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  1. Hi Alex, No problem at all Alex. Just was curious about it. Keep on the very good work! Like it very much. Kindly regards, Jacob.
  2. Hi Alex, Yes, I have also installed fsAerodata. Does this explain the issue? What is your advise then? Thank in advance, Regards, Jacob.
  3. Hi all, Question: on some airports I see an ILS on the map view, but not in the runway description. Example airport UHMM Sokol airport. I was just curious how this is possible. I 'm using P3Dv4.5 and the latest Navdata from Navigraph. Any suggestions? Regards, Jacob.
  4. I think point 1. is a default behavior. Is there a setting to disable this 'automatic' zooming?
  5. Hey Alex, Very great tool is LNM!! This morning I installed the latest 2.4.1 beta (clean install) and reset all my settings. 1. When I have the "Center aircraft on map" selected, about every minute the map is zoomed in to a level of 24 or 12 nm. 2. In the flightplan window, I started to narrow some column widths. When I was at the column "Fuel Rem. gal" suddenly the cursor jumped to the far right of my screen (not the LNM window) and the column became extremely wide. Is not to recover anymore. Cursor keeps jumping to the far right of the screen ;-)) My 2 cents. Keep up the very nice work !! Regards, Jacob.
  6. Dear John and Doug, Thank you so much for all the excellent work you did for the flightsim community !! Respect ! It is a pity that it never reached a version 5.0. I find it still the best ATC programm ever and still using it in Prepar3Dv4.4. Kindly regards, Jacob.
  7. Hi Alex, As a nearly new user I like this program very much!! Have tried many different programs before. I'm mostly flying GA aircraft. I'd like to have the transition altitude / transition level airport information added. This is useful to set the correct altimeter settings. Kindly regards, Jacob.
  8. Hi Langyboy63, Thanks, I have PFPX, but there is no template or aircraft file for the DO228 :-((
  9. Is there something for fuel planning? Kindly regards, Jacob
  10. Can you do the same in the StartupManager? I not always start the same applications with FSX. Thanks in advance. Regards, Jacob.
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