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  1. btw. I never use pause in my captures. These are all switch to outside view and panning the view while the flight is live... In case it matters. 🙂
  2. Here are a couple of shots from today leaving Hong Kong.
  3. Hey Ryan, born and raised in the Twin Cities! I headed south at 50 nearly nine years ago. So much I miss about Minnesota, but Florida helps me keep my sanity as an old fart... I can't say conclusively. However, the more I learn about making V5.1 work with my setup the more enthusiastic I am about the potential. The EA setting is a great starting point if we are able make personal adjustments to shaders, textures, etc down the road. V4.5 was great, but I have now uninstalled it to focus on what I can get from V5. My system is decent but not top-shelf (very similar to yours), 10600k @ 4.9 OC, 1080ti, 32gb ram @3600, all data on nvme, 4k res, 2048, 30hz, framerate locked @ 30. Most settings pretty far right except level of detail, which I run on low but use TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 in my config. I also max the autogen but keep draw distance to medium. With this I have slightly more Vram usage but very sharp looking ground textures near the aircraft and full scenery depiction. Most frames are near 25-30, but when it gets low at say KLGA or KMIA I use FFTF Dynamic while on the ground to bump the frames. Thanks for your inquiry! Stay warm!!!
  4. P3DV5.1... Just random captures. Really enjoying this hobby!!
  5. I'm feeling nostalgic today. At 58 I'm enjoying simming more than ever. 25 plus years of pretend piloting. I'm grateful to so many that have made virtual reality so great. Thank you to all the developers who push the envelop, and those enthusiasts who help repair what gets broken along the way! Enjoy my recent screen captures from the moments that leave me grinning...
  6. I picked up EF on sale. It does have great potential. Once 3rd-party textures are integrated, the texture injection functions as it should, and when the automated lighting and water influence get dialed in better I will use it every flight. Using asp4, Rex TD, and EF in automated mode to create the environment right now just doesn't give me the atmosphere that holds my interest. The daytime cloud lighting and shadows, whether sunlit or overcast, aren't quite right. i'd say they're too grey..., but you've said that already. 🙂 In my opinion the EF mix of cloud sunlit bloom, indirect lit areas, and shadow areas does't have the right contrast or color response. To be fair EF does do a better job of it at dawn and dusk. But midday isn't hitting the mark. At this moment the combo of asp4, asca, envtex, and your PTA all-seasons June profile create a more enjoyable and realistic environmental experience for me. However, I really like the cloud morphing that EF brings. And I also lean toward liking the Rex TD/SC textures better than the asca and envtex ones, but just by a bit. SO, all that being said. Why can't someONE get it right? I guess there still might be hope! BTW, are you doing a July PTA profile Gerard? Not that you need to, June is pretty dialed in. Just curious... Any-who thanks for your contributions sir, hope that helps. ps, sorry, I don't have an answer to your question about EF manual editing in auto mode.
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