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  1. Yeah, that's what I did with the 1606 cycle and I downloaded multiple formats but at that time there was no LNM (at least not that I was aware of, I just stumbled on this two weeks ago) And it's not the money that's withholding me to buy another cycle, just the hassle to update all my add-on's again Cheers, Luc
  2. Hi, I just started using Little navmap and I need some help with Navigraph navdata. I have all my add-on's, simbrief and fsx synced to AIRAC1606. I know it's quite old but to me the main thing is that I use the same AIRAC platform wide and I don't want to update all my programs every new cycle, so I stick to this one. I have the AIRAC1606 available in different formats, but not in the Little navmap version. Would it be possible to convert the native navdata (or other format I have) to the required Little navmap usable format? Cheers, Luc
  3. Hi, first of all, what a great soft, really, very impressed! Thanks for sharing with all of us. I didn't see any thread for future request so here I go; Would it be possible to add an auto zoom? What I mean is when taking off or landing then the zoom is automatically adjusted. So when taxiing you will have the taxiways and gate numbers visible, but once in the air it will automatically zoom out (or in) depending the distance your flying from the ground. Especially during landing that would be really helpful so you have a close-up view of the airport your landing at. Just an idea. Cheers, Luc
  4. Yes, me too, I would like to be able to use COM2 instead. I'm using COM1 with VOXATC and automatic (ATC) co-pilot so I can't change freq on COM1 Cheers Luc
  5. Reload Lua Engine - Hot key

    Thank you for making available the hotkey to reload the Lua Engine. I noticed it's in the new release and It solved my problem. Cheers, Luc
  6. Reload Lua Engine - Hot key

    Hi, well it's a free add-on made (and not supported anymore) some 10 years ago but I tell you this is really awesome. Basically what it does it will download and render satellite imagery (photo-realistic) in real time while in flight. However it does require quite some fine tuning and trial and error and a reasonable powerful system. As far as I can remember I don't have this problem when not using Tileproxy. As said, there's no support for this anymore and flying without Tileproxy is most certainly not an option (try it, you'll see what I mean LOL) Cheers, Luc OOPS I missed you're PM, will act on it
  7. Reload Lua Engine - Hot key

    Hi, I'm sure that the problem is not within Linda or the PMDG module. It really happens sporadically, but when it happens, usually during approach :-( then it can be somewhat annoying ;-) . I'm using Tileproxy and other add-ons (weather) while flying and somehow somethings goes wrong with Tileproxy when flying a long time over water. During approach and flying lower Tileproxy has to load a lot of tiles once back over land and there's not much to do about that. And I'm sure you understand the "hassle" it is going out of full view, the sim is paused because I've to go into Linda, putting everything back in it's place etc... So would you ever consider to make available a hot key just to reload the lua engine during flight (without pausing)? Cheers, Luc
  8. Reload Lua Engine - Hot key

    Hi, Is there a hot key to reload Lua Engine during flight? Why? Because sometimes it happens to me that during flight suddenly my MCP doesn't respond anymore (shows serial nbr ...) The only way to fix that is to reload the lua engine. Problem is that I'm always flying in Full view and with multiple monitors. So After start-up I'll drag my instrument (pmdg 2D, OVH, ..) to my other screens. For me to be able to reload the lua engine I have to go to windowed mode to access the Linda program. Result is that after that I have to re-position all my screens again. I would be grateful if I could just use a key combination to reload lua engine during flight. Cheers, Luc
  9. Hi, coming back to this with some extra information. If you're in the Linda MCP configuration screen and hoover your mouse over switches and buttons they will actually change to yellow with a red border. Just now I noticed that if you're in mode 1 then the CRS, HDG, ... knobs change to yellow/red when hoovering over, but if you're in mode 2 or 3 then when you hoover over them the color doesn't change, hence they always use the function of mode 1. Is there any way to change that so you can also have different functions for CRS, HDG, ... in the other 2 modes? I does work in the EFIS config. Cheers, Luc
  10. Hi ScotFlieger, did you come up with any ideas? Cheers
  11. Hi, I'm considering buying the FS2crew Reboot but I need some pertinent info before I decide 1) Is it possible to have the FO not to flip switches, just guide me in what switches to set? I ask this because I use a hardware OVH and a VRinsight MCP so I don't want my hardware switches to be "out of sync" with the simulator. 2) How well is it compatible with FScaptain? Also there, you have voice communication with FO and FA, will both programs interfere? (or vice versa) 3) How well is it compatible with VOXATC? Here I leave it to my (voxatc) FO to do all communication with ATC and setting comm frequency's. Will that interfere with FS2crew (or vice versa) I mainly want to use the FS2crew FO to guide me through checklists and procedure, but would like to do the bulk of the operating myself, except for those things done by VOXATC FO (comm) or FScaptain. Thanks for your advice, Luc Jonckheere
  12. I did some testing and the switches in MCP mode 2 work fine with different commands programmed. I started the console as indicated above and I can see the mode switch and I detect the turning of the knobs. I don't know if this has any bearing on the issue, but when switching to mode 2 will first give DISP0=Brgh (the name I gave to mode 2) but then will go to DISP0=INFO, both in console as on the display itself. Let me know if I can run other tests. Cheers
  13. Hello, I'm using VRinsight MCP v1 with PMDG 737ngx I programmed the mode 2 CRS, ALT, SPD ... knobs with the corresponding PMDG ngx commands to increase/dercrease the brightness of OVH panel, DU's, etc... But in flight when I switch to mode 2 for MCP the CRS, ALT will still change the course or the altitude or speed instead of brightness. Any ideas? Cheers, Luc
  14. VoxATC 7/beta alive!

    Looks like we're back in business VoxATC 7.2 now available for download (inclusive pop voices) Cheers Luc
  15. Strange behaviour

    Hi, same problem here, the "on release" doesn't work anymore. Also the zoom function I programmed on one of the buttons of my joystick now brings me either a view from Mars, or with my nose to the dirt. Reverted back (again) to an older version. Cheers, Luc