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  1. Thanks Ron
  2. Need to head down to the tropics for some sun Frank :-) Kind regards
  3. Enjoyed the ride, thank you! Kind regards
  4. P3Dv4

    Nice caps Richard
  5. Prepard3dv4

    +1 @ B744F livery, yes please :-) Kind regards
  6. P3Dv4

    Mods, sorry for continuing this here but just in case others are wondering on outcomes of my Sky Force configuration. Hi Tim @timest I think may have mixed too many addons at the moment, could be why the sun setting is coming up as it is in the captures above. Could you confirm if this following pic is REX Sky Force Sun setting? If not, I'll take it up further on the REX site so as to not continue violating the rules for the Screenshots here. Kind regards
  7. Prepard3dv4

    Outstanding set and amazing livery. Kind regards
  8. P3Dv4

    Hi Tim Thank you and here's the set I have installed in the SIM, was using the REX Engine for weather injection. HDR is on as well. This was the weather report I'm sort of seeing what you mean @ sun, do I need to reinstall the Sun settings? Kind regards
  9. P3Dv4

    Thank you Thank you and having a great time with all these amazing addons
  10. with REX SkyForce (Wx conditions - 1801161600-)
  11. +1 PC12, totally! :-)
  12. P3Dv4

    Thanks Elias for the preset, beautiful set