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Found 78 results

  1. Good morning, Steering: I think the 35 is great, only thing is finding a way to map the Steer button to a button on my Alfa Yoke. Sound: there is a loud tone sound that stays on all the time in the cockpit, that is quite annoying. If you go to the external view it stops. The only way I can find a way to stop it is turn on Head set option in sound settings. Is this going to be stopped in an update? Guidance would be greatly appreciated J26
  2. Hello all. I've been having an issue with my AIG Traffic injected by the Traffic Controller program that's related to cockpit and external view audio. In the cockpit, I'm getting what sounds like engine startup and other ambient sound effects. The issue, is that's it's too loud to the point that I've got to turn the Other Aircraft volume slider down to 10%. It's the only way to make it tolerable. Some workarounds I've seen on the forms and elsewhere is to turn on Headphone Simulation. For exterior sounds – when switching from cockpit to outside – I'll get a sudden jump in volume and then no sound from aircraft taxiing or at the gates around me. Haven't seen a fix for that one... Anyways, all feedback and suggestions are appreciated in advance!
  3. Please forgive me while I try to explain the situation as best as I can. I'm not hearing the unique/authentic engine sounds that the 737NGX offer. All I'm getting are the default FSX engine sounds. Whether I'm in the VC or an outside view, the engine sound and volume is the same. There is not a difference in the type of sound. The engine sounds worked originally when I first installed PMDG, but put it away for a while and have recently started flying again. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling PMDG with no success. I've searched all over the web and couldn't find anything related to exactly this. I've found bug posts with FSX with a solution of pressing 'Q' twice to turn off/on the FSX sound but that doesn't apply to me. I miss hearing the authentic sound of the engines. Can someone please help? Running FSX SP2 on Windows 10 x64. Thank you! Justin
  4. Hello all, I'm one of the later migrants from Windows 7 to 10 and dragging FS9 to the next gen with my new computer. As seen in this video, I am having some really annoying audio mix. I'm trying to find a solution but have yet to find one, has anyone got a fix or a link on how to fix this? *******CAUTION*********** The audio in the attachment is loud to showcase the issue, sorry headphone users. :) Thanks, -Mike
  5. Hello folks, it drives me to dispair: I bought a new PC with Windows 10 Home, installed all necessary drivers and of course Prepar3D v3.4 with addons, aircraft included (PMDG 737NGX, 777, 747 QOTS II, Aerosoft Airbus A318-320), of course FS2Crew for B737, B777 and Airbus. From the beginning my sound in FS2Crew ist mixed up most of the time (left is right and right is left, not only FS2Crew but also the 737 sounds) and ONLY with the 737, seldom it has the right sides, very seldom sound sides change in flight. No matter if I use stereo 2 CH or surround 7.1 CH. I've excluded all possibilities that came into my mind to handle that error, found some answers in several forums that didn't help me. No problems with other programs/games. Does/did anyone of you have the same problem and can help me out? Is there a logfile that can help? It's very annoying if the checks come from the left ear and the checks (e.g. oxygen) com from the wrong side. My measures up to now: - Newest versions of aircraft, FS2Crew, sound drivers - FS2Crew, P3D and PMDG set to Sennheiser headset - Headphone out/in USB before starting P3D (helped one time) - Uninstall/Reinstall of PMDG and FS2Crew I hope, anyone of you has an answer. And btw: yes, UAC is off, FS2Crew Configurator started in Admin Mode anyway, P3D installed outside of "Programs", i. e. C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v3. My specs: Intel i7-6850K @3,6 GHz (OC 4.2 GHz), ASUS Rampage V Extreme, 32GB DDR4-RAM, Windows 10 Home 64bit, 2 x nVidia Geforce GTX 1080Ti 11GB SLI, Samsung SSD 960 Pro 1TB, Sennheiser PC 363D Headset Greetings, Andreas
