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  1. Please could we have an explination of how we should exit Cinematics once it has auto-started mid flight, to allow us to resume work in cockpit with one of the saved camera views. Pressing the number keys to which I have assigned my various cockpit views, just cycles to the next Cinematics view. Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  2. Hi is there a way to set Cinematics to be automatically active when I start Chaseplane along withthe sim (P3D) At the moment I have it set to run above 18,000ft, but I need to activate it first with the button on the top of the form. Can that button in effect remain active so that I dont have to select it before every flight please? Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  3. Hi, I have the Thrustmaster Airbus Sidestick and the Extended TA Throttle Quadrant, along with the FSLabs A320 in P3Dv4.5 I am seeing strange behavior as I move the Sidestick. If I move the sidestick, left right, forward or back, it makes the simulated throttle levers move. The Axis of the Sidestick are assigned correctly in P3D v4.5 to Ailerons, Flaps and Rudder, nothing else. There is no assignment anywhere linking movement of the sidestick to throttle movement. The Throttle Quadrant levers operate the sim correctly having been assigned, calibrated etc. But as soon as i touch the sidestick the throttles start to thrash forwards and backwards wildly! I use FSUIPC v6 to bind some overhead panel switches to buttons on the Thrustmaster side stick and it has been suggested that FSUIPC mistakes my sidestick for a throttle quadrant. How do I check this and how do I stop FSUIPC mistaking my side stick for a throttle quadrant if it is the case please? Any advice would be much appreciated. Andrew
  4. Hello An avice request please. Love Cinematics - absolutely stunning!. I see the awesome camera panning movement with some internal and external views, but in some of the views ( the Internal and External ones I created in Chaseplane for myself) the Cinematics camera remains static. How do we get the same camera motion effect in my own views when they pop-up in the Cinematics sequence when I run it - what am I missing please? Andrew
  5. Any update on this topic from the development team please? Thanks Andrew
  6. Solved my problem at https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/messenger/6760/&tab=comments#comment-30784
  7. Hi I'm trying to save an alternative PM voice set for the FSLabs A320. Please can anyone who has done this advise the folder location where I should place the new voice files to replace the default ones? Their Downloads forum provides the file but no assistance with how/where to install. So far, I have placed them in Prepar3d root folder\Modules\PMCO_Sounds\, overwriting the original sound files shown there. In addition there are two other folders in that location, UK1 & UK2, but I don't know how they are used or if they are needed? But the PM voice has not changed. Thanks in anticipation Andrew
  8. Hoeng, likewise they are ignoring mine too. Andrew
  9. Hoeng, likewise I have managed perfect Go-Arounds provided that I don't disconect the AP and land. Go Around at 500ft AP on performs perfectly. I have posted a help request with FSLabs. Andrew
  10. Thanks for taking the trouble to assist and for confirming what I am seeing Hoeng. I thought I was going mad! I always take over from the AP, touch down manually and then rotate and switch on AP. Thats when I'm seeing the problem. I will try a go around while still on AP. Andrew
  11. Thanks polosim Thats very useful and much appreciated. Still not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but will look into this further. Not sure what they mean by "flying close to the planned route".but I notice that on climb out NAV is displayed and not GA TRK. Perhaps I'm deviating too far from the 190 Runway center line on climb out? Also not sure what "TO waypoint on the upper right side of the ND, which should remain meaningful" means? I'll experiment. Thanks again.
  12. I find that the MCDU goes into GO AROUND phase some way along the downwind leg.
  13. On increase to TOGA, FMA displays MAN TOGA / SRS / GA TRK / CLB (blue) / NAV (blue), MCDU displaying APPR information, Levers are at TOGA. 3000 set in ALT window. On climb out at 15 degrees 1000ft, MCDU continues to be on APPR page, FMA showing MAN TOGA / ALT*/NAV A/THR (blue) At 2000 MCDU still on APPR page, FMA showing SPEED / ALT* / NAV / A/THR At 3000 MCDU still showing APPR page, FMA showing SPEED / ALT / HDG / NAV (blue) / A/THR Engage AP 1 aircraft starts a fast descent. Speed accelerates and things get messy!
  14. Thanks for replying. When I say one step, I mean Flaps Full up one step to Flaps 3, or if Flaps 3, then one step up to Flaps 2. I use the PFD as normal, to indicate the further step up points as the speed builds. Yes, I was worried that somehow the trim was finding its way to DOWN. However, after a few checks, it's for sure not a Trim problem. I can't understand why the AP decides to dive every time its engaged. Watched YouTube vid after YouTube vid on this and no-one seems to do anything different to what I'm doing, but for some reason the AP wont behave. Andrew
  15. Hi, I'm seeing strange behaviour when doing circuits in the A320. I approach on ILS, land and decide to go around then do the following. Flaps up one TOGA GO-Around +Rate - Gear Up Pitch 15 degrees Check A/THR engaged Throttles to FLX then to CLB Trim is UP as required Hand fly to between 1500 and 2000 on runway heading Select Autopilot 1 Now things start to go wrong! The Horizontal Flight Director Command Bar plummets into a dive and the aircraft quickly follows. I take control and recover to a steady 15degree climb. Select Autopilot 1 again Once again, the Horizontal Flight Director Command Bar plummets into a dive and the aircraft quickly follows. I take control and recover to a steady 15 degree climb again and hand fly to the downwind leg. Eventually on downwind leg at steady altitude and level pitch, I select Autopilot 1 and the aircraft behaves normally. Thereafter no problem untill the next touch and go climb out. Can anyone advise what I'm doing wrong during the climb out phase, that's making the Flight Director command a dive please ? Is it something I''ve miss-programmed into the MCDU? I have posted on FSLabs Forum but no replys after 80 views! Thanks in anticipation
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