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  1. Farewell FSW

    Official Closure Announcement is here:
  2. Just Flight's C152 released!

    Hi, Does Just Flight's version have accurate model of spins and stalls? Thanks
  3. The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    Are you sure that 64bit is the problem here? Just take a look at this topic from 2008: The title already says a lot: 'Who can run Flight Sim X on MAX graphics? I need your help!!!!' Ten years later, problems are still the same: Ten years later and people still have the same problems. And I am sorry to tell you, but the answers are still the same: 'Upgrade your GPU', 'turn off X', 'turn off Y'.
  4. Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Yes, fair point. i7-8700k, 16 GB Ram, GTX 1080. I am not using MSAA nor SSAA, just pixel density 1.5 with Oculus Tray Tool. But everything else is set almost to the right.
  5. Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Version 4.2 with Oculus Rift in Single-Pass mode is just awesome! Very smooth, almost like DCS. Lag in left eye is gone and I can FINALLY fly Prepar3D in VR with all the settings almost to the right... and in PMDG planes!
  6. Where does Oculus say we should use legacy drivers? I have Oculus Beta 2 with the latest NVidia drivers (GTX 1080) and it works like a charm. Very smooth and no major issues.
  7. Yes, that is true. That is why, for my test, I have installed new motherboard drivers and updated BIOS only. No other changes were made.
  8. Documentation is pretty old, but some time ago have described this 'benchmark process' in this thread:
  9. Is P3D V 4.2 release imminent?

    I can't wait for a bunch of new and exciting SimDirector features that would make everyone to google 'SimDirector' again . But on the serious note - I am really happy that Prepar3D is progressing. Maybe it is slow, but in the end we already got lots of pretty nice improvements (and 64bit!). I wouldn't be suprised if they were already working on Vulcan integration and we would get it at some update without prior notice. The two other major flight sims (DCS, XP11) have scheduled Vulcan for this year, so who knows?... In the mean time... I'm going back to blow up stuff in DCS 2.5 .
  10. The problem is that my old CPU and motherboard is sitting in the box already waiting to be sold. But if I have more time, and I wouldn't find a buyer until then, I would do more tests. But I cannot promise that. In both cases HT was off. No affinity mask. I haven't changed anything in my sim configuration, or OS. I have just replaced new CPU and motherboard, upgraded BIOS and installed drivers. Sure, the program is VfrFlight. I was developping for few years, but couldn't continue. Interface is pretty clunky, but it does its job. Cheers
  11. I agree. Funny thing is that just after I have switched to i7-8700K and have launched Prepar3D for the first time, I had that 'feeling' that everything is smoother and faster. I am glad that I have made that benchmark to prove my 'feeling' wrong :). I guess I just wanted to see better results... Well, there is small improvement, but not worth the money at this time.
  12. Hello, I couldn't resist getting two more cores and I have decided to switch from i7-6700K to i7-8700K. I have made few benchmarks monitoring FPS rate through SimConnect (using my own tool). My specs: before: i7-6700K @ 4.7 GHz, MSI Z170A Tomahawk after: i7-8700K @ 5 GHz, Asus TUF Z370 Pro Gaming 16GB RAM, Gigabyte GTX 1080 WF3, 512 GB SSD + 2TB HDD As you can notice, the i7-8700K clock was running at slightly faster speed (+6%). In VR test I had Oculus Tray tool with pixel density set at 1.5 and Oculus Dash 2.0. Test case: I have flown PMDG 737 on the same route from EPMO to EPWA through WAR at FL150. For each setup I have performed 2 flights - one with regular monitor and another one with Oculus Rift in native VR mode. I have been flying in exactly same, historical weather - 16th January 2018, 11:35 UTC with ASP4 and ASCA. Another addons include: FTX Global, Open LC Europe, Vector, Drzewiecki Warsaw X, Drzewiecki EPWA, FSGlobal Ultimate NG, Envtex + Envshade. My graphical settings were medium with most of the settings slightly to the left, or in the middle. Results (FPS): 1. i7-6700K @ 4.7 GHz (non VR) average: 58.6 median: 57.6 12.875 FPS chart: 2. i7-6700K @ 4.7 GHz (native VR) average: 28.4 median: 23.1 9.149 FPS chart: 3. i7-8700K @ 5 GHz (non VR) average: 62.1 (+6%) median: 64.4 (+12%) 11.082 (-14%) FPS chart: 4. i7-8700K @ 5 GHz (native VR) average: 27.3 (-4%) median: 23.2 (+0.4%) 7.775 (-15%) FPS chart: Conclusion: All six cores where running at 70-80%. GPU at same rate. There is slight FPS gain in non-VR mode, but it could be explained with increased core speed. Suprisingly, there is no boost in VR mode. However, what is worth notice is that standard deviation for i7-8700K is lower for around 2 fps (15%), and median is higher (12%) so it means we have more stable frame rate. I have also noticed less bluries and faster textures and objects loading. I think that additional cores are used to process background tasks that load textures, objects and autogen. And that is confirmed with the quote from LM developer: 'The speed of the primary core will be the determining factor FPS assuming your settings have you CPU-bound. For raw FPS, less cores at a higher clock will yield better results. On the other hand, more cores will improve the speed at which new terrain textures, and autogen data load in.' (link here)
  13. I am sorry, I am not native English speaking person, so I think I have used wrong phrase here. What I meant by describing Austin's attitude toward this ground handling problem is that, that he said he doesn't know where the problem is, but he is open and willing to investigate it. He just needs more data to catch on. That's why he is encouraging everyone, who thinks that there is a problem, to file an official bug report with detailed description.
  14. There is nothing surprising coming from this Q&A, to be honest. 1. LR team will appear on some event in Las Vegas in June. Everyone would be able to test new XP11 VR version there with couple of VR sets provided. 2. Now, they are preparing a new VR version with lots of bugs corrected (including few major visual ones). They call this version VR2. There would be no new performance improvements in that version. There would be a mouse support and you would be able to assign actions to your touch controllers just like for your joystick. 3. About Vulcan - nothing specific so far, Ben said that they are getting closer and closer to transition with every release. They are modifing and rewriting crucial parts of XP code to be Vulcan compatible and it would be easy to switch at some point. 4. Austin have no idea what is wrong with ground handling. He said it could be various of reasons, but if you think there is a bug you should file an official bug report with detailed description of what you do and what you think is wrong etc. 5. They work on the new, improved ATC. They have a breakthrough with using new synthetic speach algorithm. So progress should go faster right now. They have major logic implemented so far, but they need to go back and polish things. 6. Austin is prepering a new turbo jet engine model. 7. Cloud transparency bug - they are aware of where the problem is, but it is not a trivia task to solve it in the near future. 8. They work to improve networking latency. Algorithm would be smarter, trying to guess your location, so you would be able to fly in formation without lags. 9. They like scotch, bourbon and rum ;). I have written those topics out from memory, I am not sure if this is all. I am surprised that Austin didn't mention about his lawsuit case =D.
  15. Some advice on VR

    Tony, if you don't mind trying one another flying sim, check out DCS. Eagle Dynamics did a great job with VR support and it is pretty mature. It gives me the best flying experience from all sims. Immersion is just awesome.