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  1. Hello All or any one on line, Having a senior moment!, forget how to enable chocks /ground power etc etc on Carenado /Alabeo A/C thought it was shift 3 or similar? Thanks Charlie
  2. Hi Frasyk, It's good you are in contact with Bert, he is just simply the Best in these type issues, you could not be in better hands, I hope Bert (I am sure he will) can resolve this for you, Bert helped me a great deal on similar matters. Kind Regards Charlie
  3. OK Thank you ALL, for the clarification very much appreciated. Advice well received and understood. Best Regards Charlie McEwan
  4. Hi Bill, will the F1 GTN work and fit in the VC of the aircraft, can you explain what the RXP GTN is I don't have that, where would I get it, do I need it I have the F1GTN 750 charlie
  5. Hello You will no doubt detect how "new" I am to flt simming, what does RXP signify in the article?, I am thinking of buying the P12 from Carenado but I have no idea if I can use the F1GTN 750 in the virtual Cockpit Instrument panel or how to do it, is this known as a mod? The carenado web site for the A/C says the GTN 750 is compatible and will work /intergrate I relly need some help here on how I would do this ie practical steps etc. I really do not want to invest in the A/C if I cannot achieve the options indicated in the product information if I cannot make it happen. Any help much appreciated. Cheers Charlie
  6. Dear All, Charlie McEwan Many Thanks for your advice etc, clearly there must be an error on my part or a bug. Sorry to trouble you all.
  7. I think so yes, I am in VC View on the run way looking out of cockpit window, no other programmes are running, I have the usal fsx tool bar upper top of screen with flights aircraft world options views help, in r/h top of screen I have red text label it says cockpit view: virtual cockpit 0.50 Zoom
  8. I'm used the tutorial document to learn how to programme the FMC it comes from the operations centre documentation for new users like me.
  9. Hello All, It must be a window issue?, each time I use key button commands for example Ctrl + shift + enter key which is the move eye point function nothing happens except I get the hand icon on the screen (not cursor)
  10. I did load the A/C from free flight exactly following the tutorial instructions, I am in Vview but cannot zoom in or out to expose more of the cockpit instruments.
  11. Yes, the zoom function - / = buttons work normally, I am in the tutorial flt situation page at Gatwick runway 8 right to Amsterdam on the runway ready to go but cannot adjust zoom feature so I can see the instruments fully in the cockpit.
  12. Hi Harvester21, What I mean is that I am ready to fly having followed the requirements of Tutorial No 1 provided by PMDG, I am ready to go but the zoom feature is stuck on VC view at 0.50%, when not in tutorial mode /practice the zoom keys work fine (- /+ buttons) with all other FSX SE default A/C / a2a ADD ON a/c & Steam obtained add on A/C?
  13. Hello, Oh Sorry, I am a complete novice and thought posting in General Forum was the thing to do, my apologies. My Name Charlie McEwan (Loughborough UK) To check key assignment do I use the FSX SE menu bar help feature?
  14. Hello Harvester 21, Thanks for reply yes the zoom feature works great in all other aircraft including other A/C in the PMDG variants when not in a tutorial mode.
  15. Hello again ref my message please be advised I am FSX SE Win 10 64 bit platform. Charlie
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