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  1. LMAO all these ppl here comparing the d*** of their beloved sim and RSR just like shut the hell up. LOVE IT.
  2. warning sound after engine start

    This is why i suspected the groundcall as this is the only : I can think of without an EICAS message.
  3. In less than 2 months the expo is starting then we'll hear something.
  4. Can I Remove Sounds From The Cockpit?

    I have the Cockpit sound addon made by them. I can highly recommend it. No issues - nothing.
  5. PMDG B737NGX and X-Plane

    Why don't you just let this die already? They will tell you when they want to, if they even want to.
  6. China Eastern Repaint

    Wrong forum mate.
  7. PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    I bet that's the reason we never hear about anything and this sentence has been removed. Still a valid point though.
  8. Landing Gear Lever

  9. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    The simulator they're building. The hardware one. There I've said it the biggest fear as y'all can't do anything with that.
  10. warning sound after engine start

    Caution/warning/groundcall? Equipment cooling in OVRD, for example can trigger this alarm also ADIRU on BAT.
  11. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    I'm only thinking about one thing: RSR and his staff laughing their asses off while we're guessing word not allowed.
  12. PMDG 777 memory usage test

    That's sad but if that's the case then you'll be better off buying something else than that. No hard feelings but that is the sad truth. Simulators are very demanding on system resources as they simulate the real world I mean wow. If you search the web for a 3 year old hardware, which would be TIMES better than a sandy bridge (thinking about a haswell or maxwell here) , well most stores will throw it after you for an apple and an egg (german saying = for nearly nothing) ;)) because only a very few people are buying this stuff and rule no. 1 in warehouse management: Get it empty. What i'm trying to say is that 1.65 GB RAM will not be enough for you to run FSX with any addon for more that a minute. The vanilla FSX takes up that much space if I remember correctly.
  13. No flare with auto land

    Okay I just asked a friend of mine who flies the 738 and said that his airline tries to avoid landing at high weights but that can differ of course still the point is that he complains about things that aren't to be complained about.
  14. No flare with auto land

    Dude when touching down with MLW! Whenever the situation requires you to land with MLW there will be an inspection because in 99% of these cases something forced you to do that. The only reason, where not an emergency causes this plan of action, I can imagine is, that you saved a lot of fuel due to favorable winds but these would need to be strong word not allowed winds. Furthermore: I just conducted an CATIII Autoland at KDEN. The landing rate was -381fpm so much for this "they always touch down with 500".
  15. No flare with auto land

    The best thing about this landing rate bull*** is that they never take the G-force into account. It is laughable when they compare their **** and tell me I need to practice because of my bad 221 fpm landing rate. A -50 fpm landing but with 1.89 G-force feels definitely harder than a -200 1.08 G-force landing but you know I'll just leave this here.