  6. Not sure what it is but when MCE launches...I get this buzzing in my ear that doesn't go away. Constant and irritating lol. Any ideas. Using Logitech G930 headphones. Only in MCE. Just noticed when I hut down, p3dv3 crashed. I got this in the event viewer and not sure has anything to do with it? EventData as_audio.exe 1.0.6197.28207 58586fe1 KERNELBASE.dll 10.0.14393.479 58256d37 e0434352 000da832 534 01d271b33d14c8b9 E:\P3dV3\as_srv\as_audio.exe C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll 93436ad0-f31f-4792-8961-9cc8fd2a3fe6 Thanks, Great program!! Bob M
  7. TLDR: After sorting some hardware issues (new motherboard and CPU), I have lost all aircraft sounds, both internal and external. ATC sounds still work. Has a configuration file changed in some way perhaps? What should I check? I’ve read there are issues with Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs which mean it’s better to run them on Win11 (which I’ve yet to upgrade to), but this seems far too specific a problem for that. Here’s the long version, at least some of which is possibly to blame: After ordering and fitting a new motherboard - ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus WiFi D4 – and CPU – Intel Core i5-12400 - (the background to why I needed to is here), I then made the mistake of changing the drive letter of my G drive (HDD) to keep my SSD drive letters concurrent. I’d forgotten that MSFS core files are there (due to originally trialling MSFS in Game Pass, but that’s another old story which I got resolved. Doubt it's relevant). Of course, I couldn’t start MSFS or the other Game Pass-installed games residing on what had been G, so I changed the letter back to G, rebooted and signed out and back in to MS Store to start them properly. All was well until I got into MSFS. The small music clip started as usual (I have music disabled) but I had no menu sounds (no big deal) and no engine or cockpit sounds (e.g. hydraulics), very big deal. Everything else appears ok and the CPU is barely taxed. I used the Repair function for MSFS in Windows settings but that didn’t solve the issue. I don’t think a Windows repair (using the Media Creation Tool method) is likely to change anything. I also don’t think it’s an issue with the new mobo’s sound as sounds appeared fine in both Forza 7 and Forza Horizon 4. I also tried the headphone port instead of the speakers and the problem was the same in MSFS, ATC sounds but no aircraft noise. I’ve looked at the sound settings in the sim and all seems as it was before. I also checked the config files of a couple of aircraft after flying them to see if there was any reference to sounds being “False” rather than “True” but I couldn’t see anything which suggested something had been disabled. I have to assume it’s a main file in the sim which has been affected, but which one and where/how?
  8. Hi all, I have a problem with my 747. When I load flight (with C&D panel state), I can hear default FSX fuel pump sound. I thought it is normal, but as I saw a few videos on YT, I realized it is wrong. I spent all day by searching of solution, but unsuccessfully. I had similiar problem with my 737NGX a years ago, but there helped saving of the default flight (C-172) with battery switched off. I tried to reset default flight (and then set as I wrote), but it didn't help. Default flight and 737ngx is loading correctly, but 747 isn't. Help me, please. I am realy frustrated...:( Thank you in advance for the answers.
  9. Just found it on YouTube. Maybe a alternative for TSS or the default sound set. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1Wxcoqkb8s www.skysongsoundworks.com
  10. With one of the newer patches for FS2CREW for the 777, you added the abilitiy to reset the audio system, incase you lose sound. Are there plans to add this funtionalitiy to the other versions? such as the Dash-8, Airbuses or the NGX (maybe when it goes P3d), as I do sometimes still have the problem of losing my sound for fs2crew with these programs occationally. Thanks
  11. Hello All-the engines' sound is very loud inside the Learjet virtual cockpit, or it could be some other sound which emulates the engines. In P3Dv2 I turn down all of the settings sound control to zero, but the loud engine noise persists in the Lear. The sound is not present when I change to exterior views, only in the virtual cockpit. This is the only aircraft with this problem. Anyone else had this issue? Perhaps I should uninstall and reinstall. Any advice? Thanks.
