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Found 57 results

  1. Just recently I stepped over a thread here about Montego Bay by RWY26. Since I don´t have RWY26 Montego Bay and they no longer sell it, I decided to create my own. Starting from FSX version from Art Poole, who gave me permission to use his files, reworked his scenery for Prepar3D. Altitude is set for P3D5, so it may look odd in P3D4 which is slightly lower. AD4 file can be requested, if one want´s to adapt it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fxqG0dbAEJyjRfp0LBYbVLbw5D3RTVDz/view?usp=sharing Regards Dan P.S. Just added the forgotten lights library. Redownload if you did before.
  2. I have installed LFPG v2 T2G with the updates from their site. The light radiation from the lightposts looks really weird to me. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nmjGJk67gflcwgv2ayd7rfx04tAAY8J6/view?usp=sharing Is there something wrong with my settings or installation? I don't have similar issues on any other scenery.
  3. Hey all, so something that is really bothering me with P3D is how my clouds look... They just look really flat & outright bad. I've tried both ASCA clouds & REX clouds, same thing on both. Any way to solve this? Oh, and I inject my weather via P3DWX, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it... Here are two examples of what I mean: (1st screenshot is REX clouds, second is ASCA clouds)
  4. I am trying to get NVIDIA performance overlay to work on my monitor but FPS doesn't show. It is always N/A. Everything else shows properly. I tried advanced as well or basic but FPS are no go. I had before only FPS displayed but that disappeared as well.... LOL. Not even sure why. Not sure if anyone has a tip I can use to fix this. Also it doesn't have to be NVIDIA. I tried overlay from GPU tweak but no go! If anyone else has suggestion I would appreciate...... Thanks
  5. Help me, how to remove the default GPS 3D Knobs above the GTN 650. http://flic.kr/p/2mVd7hg http://flic.kr/p/2mVd7gQ
  6. Hi, Does anyone know on how to enable the helper lines in SODE Placer. The one that would show on how is the VDGS aligned with the taxi lines, stop positions etc… See what I am referring to on the screenshot taken of the VDGS workflow on 12bpilot’s website. I also posted on their support forum to ask about it. As I see nowhere an option to enable or disable them. So I hope that it is still possible to show the helper lines as it would be very helpful especially on the stopping distance for the VDGS.
  7. Hi all, I'm still running on P3D v3 for some reasons and soon I will upgrade my equipment (not too soon). Last night I've downloaded Lionheart creations Zenith Ch701 stol for P3Dv4 and v5 and tried to install it in P3D v3. That was successful except the aiecraft is not visible. Any help on this issue? How to install v4v5 airplane addons into p3dv3? Thank you You can download the plane from Rikooo
  8. Hi guys, So, as many of us are still stuck in lock down or just reduced hours at work I decided to make Kortrijk Airport (EBKT) in ADE. I watched many videos on how to start and got quite far. I have placed taxiways in the most up to date place (as the actual real airport is undergoing some works to add taxiways and new aprons etc.) I also drew the airport with all taxiways and aprons to the best of my knowledge in SketchUP, added textures to the polygons etc. however now I am facing the fact that I have no clue how to position this over the AFCAD file I drew in ADE to ensure they match (edges of taxiways, aprons etc?). So if anyone more knowledgeable would be able to clarify a few things I would highly appreciate it Kind regards, Balint
  9. Departed KBUR northbound - LakeFire looks pretty bad! Lorby's FireFighterX in P3Dv5HF2
  10. not able to use customize airport parking option.. it throws a couatl error.. Traceback (most recent call last): File ".\GSX\editor.py", line 75, in <lambda> File ".\common\criticalsection.py", line 23, in _synchronized File ".\GSX\parkingEditor.py", line 1505, in onSelect AttributeError: 'ParkingEditor' object has no attribute 'assistanceVehicleClasses' {'Airport': 'FIMP', 'User Pos': (-20.433016645452852, 57.679598410004814, 58.5187 m, 2.74065 m, 242.6458830021892)} happens at all airports.. (payware and default).. this feature used to work flawlessly before.. something got corrupted when i was trying to add SODE jetways to FT OMDB.. re-ran fsdt live update, but didnt help.. tried to post in fsdt forum.. it kept complaining about not allowing log file attachments.. @virtuali can you pls help? thanks..
