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  1. Recheck the axis assignment for pan for your control column.
  2. The Order Number is the 2nd one mentioned in your purchase email and not the one quoted for correspondence, just below your payment details
  3. Hi Mario Try here: Freeware, but a donation would hurt. Hope this helps and regards
  4. Thank you Gents, it was a fun flight. Never knew the wings could flex that much @ Steve 🙂 Vic, these are my current settings in SF - P3D medium settings, Frame Rate locked at 30 as my monitor is 30Hz, Vsync ON and TB Off. i7 4790K and GTX980 4GB. No AI Traffic running though as I'm still undecided with replacing MT6. Keep well and wish you all a great week
  5. FSDT Honolulu (PHNL) to FlyTampa Sydney (YSSY). SIGWx forecast all along route 😞 Departure Prep Taxi and Departure, Daniel K. Inouye International Airport Cruise, and time for some soup Just as well, the Queen is up to the task Glimmer of hope for better wx for the Arrival Got busy from hereon 🙂 Off the Active, turned off ASP4 and REX SF for this pic. Welcome to Kingsford Smith International Airport
  6. Right here in the Library: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=207076 My 980 is still going strong :-). Due for an upgrade shortly....
  7. Thank you Gents, loving the -8. Regards
  8. And we have all these wonderful developers and re-painters to fulfill our hobby. Thank you and have a great day
  9. Randoms, No PTA/Shader Mods
  10. Hi Have a look at the following by Elaine, aka Poppet, right here on AVSIM: Or video tutorials: Hope this helps and kind regards
  11. First flight - P3D v4.3, ASP4, REX SF SP1, PMDG B748. No shaders or PTA mods. Sunset as we approach AA, SPECI on ATIS Rollout complete, getting off the active
  12. I believe only the Duke and Legacy installers were updated for P3D v4. Kind regards
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