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  1. What y'all doing outside the flight deck and talking about wingflex n' stuff. It just kills all realism and makes this factor pointless, when you jump out of the cockpit at rotation or sometime and look how the wings bend.
  2. Holy **** with that pin you could easily stab someone 🙂 Don't you think it's a bit off?
  3. In general, you should not run just ANY installer, on the net, as admin. Also windows logic prevents an installment in the c drive (generally speaking), when you run without admin rights. If you want to alter files etc. in this directory the UAC will ask.
  4. Any chance you disabled airport vehicles and it's the default one for him?
  5. Don't do that. The UAC will ask you if required.
  6. 30K

    Win 10 and undocked panels

    Hello, What do you mean by switching? Maybe you look for win+p?
  7. 30K

    CS 757

    We'll see when it (if >:) ) comes.
  8. 30K

    Air starter no pressure

    Thanks, I asked one of the tech guys at our airport. Said the same. When I am a wing walker for a cross bleed start and required air starter, we use the start sequence 2 then 1. Depends on the position though.
  9. 30K

    Air starter no pressure

    Okay, I restarted the sim and tried it again and it worked. I have no clue what exactly was the problem. Btw. it worked with APU bleed on and off.
  10. 30K

    Air starter no pressure

    The screenshot was taken before having a look into the FCOM to be sure I do it right. I closed it later on. I actually tried every combination and I never got the pressure.
  11. 30K

    Air starter no pressure

    Hi all, I simulated an APU bleed inop event. So I connected the air starter, to get some air, via the fs actions menu and got no duct pressure. Config: PACKS both OFF, Isolation valve OPEN. Something I missed?
  12. 30K

    AUTOPILOT DISC message when established on ILS

    Kick that one out as you do not need the assignment anyways. (It's for ppl without a separate rudder) Maybe if you hear it for an xn time; The scenery is not the root of your problem.
  13. 30K

    AUTOPILOT DISC message when established on ILS

    I'm wondering about this massive HDG to TRK difference on the ND with no wind indication. He is somewhat aligned with the runway but look at the ND - the difference is 10°. At around 25 min you see that there is a 5 kt wind but this would never result in a 10° difference.
  14. 30K

    RAAS volume low

    The RAAS volume is coupled to the PMDG volume level in the FMC. Set this to 100 and try again.