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  1. If you like you can use this Freeware, it works very well. https://fscaptain.proboards.com/thread/1114 Inside this post you will find a link to the download Cheers, Luc
  2. Me too, I can certainly recomend simstarter. Very usefull if you want different configurations for different situations. Cheers, Luc
  3. Just for info, unfortunatly I never found a solution and still am interested too. Cheers Luc
  4. Yes indeed, as in many cases the default will/might work so we can save ourselves the time to do that for every parking spot. Myself I hardly fly in between the same airport pairs, always fly new routes. Also, my arrival parking is assigned by my ATC, and even at the same airport will/might be always different, so I wouldn't know in forehand where I will end up. If every time at arrival I have to start configuring the parking spot than that would really have an impact on immersion. Cheers, Luc PS I really hate to refer to GSX but I wonder how they solve that with the marchaller at arrival.
  5. I too think that would be the best way to tackle this. Two suggestions if I may - Have a fix distance between the marchaller and the aircraft, programmable by type of aircraft. - Then apply your solution with slider but moving the marchaller on a half circle to the left or right, keeping the same distance. Like this you would make it possible to move "it" out of the building and still respect the viewable distance out of the cockpit. Cheers, Luc
  6. That in fact is my biggest issue with this software. I can't imagine me doing this for every parking spot. I suppose there's a way to at least have a default you can set and if needed be adjusted for a particular parking? Cheers, Luc
  7. Dear, you do realize that this is an English forum, do you? Be assured that you're not the only person here where English is not their native language. And yes, many of us struggle to write and understand English, but at least we put in some effort. So you're lucky, with a developer with a typical Spanish first name you guessed, well, he must speak Spanish. Lucky you, he does. So what about all those here who don't? Sure, we can now all use Google translate to try understand what is being said here. But so could you and use Google translate and be courteous and post in English. Let me give you a hand and see how that goes; Querido, te das cuenta de que este es un foro en inglés, ¿verdad? Tenga la seguridad de que no es la única persona aquí donde el inglés no es su lengua materna. Y sí, a muchos de nosotros nos cuesta escribir y entender inglés, pero al menos nos esforzamos. Así que tienes suerte, con un desarrollador con un nombre típico español que has adivinado, bueno, debe hablar español. Suerte que lo hace. ¿Y qué hay de todos los que no están aquí? Claro, ahora todos podemos usar el traductor de Google para tratar de entender lo que se dice aquí. Pero tú y Google podrían traducir y ser cortés y publicar en inglés. Déjame echarte una mano y ver cómo va eso; Dear Manuel: After using the UGCX, and only later, the computer becomes too slow and only restoring it (restart) the PC, recovers its full functionality and speed. What could it be and what can I do Thanks and best regards Well, if you got to use the "top-down view" functionality which is like a top-down view where you build or see the backward path from the direct top in the simulation, it has a slight flaw, which slows down the windows of other applications in Windows 10 (mainly), which shows that the computer is slow. This is only fixed by restarting the PC. This failure, I was able to replicate / reproduce on a second computer that I have, it sometimes happens yes and sometimes not. I already made a change that is aimed at solving that failure, but it is still in testing. Manuel Yes it's correct. I have used the aerial camera of the reverse process or it has been activated automatically. I will review and if so, I will try to prevent it from running on its own and if I can not bother it again. Thank you. Very good answer. Accurate and direct to white. Thanks and... Good day, good luck and good health.
  8. I think it would already be nice if, when you load a flight, the UGCX should already be "active" so it would load everything at the gate at startup. I assume we all choose our gate when we load the flight so UGCX knows exactly where the aircraft will be You could make this an option so people who don't want the UGCX crew to show up at startup can deactivate that (although I would wonder why) Cheers, Luc
  9. Hi maybe you can check this if it's related to your situation Cheers, Luc
  10. Hi, there might be a solution with FSUIPC. I don't know what parameters you use currently, but in FSUIPC you can remove AI conditionally. You can use at least these parameter (this is just an example, adjust to your own situation) [Traffic Limiter] TrafficLimit=100 GroundPreference=50 AirportPreference=20 NearerPreference=10 in your fsuipc.ini file so maybe you can play around with it and see what is the best setting. I would try the "NearerPreference" to see if you can fix it with that. (Please refer to the FSUIPC user guide.) I don't think WADA would be of any help because it will keep your parking space "free" of AI, so actually make it worse. Cheers, Luc
  11. Or the marshaller could, once the aircraft is lined up, set two steps aside (without turning his/her body) to the left or right so you can see him/her through the side window. Once lined up it's a question of making the a/c stop at the designated point, you don't really have to be straight in front of the a/c to signal that. Yesterday I happened to see a marshaller doing just that in a documentary about the making of the B787 Dreamliner. Cheers Luc
  12. Hi, I just got one too with the sales going on, so I also would like to get my hands on all the "goodies" please. Will sen a PM Thanks in advance Luc
  13. Ok I will try that if I ever get NGX Reboot working in FSX Cheers Luc
  14. I was referring to were it' clearly stated that it's only for P3D V4 and not FSX although in the Reboot manual it's states that it will be integrated.
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