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  1. 30K

    GCFV approach problem

    Classic my car is not starting somebody help me. Check your altitude maybe you where to high maybe something else is wrong. To sum up, maybe we need some more information. btw. What the heck is this? Did you try to chase down a VOR or the LOC ? Big difference.
  2. 30K

    Global Flight Operations & 777

    As the 747 is the first AC to be updated and "equipped" with GFO you'll most probably won't get an answer which will satisfy you.
  3. 30K

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    What ATL scenery is that? Great shots btw.
  4. 30K

    Reposition Feature?

    I don't know the feature exactly but placing my A/C 20 NM before touchdown would be a great training feature.
  5. looks fine to me release pls lol.
  6. 30K

    VNAV computing during vectoring LNAV

    I don't get it. Have a guess but I don't get it.
  7. 30K

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    The first two are probably the alternate nose gear steering. The second is the manual click and drag. You know that what the preprocessor command define means?
  8. 30K

    VNAV computing during vectoring LNAV

    LNAV computes nothing vertical. This is VNAVs job. What you experienced is as expected. VNAV calculates around the lateral route. If VNAV plans let's say reaching FL100 in 30 NM and you divert from that route by making it longer you will have a lower climb rate. When you don't have a SID then you normally can use VECTOR so LNAV is flying rwy heading (in most cases). You can see this behavior during descent as well because, when deviating from the FMC route you change your rate of climb. When flying ATC guided I use FLCH normally then the route doesn't matter anymore and you automatically get a good rate of climb or use V/S because ATC can sometimes give you a rate of climb.
  9. GREAT resources being, somewhat, wasted due to some ******* that are too fricking ***** to read. THANKS, people.
  10. 30K

    P3d v4.3

    Difficult to explain. DX - DirectX is an API. We start talking about low-level hardware abstraction so...... The API is the gateway the CPU uses to "tell" the GPU what to render. So the "smaller" the gateway the few the "commands" -> cars in a tunnel. Now comes the thing: Normal games are mostly limited by the GPU as they are not multi-core apps. P3D is different than a normal game so don't just google DX12 v 11 and copy the results. Normal games have near zero profit of DX12. (3FPS to 0). P3D could improve more as the total per-thread time to "tell" is reduced. Sometimes by more than a half. (trustedreviews have some good benchs). So the CPU is having more resources than before. Will that improve performance? Yes and No. Why? Depends heavily on hardware. Here even more than the standard answer of Devs. We'll see what we get but I wouldn't have much hope in DX12. With APIs like Vulkan growing it remains to be seen who the winner is, at the end of the day. Seeing Vulkan in P3D is highly unlikely btw. TLDR Depends on the system, for real here and will definitely not give you 10000000 FPS instantly and probably not more than a few. But saying this is pure speculation. EDIT: Forgot the update enabling DX12 for all GPUs 🙂 *facepalm* _ Was a GTX 10 feature only
  11. 30K

    P3d v4.3

    is there somewhere a sum up of features of V4.3?
  12. What if you have a beginner slamming the airplane down and since wear and tear are simulated - I can't fly my plane?
  13. 30K

    Livestream of RSR's Talk at FSExpo?

    Working a night shift finally pays off LOL.
  14. 30K

    777 brake temp not realist

    dis gonna be good lol. CaptainLars strikes again.