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  1. Hi All The title says it all really. I am running P3d V4 on a new and pretty high end system I have two airports so far with this problem that I've found, Taxi2Gate VHHH and Rwy26 Montego Bay. So I'm just a couple of hundred yards from touchdown and maybe 2-3 hundred feet altitude and in a micro-second the aircraft slams into the runway. In the case of Montego Bay I do see what looks like a small "wall" of water just before the threshold and it seems to happen when I cross this point. I do have ftx base and vector installed and also UT Live. I was wondering if any of these are contributing to the problem, an afcad or something, (I don't know where to find most addon ones)! Not much of a teche I'm afraid so any thoughts/help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and best regards. Malcolm Hancock
  2. rooster hancock 2003

    log in PMDG

    Hello Chris I'm having the same problem as our friend anbrod1. so what does one do please. Malcolm Hancock
  3. rooster hancock 2003

    PMDG 777 CTD entering GPS data in FMC

    I also get this CTD when pressing LSK for arrival runway. FSX Acceleration fully updated, and latest 777 build. Anyone out there who could have a look at this please, (PMDG). Malcolm Hancock
  4. rooster hancock 2003


    Apparently it's a DX10 thing, lights are fine if you turn it off. Any chance of a fix Carenado? Malcolm Hancock
  5. rooster hancock 2003


    Does anyone else have this problem? I only have the port white wing strobe working not the starboard. Also I notice that there are several minor (small white dot flashes) before a full flash, again the full flash is only functional on the port side. I am using fsx with acceleration and dx10 with paid fixer. Any help/thoughts would be appreciated. Malcolm Hancock
  6. rooster hancock 2003

    Texture help

    All's well, sorted myself. Malcolm Hancock
  7. rooster hancock 2003

    Texture help

    Hi All I have FSX with Acceleration and after doing some tweaking I believe I've lost these three texture files because when I load a flight I get a warning saying these textures have failed to load. Baydefault, Hatch1.bmp and Hatch1_LM. bmp. I've tried a "repair" but with no joy and of course you cannot access texture cab files from the disk these days. I'm not even sure in which bit of FSX they reside. Can anyone out there provide me with these textures please, as I really don't want to do a complete re-install, it would take me forever. Thank you for any help in advance and best regards. Malcolm Hancock
  8. rooster hancock 2003

    Timair repaint please

    Hello Ron. Thank you for your reply. As I mentioned in my first post I'm afraid I don't know how to get pictures from to here. I wish I could if it means it gets the job done. Would you be kind enough to help me Ron? At it's under Cessna 206 obviously and location Montego Bay Jamaica. Best regards Malcolm
  9. rooster hancock 2003

    Timair repaint please

    Bump! Actually just the Carenado Cessna 206 with cargo pod would do. Have just recently flown on this so would REALLY would appreciate this. Thanks again to any responders and best regards. Malcolm
  10. rooster hancock 2003

    Terminal missing

    I get this with FSDT and flightbeam airports when reviewing my landings in action replay mode. Anyone else suffer this or have an answer? Malcolm Hancock
  11. rooster hancock 2003

    New update problem with 777

    Thank you for your replies gentlemen, especially you Kyle as I now know I'm not going crazy after all. I will look forward to the cure when it comes. Malcolm Hancock
  12. rooster hancock 2003

    New update problem with 777

    Hello again. So is no one else seeing this? Could anybody at PMDG come in here to help please. It's a small but very distracting problem since the great update. Thanks again Malcolm Hancock
  13. rooster hancock 2003

    New update problem with 777

  14. rooster hancock 2003

    New update problem with 777

    Just a small point but does anyone else have this problem. Since the update I have the white position light on the starboard trailing edge of the wingtip on all the time, (it's not on the port side). All other aspects of the update works fine for me. Any thoughts and thank you PMDG. Best regards Malcolm Hancock
  15. rooster hancock 2003

    Timair repaint please

    Hello All Is there anyone out there who would consider doing a repaint or two of Tim air, Jamaica. I am looking for a repaint of the Flight1 Islander and/or the Carenado Cessna 206. I guess there are reference photos on but due to senior years I don't know how to put them here. Thank you in advance. Malcolm Hancock