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  1. HI every guys Concerning Linda here is a small recap of what you want. 1-https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/583434-linda-415-msfs-2020-compatible-5-jun-2022/ 2-Buy FSUIPC7 the best is to buy it in my opinion 29,99$ sure all works perfectly 3-https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/618937-beta-pmdg-737-for-msfs-v06-24-may-2022 Pmdg 737-800 works 100% with MCPCOMBO old for me and CDU2 4-https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/619428-beta-fenix-a320-v03-16-jun-2022 Fenix A320 works 85% with MCPCOMBO old for me Display does not work correctly but it is the same for others products except SKALARKI expansive (900$) but it exists a soft you found on Simmarket Personaly I download also MSFS SDK to complete the research of LVars but FSUIPC7 propose this research with WASM. Add Developper mode in MSFS2020 controls to benefit of new functions inside Menu You can define a LVAR and Verify the name and add after that to your action.lua file. 5-Inside FSUIPC7.ini Verify if COM are correct. Personaly i launch every time the VRInsught Soft to see if my material is recognized a little fastidious but comfortable after. Sometimes you can have disconnection so I have the USB ports just near me so it is easier to disconnect and reconnect them 😀 Do-not forget that we had old materials.😉 Verify if you have these lines (concerning CDU1 or CDU2 it depends of your matérial) Concerning oldest CDU1 without screen it works if you attribute directly in FSUIPC7 the right LVAR (I can send you a Macro file) [VRInsight] it depends of your COM 1=com3 2=com4 3=com5 [VRInsight.CDU1] DriverReads=YES DriverWrites=YES Lua=LuaDispatcher [VRInsight.CDU2] DriverReads=YES DriverWrites=YES Lua=LuaDispatcher [WAPI] EnableWAPI=Yes [WideServer] WideFSenabled=Yes for example [MacroFiles] 1=A32nx_OVHD 6=F320_ECAM 7=F320_FIRE 8=F320_TCAS 9=F320_FCU 10=F320_CDU2 11=A32nx_CDU I am not a developer but all works for me and I can said a big Thanks to Andew Granden who create this soft and also as i said to Pete and John Dowson
  2. Hi Tony One question about display It does not exist on StreamDeck? Are-you using another system? For example MobilFlight and Arduino card as MEGA or similar UNO? And do-you test it on Fenix? I would like add Display on Fenix About Pmdg my VRInsight works perfectly if yes do-you share your experience? Many thanks
  3. Yes it works perfectly I have the same material as you Mark.MCPCOMBO one the oldest In my opinion it is better than StreamDeck because you have VRInsight and it is not necessary to take money to buy it I agree that StreamDeck is a splendid new products and you can find a lot of profiles for every plane in MSFS on FlightSimTo but for me Pmdg737-700 80 Perfect with Linda Profiles etc works 100% A320 fenix works Perfect with 90% except concerning license Fenix about Display not works correctly ATR72-600 Perfect with I create a profile not perfect but you can improve it 100% CRJ Perfect with Linda Profiles a big thanks to every guy who creates all of these profile.100% and a lot of others if you take time to create them from others So do-not put again VR insight in "Placard" to take dust. You do not have to buy FSUIPC7 you have perhaps you need to download MSFS SDK After that you can use Behavior and FSUIPC7 this nice soft to recognize every LVARS The RolsRoyce or Simmer Pete and John Dowson if they do not create this soft forsure a lot of products does not works 😍 if you need more help do not hesitate to contact me it should be a pleasure I can sent you all of my files sometimes modified.BUt I am not a développer or programmer Regards from France Mark nice cockpit 😀 Maclaw
