000000,138.7000,70.400000,180.6000,83.200000,182.4000,88.800000,200.0000,100.000000 link=wind_sound.1.03 [wind_sound.1.03] filename=CARAC500Swind01 viewpoint=2 rparams=16.0000,0.660000,100.0000,1.464000 vparams=0.000000,0.000000,30.5000,11.200000,66.3000,32.800000,102.9000,38.400000,142.8000,25.600000,174.7000,7.200000,198.2000,4.800000,200.0000,0.000000 link=wind_sound.1.04 [wind_sound.1.04] filename=CARAC500Swind02 viewpoint=2 rparams=28.9000,0.767000,95.6000,1.203000 vparams=0.000000,0.000000,40.8000,0.000000,58.4000,13.600000,88.4000,34.400000,120.2000,46.400000,146.8000,27.200000,170.4000,17.600000,200.0000,6.400000 link=wind_sound.1.05 [wind_sound.1.05] filename=CARAC500Swind03 viewpoint=2 rparams=53.7000,0.561000,98.4000,1.217000 vparams=0.000000,0.000000,62.3000,0.000000,94.7000,12.000000,98.3000,32.000000,138.7000,70.400000,180.6000,83.200000,182.4000,88.800000,200.0000,100.000000
  24. Skowtura322

    Sound Anomaly in P3d 3.4?

    I run p3d 3.4 on a system with multiple sound outputs - Normally onboard Realtek speaker outputs or a LX3000 MS USB headset. Normal usage is all outputs are routed to the USB Headset. If I switch to speakers all sounds emanate apart from the ATC dialogue which stays resolutely on the Headset!? Now there appears to be no way to get this to switch away in the software, is there a configuration file somewhere? Also I notice that on some aircraft incorrect sound setup can cause the dreaded stutters and it begs the question that the whole issue of 'log jams' in the sound chain could be an issue - there seems to be no use of ASIO drivers such as ASIO4All to alleviate any 'slowdowns from the sound sub system - this being particularly important in hi-fidelity multi-sound systems in modern sim software.
  25. Hey guys, I tried searching around but could not find an answer to my question. If my question however already has been asked and answered some place at the forum I apologize and ask kindly that someone point me to that thread. I am new to the forum btw so I apologize in advance. My question is regarding the jet engine sound effects in FSX. I am primarily using the PMDG 737 aircraft, which does have a more realistic engine sound than the default FSX aircraft, but I can't help but think there is something missing. I found 2 random videos on youtube which are not mine and which I take no credit for, I just want to ask you to watch them and compare the sound, the first video is FSX, the second is real aircraft: 1. - FSX: 2. - Real aircraft: My question is: is there a way (addon/setting tweak/whatever) to make the sound in FSX sound more like jet engines sound in real life at a distance? I am talking about the wavy-ish whistling/whining/change in pitch mixed with general sound warping (caused by aerodynamics?) that you can clearly hear aircraft make in real life like in the second video. That is something that's missing in FSX, and I would really like to fix that. The sound on the PMDG while in virtual cockpit view (or any other in/around the aircraft view for that matter) is pretty realistic, but when using the "fly by" camera like the one you can see being used in the first video, the sound is really dull and not very realistic. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any replies.