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  1. Yes, we could still use Envshade, PTA or anything like that. It is the same in XP11. Even though we already have PBR included there, we still have XVision, XEnviro etc. that modify shader files.
  2. twojastara

    RTX 2080 installed

    I have switched from GTX 1080 to RTX 2080 ti and I noticed no fps improvement on the same high settings. I have recorded 2 videos using P3D replay and ran it on both cards watching fps. I think that RTX series is an overshoot for Prepar3D for now. However, I have noticed significant fps gain in DCS (no less than 70%) and in XP11 (but for that sim I haven't done any benchmark).
  3. twojastara

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    That is very strange. I've seen multiple different benchmarks and they show around 30% of FPS increase between RTX 2080 ti and GTX 1080 ti. For example here I suppose, that P3D we should have lower FPS gain, because it is more CPU bound.
  4. twojastara

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    Hi, Is here someone who would get RTX 2080 ti in incoming days and wouldn't mind to share the comparison results in P3D v4? Thanks, Lukasz
  5. twojastara

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    After updating to 4.3 I can see difference in performance in VR. Now I can fly PMDG planes with heavy weather in AS and have smooth experience. That wasn't possible in 4.2.
  6. twojastara

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I have found this video on YouTube that shows v4.3 in various configurations. It is in Spanish though.
  7. twojastara

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    "Is it worth it" is always subjective, because the same 500 pounds for you is different value for someone else. You could get maximum performance boost of 30%. And since P3D is still CPU bounded I doubt you would get so high. And in just few months we will have new NVidia card introduced that would probably be at least 30% more efficient than 1080ti and it would make its prices to drop significantly.
  8. twojastara

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    You can create windows symbolic link and move the directory wherever you like.
  9. twojastara

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    I was about to say the same thing :)
  10. twojastara

    Farewell FSW

    Official Closure Announcement is here:
  11. twojastara

    Just Flight's C152 released!

    Hi, Does Just Flight's version have accurate model of spins and stalls? Thanks
  12. twojastara

    The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    Are you sure that 64bit is the problem here? Just take a look at this topic from 2008: The title already says a lot: 'Who can run Flight Sim X on MAX graphics? I need your help!!!!' Ten years later, problems are still the same: Ten years later and people still have the same problems. And I am sorry to tell you, but the answers are still the same: 'Upgrade your GPU', 'turn off X', 'turn off Y'.
  13. twojastara

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Yes, fair point. i7-8700k, 16 GB Ram, GTX 1080. I am not using MSAA nor SSAA, just pixel density 1.5 with Oculus Tray Tool. But everything else is set almost to the right.
  14. twojastara

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Version 4.2 with Oculus Rift in Single-Pass mode is just awesome! Very smooth, almost like DCS. Lag in left eye is gone and I can FINALLY fly Prepar3D in VR with all the settings almost to the right... and in PMDG planes!
  15. Where does Oculus say we should use legacy drivers? I have Oculus Beta 2 with the latest NVidia drivers (GTX 1080) and it works like a charm. Very smooth and no major issues.