  4. HI Question personaly i like CRJ, without ATHR it is very challenging to pilot it as Noob with nice tutorial FilbertFiles for CRJ But today i do not spoke of Fenix 320, PMDG737 yes complicated but today I have minus problem to fly Fenix compared to CRJ auto landing AP1 AP2 ATHR Coffee breaks We have Today ATR72-600, I have and love it with all tutorials off Fly with Magnar What Airliner I can found with the same interest as CRJ?🙏
  5. HI Papa excellent fly and work do-uyou have an hostess for coffee breaks? 🤣 Hi Vonmar I think that it is the same as CRJ700 not necessary fly with CRJ1000 or upgrated model in my opinion depend of money or buy in sales And if Simbrief did not give you the right runway you can change it in FMC CRJ 04L which is in my opinion the alone ILS aligned on the runway 04R is >3 degrees I fly with CRJ700 from LFMT to LFMN quickly but really appreciated
  6. HI supersym I have Fenix and i bought FSUIPC7 29,99$ but i do not know if for spadNext it is necesary to buy it. If yes in that case I can give you and advice personaly I am using free addon Linda your find here and it exist a Fenix Profile or CRJ a lot of plane PMDG737; If your joystick is reconized inside Windows use this smal tools to see all of them. C:\Windows\System32\joy.cpl if yes with Linda profile Fenix you can attribute all buttons rotaries you want. in my case I use also an old CDU and MCP combo which works with linda. But concerning Fenix you cannot have the display they do not work because a problem for fenix Team with Prosim; If you need soeme help to install Linda do not hesitate, i could send you my Fenix Profile modified and also Macro files. Best regards Maclaw located in France LFOT not too far from you LFOU🙂 we can discuss if you want in PM messatge
  7. HI every pilots. i have this plane CRJ550/700 only and I love it It does not have ATHR and if I do not have too much problem to land others liners, 🤣 without ATHR for me it is more difficuly to land with CRJ but also I found it very interesting. So I am using FSIPanel and repeate again a lot off landing to improve my flight. Just one remarks it seems that in LFMN airport ILS 04L is correctly aligned, 04 R is not and you have to adjustt your landing after disconnect AUTOPILOT. And it works with Linda if you have others Joystick I found a profile in Linda Download I modifiy with my MCP COMBO VRINsight works I hesitate to buy BAE146 which seems more complicated to fly. What do-you think about it? About screens difficult to read I resolve the problem with another screen and with this magnific software to export quickly ND PFD etc msfs-popout-panel-manager you found on FlightSimTO https://fr.flightsim.to/file/35759/msfs-pop-out-panel-manager Regards from France🙂
  8. Hi Dave I use Pilot2ATC in every flight and generaly I do not use AUTOPILOT but I decide to use this menu. I discovered that it gave me exactly the functions Speed ALt HDG etc and it display it on my old VR insight MCDU MCP COMBO I use also Linda Program So my question is is-it complicated to attribute some keys from Keyboard to this menu as you made with Btns menu Another question how do you read these functions? Reason I try to use some Lvars or Offset from FSUIPC7 (Speed:0X07E2, or HDG:0X07CC, orALT:0X07D4) but with it does not worksit depends of plane for example Fenix read your value🙏 but I cannot use Offset Fscuip7. Many thanks for the time you spent in this software and all Beta you created😄 Regards from France Maclaw
