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  1. 30K

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    This looks like FSDG renuion. ORBX Vector? Disable manually if needed.
  2. 30K

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    He said IF enabled so that leads to believe that, he uses the detection for debugging purposes. Which his Sim is set to. I know reading is not for everybody.
  3. 30K

    Custom flight dynamic 737ngx

    OK, this is going to happen: You'll be reminded of the rules. (Names and stuff) (most presumably) Kyle will ask for specific evidence Then there are 2 ways this is going: This thread goes 10 pages + and without a single fact or you will end up "solving" your point via their ticket system Number one is most likely but still, everyday wonders happen.
  4. 30K

    Green flashing bar in CDU

    Keep in mind that, even though you disable the "tab key for CDU input option" the green bar can still appear. This happens when you accidentally click the scratchpad. Also, some people are salty and won't tell you why .....
  5. Yeah, my mistake sorry - thought that the here was supposed to be a link.
  6. Link seems dead o.O Nice work btw.
  7. 30K

    PACK SYS fault on power up

    I thought I'm the only one 😄 Then submit a ticket ;).
  8. EXT power is the external power :), well literally, a plug which provides power at 400hz. You normally switch the APU on when boarding starts ( when air condition from the gate, cart or whatever is not available) or a few minutes (7-5) before starting pushback, in this case when the air condition, via gate, cart whatever, is available. The reason, for the first situation, is not the electrical power instead, it's to get the packs running. Oh and regarding normal procedure... Well yes but trust me it's not always available due to several reasons ;).
  9. 30K

    Chase Plane and PMDG

    Yes, I do know why EZdock is the reason for the posts. That's why chase plane is superior to EZdock, as this program does what it's actually supposed to do - move the camera. The ground shake is very nicely done.
  10. 30K

    FS2Crew ceases to respond

    Restarted P3D. I did everything I know but nothing worked while in flight. Restarting the fs2crew crashed the Sim as far as I can remember so no guarantee here. Can't help you here sry.
  11. 30K

    Don't copy, beat them

    And in addition to that: Airspace rules Company regulations (ETOPS airports, preferred ALTN, and so on) Curfews a ton of stuff I can't think of right now Boi EWG, as an example, has a whole team on planning and stuff. I know it because they are based at the airport (and sometimes I grab sum flightplans from them 🙂) Trust me you weren't doing it better than them.
  12. 30K

    Chase Plane and PMDG

    Get chaseplane. EZdock is the reason for dozens of posts here.
  13. 30K

    FS2Crew ceases to respond

    I've had this issue some time ago. All of the sudden the FO stops speaking but does everything you command him to do.
  14. 30K

    No Go FIR's

    What these sides do not tell you are company restrictions. I have access to many original OFPs and I can tell you that they all differ to some extent. Sure no sane one would fly through Syria but Qatar cannot fly trough Emirates FIR ie.