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  1. Tokitaumelie

    I feel the need...the need... :-)

    Yeah, never get tired of hearing those tracks even now. Kind regards
  2. Tokitaumelie

    I feel the need...the need... :-)

    Thanks HL Aerosoft F14 and P3D v4.2.
  3. Tokitaumelie

    P4AO Addon Organizer updated to 1.33

    Thank you Oliver for all that you do Kind regards
  4. Tokitaumelie

    FlyTampa's Boston Released!!

    Above from FT Install Documentation Hope this helps Kind regards
  5. Tokitaumelie

    RealAir Legacy Working in v4 Kind regards
  6. Tokitaumelie

    P4AO: How to add legacy scenery

    Thank you Oliver for the tutorial. Saves on those installers for which we have to pay extra for the P3D v4 version. Yes, looking at you Taxi2Gate, JustSim etc. Kind regards
  7. Tokitaumelie

    AA Maddog update....beta released

    Thank you Steve, Brian and all for the amazing repaint. Kind regards
  8. Congratulations and looks awesome
  9. Tokitaumelie

    How to get more out of my CPU?

    Hey Pete No way my 980 is able 4K at any airport right now lol! Edit: Just understood what you meant. Sorry, am a little slow. Anyways, you have a great day!
  10. Tokitaumelie

    How to get more out of my CPU?

    Clem Further to the above, just wanted to clarify that my resolution is 1920 x 1080 (30hz) with mid-level settings for P3D. I'm guessing that given you have a 1080ti, you will be on much higher settings for the Sim. DL is enabled and my frame-rate is locked at 20 with Vsync and TB on. Have a 4K monitor but that is just for other games right now! Hyper-threading is enabled for my CPU. Hope your issues will be resolved Kind regards Following snips are just a summary in comparison to the FSL A320x for which a recently released update had major optimizations included (re snip in above post). Sorry about the snip for the B77F, which does not feature the monitoring software! All taken with ASP4, REX SkyForce, ORBX PAJN, MyTraffic 6 and Chaseplane.
  11. Tokitaumelie

    How to get more out of my CPU?

    Can be improved to some effect but will involve time, testing and (a lot of) patience :-). This is what works for me and I have a low/mid-end PC. If you are having issues, disable/uninstall any legacy addons - you can always add them in later once your configuration is stable; Reset to defaults for your in-Sim P3D settings; If running any variants of P3D v4, for your P3D.config, remove any Affinity Mask settings, if enabled in your config file and add in the P3D Tweaks - from Lockheed Martin User Manual > Learning Centre > Advanced Configuration (you can eliminate the AM setting described here); Load SIM and check various aircraft types with the default settings in place - the goal is to check that the SIM is fluid. If stutters are obvious at default settings, and based on your hardware config, check for updated drivers fro your VGA/MB or rollback to a previous version if available i.e. one at a time to facilitate trouble-shooting and fault-finding; If hardware and default settings are ok, progressively update your addons, if available, as some are bug fixes and/or enhancements/improvements. This is more of a difficult step as we tend to prefer leaving things alone if it ain't broken :-). But it will be your choice, going forward; Progressively adjust in-Sim settings to your preference using various aircraft addons first, then you can progressively introduce other addons such as ActiveSky, REX SkyForce etc. Re-adjust in-SIM settings and make sure that you test system load during both day and night scenarios (P3D Time-Preview functionality is a great help here) The only recommendation that I would have for your system is probably a CPU upgrade - I'm looking at an upgrade within the next few months but current GPU prices is forcing me to be creative with current config i7 4790K stock with Turbo-Boost/GTX980 and 16GB DDR3 RAM (Done the overclocking thing up to a stable 4.7 on air but removed the OC due my location - tropical weather) Hope this helps Kind regards FSL A320 v237 in P3D v4.2 (Full reinstall via Components)
  12. Tokitaumelie

    FSL A320-X for P3Dv4.2 Update now available - v2.0.1.237

    You are welcome Guys. Just completed installation but its late here, so please post your findings. Regards
  13. Available at the Flightsimlabs Forum. Still downloading, so no test report as yet. Kind regards
  14. Tokitaumelie

    WOW! What a Frappin slideshow!!

    +1 David Also try updating your FSDT Addons via the Couatl Updater. Kind regards