  11. I started tinkering with V5 to get a better idea of the simulator. I have been slowly adding apps being careful to test my system parameters following vram usage, core temps and cores utilization. I have the following additions to the original V5 download from LM. I'm not adding any more as I assume sometime in the future an update will require a complete re-install. Orbx They have done an outstanding job with ORBX Central, my compliments to them! I purchased several add on airports over the last couple of months when they were on sale figuring they might be unusable with V5. Not true at all. Once you have V5 installed ORBX Central gives the option of installing the stuff you own in either V4 or V5. Could not be easier. I did install the scenery for V5 inside the V5 simulator. All my V4 stuff is in my library outside V4. For V5 Base Pack, Trees HD,Open LC North America, Updated the V5 Libraries General Aviation Airplanes A2A Bonanza, A2A Cessna 182, A2A Piper Comanche 250, all with Flight 1 GTN 750 installed in the cockpit. Performance is excellent. With sliders one unit shy of full right V5 looks excellent. Much better to me than V4. GPU memory hovers around 4.0/6.6 no issues, no stuttering or flashing or popping scenery with default large airports. Utils Availasoft EFB V5, Active Sky V5, Active Sky Cloud Art V5, FSUIPC V5,EZCA v3, Flight1 GTN 750s. Tube Liner - Fly The Maddog X I can fly the Maddox X with sliders more to normal because I don't care what ground detail looks like at FL400. 🙂 GPU memory hovers around 5.0/6.6 with default large airports like KFSO. Will add KORD V2 and give it a go. I manage the simulator by keeping the processor (I9 9900KF) Vcore<1.3, 8 core temps below 70C each, via programmed fan speeds and core utilization evenly distributed with a Nvidia Control panel option. Hyper threading turned off. System Core i9 990KF (4.6 with Turbo Boost), 32 GB Memory, ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 6, Geforce RTX 2080 Super (8GB), and 30HZ 4K Monitor No crashes yet. I do not overclocked the processor, no messing with shaders, no tinkering with V5 Config files outside the simulator. Have fun! Bob
  12. https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=70166
  13. Hi all, I am glad LM has decided to go with DX12 - this time they are really planning for the next 2 years ahead. After slewing around the new default freebie Orbx airport in the jet....my mind got blown away with TrueSky and the performance of the sim. My settings are slightly pushed ahead from P3Dv45HF3 but this is truly evolution of the sim. I can not go back; sure there might be some app here and there, I have 2 sims on the computer. Looks like they added some new mesh to this new sim; the install size of v5 is 45gb vs 26gb of P3Dv4.5 approx. Finally my card acted in Super mode (RTX 2070) that is - my VRam did not even go over 5gb, but with the new windows 2020 update - it should free up 1gb (that will make it back to how it is with p3dv4.5) - we gotta blame Windows 10 lol. By next year when v5.2 is out and newer cards are out - we will start seeing 16gb/24gb video cards anyway. Progress happens, The sim is so so so slick and smooth. Thanks LM. PS - Orbx global+openLC NA - OMG!!!
  14. Any suggestions for a good and compatible float plane for P3d v5? I'm looking for something along the lines of a Harbour Air turbo beaver.
  15. I came back to the hobby at the exact time P3D was up to 5.1 and MSFS came out. I did buy both. Having already splurged for the equipment, what's another couple hundred bucks? P3D feels familiar, looks great with Orbx World Base, Vector and regional LC, and has the airliners I prefer for short to medium flights. Contrary to predictions 😉 I'm getting more than 10 FPS with my L1101. In fact, I never dreamed of the FPS and smoothness and have not experienced any VRAM issues. I am really liking P3D. The hardest part is learning about the ubiquitous SODE and why P3D and add-ons populate folders all over Hell's half acre and trying to keep Windows Nanny from screwing everything up. But I could not be happier with my Captain Sim L1011, GSX2, and some add-on airports. Just like every other flight sim in history, there are the occasional frustrations. So I want to see "real" PD3v5.1 scenery. If you build it they will buy. But with the Orbx add-ons mentioned (trees, too) even a GA flight from Palermo to Catania really brings back memories of Sicily. It doesn't look shabby at all. even low and slow, and from 37,000 feet... By the way, I know changes are hard on devs, but some seem to be a bit prickly in these uncertain times. I do want to single out SimMarket for its outstanding customer support--they've shown they have my back more than once recently. And while I was irritated to find that an airport advertised as "P3Dv5" said **P3D VERSION 5.1 NOT SUPPORTED** when I went to download it from the dev's site, But today I'm thinking he's just being painfully honest about some minor issues that a lot of third-party airports have. I'm willing to put up with less-than-perfect. For now. But truth in advertising, please. I'm not going to hate on MSFS, either. However, I see them as two completely different aspects of the hobby. For "serious" airliner flying in my particular style, P3D is great right now. (I am not implying MSFS can't be serious or being elitist, just speaking of the way I like things, so please no one feel insulted.) I love to tinker with stuff like config files and GSX mods. (Still waiting on vehicle liveries, FSDreamTeam, and so much for all those AES credits, Aerosoft.) But MSFS is indeed impressive with GA planes, and is quite slick. I find myself firing it up when I just want to have some fun, even going through the instructional sequence and some of the "gamey" features. When I don't feel like planning and executing a flight from EGGW-LEMD, I turn to MSFS for some relaxation. P3Dv5 is like hydrocodone. Gets the job done on a day-to-day basis (or used to before everyone overdosed and died, or so one would be led to believe) while MSFS is like a dilaudid push--that "Oh, wow!" factor. Heh. But devs are having a hard time hitting LM's moving target and EA is still awful. Come on, LM. If you can send a woman to the moon, you can fix the EA. (On second thought, maybe she'll find Elon Musk waiting whenever they get her there, but I digress.) I'm still waiting for things in MSFS, too, though, especially things oriented to older airliners. MSFS is really immersive and creates a sensation of flying a light aircraft, just like I remember. I find myself turning my head when I glance out the left-hand window. The vaunted Bing mapping, however, did not live up to my expectations flying around Southern Illinois. I expected landmarks. (And don't say there are none here.) The controls are hard to get used to, but oh well. It was cool to fly around Manama and find the pier where I spent so much time during Desert Storm, albeit 2D, with an ugly 2D frigate alongside. I would pay good money for a 3D USS Samuel Gompers tied up there. Ah, good times. So, right now I'm sitting pretty in flight simming. P3D feels familiar, and has everything I want (well, weather would be nice). MSFS scratches an itch P3Dv5.1 just doesn't reach. But I don't itch a lot. I'm spending 90% of my time in P3Dv5.1 and using MSFS for a fun change-up. I'm married to P3D. MSFS is an anima projection of the collective flight sim unconscious, to go Jungian. I have spent more than I want to say on P3D and will continue to do so. I haven't bought a single add-on for MSFS, and don't see myself doing so until there are more third-party airliners. So, I'm not buying the argument that there's no money in P3D. No doubt MSFS is selling relatively more add-ons at the moment. Time will tell. Now, here's a lovely Court Line L1011 parked at Luton. GSX2 pax on "insane" setting.
