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  1. Hi guys. Can I ask do we still need to use FSUIPC for better controls assignments and calibrations for MSFS or in sim options good enough? Not sure if FSUIPC is supported? thanks! swadeep
  2. Wow thanks so much for the replies guys! I am really grateful for everyone's input and really appreciate it. I think I am going to try my old PC first and run MSFS and will upgrade PC when the new GFX Card 4000 series are out. Also, as mentioned in replies, i use simbrief and activesky for p3d and loved it but assume it won't work here in msfs? I loved the wind uplink to pmdg and fslabs. Is it also the case for msfs? and real world weather just use default msfs? i sure am gonna miss pmdg 747 777 and fslabs a3xx too but hey it will come out soon i am sure. 737 will be fine for now. How's Fenix and/pr Flybywire airbus? are they as good? the rest i use gsx, rex (assume default msfs is good enough?), and also ezdok camera for vibrations and camera shake effects when taxi and landing? We can get those with default msfs cams? Heard it's quite good too. and lastly fs2crew was good for me too haha. Thanks so much guys! I look forward to mor einputs if any! Cheers! Swadeep
  3. I do have a pc which i was flying P3D V4.5 but i am thinking of getting new PC and will use this PC elsewhere. Here's the current spec: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (Can't update to Windows 11) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Intel Core i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHZ 16GB Ram Samsung Monitor SAMSUNG LU32R590CWEXXT 31.5" VA 60Hz (Thinking about getting Samsung G9 Neo although not priority, rather spend on PC first and add ons) I am thinking USD 5,000 + -, flexible | Long term investments ready for PMDG 737 747 777 FSLABS A320 etc etc basically what i was flying in P3D V4.5 | Not sure when those will be released! Thanks so much for the info! Apprciate it! Thank you so much! I am going to build new rig for this too! Planning one SSD for Windows and another SSD for Flight sim solely. Recommendations are welcomed! Thank You! Swadeep
  4. Hi guys. Have questions to ask please and appreciate your help. Been out of P3D since 2020 and haven’t flown since. Thinking of coming back now and just move over to MSFS. Was flying all study level aircrafts. 1. How’s the fps on MSFS compared to P3D V4.5? With AIG AI traffic as much as possible. Like to fly with AI traffic and mostly offline. 2. I assume no longer able to do like FS9 where you can set everything to max and 100% AI and still get above 30fps! so what can we expect here? Better than P3D? Assuming smooth performance with decent AI and settings on the high end. 3. What kind of pc specs should we go for to achieve number 2? Thank You!
  5. Hi I've tried adjusted the glideslope ok and seems to be correct now. But now when I make the approach seems like the aircraft is nose diving down a bit. Did i have to change something else too beside just moving the glide slope? Thanks Swadeep
  6. Also if i choose DEP ICAO as LTBA, it seems to give me most of the time turkish airlines and mostly short haul flights. I feel like it's giving the airline of that country mainly and mainly short flights. Thanks Swadeep
  7. Hi i uninstalled and redownloaded the program again on your website but still says 2.8.2 and still same problem. I click RFD and clock fav aricraft and then click dep icao and typed in LTBA press enter then press submit and the error comes up. Problem still there. Thanks Swadeep
  8. Error at line 28 of Procédure globale BoutonOption2et9 process. Random function called. The first bound passed to Random must be less than the second one. ----- Technical information ----- Project : Random Flight Database WL call: Process of 'Procédure globale BoutonOption2et9' (COL_BoutonOptions.BoutonOption2et9), line 28 'Random' function, syntax 2 What happened? The first bound passed to Random must be less than the second one. Error code: 80210 Level: fatal error Dump of the error of 'wd240std64.dll' module ( Debugging information: Fonction (8,37) Additional information: EIT_PILEWL : Procédure globale BoutonOption2et9 (COL_BoutonOptions.BoutonOption2et9), line 28 Procédure globale BOUTONUPDATE (COL_BoutonUpdate.BOUTONUPDATE), line 1275 Clic sur BTN_IMAGE (FEN_NouvelleFenetrev2_0.BTN_IMAGE), line 61 Clic sur IMG_SansNom7 (FEN_Principale.IMG_SansNom7), line 1 EIT_DATEHEURE : 04/02/2020 20:49:20 EIT_TYPE_WDFILE : <7> EIT_IDCODE : <458752> Help Thanks Swadeep
  9. Great Program. But keeps crashing when selecting random flights. Depends on time. I click enabled DEP ICAO and FAV AIRCRAFTS only.. Thanks Swadeep
  10. Yes i found it blurry to see properly too. And when I am done I need to export it as new BGL files and replace the old one right? Sorry I don't know about this a lot. Thanks! I wish there was a fix available. Would be easier! Thanks Swadeep
  11. Thanks. I can drag it myself but question how far should it be from runway side? does it make a difference? Thanks
  12. Thanks for your reply. Yes i was looking around and it must be the gs location only. So when we move is there a way to place exactly as in real life and how far off the runway etc or it's a matter of guessing and as close as possible. Thanks Swadeep
  13. Can you help and guide me please? I got the ade but not sure how to go about it. Would appreciate your help. Thanks. Swadeep
  14. Anyone else for got the fix please? Thanks Swadeep
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