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  1. 30K

    How to see camera on nd display ?

    Yeah I got confused with OPs 3 sentence. 😄
  2. 30K

    No warning audio

    The P3Ds sound engine is utterly retarded for me. I use an AV receiver, so my sound is via HDMI bitstream, but the Realtek HD audio driver is also activated by me. The problem is that P3D is set to default device and that's apparently a no go for the engine. Try setting your audio device in P3D instead of <default device>.
  3. 30K

    How to see camera on nd display ?

    .. While 1 is optional.
  4. 30K

    Recall modify

    source plz o.o
  5. 30K

    Desent Path Unachievable

    Wind plain and simple - you forgot the wind. It happens quite a lot that you can't start the descent early due to various reasons and with a gentle breeze from behind you can do whatever you want, well except descending 250 nm before your AD. So using the speedbrake isn't necessarily "bad" energy management. A good example for this is when you fly on high altitudes over central Europe to the east-southeast, a good friend of mine told me that he uses the speedbrakes almost everytime. (He flies for real for SWR).
  6. We've waited soooo long for this moment I can't believe it's true. But wait - damm it no parking system w/o GSX 😕
  7. I'd then assume that the version report in P3D itself would be "wrong" as well. You are right that the CP get it's version data from the Registry, but afaik you can't run the client installer before you uninstall the old one. By that logic, there could, at least theoretically, be no way that only the reg key is getting updated. On the other hand we all now that software sometimes does what it wants 😉
  8. Or just go to the control panel and check the version number there 🙂
  9. Well, then there is potential update potential material 🙂.
  10. @byorkI've seen on Facebook that there are two wingwalkers. Please note that in Germany and afaik all countries which are not part of North America do not do pushbacks this way. We have only one man running by the pb truck and some airlines, e. g. Lufthansa group (DLH, AUA, SWR, EWG, etc.) even do a single man pushback meaning only the driver. Will, there be an option to hide these guy(s)? I PMed you as a beta-tester, because of my real-world experience and could have told you that way earlier btw. Also, will there be lifter trucks?
  11. Hopefully that one. I've noticed quite a few quirks with it, for example, the moment you turn on the wipers the rain on the windows gets washed off immediately and when turning off vice versa. What also can happen is that the occasional rain droplet, which runs from top to bottom, can run through the wiper as it moves, creating a very unrealistic feeling. I mean it's pretty solid but requires also a lot of work when compared to TFDI or other devs. What I also think is that it still looks not really 3 dimensional. It really feels like a simple texture.
  12. I generally do not advise to go for a self-proclaimed super duper software. If you know your hardware just jump to your mobo manufacturer and download their drivers.
  13. You didn't write me my email 😞.
  14. 30K

    Aircraft Skeleton in P3Dv4.3

    And the CPU? It's not like that thing is unnecessary 😄
  15. General Kenobi You can just hit E again quickly followed by the number of engines you want to control. In this case, just hit E ->1 ->2.