  16. Work in Progress - REX Skyforce P3D BETA. All snips taken in Non-EA Mode. P3Dv5.1HF1, Ryzen 2600, GTX2060 6GB GPU, 32GB RAM.
  17. Hello, I have everywhere such white lines around the trees and around the aircraft aswell. Does anyone have an idea what that could be? https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-5c84c9-1609507623.jpg.html Greetings and a Happy New Year. Jannick
  18. Active Sky (Beta) 7668 and Active Sky Cloud Art (ASCA) 7668 ASCA Settings - 4096 Textures, Full Dynamics Theme. Other Addons DEfault F35, T2G KSEA, ORBX Global and Vector, Chaseplane
  19. Hi there, a few weeks ago I got my p3dv5 license and started flying with FSLABS A320 and see the same problem. I thought it was a problem with fslabs so I tried now with PMDG NGXu 737 and same problem, on external views mostly, there are black blurry textures around the aircraft, I've tried changing the settings to higher and lower specs but nothing happens.. everything is updated has anyone has the same problem? I've tried looking at the forums but couldn't find a solution, https://imgur.com/a/XbfH9gG Thanks
  20. Hello, Ever since installing FS2Crew for the Maddog in V5, the sim hangs on exit (only with the Maddog) and I have to kill it in task manager. It wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that the Maddog saves the panel state/hours/cycles/failures upon exit so it never gets updated now. Appreciate someone looking at this. Thanks, Ben
  21. Hi everyone, Is the latest version of P3dv5 5.024.38474? Is that 5.1? Thank you. Bob
  22. ..Especially when you soar the skies in the most sexy turboprop there is (the Q400 must excuse): Beechcraft KingAir 350i. Milviz rendition is a stock 350 with Collins PL21 glass. But there are buffed up Blackhawk (Xp67a) modified B350 with 25% more horsepower and 50knots faster cruise speed. Let's pray that Milviz makes the sensible choice of releasing an XP67a model 😊 In the meantime, I let's enjoy what we already have
  23. I've chopped and changed between 4.5 and 5.1 the past few weeks, but 5.1 colours and lighting are much better and noticeable when changing between the two. I think EA has great potential with some more tweaks. Those on 5.1 - do you have the same issue as me here? From the PMDG NGXu flight deck the haze/bloom is far greater than when not looking through the window. Not sure if that's a reflection thing or an EA thing, or indeed a PMDG thing? If only the darkness with altitude could be easily remedied! I've tried to no avail to re-create the colours etc in 4.5 using various pre-sets for Tomato Shade and so on and the only reason I do that is some of my airports - including my base EGNT by ORBX - use too much of my available 7.1gb VRAM. Discuss!
  24. Hello All, Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this issue and found a solution: Thought i'd try out Envshade but after installing and updating with patch to when I launch P3D I get the dreaded 'DXGI Device Hung' message at 90% loaded/processing shaders stage. However if I disable HDR in P3D the issue goes away. This is with P3D 5.1 & Gigabyte RX5700 XT graphics. Prior to this I had no problems getting decent performance out of of P3D with all the usual addons. As I have a bit of time on my hands i've tried various things: clean install of video drivers, clean install of P3D, all imaginable combinations of graphics settings, even fiddling with Tdr settings in the registry etc. but to no avail. Not the end of the world just not to bother with Envshade, just annoying me that I can't make it work! 😄(I've checked the envshade forum which is where I picked up on switching off HDR, but otherwise no joy).
  25. Work in Progress. All taken in Non-EA Mode. PMDG B748i, T2G KSEA and FB NZWN. ActiveSky Build 7638 for live Weather, ASCA for Sky Textures and REX SF v5 BETA for Cloud Textures. R5 2600 and RTX2060 6GB GPU - Low to Medium Settings in P3D v5HF1
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