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  1. Thanks Raymond. Have done that. Airports and Regions above LC entries Andrew
  2. Excellent! Many thanks for that help Nemo. Andrew
  3. Hi, Dont know if anyone can advise please. I recently uninstalled and then re-installed ORBX openLC Europe using ORBX Central. This made a complete mess of my P3D Scenery library, Previously, I had all my non ORBX airport scenery at the top with ORBX scenery entries together below that. Now the ORBX scenery is at the top and interspeced is all my other addon airport scenery, between ORBX entries across the scenery library. eg FTX_EU_SCO_05_SCENERY Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 Professional FTX_EU_SCO_06_CVX Mega Airport Berlin FTX_EU_SCO_07_MESH FsDreamTeam Geneva FTX_EU_NOR_06_CVX etc Any advice as to the best way to rectify this mess please? Thanks in hopeful anticipation Andrew
  4. Dave, My apologies, this was meant to be posted to the World Traffic 3 area. Senior moment! Andrew
  5. Hello, Please could someone advise. I have XPlane 11 running with Pilot2ATC v2.5.0.7 x64 on Win10 high spec PC. If I ask Pilot2ATC to Add GA Flights in the Left hand pane of the Flight Setup form and set the GA aircraft number above 3 in the right hand pane, I get a CTD. If I set the slider 'Number of GA flights to add' at 3 or less, I get no CTD Any advice as to what the problem may be please. Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  6. Its hard to pinpoint what actually resolved the problem for me. I suggest that anyone experiencing the same problem installs XPUIPC v2.0.0.0 for BOTH XPUIPC and WideClient. Some later versions allegedly don't work. Then press the reset button on your router. Ensure that Windows Defender or similar is not blocking connectivity with WideClient on both systems. Note that if you see XPWideClient splash saying UDP =0 per/sec, this will not change until you have started XPlane on the server and loaded a flight/location. perseverance = reward Andrew
  7. XPUIPC WIDECLIENT Your version still does'nt connect! NOTE XPWideClient splash says UDP =0 per/sec Andrew
  8. Thanks Dave I now have the trial back working. Still cant connect tho. I have run XPWideClient as Administrator, its started and working prior to attempting to connect and i have I've checked that the network has no connection block for XPWideClient and Pilot2ATC, both Incoming and Outgoing. Andrew
  9. Hello I'm trialing Pilot2ATC with a view to purchase. My big Gottcha is that the Pilot2ATC window will not sit on top when I run XPlane across my 3 screen system. I have read threads here aimed at resolving this and implemented their "run across a Windows network" suggestions, but without success. I have a Win 10 server PC running XPlane 11 and a Win 10 Workstation PC with Pilot2ATC installed. I have XPUIPC installed on the Server and XPWideClient on the Workstation. I have edited the servers XPUIPC.ini file with notepad and put my server PC's IP address in as Server Address = (checked that XPUIPC is in the Xplane plugins drop down) I have placed the XPWideClient folder onto my desktop and edited the XPwideclient config with notepad, in [Network Settings] inserting: the x-plane PC's IP address as Server and 'THIS PC' as the P2ATC PC IP address . In Pilot2ATC I have setup a path to the Flight Plans folder on my XPlnae Server and can load these plans OK into Pilot2ATC on the Workstation. I have also installed Multiplicity and can move my Server PC's mouse across the screens of both PCs no problem. My problem is that when I Press 'Connect' in Pilot2ATC (which I run as Administrator), it won't connect and says "Simulator Disconnected" in the lower right hand box within Pilot2ATC Others seem to have this working fine. What am I doing wrong please? Don't know where/how to tell Pilot2ATC where on the network to look for Xplane?? If I press Connect in a download of Pilot2ATC that I have installed on the Server PC, it connects just fine. But that wont sit on top in Full Screen mode of course. P.S. I'm now getting a message from the Workstation copy of Pilot2ATC that "Alicense key can only be activated once for any PC and on a maximum of 1 PC. Please purchase a license. This was not happening previously?? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  10. Hi, Just purchased this excellent DA62. I’m having problems with the engine sound however. From within the cockpit it is VERY quiet. I have tried increasing slider levels in the Configurator by moving the Master Sound, Engine and Propeller sliders to 100%, but it still sounds very muffled/quiet. I have an extensive hangar of aircraft, PMDG, A2A, QW, FSL etc etc and they are all much noisier. Externally, its better, though still muffled/quieter than I would expect standing next to a twin. I have to turn my speaker volume up to twice the normal level i use in P3D to get anything realistic. Win 10, P3D v4.4 I am getting an on screen dialogue error reporting sound errors whenever i flick a switch etc UPDATE A second download and install fixed the problem. Andrew
  11. Re the problem with the 'Stealthy' Default F-16. Turns out that this is an issue with the utility URP (Ultimate Realism Pack), which also affects shaders, but hides some of it's work in areas that I, nor the reinstall, addressed. For others with the issue, go into the URP interface, click shaders, then click default. Problem solved!
  12. Hi Mikelab6 Thanks for responding. I deleted the shades folder complete and allowed P3D to re-create it. I don't use EZDOK ( used to so know the problem). I now use ChasePlane - much better. Andrew
  13. Exactly as you report medx421. I have added my experience to your thread at LM. Thanks to everyone for your feedback. Apologies Vic for my transgression - only trying to find the correct audience, but duly noted.
  14. Hi Ed Thanks for getting back to me - much appreciated. Don't honestly know the answer to that question. Can you assist with advice as to how I'd go about testing that scenario, without having to uninstall all my addon Scenery, Shaders, Ai, Payware Aircraft etc etc - is there an easy way? Thanks for your advice. Andrew
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