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  1. Which version of the FSL Airbus are you using? v5.0.1.151 is the latest version.
  2. Hi Alex Just downloaded the installer, just an exe. No accompanying change log 🙂 Will report back after installation
  3. Hi Worth a check: https://www.pcgamer.com/the-windows-10-update-thats-been-trashing-framerates-has-been-fixed/ https://www.pcgamesn.com/microsoft/windows-10-update-pc-performance-fix Hope this helps
  4. Just the installer default, via the executable into v4 root. Sure you can install onto a different location and let it load via the xml. Kind regards
  5. Dear simMarket Customer,at simMarket you can now find an update or new version of your product:TAXI2GATE - PARIS CHARLES DE GAULLE LFPG P3D4-5You will find the link to download this update in your user account -> orders listing -> order number:LFPG - V5&4 UPDATE V2
  6. Hi Sherm Understood and as stated by Gridley, it appears you have covered most of the known solutions to try and resolve it. Be sure to save the library going forward and I note this may not be the most feasible going forward, have you tried restoring (Windows System Restore) to an earlier point before OC started freezing?. Downside is you may need to reinstall other software you may have installed recently. Probably best to wait on ORBX Dev to help out. Hope things work out Kind regards
  7. Hi How exactly did you reinstall all links to ORBX? Was Orbx Central installed and then you linked to your ORBX Library? If not, could you uninstalling and reinstalling OC? Where is your ORBX Library located? Is it outside your P3D Root folder or otherwise?
  8. Hi Tony Customization section ENVDIR, third page (use the arrows on the page to navigate).: With Lens Effect: Without Lens Effect Hope this helps
  9. https://www.tomsguide.com/news/microsoft-just-fixed-windows-10-game-killing-bug-heres-what-you-need-to-know
  10. Possible. Dated but worth a look if you are up to it 🙂 Keep well, kind regards
  11. Hi Welcome to P3D 😉 Any recent updates to Windows? Tried updating GSX via LiveUpdate? SODE registered? Was your 5.1 install a full-installation or was it an upgrade from v4.5 or other? What are your hardware specifications? Kind regards
  12. Hi There were some threads earlier on here about issues with the recent NVidia Drivers, specifically the last two updates causing CTD's for P3D. Try to load an earlier driver up to 461.92 and see if that resolves your issue Hope this helps
  13. Good morning Ron Affirm, None of the MSI Files. Just double-click Setup Prepar3d.exe, and you can install it to C:/P3D (Just create a P3D directory under C if you have no other drives). For now, do not use the MSI files. Keep us posted on your install and let us know if you are able to install the software through to completion. Kind regards
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