  12. Great little aircraft. Two questions: Is there any way to eliminate or lower the beacon light motor sound? The torque gauges will go way past the redline during takeoff. I limit them with the power lever but that requires a lot of attention. Is this normal? Thank you, F4sup Roger
  13. Hi there, i just tried the Flight1 Cessna 172R on my FS2004. I follow the described procedures and also looked at some 172R Videos on Youtube, where the fuel pump was clearly audible. But i cannot hear the fuel pump in the Flight1 Cessna 172 (although according to the Instruments, the fuel pump works). Is this a bug on my Installation or is the Sound simply not simulated? I'd like to hear of your experiences. Do YOU hear the fuel pump on this simulated aircraft? Thanks in advance Bodo
  14. Hello All-everything goes great with flight in the Learjet except for a persistent issue. During flight when the autopilot is on, out of curiosity I make the mistake of turning on the radar altimeter and testing it. All of a sudden a tone comes on. I'll turn the altimeter off, but the tone stays on. I start turning all switches on and off, but the tone stays on. It is so irritating that I stop the flight. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  15. Hello everyone, GSX Boarding! Are you tiered hearing the same "Hello", "I'm right next to her", "I'm doing good" over and over again while boarding your flight? I made this little sound which will replace the default GSX boarding sound. Download link is in the video description. Happy flying Download here Please remove if not wanted or allowed :)
  16. Hi I have purchased all the Q400,B777,EHAM and now the Greek Islands and really impressed. Apart from the last one, commentary is garbled, like underwater; enough to disappoint me that I'm not enjoying it. Reinstalled VLC but no difference and Media Player the same; checked sample of Q400/EHAM and you can hear Josh as clear as a bell The difference is very clear. This is why I pay money, because of their quality; hope I am not alone and Airline2Sim can check this for me.... Thanks Gusbow
  17. Hi, I had this for the 2nd time in a week now, with the Q400. At some point during flight, the P3D Sound Subsystem Crashes: The current sound is being played back ad infinitum. The first time I didn't even notice until landing. I can no longer toggle sound on/off any more. I no longer hear switches, nor changes in engine/propeller sound. The checkbox checks and unchecks, but the current sound just keeps playing. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Any tips how I could find out? Thanks, Felix
  18. Hello everyone: I know that some of you have had some interesting problems progressing and getting fixed rather sooner than later. But, I have came to a conclusion that some of you have been having lots of complaints of the PMDG 737-800/900 NGX N1 fan not being there, on not in the correct position. If that is the case, I have a solution that you should read below. Step 1: Select the NGX model that you plan to fly, or currently just want to fly around with; doesn't need to be a specific livery. Step 2: If the N1 fan is missing, or is not in place, just close (X) out of your FSX, Fs2004, FS9 screen, and restart the simulator. Or you could do what I tend to do every now and again; Select that plane, click "Fly now", and make sure that the model has the missing N1 blade fan. If it does so happen to be missing, just hit the button on the keyboard "ESC" and click "End Flight". Once that is done, click "Fly Now" once more and the problem should be fixed. This may happen quite a bit, but there may be some more patches and bug fixes coming out, because of how new these models are.
  19. I am a beginner software developer... And basically I'm trying to make a sound pack for fsx... Now then... To have the working sounds, this would mean that the sounds were constantly playing in FSX while you were flying INSIDE the aircraft. So I basically want a constant sound inside the aircraft. Now I understand this would mean putting it into the sound folder in the flight simulator aircraft, but I am wondering how I would configure Flight Simulator to play these sounds while the aircraft is Flying and the battery is turned on. I understand that it has something to do with the .Cfg Sound file but I'm unsure what exactly I have to do to it... Could someone help? Thanks!
