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  1. Good Morning, I would like to change the colour of the altitude and speed readouts in the PC24 as they are green and hard to read. Just wondering if anyone would know how to change it to magenta? Am I looking at the right code here to change in the panel.cfg and if so which coding would I change? gauge01=PC24-APEX!BFD1, 695,9,315,237 gauge02=F1GTN!GTN750, 10,8,682,498,UNIT1.VC gauge03=PC24-APEX!PFD1, 10,512,682,498 gauge04=PC24-APEX!PFD1-CP, 0,0,1,1 gauge05=PC24-APEX!PFD2-CP, 0,0,1,1 gauge06=PC24-APEX!AP-CP, 0,0,1,1 gauge07=PC24-APEX!MFD-CP, 0,0,1,1 gauge08=PC24-APEX!MFD2-CP, 0,0,1,1 gauge09=PC24-APEX!MCP, 0,0,1,1
  2. Good Afternoon, Have the GTN750 installed in the PC24 (P3D). Just wondering if there is a way to resize it so it shows the Direct button on the right as per other planes? It appears it has stretched it a little too far when installed. The direct button on the PC24 doesnt work when using the GTN750. Thanks in advance.
  3. Good Afternoon, Can I please have this explained in simple terms and a possible fix? I have the following setup for export to the GTN750 (gfp file) however when I import it into GTN750 I get Pic 2. I notice the errors in red in Pic 3. This plan was made in PFPX then opened in little nav map. I have been using LVM for some years and worked flawlessly until new update. (apart from a couple of locked way points) https://ibb.co/FnVYzWn (Pic 1) https://ibb.co/4TqdDSR (PIc 2) https://ibb.co/TRZ73fp Pic 3 Thank you
  4. HI, I'm finding trackir works well in MSFS2020. One question.... In P3D when I laid my headset on the desktop (to get up etc) it would reset the camera to the cockpit view. Anyone know if you can do that in MSFS?
  5. Thanks have updated that forum with some questions and further details.
  6. I think your right kenG. You can fly other non jets and it will follow the sid. No reason why this plane shouldnt do the same. I have pm the developer who was testing it but nothing heard back. Would love to know if it does it for someone else.
  7. The screen shot was taken after it had circled 6 to 7 times therefore high and slow. I have tested 5 or 6 more times since then and still get the right hand circling in that spot even when using different speeds and pitch rates. I can safely say its not a speed or pitch issue especially when its in the same spot were it begins the circling. I do notice the blue heading line become present before the right hand circling. However the heading line is 90 degrees to the left.
  8. It is that high and slow because it was circling approximately 6 to 7 times prior to taking the screenshot whilst trying to fix the issue.
  9. Yeah it wont allow that to happen. It seems like it switches to either fms or vor. Wont set to both
  10. Isnt fms in green above the preset? If you change that preset to fms it makes the top one VOR. It follows the sid as per the fms just fine. Happy to be corrected.
  11. Thanks. Yes navigraph is up to date and used. I have done 5 tests now with same route and it does it everytime. Very weird.
  12. Have put it on the milvz forum but no luck yet. Hoping to see if anyone has had the same issue here.
  13. https://pasteboard.co/JcmlAPW.jpg https://pasteboard.co/Jcmmfr5.jpg https://pasteboard.co/Jcmmpzw.jpg
  14. Good Morning, Thought I might try on here to see if anyone has experienced this issue and a possible fix. Good Morning,I have just bought this aircraft so new with it. I'm having an issue were the plane will follow the SID of the flight plan and then early in the flight the plane will then begin to turn right and just circle without going to the next way point. As seen in the pics FMS is set and Auto sequence is on. Can anyone please assist with were I am going wrong as I have tried everything I can to fix the issue. Thank you in advance. The FD is showing it should be turning left back onto the flight path but the aircraft goes right.Have the latest update as I bought it after the update release. Also have the latest AIRAC 2006.I am on p3dv4.5. Leaving ypad rwy 23 on the Bendo2 sid. Follows the sid from the runway around to the left like it should until it gets to that position the begins the right turn and continues it even if i try a DIR to another waypoint further on.
  15. So the order goes from no taxi/landing ligjts off, then taxi on, then taxi+landing on.
  16. Okay some further help if I may because I would love to get this fixed. Here are some images of what I am facing in the cockpit: https://imgur.com/a/3Ruv6F2 I'm not sure were to go once in Model X Converter to access the lights to change? (photo in link)
  17. Thanks I have loaded it up in model x converter but as you, not sure were to go from here. Do we change the position of the lights so they face another way. If anyone has any knowledge or able to fix it please let me know as I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  18. Good Afternoon, I have the PC24 and Im looking at fixing the landing and taxi lights. When turned on they illuminate the cabin quite brightly. Has anyone been able to fix this or point me int he right direction on how it could be done? Thanks in advance
  19. does anyone have a pfpx profile for the pc24?
  20. Hi any chance I could also please have this mod?
  21. Bert, Can confirm adding the line into the *.ini worked. Thank you. Adding the line enabled the VNAV in utilities to stay active to show TOD etc. Appreciate the help. Regards
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