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  1. Apologize, was meant that that way.
  2. For people coming from google: PMDG hasn't given me an answer to my ticket as they do not support it.
  3. It does? I have never seen a difference o.O
  4. Hi all, before someone throws: "thEre Is a colOr oPtioN in tHe Cdu" at me - i know and i found no way to change this color. How to change the greenish backlight is clear to me but i found no way to make the fault light (i.e. hydraulic panel) more darker by increasing the red value. Can this be done if yes - how? thanks in advance
  5. Damn i came here with hope to see a update and be happy but this... I nearly lost my brother some time ago due to dehydration... long story but well i still have him so i won't say anymore as i have no idea how you feel.... Only thing i know is: Take care and *pats on the shoulder*
  6. The installers make a backup of the original data so even after updating you can still roll back and fly the tutorial. And Kyle is absolutely right - the update effort would be immense even if you would adapt the tutorials after customer feedback. The only thing that could be done in 5 minutes is to but in big fat bold text something like "use the default AIRAC" or so at the top of the tutorial post.
  7. I can answer your question as i had the same thing. This usually happens to me when i switch the AC inside the sim like: f22 then ngx. or this drone then the ngx. Load the Sim with the default AC then select the ngx and do not change it then - not even the livery. Report back if it helped. Regarding screenshots: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Avsim+insert+screenshot
  8. Well i haven't flown a scenario like that since... And no i do not think that this would keep the master caution on as you would then be less aware of a possible other failure. I'll fly the 747 again when FS2Crew released their update and then report back. Thanks for the help tho.
  9. As far as i see it... There is actually no real argument against V4, well maybe except some upgrade prices but at the end of the day... The feeling to never fear the rising VAS number in the process explorer is 100% worth it. This alone is enough reason for me.
  11. Hi Bryan, is that file critical? Do i need a reinstall or something?
  12. As far as i know P3DV4 runs in DX10.
  13. It can not be enough to just move the camera outside of the headrest - you may have to delete the camera preset and create a new one outside of the headset.
  14. Only thing close to this was that my FO turned off the APU during the engine start flow dunno why happend once...