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  1. Sehe jetzt gerade den Thread. Brauchst du immer noch Hilfe?
  2. On the other hand, IRL this is how it happens :DD a pb truck is gone in nanoseconds. Especially during rush hour, but current "events" make your suggestion valid 😄
  3. I have voiced my concerns since the Alpha build with that line. The problems are: 1. Keep it generic 2. Keep it generic for the speech recognition Bryan is on it but I can totally understand your point - my reaction is the same every time I have to say that utterly useless phrase 😉 Also, I have pushed a suggestion to make the procedures match the real world better, but it didn't made it in V1.7 as the whole dialog has been rebuild. The rephrasing has to come in the next major then.
  4. Bist du sicher? FSX funktioniert nicht ohne 😄 Kann dir auch auf Deutsch helfen, denke das dürfte die Dinge vereinfachen 🙂
  5. Bryan, One thing from me tough; Can the F/O please turn off the runway turnoff lights off as well when calling taxi light off? That always buggers me.
  6. No, but you can severely damage the nose gear. In extreme cases, the damage is so devastating that you literally rip it off. I mean seriously some tugs have the strength to lift a fully loaded A380 and then push it. Now imagine the force behind that engine.
  7. Well I recall that. Still know where their OPS was. Anyway I didn't see them but besides where did I ever state that: ?
  8. Did you read that: Before saying something harsh like nonsense? Charming, to say that when it's used at one airport and on one apron and/or for one not named airline? Also, I work at DUS and not a single airline, not even DL, want wing walkers. BTW. Have been stationed at MUC and HAM for some time and didn't see them there as well, asked around my company where it's common that people are here and there, and they also never saw them. Out of interest, can you name the airline which requires them?
  9. Hallo Peter, meine Vermutung bezog sich nur auf die Phrase mit "Bremse ist gesetzt". Weshalb die Himmelsrichtungen nicht erkannt werden, dass kann ich so nicht genau sagen. Dafür brauchen wir ein Video und wie gesagt, solltest du darin kein Profi sein, dann ist das kein Problem Dank teamviewer o.ä.
  10. Das ist interessant. Es könnte sich ein Fehler in die Anleitung geschlichen haben, weil zum Teil von mir und zum Teil von Bryan and dem ganzem gewerkelt wurde. Da könnte tatsächlich mal was unter den Tisch gefallen sein. Momentan bin ich aber sowieso damit beschäftigt, intern den Dialog zu verbessern, insbesondere unter Berücksichtigung der Roadmap, neue und mehr akkurate Antworten zu geben. Das ankündigen der Triebwerkstarts zum Beispiel fehlt momentan noch. Gegebenenfalls würden sich also ein paar Benutzer Antworten ändern, dennoch sehe ich mir das an, für den Fall, dass der neue große Patch noch was dauert. Bezüglich der Sprachsteuerung, solltest du davon ein Video machen können würde uns das sehr helfen, alternativ stünde auch Teamviewer zur Verfügung.
  11. I know for a fact that we in the Beta had it working fine from day one. The Video, which is literally one post above yours, proofs that. If you have an issue, I'd try sending a support ticket or something. I've been called many things, but being Google is new. 😄 A correct translation, and widespread phrase we use IRL. Oh, Boi, that's subjective but, I guess that means we're no soulmates then. 😞 BTW. I don't like coffee, so I never had any morning coffee, except this one time where I found out that it tastes awful. Props to the coffee drinkers 😄 Mh? so there is a possibility you'll recommend it in the future? So, how about making some suggestions that'll make your statement come true?
  12. Correct. Posted it on the Beta forum back in the day. Also, the response to release should've been changed.
  13. I can reproduce it too. Check Mail 😄
  14. Already on the TO-DO. Said the same thing on the internal forum. The groundwork is already done, I've recorded the sounds already! (Cleared to start number 2 for example) It is the cockpit duty already. I did it the most realistic way the current state allowed me to record. Usually IRL, I tell them to set the brakes; after that, I remove the equipment. Frequently, while I'm at it, the cockpit already tells me I'm cleared to disconnect, so I tell them "I call you back". Something I really look forward to seeing implemented. If the user is to fast, we'll advise the "call you back". After the equipment etc. is removed, I call them again say the "equipment is removed and yada yada yada" and thus signal "I'm done here". If anything is not okay or something like that they tell me; alright understood but please stand by until we... or similar. That is not really possible at this time, and as such, I made it generic so that it works like 95% of all the time. Can you give me a link, please? Also, do these people have any real-life experience? The reason I'm asking is that; I recorded the sound the "best", or better, most realistic, way possible in the boundaries of the current software. My ultimate goal is to make it as "real as it can possibly get" and as such, I made tons of feature requests on the private beta forum. Not all made it into V1. That's Bryans decision, not mine. I have absolutely no problems with suggestions, but only, when they come from somebody with appropriate experience. If tomorrow somebody posts: Hey I think that XXX in german would be a better translation for XXX in English, and this person speaks both languages fluently, well I'm happy to change it, after a quick discussion because that's the quirk with words and synonyms. If you have done countless pushbacks in your life, then we can discuss it. I always look forward to meeting people and talk to them from all over the world. That's one of the reasons I'm engaged in aviation and global freight forwarding. One more thing though; What I wonder is that none of all the "experts" out there haven't yet said anything about the tow bar connection and removing process. Actually quite funny as this was my main concern, because of reasons obvious to anybody with IRL experience.
  15. Yes that's what I said as well. But I had to keep it generic. I've told Bryan wee need more dialogue but yeah, it's in the update. Yep you are right but please see above. We had to do it so it works like 95% of the time. But again I will adjust the dialogue when the program allows me to do so. 🙂
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