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  1. Hi I've tried adjusted the glideslope ok and seems to be correct now. But now when I make the approach seems like the aircraft is nose diving down a bit. Did i have to change something else too beside just moving the glide slope? Thanks Swadeep
  2. Also if i choose DEP ICAO as LTBA, it seems to give me most of the time turkish airlines and mostly short haul flights. I feel like it's giving the airline of that country mainly and mainly short flights. Thanks Swadeep
  3. Hi i uninstalled and redownloaded the program again on your website but still says 2.8.2 and still same problem. I click RFD and clock fav aricraft and then click dep icao and typed in LTBA press enter then press submit and the error comes up. Problem still there. Thanks Swadeep
  4. Error at line 28 of Procédure globale BoutonOption2et9 process. Random function called. The first bound passed to Random must be less than the second one. ----- Technical information ----- Project : Random Flight Database WL call: Process of 'Procédure globale BoutonOption2et9' (COL_BoutonOptions.BoutonOption2et9), line 28 'Random' function, syntax 2 What happened? The first bound passed to Random must be less than the second one. Error code: 80210 Level: fatal error Dump of the error of 'wd240std64.dll' module ( Debugging information: Fonction (8,37) Additional information: EIT_PILEWL : Procédure globale BoutonOption2et9 (COL_BoutonOptions.BoutonOption2et9), line 28 Procédure globale BOUTONUPDATE (COL_BoutonUpdate.BOUTONUPDATE), line 1275 Clic sur BTN_IMAGE (FEN_NouvelleFenetrev2_0.BTN_IMAGE), line 61 Clic sur IMG_SansNom7 (FEN_Principale.IMG_SansNom7), line 1 EIT_DATEHEURE : 04/02/2020 20:49:20 EIT_TYPE_WDFILE : <7> EIT_IDCODE : <458752> Help Thanks Swadeep
  5. Great Program. But keeps crashing when selecting random flights. Depends on time. I click enabled DEP ICAO and FAV AIRCRAFTS only.. Thanks Swadeep
  6. Yes i found it blurry to see properly too. And when I am done I need to export it as new BGL files and replace the old one right? Sorry I don't know about this a lot. Thanks! I wish there was a fix available. Would be easier! Thanks Swadeep
  7. Thanks. I can drag it myself but question how far should it be from runway side? does it make a difference? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply. Yes i was looking around and it must be the gs location only. So when we move is there a way to place exactly as in real life and how far off the runway etc or it's a matter of guessing and as close as possible. Thanks Swadeep
  9. Can you help and guide me please? I got the ade but not sure how to go about it. Would appreciate your help. Thanks. Swadeep
  10. Anyone else for got the fix please? Thanks Swadeep
  11. Hi there. I'd like to make my flights continuous and like to always depart from the latest airport I fly into. Is there and random flight generator that can generate my next destination? I'd like to make it interesting and fly into randomly generated place. Thanks! Projectfly doesn't really work that well as we're limited to airlines and certain schedules?
  12. Yes I have the same problem. Just reinstalled p3d and scenery few days ago so downloaded new installation file. Today approaching 20R in final and crashed to desktop like you mentioned exactly! Did you manage to find a fix? Any help would be appreciated. cheers. Swadeep
  13. Hi guys, When landing at Runway 29 at VIDP the ILS is placed wrong for Imaginesim VIDP due to displaced threshold. Has anyone got a fix for this please? The ILS is right from beginning of Runway 29 which is used for take off only. Landing area starts way beyond, making runway shorter, but ILS is configured wrong here. Would appreciate your help. Thanks Swadeep
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