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  1. Did you try removing the hgs add-on and see if it crashes wirh AI ship traffic? maybe the 2 conflict or overlap eachother or the hgs one is using fs2004 models..
  2. I don't fully agree with your statements regarding X-plane Strangely you left out P3D(EULA arguments aside) and combat sims like DCS, ROF and IL-2 Dovetail is a bit late to the game but they are making progress and IMO it looks good, but few developers are biting on DFS - which is death in the long term of survival of that product. The same could be said of DCS but there is no combat sim to match ED's fidelity , period. 1C gets it and they are always pushing content for their platform. 1C, ED have implemented VR and LM partially on P3D. DFS is very lacking in hardware support, which is a strike against them. P3D and DFS will always be compared because of their lineage, restrictions aside. LM is winning that battle , regardless of distinctions between game/sim.
  3. How can you fight fires full up on bread and wine lol ;)
  4. Who cares what it's called pick the one that tickles your fancy and go with it. Not everyone wants a hardcore sim or a game and I think that's why FSX was so successful because it was both. Does it really matter if you enjoy it?
  5. For Orbx you're going to want to go ahead and transfer your licenses over to FTX central and use that program to install scenery. Flytampa , download new installers. Can't speak to UK 2000 as I don't have any of their products.
  6. Yup locked frames also has the drawback of microstutters and input lag. Tripple buffering is supposed to help solve that. I'm not saying never use unlimited. Just if you do choose to go that route it is important to keep your sliders in check, even if you are getting decent FPS. It is possible to have decent FPS and blurries because the rendering engine doesn't simply wait or lockup while waiting for textures to load it continues on. That's where all the confusion comes from because frame rate is not low so it is assumed to be a setting or tweak to get rid of blurries.
  7. Your system is overloaded resulting is slow loading textures. It doesn't matter how new your PC is and there is no magic CPU affinity settings or tweaks that will fix it. Throwing 4k into the mix puts even more load on your system. People's understanding of " I look at the CPU graph and it's not 100%" is flawed , an overloaded system will often exhibit lower CPU usage because it only takes overloading one piece of the render chain to bring the whole mess down. One bottleneck will result in the rest of the cores not having a load because they are waiting on the bottlenecked portion for data thus less CPU usage is shown in that graph. The only fix is lower settings and or lock frame rates. The reason it looks better with locked frames it because you are putting less priority on FPS vs quality and it can fully render the texture before moving on to the next frame. That is also why "pausing" will let the rendering engine catch up then the textures will become crisp. It's been this way since FSX with users endlessly seeking the next tweak while running at unlimited FPS.
  8. • Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709 - Error 0x80070002 here. It won't update, tried all the google fixes. Meh nothing in there that affects gaming really anyways and don't feel like a reformat so I'll stick with what I got.
  9. Are you meaning ASP4 or ASN because ASN won't work in V4.
  10. Seems like he's referencing the HPET setting thats available in many mfr's BIOS. I wouldn't attribute that to one board mfr. as many have that setting.
  11. ROG Strix X299 gaming chugging happily along at 5.1 Ghz no hiccups with 777 or 737 to report here.(P3Dv4.1)
  12. Now that you are using the pagefile I suggest that the stuttering may be a result of swapping out memory to the pagefile. Might need to go up to 32 GB. Just a guess.
  13. Strange you should get an OOM in 64 bit. Have you disabled the windows swapfile or made it really small? Do you have other programs or addons running which are 32 bit? Because as you are by now aware each 32 bit program will be run independently and be able to access it's own 4GB address space. If you had P3D running Those could potentially try to allocate more memory than you have remaining. Also another potential problem is that with some ways of programming ( even in 64 bit) a program could try to allocate a contiguous block of memory - that means it needs an uninterrupted block of memory that isn't scattered all over. (memory fragmentation) If it can't get the requested block of memory, it will trigger an OOM. Maybe with such a large texture settings it could trigger an OOM? It would help if you can use the snipping tool and post the exact error that pops up. Also maybe pull up event viewer and find the error on there and give details from that.
  14. Running a 7740x comfortably here @ 5.0Ghz. To be honest I think you'll find maybe a frame or two of difference between these chips in V4. Hardly worth losing sleep over. For me the choice was one of being able to replace it and go to a higher end processor later. I don't think you could go wrong any way you go. For the minimal price diff I'd go with an 8700k if your going with a mainstream board...
  15. Looks like they are finally fixing the memory allocation bug in DX9 that has been present since Windows 7. This may be a small boon to FSX users who still use DX9. Wonder how many unexplained OOM's reported here since Windows 7 have been due to this.