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  1. Yes, agreed. Still use it to cover the "almost" for consistency. I can generally use up to 25% traffic without much loss in frames, but this is a rudimentary test in just one scenario. I noticed that VRAM jumped considerably when traffic was added. Although there could be other contributing factors possibly, like the change in the cloud shadow. No Traffic= 32.9 25%= 32.7 50%= 27.7
  2. Regarding the traffic issue... I unticked all of the traffic boxes in the Orbx Vector tool. After that traffic did not seem to be as problematic. Maybe someone else could test that.
  3. Purchased and installed. It is definitely a work in progress. The afcad needs considerable work, gates misaligned and not sized well, hold shorts too far from runway, etc. I get default ground texture bleed through as I slew around, i.e. default snow pops in and out. For $11 for the upgrade it is worth it IF the developer moves quickly to finish his work.
  4. I had this issue. The effects files need to be updated. If you have nzaa or lfbo you can copy, rename and replace the affected files with those if I remember correctly. There is a user post in their forum somewhere that details the workaround. Found the thread. https://forum.flightbeam.net/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=4084&p=23897#p23897
  5. HWinfo also has a separate "gadget" you can download that some seem to like. I've not used it. It can be setup to display only the sensor data you want. HWinfo is great, although it presents an overwhelming amount of data when you may just be interested in a few elements.
  6. Which parameters do you prefer to read real-time? I use GPU-Z in combo with HWinfo64. But those just read, gpu-z is more graphical, HWinfo has great detail of both cpu and gpu. They don't allow any tuning. I have an EVGA gpu so I use precisionX1 to alter voltage, power, fan curve etc...
  7. Further update, removed Digital Design LOWS and ORBX GES the anomaly was still there at the same mild level. Restored the two addons and the anomaly is no longer present. Go figure... Tried minimum to maximum draw distance still nothing. Anyway, hope it helps. My bad, from certain angles distant clouds do still try to appear in front of terrain. It doesn't always cause the terrain to disappear, but it is problematic.
  8. Did a quick test on a client only update. I see this, to a lesser extent, only at LOWS. Everywhere else I quickly tried, LOWI, LSGG, KSBA, KGPI, KBZN are not effected on my system fwiw...
  9. Settings- P3D HDR on, auto exposure on, Brightness=80, Bloom=.07, Saturation=80. My display is set to Movie and calibrated, just as an fyi. What you see with these settings will be different based on your monitor etc...
  10. I use Envshade and would agree that it hasn't matured in V5. However, I've found that I can still create a pretty good scene with the product. The captures below are mostly in and around the dead red moments. The ones with the T7 are in slew mode adjusting the clock for max red moment. No doubt still a bit much, but the road lighting isn't bad. Even with heavy desaturation I get good color reproduction in daylight imho...
  11. I have them both. WFSS is better on all fronts. Accuracy of the layout, location, V5 ready out of the box, fps, SODE, modeling, blends great with ftx global, etc. The only issue I have with it is the afcad, which was average at best. Otherwise it is a far better product. Also a developer I would support ahead of Imaginesim based on my history. I like IS WSSS and KLGA and would encourage purchase of those products. However, support is better pursued through the community than the developer IMHO.
  12. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/39433200/docking-guidance-systems-reference-list-safegate Some info here, though not much US...
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