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  1. Slayer

    Vsync without triple buffering and fps

    There are always going to be different opinions on what is best. Even though its claimed the sim runs smoother at a lower FPS I can always perceive that lower FPS so I adjust my settings accordingly to try and keep it as close to 60 as possible. Notice the FPS slider goes well beyond 60 in this latest iteration of P3DV4??? Used to be 60 then to unlimited. I think VR has killed the notion that you cant see higher than a certain FPS because that always runs at a much higher FPS or motion sickness happens... FPS is more important if you use TrackIR and VR , if you're using a hat switch for viewing you are less likely to notice shuddering and FPS dips period.
  2. I have it but my FFB yoke isn't installed at the moment. Was working fine in Windows 10. Way better than stock FFB.
  3. Not bad with those settings, is it sub 20's in the VC?
  4. Slayer

    3D grass problem

    If memory serves it's related to HDR.
  5. The proximity to Brussels might be something too? Do you have a scenery for that area?
  6. Slayer

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    Congrats Rob. You deserve it for your seemingly tireless dedication to this community.
  7. Slayer

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    When you have these kinds of problems it is best to disable any weather program and fly with clear skies so there is no question of if it is the aircraft or some crazy interaction...
  8. Slayer

    TFDI 717 how is it?

    Just my 2 cents: They made RealLight and TrueGlass and provided them for free in their flagship product long after it was released. Product updates have still been forthcoming, "frequency" of updates argument aside it's a great aircraft. I don't regret the purchase at all. It really "shines" in P3DV4. I've used their tech support a few times and have had issues addressed in both cases , so no complaint here.
  9. Slayer

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    Same generation upgrades seldom yield any noticeable performance increase, unless you bought bargain basement hardware in the first place. In your situation , not worth it, save for next gen hardware or go have a fun weekend somewhere.
  10. It sounds like a bad pump? rad isn't getting hot because no water flow so all the heat is stuck in the chip. Isn't there a utility that comes with it to show pump speed? Either that or a bad driver update that doesn't properly operate the cooling system.
  11. Slayer

    Resetting Windows10

    Lots of parts of the program are contained in folders outside the program install (IE users and programdata appdata) as well as the registry settings so it would require a full reinstall
  12. Slayer

    Is this shimmer normal

    ORBX library objects and many other payware developers products exhibit this....been an annoyance for years dating back to FSX. Yes you can steamroll the problem with these objects by cranking AA, but I just wish developers would acknowledge it and try to correct it. In tests I have done , default P3D objects will not exhibit the shimmering so it has to be either something with mipmaps or textures. It is almost always on smaller objects like flagpoles, lights, fences and anything thin with a metallic or reflective surface that at a far distance will resolve down to white pixels. Also different camera views have different view settings that will cause this in external views as the focus is supposed to be on the aircraft at high detail and anything beyond that is given less graphics quality. I have seen several aircraft developers using the wrong camera definitions and I have seen the old version of EZdok using these camera settings that heighten the problem in a tradeoff for increased FPS. Good luck. If you approach anyone via support channels you always get told it's your video drivers or your settings which is total BS as I have seen this over 4 different computers 5 generations of video cards, FSX to P3D V4 and 4 operating systems .....god forbid it could be THEIR Edit if you are REALLY thinking I am full of it a simple search on google or youtube will show several 3D modeling videos of this same problem , it is by no means limited to FSX/P3D but it can be corrected with proper texturing and modeling. Rant off...
  13. Slayer

    Moon size still too large Maybe it is correct depending on ones perspective.
  14. Slayer

    Yet another when airline passengers go wild

    I like how you guys jump on "alcohol" when it was never stated as a cause and only the OP implied it's use...Look b4 leap
  15. Slayer

    Countering the Shimmering

    FXAA has very little impact on performance but the downside is it kind of blurs everything together.