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  1. Exactly, can all be done at loading of the flight (provided there's a flight plan loaded.) Thanks for considering my idea's Cheers, Luc
  2. maybe two possible option could be included 1) I think many people use a flight plan. So if a flight plan is loaded in the sim, you could also load the ugcx data of the destination airport upon starting the flight. Only when landing at an airport not planned (emergency landing, alternate) you then reload the data. 2) An option could be provided to load and display ugcx animation (tug, ground crew, ...) upon loading the flight. so when you start your flight you will have everything there from start, no pop up of anything. It should be an option so those who don't like or want it because of interference with other addons (GSX?) could disable it. Cheers Luc
  3. In some (freeware) airport they sometimes put static ground equipment as scenery, so in the airport bgl. Do you have same problem at all gates and at default airports? Cheers, Luc
  4. or ..... C:\Program Files (x86)\ might be a problem (write access?) Still surprised so many people keep installing in C:\Program Files (x86)\ 😲 Cheers, Luc
  5. Thanks Dan for all your work preparing the logo's. However, if I'm not mistaken, I don't see many (if at all) logo's of ground service companies. If I'm not mistaken, I would have guessed that most of the push back is done by ground service companies, not tugs of the airlines? It would be nice to be able to link the ground service logo's to the major ground service player of the region where you're in. Cheers, Luc
  6. exactly, just like with VOXATC, whenever you change your scenery you have to manualy start indexing before starting the sim.
  7. @Ray I'm from Belgium, so trust me, I DO get you 😉 And German in the East ....
  8. @Ray I'm from Belgium, so trust me, I DO get you 😉
  9. Just an idea, instead of having a folder with voices per airport it would be easier to have a folder per country starting with the first to letters of the ICAO ex; EH.. Dutch accent, ED.. German accent, LF.. French accent So you only do it once for all airports in that area. Cheers
  10. Hi, I know chances are (very) slim but could this be done for the Level-D B767? Just trying my luck 😏 Cheers Luc
  11. Hi Andrew, thanks for the heads up. I reported this problem to VR Insight but they never did give any suggestion to fix this. Before I got the wrist band I always got my bare foot on the floor LOL which in wintertime is not too convenient 😏. I'll check out the thread. Cheers, Luc PS In my case, luckily, restarting Linda always worked so far.
  12. Hi, my actual problem was that many times when I touched my VR Insight MCP, because of static electricity (especially in wintertime with wool clothing) the MCP would just not respond anymore. If it happens now, I just use the reload hotkey. Lately I use an anti-static wrist band connected to the VRInsight so I don't have that problem anymore, but it's kind of a strange sight though LOL Cheers, Luc
  13. Yes I did read it, I actually already went through the Avsim CTD guide when I got my first CTD when it happened the first time I started FSX after installing FS2Crew Reboot. So the ever first time I got a CTD was the first time I ran FSX after intalling FS2Crew Reboot. And if you are in any doubt, I really want this to work, much more then get my money back. Why did you think I bought this in the first place? And it's not that I didn't know what I was buying, as said before, I'm the happy owner of the FS2Crew LevelD Voice commander. And if there're any changes to my fsx.cfg than FS2Crew made them, certainly not me. So what changes are you making. And why should I reduce sliders? I have to reduce "my experience" just to be able to run FS2Crew even if I never had any issues before? Cheers, Luc
  14. Again Brian, why do you keep insisting. I didn't buy FS2Crew just o change all my settings to not have issues. As stated before, I never had any problems until I installed FS2Crew. So if you don't want to give me a refund I guess i just gone have to eat it. I'm sure you're more in need for the money than me, right?
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