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  1. Tokitaumelie

    Orbx FTX Downloads Paused

    Hi I'm out of answers other than have you manually downloading one of the ORBX addons that's stalling and then installing that via FTX Central. Which sceneries are you having difficulty installing? Regards
  2. Tokitaumelie

    George did Good!

  3. Tokitaumelie

    Orbx FTX Downloads Paused

    Hi Brian I meant the full scenery installers to be manually downloaded and then installed using FTX Central. Also have you tried clearing the Temp folder via FTX Central, Settings: Could you also verify that you have enough HDD-space on your Temp folder (where the ORBX downloads are stored) The path is also accessible via the Settings page in FTX Central If the default location is out of space then you could add a new path that has sufficient space for your downloads Regards
  4. Tokitaumelie

    Orbx FTX Downloads Paused

    Hi Brian Check the tutorial here on AVSIM by Elaine: Am on limited data for internet usage so had these issues whenever I would redownload ORBX files during a reinstall or whenever P3D got updated. Sometimes FTX Central hangs and you need to start over but there is some progress with the latest versions of FTX Central that have the resume/pause functionality. There is a method to backup the core files for reinstalls etc. but I found the best solution that worked for me was to download my purchased sceneries manually and then just use FTX Central to provide updates, where required. If you need to download your sceneries manually, the procedure is as follows: 1. Log in to your ORBX Account; 2. From your product purchases, select the scenery that you want to download; 3. On the scenery page, towards the bottom of the instructions is a "Manual Download: link that you will have to select in order to access the graphic, refer following link: Hope this helps
  5. Tokitaumelie

    P3d 4.3 not installing correctly

    Hi Installing as Administrator? Some pretty extensive tutorials here on AVSIM by Elaine to help with your troubleshoot 🙂 And if updating or using the component installers: Hope this helps Kind regards
  6. Tokitaumelie

    Frustrating Issue - CPU "works less" in game

    Hey Ryan Am on a similar config but getting decent (usable) performance on P3D v4.3. I'm guessing that you are on 4.3, so the usual: 1. Client-only upgrade or full install? 2. Running any tweaks on your cfg, tried deleting/renaming current cfg and starting SIM with a new one? 3. Any particular addon aircraft/scenery or in general @ loss of FPS? 4. Drivers updated for the card? OR have you tried a different one from current? 5, at the hardware level - adequate cooling/reseat the CPU-cooler/ dust etc?
  7. Tokitaumelie

    9 FPS at KJFK in P3D v4.3

    Hi Aaron Still on the same old 4790K and GTX980 (looks like the lifeline has been extended, thanks LM for V4.3), seeing significant improvements for Dynamic Lighting on my setup. I did go the full uninstall and reinstall route for the Sim and all scenery addons at the moment are just P3Dv4 versions. Following pics at FSDT JFK with the PMDG B777, DL enabled, ASP4 and Rex SF. Do have a 30Hz monitor. Not running any AI Traffic at the moment. Hope your issues are resolved soon Kind regards
  8. Tokitaumelie

    QualityWings B787-9 Fictional Freighter

    Outstanding work as usual Brian. Thank you for the repaints. Kind regards
  9. Tokitaumelie

    Terrain loading under P3DV4.2

    I'm guessing LandClass and PhotoReal, as in textures 🙂 Kind regards
  10. Tokitaumelie

    VTOL at Jackson Hole

    Looks deadly Ryan! Kind regards
  11. Tokitaumelie

    Hey Steve... :-)

    Thanks Ryan. Can't do justice to the paint with the screens. I need new hardware, lol!
  12. Thank you Steve Drabek and all the texture artists out there for all that you do. Takes simming to a whole new level. Early morning hop, KBOS (15R) - CYUL (24R). Addons used - ASP4 (Live Weather), Rex SkyForce, Leonardo MaddogX, Chaseplane, Simbrief, Navigraph, ORBX Global/Vector/NA LC, FlyTampa Boston and Montreal. DL Off (my rig can't handle it, haha) PC: i7 4790K/GTX980/16GB DDR3
  13. Tokitaumelie

    GSX not matching up to gate positions

    Hi Neal Most likely afcad conflict. Have you disabled all the mytraffic files for all of your third-party airport addons? If not, locate the BR2_*.bgl (e.g. BR2_KSFO.BGL etc.) in your <install DIR>:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Scenery and change the .bgl extension to OFF. Alternatively, you could create a duplicates directory and then just move the conflicting file there - be aware that some airports may have more than one file in MT6. Once done, run liveupdate for FSDT, reload data configs for the likes of Aivlasoft and check whether your issues have been resolved Hope this helps Kind regards Edit: I think both Litmoose and voske have narrowed in on the same solution 🙂
  14. Tokitaumelie

    Release candidate

    Thank you Steve and saw the release post on FB. Amazing work! Thanks again and kind regards