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  1. The FS Labs is an amazing product. Flew it almost exclusively in P3D v3. Now in v4 not anymore however. The frames are so low that it is unflyable for me. Even with all settings on it's lowest. I own the Aerosoft also, but it never really stuck with me. It's a great add on, but somehow I never felt immersed in the Aerosoft A320. That being said, price-quality-wise the Aerosoft might be the better option for you. To me, the immersion is a lot higher in the FS Labs compared to the Aerosoft. That is the biggest advantage that the FS Labs has compared to the Aerosoft. The Aerosoft is cheaper and better performance wise.
  2. I agree that whether you bought it matters for you. But the general point still stands. Pmdg decided to let you pay for an upgrade to version 3, fs2crew does the same for v4. The principle is the same, the moment of charching is the only difference.
  3. You made an account here to post that... (Post count: 1)
  4. I think the screenshots on the site do the aircraft justice. I do think that you should not buy the FSLabs because of the quality of the VC. It is not the distinctive feature of the FSLabs. Both the Aerosoft and the FSLabs have a nice VC. Personally I like the FSLabs VC more, but I think some people could say the same thing about the Aerosoft VC.
  5. While I don't believe the King Air is vapor ware, it better be a damn good add-on. After waiting this long (almost three years since I paid), my level of tolerance has decreased to very low levels. If I recall correctly the last update I got was from almost a year ago.
  6. Feelthere Map is one. But I don't know if it works with P3D. http://secure.simmarket.com/feelthere-map.phtml
  7. The PMDG one does for sure. For the Airbus I have different performance files (from here), so I'm not sure whether the default one has a cost index. Best way to find out is to try. If a cost index is not supported, you are not able to fill it in.
  8. You normally can find this in the airport charts. I use Navigraph/Lido charts for instance, and if there is a preferential runway, it is noted on the AOI charts. For AMS you can also find this information in the publicly availabe charts here (just do a text search for "preferential": http://www.ais-netherlands.nl/aim/2017-03-16-AIRAC/eAIP/html/eAIP/EH-AD-2.EHAM-en-GB.html#eham-ad-2.24 And for LHR: http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/eadbasic/pamslight-C8201463D52725FA24D26E0335BEC1E9/7FE5QZZF3FXUS/EN/AIP/AD/EG_AD_2_EGLL_en_2017-04-27.pdf It depends on the aircraft you are flying and whether the available performance tables enable you to enter a cost index. Otherwise on the Flightplanning tab in the Aircraft category there is a textbox for Cruise. Normally this says LRC or M0.78. But you can als fill in CI85 if you want for use a cost index (or any other number for that matter).
  9. As far as I know PFPX bases the runway purely on the current wind conditions. Meanwhile a lot of airports have preferential runways, that PFPX knows nothing about. That means that sometimes certain runways are used even if there are tailwinds or that PFPX uses the 06L while 06R is the preferential runway. Of course it can also happen that the conditions change between the moment of creating the FPL and the moment of takeoff or landing. So it's always good to also look at the charts of the airport and Flightradar24 to see what runway is or should be in use. As far as I know this also how real world dispatchers do their job (albeit without the FR24 part).
  10. You can use the Navigraph FMS Data Manager for installing navdata in add ons. https://navigraph.com/FmsDataManager.aspx You can use it to scan your PC for availabe add ons and install the correct nav data for those add ons.
  11. The Navigraph AIRAC is to be used with P3D add ons, not with the simulator itself. You can update the navdata of for instance the PMDG airplanes, the FSLABS A320 and PFPX. Navigraph does not update the AIRAC information in P3D itself. For that you can use the Navaid update that @twincessna340a mentioned.
  12. You are correct. European airports will still be covered. What I think he meant was that if you want to simulate European ops, it gets less realistic, as a lot of European carriers use Lido (Lufthansa Group, IAG, Air France/KLM) in stead of Jeppesen. I think Jeppesen has a greater coverage world wide and mostly in North America, but also in places like Norway I believe (because of Wideroe). Which is a plus. The moving map etc. is also a plus for me. I will miss the Lido charts however. I'm used to them and like the overall look and feel of them (like a 3 year old I like colors). But then again, the new Jeppesen charts will be more like Lido charts in that aspect. For now I'll stick with Navigraph.
  13. Well it depends on which thread you quote. Upon release of the 777 they said the following: From here:
  14. I have the same issue. I believe we had contact about it on the FSL support forum.
  15. They probably would sell more copies. But there is no way for us to know whether they would also make a higher profit. You need more information for that, information that is not (always) available to the public.
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