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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the 1983 and 1988 databases? I can't find them on XP.org anymore and I can't seem to find them
  2. Anybody else notice the inibuilds jetways no longer working in v5? They don't seem too intent on fixing any of the many profiles that are now broken in v5, and they're not super helpful about it. Anybody got something working?
  3. Yes, sorry I know this post is old but I gave up lol. I think I narrowed it down to being the UK2000 EGBB addon. I don't really know why, all the other UK2000 software works perfectly fine in v5, just EGBB drops to 1fps even when flying over at 41000 feet. Though, I will say I still have similar issues even with the scenery disabled. I've disabled ORBX England as well and I'm still having monster issues over this particular little small patch of land. Don't have very much installed in V5 over in this area, has anyone experienced something similar?
  4. Whelp, I figured I'd throw this up here, because I've been back and forth with Majestic on this and there's no resolution, so I wanted to see if anyone else had this issue and a potential resolution. I went and downloaded the newest version from the Justflight website, it shows P3D v4 but the installer has a v5 option. I installed it just fine in v5 when I first started using the new sim, but reinstalled due to some weird behavior. Now, when I try to select the aircraft, it shows "No preview available" and will not load the airplane, it just keeps reloading the default F-35. I've: Installed as an administrator Completely deleted and reinstalled all the MJC files Started from the default scenario every single time Run P3D as an administrator Anybody have any ideas? This is the same install of windows I had the addon working properly in P3D v4 on, so that might be related?
  5. Cross posting this from the P3D forums, because I think I tend to find better support here. I am running an i7-7700k at stock settings: no overclock here. I'm running into an issue flying anywhere near the UK. I have had ORBX England installed, and have just uninstalled it, but still, once it's unpaused, I get 100% CPU usage and 2-3 FPS. When I pause? CPU usage drops through the floor and it goes right to 30 FPS (my limit). I've set a 255 affinity mask which as far as I know is the right one for this CPU. It does seem to use all the cores. There are no crazy settings set... high cloud density, medium LOD, texture set to 1024x1024. These are much lower settings than I had in v4 and the performance is... horrible. Specs: i7-7700K 32GB DDR3 GTX 2070 Super Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? I'm at my wit's end here and I've reloaded this flight about 4 times now. The second I get near EGBB, right as I cross the Scottish border, performance totally tanks. Also for comparison... I was having issues with GPU usage, I have 6.6GB available, and now it's hovering right around 1.8. So it's almost like P3D is rendering like... everything using the CPU.
  6. Question... Are these the same 3 SOPs in the previous product? Or 3 new SOPs, bringing the total to 6 SOPs? I'm pretty reticent to buy the NGXu in the first place because of performance concerns but this just might make me buy it for an early Christmas gift for myself.
  7. Did anyone ever figure out a solution to the taxiway lines with NCA? I actually quite like this scenery and the performance really isn't bad but the taxilines to be honest are pretty much a showstopper. Especially when I'm mostly doing some VFR/short IFR flights around Norcal.
  8. The culprit has been found. When I reinstalled FS2Crew for the Dash 8 it ran a .NET redistributable... which appears to have broken the .NET framework. Other .NET programs would not work either, attempts to remove .NET and reinstall (apparently impossible) were not successful... and it took my whole Windows install with it. Which sucks... but it is not a P4AO issue (although this was the first symptom of a larger problem). Thank you for the quick and responsive support though.
  9. It appears it is a KernelBase.dll error.... I am not sure how to fix it but I think it is a .NET issue.
  10. Hi, Big issue here... all of a sudden the AO has stopped running since earlier today. I don't think I changed anything... it has just seemed to stop working. I deleted everything in the Appdata\Local\Lorby-SI folder but that did not solve things. Also I updated the AO after it stopped working... no luck. It seems to crash at start. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. 500mb VAS footprint? or 500mb install footprint?
  12. Is there no answer to this question...?
  13. Hi all, I had searched for this answer but didn't find it. I am looking in to buying the Tobii 4C eye/head tracker this week, but is Chaseplane compatible? Will TrackIR compatibility cut it? I gather from my research that Tobii uses their own proprietary configuration software with FS/P3D, not sure how exactly it interacts with the sim. Will it work out of the box, or no idea? Thanks!!
  14. Hi all, I was flying a longhaul earlier, stepped away for a bit, and about 5 hours in the sim just closed out. No error message and no Event Viewer log either. I did get a dxdiag in the appdata folder which doesn't seem to point to anything too authoritative, but maybe a failed windows update was the culprit? A bit confusing I think! If anyone could take a look... could this also be a scenery error or something? Having just taken a look at the windows update log though... it looks like Windows decided 2:29 AM was a lovely time to do the updates... and lo and behold it crashed the sim...
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