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  1. I can't believe that. Whether you want it or not P3D is putting items in your C: drive. Specifically in ProgramData and Users directory , not to mention your registry. X-Plane will be fine on any drive or moving the folder where you want but P3D/FSX
  2. Flight1 King Air B200 v2 G1000 weird FPS drop

    Could be because your switching between a textual page that requires next to no GPU/CPU to rendering a 2D moving map that requires continuous update to be accurate. Other addon vendors have settings to reduce update rate on these kinds of displays like PMDG 737 and Majestic Q400 for this reason. To be clear it's not because of increased GPU or CPU usage but the syncing of the framerates of the display.
  3. Did you delete the scenery entries within the scenery.cfg after deleting the folders (IE start sim and remove them or edit the file and remove the entries) before trying to reinstall? in youre first posts of your doc you didn't mention anything about that.
  4. "Shimmering" of ground lights and water

    If you have a virgin simulator do you guys see these problems? In my case a little bit but after installing ORBX stuff it gets waaaaaay worse. I'm not picking on ORBX, I have a lot of their products and it is easy to pick out. I suspect somewher that it doesn't adhere to the SDK but is good enough for both FSX and P3D....just my opinion. I have also tried the ORBX tool that lets you increase the size of lights etc but don't like seeing balloons for city lights. The heart of the issue I think is what happens to that pinpoint of light when it gets down to 1 or 4 pixels in size, that's where the flicker is.
  5. "Shimmering" of ground lights and water

    Turning off HDR will "fix" it but not really an acceptable solution. I love Orbx but there is something not quite right with their textures that cause shimmering.
  6. Prepar3d V4 Blurry Textures

    Running unlimited FPS can also cause blurries as you are placing more emphasis on framerates over texture loading. Slowing things down a bit can help as long as your system can maintain it. V4 I believe defaults to unlimited FPS where on older versions it was set for 20.
  7. Apparently their server certificate expired so the program is blocked. Someone forgot to pay the bill and should get fired for such a stupid oversight. If you are going to implement a draconian system like that then someone better be darn sure it's taken care of. Makes me wonder if then can force obsolescence like apple and start randomly breaking devices so you need to buy the next newest one....or someone sues them and they decide to pull the rug out under everyone...boom hundreds of thousands of people stuck with a $450.00 paperweight. Who cares that you actually purchased the device and should be able to use it, cloud computing or not. Fix: Disable windows automatic time update and set your clock back a few days and restart the oculus service til they pay their bill....
  8. TrackIR Center View question

    Isn't there a center in EZdok to return you to the center point of the view you set up? Maybe try that instead of the TIR center command as they are different points. I believe TIR uses what camera definitons that are in the aircraft.cfg. Seems like there was a program you had to run for Ezdok that fixed the aircraft.cfg so it would use the ezdok had to run it every time you installed new aircraft so that it would add the proper entries or you get weirdness like this.
  9. FlightBeam KPHX v2.0 Released

    I realize there is a dam there but down from it just a texture , no "salt river" , Wheres the canal?
  10. FlightBeam KPHX v2.0 Released

    updated for V4 yet the river is still missing, just some ugly texture with no water :/
  11. There hasn't been a real full screen mode since (I think) V1.4. It is all windowed mode, or windowed mode borderless. There is no difference except the border, so that utility is useless for P3D.
  12. Did you try removing the hgs add-on and see if it crashes wirh AI ship traffic? maybe the 2 conflict or overlap eachother or the hgs one is using fs2004 models..
  13. the sim - game dichotomy

    I don't fully agree with your statements regarding X-plane Strangely you left out P3D(EULA arguments aside) and combat sims like DCS, ROF and IL-2 Dovetail is a bit late to the game but they are making progress and IMO it looks good, but few developers are biting on DFS - which is death in the long term of survival of that product. The same could be said of DCS but there is no combat sim to match ED's fidelity , period. 1C gets it and they are always pushing content for their platform. 1C, ED have implemented VR and LM partially on P3D. DFS is very lacking in hardware support, which is a strike against them. P3D and DFS will always be compared because of their lineage, restrictions aside. LM is winning that battle , regardless of distinctions between game/sim.
  14. How can you fight fires full up on bread and wine lol ;)
  15. the sim - game dichotomy

    Who cares what it's called pick the one that tickles your fancy and go with it. Not everyone wants a hardcore sim or a game and I think that's why FSX was so successful because it was both. Does it really matter if you enjoy it?