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  1. does anyone have a pfpx profile for the pc24?
  2. Hi any chance I could also please have this mod?
  3. Bert, Can confirm adding the line into the *.ini worked. Thank you. Adding the line enabled the VNAV in utilities to stay active to show TOD etc. Appreciate the help. Regards
  4. Hi Bert yes with your mods. Its been a few approaches in Australia. Namely broome yrbm and essendon Ymen. How do we disable the vnav and what does that do effectively? So if vnav is disabled you can change gps to nav mode instead for both rnav and ils? Ils works fine.
  5. Could someone please kindly explain to me the correct procedure for a RNAV procedure with the PC12 and using the GTN750? I'm having issues were the PC-12 will rise to a higher altitude or not descend when it reaches the top of the G/S instead of descending. I'm setting it up as below: GTN is set as GPS mode. Altitude set to FAF altitude. APP button activated prior to reaching the FAF. Any ideas were I could be going wrong?
  6. Good Morning, is there a way to fix the LOW PROP P warning on engine startup please for the PC-12? I also get the TRQ flashing during flight so unsure if the settings are incorrect. Have the Carenado PC-12 with berts panel, GTN750, and updated to the latest patch. P3DV4.5 Saitek throttles, yoke and rudder pedals Regards Ben
  7. Yes mate. Imports into LNM from pfpx with waypoints fine. Its the export from LNM to the gtn750 it looses them all. Just has departure and arrival airports and locked in the middle. Tried numerous including big and small routes and still the same. Will post a screenshot a bit later when I get home.
  8. Good afternoon, Is it just me or do we now loose all the waypoints when converting from pfpx to Garmin GFP? Since updating this has been occurring when opening up into the GTN750. No waypoints at all however they show in pfpx and little nav map perfectly. It was working great until update. Cheers Ben
  9. Thanks for the reply Bert, https://ibb.co/C11xmLT Believe they look fine? The ils procedure and G/S works great just the RNAV has issues is appears.
  10. I will try it mate. Give me a couple of weeks and see how we go.
  11. Could someone please explain the issue with the Carenado PC12 not picking up Glide Path on RNAV/LPV approach with the GTN750. It appears, reading forums, its a bug, but I don't understand the procedure to fix it. Anyone else using the GTN750 in any plane and had similar issue and how to fix please? Is it still an issue with the newer versions (appears so the way i'm trying). If not what am I potentially doing wrong?
  12. Hi everyone, Noticed there was a shared cockpit program for x-plane. I was wondering if there is one that works for PC012 in P3D V4.4? Cheer
  13. Thanks Bert. have fixed the issue. Stupid me wasn't pressing import once in that menu. Appreciate the help guys! 🙄
  14. Thanks i put one in there of the p3d equivalent lockheed martin/p3d/f1gtn/fpl and it didnt pick up the flight plan. The fpl itself is good.
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