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  1. Hello, In my case i usally disconnect A/T once established on approach onmy TCA throttle set up the outer red buttons on outer throttle handles work to disengage A/T I also disable A/Pilot in ny case as prefer manual landings. Thanks for your message on the subject much appreciated. BR Charlie
  2. Yes I agree awesome is correct thanks again my best wishes charlie
  3. Thank you so much for procedure recommendations, I don’t know why but I thought hiring TOGA buttons enabled throttle movement to take off power. I will do as you advise thanks again charlie
  4. Hello All, On the AT Subject re the Longitude does the TOGA function work?, on runway I advance manully throtles to approx 50% and try to enable TOGA but nothing happens?. Any help much appreciated Charlie McEwan
  5. Hello, Can any one clarify how I get back to the user config files only as you may know many suggested temp fix when update /or 5 was released for example to adjust parameters such as "FilmGrain"/Raytracing etc how do I find this afain to revert to default or standard now UD 6 up and running? Any help appreciated KR Charlie
  6. Hello, issues I have with P149 only left hand pilot shows in external view. cannot change comm frequency jumps back to 235.5 Radio compass needle rotates constantly. Atc Text in some panel text only available no voice Start only possible with my Honeycombe Alpha yoke mag rotary switch that’s it so far, Nav frequency adjust OK have to Chloe out VOR Nav flight BR Charlie McEwan
  7. Hello All, Cab any one clarify why I see in my community folder in these cases Ants Tiger Moth_CVT_ Could not read the manifest.json file, I also have a similar entry for the free shipping DOWNLOAD GAIST_MSFS_V1_CVT_ Could not read the manifest.json file, are these files important what is the purpose and is it detrimental when these programmes are enabled in the MSFS add on linker Any Help Much Appreciated Best Regards Charlie
  8. Thanks very much for the reply, I will try applying your comments next I log in to MSFS very helpful and much appreciated. Best Regards Charlie
  9. Cannot open the doors any help v 0.5.9 has any one had this issue I can unlock door but large door handle will not move despite hand cursor also click spots in cockpit do not work?
  10. Hello, FltPlan.com as a tool will it recognize UK located airports
  11. Many Thanks for clarification.
  12. Hello, Can someone please advise on the following, I have the above product activated in my C47 Sky-train (Manfred Jhans) /DC in P3D v4.5, I have a subscription with Nvigraph also and from time use this to create flt plans, although I may save a flt plan it never is available in the GNS when ever I am using it in the aircraft , I get a message no FPL found, the Flt Plans generated by Navigraph are PLN files is this the reason the GNS is not seeing the saved flt plans?. Can you also advise where I should save a flt plan ie name /location maybe that is my problem and should the reality GNS be listed in the menu in Navigraph FMS Data manager for it to function correctly? In the A/C I have selected the GNS 530, this is a pop up only, I assume it cannot be incorporated in to the VC Instrument panel ALSO AVAILABLE are GPS400/GNC 420/GNS430/GPS500 My Order No 1507595 Best Regards Charlie McEwan INTEL (R) Core (TM) i7-8700K CPU@3.70 GHz Installed Memory 32GB NVIDIA GTX 1070Ti / Win 10 home
  13. Hi Slayer The Link above took me to repaint forume post by krazycolin on the post was a link hwerewith https://milviz.com/Online_products/Liveries/MV_737_Livery_Pack_1.zip, i have downloaded the link but cannot get it to appear of installation in P3D Vehicle menu? Heres a copy of what I have posted on Milviz forum are you able to help at all? HelloThank you for the download link, can you assist me the livery I chose BRITANNIA is not appearing in the P3D Vehicle list?I downloaded the livery pack extracted all and run it choose P3D, I copied the BRITANNIA texture file and put it in local disk-Prepar3D-Sim Objects-Airplanes-MV Boeing 737-200, I copied the file out of the britannia _aircraft.cfg[fltsim.n]title=Milviz B737-200 Britanniasim=737-200model=combipanel=s177sound=texture=britanniakb_checklists=Milviz_B732_checkkb_reference=Milviz_B732_refatc_id=GAWSYatc_airline=Boeingatc_flight_number=327ui_manufacturer="Boeing"ui_type="737-200"ui_variation="Britannia"ui_typerole="Combi"ui_createdby="Milvizgravel_kit=falseand pasted it to the aircraft.cfg file in the MVBoeing 737-200 folder and editing the entry as the next paint scheme ie fltsim.n to fltsim.6 the next sequential No , however after saveing and restart it still is not in the list of vehicles in P3D only the default MILVIZ A/C appear.Any Help much appreciated I am P3DV4.5 WIN 10HOME 64BIT
  14. Oh Thanks, it means a lot I used to work for Britannia Airways and the repaint in question Reg G-A WSY I flew on many times. Best Regards Charlie
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