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  1. Hey Jon. You probably found it with Mark's help..., here is an image including the ATC file box location.
  2. There is a page on the Max EFB, and in the MyFleet part of the app, with the option to hide the ground equipment In MyFleet edit an aircraft, then click next. On the General page of the aircraft customization toward the bottom right is the hide ground equip.
  3. I liked city scene Orlando in V4, and didn't have issues with adding t2g mco v2. In V5 I use TE Florida due to city scene not being officially compatible. In the end, each adds to the area in it's own way with city scene being a little less of a hassle with configuration. But it is V4 only officially.
  4. I do remember researching at one point, but do not remember what I found. I would imagine it is more complete than stock p3d, but maybe not as complete as someone who has customized extensively through Edit Voice Pack.
  5. If I'm not mistaken AIG has it's own ATC file. There is a box/selection you need to deselect somewhere in the settings. Just checked. Go to Settings then AIGAIM-OCI untick Use ATC file.
  6. V6 support for some products now live in ORBX Central... orbxdirect listing some products as V6 compatible. I got too fired up, false start I guess!! https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/218833-orbx-central-for-p3dv6/page/3/
  7. Enjoyed a very immersive flight today. Storms in Guangzhou, raining in Shanghai. Passenger satisfaction in PACX dipped pretty low from the rough ride early on... What a great hobby!
  8. I haven't had much time to work on it recently. Tfdi hasn't been any help, but I didn't expect much with their focus on development. Uninstalled making sure no files remained anywhere. Reinstalled with the original tfdi download didn't help. Transferred license to Orbx and tried everything there too..., verify files etc. Edited the fx files to increase brightness of the spot section, but no go. Hope to have more time this coming week. It is a fun aircraft to fly. It would be great to have it be complete. I do appreciate both responses! Thank you. btw, do you have this folder in your install? [Root Sim Folder]\SimObjects\Airplanes\TFDi_Design_717\Nightlighting
  9. Recently picked up the 717 as a warm up to the MD-11. Either I am missing some files from ORBX or the 717 does not emit dynamic light externally. Can someone clarify what it is supposed to have for external lighting? An image of functional lighting would be great also. Thanks! Edit- I'll add that the fx files do contain correct information to produce dyn spot lights. They simply aren't working correctly.
  10. For those who use it, RDShade has been updated to work with P3D 5.4.
  11. I did that and a few other things to troubleshoot prior to posting. But thanks for responding.
  12. I see a texture anomaly with 5.4 and eham v2.1. A user at the FT forum is experiencing the same. https://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36743 Anyone else?
  13. I see close to reality at all the payware airports I own. I experience close to reality during the climb to high altitude in all the payware aircrafts I own. Looking out the window at high altitude I still see close to reality. My immersion is sometimes killed by the inconsistency in terrain in both sims. However, I seem to forgive P3D more easily than MSFS for the issue. I can tolerate the tile repetition more than I can tolerate the color inconsistency I guess. I also struggle with photogrammetry issues in the distance. It just doesn't look right ever to me. You've always been a photo-real enthusiast so it makes complete sense that you've made the change.
  14. Contentment..., why would I buy a 2023 BMW when my 2018 Mercedes Benz provides everything I'm looking for in a driving experience? I've driven the '23 Beemer, and flown MSFS, but getting back in the Mercedes, and flying P3D brings me more than enough satisfaction. Your curiosity is great if it is your real motive. I'm not so sure that explaining the features and benefits of driving the Benz would resonate with you. I would simply offer you a test drive to address your curiosity. Then you can say "Yes, I can see why you like this car" or "no, this car definitely isn't for me, and I can't understand why you like". At that point I'd say cool, and good luck finding what brings you satisfaction.
  15. Software as a Service. Some day I will want to retire Prepar3d, but it may never be a need. My wife will probably threaten me to retire my hobby first!
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