  20. Hello, all. I have recently just got back into the FS life after building a new system, purchasing all the good stuff, PMDG NGX, FSdreamteam sceneries, FlyTampa ect... Got my FSX all tweaked and its running great, no complaints other than the painstaking monotony of installing all the WOAI packs. One thing that is really annoying is just how loud the ai sound files are, they overpower my NGX while im on my takeoff roll, completely unrealistic, is there any way to get rid of the ai sound file, I wish to have no ai sound at all. Any input would be appreciated. Paul Dhanjal CYEG
  21. I'm flying FSX Acceleration. My AI traffic are very quiet. Unless I have my sound sliders turned all the way up they appear to be silent. All my jets use the same generic (737?) sounds which are barely audible and make simple whine and swish sounds, nothing more. This even applies to default aircraft such as the F-18, which appears to have bespoke AI sounds. I've tried copying soundai folders and soundai.cfg to the directory for the aircraft I'm interested in, but it doesn't change anything. For instance, I have AI Vulcans and have copied the sounds from the IRIS Vulcan (renaming the folder and cfg files to add "ai") but it doesn't work. The same is true for AI Hunters and Dave Garwood's Hunter sounds (FGA9).Does anyone know where I'm going wrong, or know of a fix for generic, quiet AI sounds?I've seen some posts where the AI seems to be silent and people have fixed it by reinstalling FSX... which I really want to avoid!I'm also running Traffic X by Just Flight.Many thanks in advanceAndy
  22. Long story short. I've been wondering where do people find high quality real sounds that they use in their FSX videos. Do they just export them from real videos or is there a place somewhere on the 'net where i can find them? Thanks.
  23. I've compared the cockpit sound of the NGX (the WAV-file) to some video clips I have from some 737NG cockpits.One of them where the aircraft is just finished with one flight and preparing for another I find that the sound of the NGX does match.But of the other clip where the aircraft has been shut down for a night stop (video clip included) I find that the sound do not match. Take a look on the video clip and listen Regards Stig HaraldNorway
  24. Hello..I have Windows 10x64. I am trying to get rid of that grainy background noise when you have all the volume turned down in the settings (cockpit envoirment..etc etc etc) and you still have that Horrible sound that you have to tolerate. I have the onboard audio on the motherboard. Would like to have dead silence or at least filter out that background sound. I downloaded a sound equalizer and was going to see if I could filter it out. My problem is everytime I move mouse from p3dv3 to the equalizer. the p3dv3 sound goes off and I can filter or work with it. Is there a way to stop that. Hope you understand what I mean. Got to have the sim sound in order to try and filter out unless someone knows any better. Thanks, Bob M..
  25. Hello All, I encountered some hard disk corruption with my FSX installation which necessitated a re-nstallation of both FSX and the MD-11 software. I have gone as far as editing the registry and deleting all fragments related to both FSX and PMDG software following the normal uninstall process. But several issues linger. If I choose the MD-11 as the default aircraft at startup, all segments of the 2D image open as "locked", This this is easily cleared by right clicking and deselecting the "lock" option. Even after doing so and re-saving the default scenario with the screen segments properly positioned, the issue persists on startup. With the MD-11 selected as the default aircraft, the simulation always opens off-screen and must be manually retrieved. About 75% of the time the PMDG Sound function in the and-ons menu is not displayed, however, the PMDG configuration menu is always displayed. The "normal" and "widescreen" functions in the Load Manager program are grayed out. I can force the program into widescreen by editing the appropriate CFG file. Load Manager displays a grayed-out "normal". or "widescreen" depending on how I have edited the file. Flight Simulator now operates in the widescreen mode for not only the MD-11, but for all aircraft. Finally, I am unable to install liveries either from the option on the CD or from a downloaded file from the website. The procedure seems to complete normally but there are no changes to the aircraft.CFG file in either the passenger or freight folders. Only the four default aircraft are installed. And yes, display all variants is selected. My sense is that there is an issue in some area of configuration I have missed. Inasmuch as I am seeing the same result, or a lack of results in both the MD-11 and MD-11F aircraft.cfg files, I must be missing something else. I have even modified the security rights for both folders giving full access to myself (I already have full administrative rights) and to trusted software installers. I have started fresh three times and am at a loss. If anyone has any ideas I welcome them. It may be a while before I have an opportunity to experiment as I am scheduled for surgery in about a week and may be out of commission for three or four weeks. It may be difficult for me to check back in the forum so you're welcome to send an e-mail to Robert - AT - Sudock dot com. My thanks to everyone and safe landings to all.
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