  9. HI Nicolas Personaly i have and oldest CDU1 and a new CDU2 So I use linda with my CDU2 But if you consider that key are different CDU2KEYS for example ["LSKL1"] CDU1Keys for example ["R4C0"] if you do not want change nothing in Linda you could try to modifiy your config-cdu 2.lua with keys CDU1. Kept the same name config-cdu 2.lua also declare in Fsuipc.ini the right COM it is mine COM [VRInsight] 1=com3 "MCP COMBO" 2=com4 "CDU2" 3=com5 "CDU1" I think that you do not change anything in Linda program but use CDU1 like CDU2. Sure andrew could give you an answer about it but it decided to stop not anormal becasue it as givent enormous about linda program And SOLUTION which works for sure If you do not find solution you can use your CDU1 with Fsuipc7 and Macro file very easy personaly i use with ECAM Here is a smal macro i put inside FCUIPC7 file F320_ECAM.mcro [Macros] 0=L:S_DISPLAY_ECAM_ND_XFR=SET 1=L:A_DISPLAY_BRIGHTNESS_ECAM_U=SET 2=L:A_DISPLAY_BRIGHTNESS_ECAM_L=SET 3=L:S_ECAM_TO=SET 4=L:S_ECAM_EMER_CANCEL=SET 5=L:S_ECAM_EMER_CANCEL_Cover=SET 6=L:S_ECAM_ENGINE=SET 7=L:S_ECAM_BLEED=SET 8=L:S_ECAM_CAB_PRESS=SET 9=L:S_ECAM_ELEC=SET 10=L:S_ECAM_HYD=SET 11=L:S_ECAM_FUEL=SET 12=L:S_ECAM_APU=SET 13=L:S_ECAM_COND=SET 14=L:S_ECAM_DOOR=SET 15=L:S_ECAM_WHEEL=SET 16=L:S_ECAM_FCTL=SET 17=L:S_ECAM_ALL=SET 18=L:S_ECAM_CLR_LEFT=SET 19=L:S_ECAM_CLR_RIGHT=SET 20=L:S_ECAM_STATUS=SET 21=L:S_ECAM_RCL=SET 22=L:I_ECAM_EMER_CANCEL=SET 23=L:I_ECAM_APU=SET 24=L:I_ECAM_BLEED=SET 25=L:I_ECAM_CLR_LEFT=SET 26=L:I_ECAM_CLR_RIGHT=SET 27=L:I_ECAM_COND=SET 28=L:I_ECAM_DOOR=SET 29=L:I_ECAM_ELEC=SET 30=L:I_ECAM_ENGINE=SET 31=L:I_ECAM_FCTL=SET 32=L:I_ECAM_FUEL=SET 33=L:I_ECAM_HYD=SET 34=L:I_ECAM_CAB_PRESS=SET 35=L:I_ECAM_STATUS=SET 36=L:I_ECAM_WHEEL=SET You can recopy it and put in notepad++ It works so you could easily use the same Macro with your CDU2 without use linda. like this F320_CDU2.mcro [Macros] 1=L:S_CDU2_KEY_DIR=SET 2=L:S_CDU2_KEY_PROG=SET 3=L:S_CDU2_KEY_PERF=SET 4=L:S_CDU2_KEY_INIT=SET 5=L:S_CDU2_KEY_DATA=SET 6=L:S_CDU2_KEY_FPLN=SET 7=L:S_CDU2_KEY_RAD_NAV=SET 8=L:S_CDU2_KEY_FUEL=SET 9=L:S_CDU2_KEY_SEC=SET 10=L:S_CDU2_KEY_ATC_COM=SET 11=L:S_CDU2_KEY_MENU=SET 12=L:S_CDU2_KEY_AIRPORT=SET 13=L:S_CDU2_KEY_ARROW_UP=SET 14=L:S_CDU2_KEY_ARROW_DOWN=SET 15=L:S_CDU2_KEY_PREVPAGE=SET 16=L:S_CDU2_KEY_NEXTPAGE=SET 17=L:S_CDU2_KEY_DOT=SET 18=L:S_CDU2_KEY_MINUS=SET 19=L:S_CDU2_KEY_SPACE=SET 20=L:S_CDU2_KEY_SLASH=SET 21=L:S_CDU2_KEY_OVFLY=SET 22=L:S_CDU2_KEY_CLEAR=SET 23=L:S_CDU2_KEY_DEL=SET 24=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK1L=SET 25=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK2L=SET 26=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK3L=SET 27=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK4L=SET 28=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK5L=SET 29=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK6L=SET 30=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK1R=SET 31=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK2R=SET 32=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK3R=SET 33=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK4R=SET 34=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK5R=SET 35=L:S_CDU2_KEY_LSK6R=SET 36=L:S_CDU2_KEY_A=SET 37=L:S_CDU2_KEY_B=SET 38=L:S_CDU2_KEY_C=SET 39=L:S_CDU2_KEY_D=SET 40=L:S_CDU2_KEY_E=SET 41=L:S_CDU2_KEY_F=SET 42=L:S_CDU2_KEY_G=SET 43=L:S_CDU2_KEY_H=SET 44=L:S_CDU2_KEY_I=SET 45=L:S_CDU2_KEY_J=SET 46=L:S_CDU2_KEY_K=SET 47=L:S_CDU2_KEY_L=SET 48=L:S_CDU2_KEY_M=SET 49=L:S_CDU2_KEY_N=SET 50=L:S_CDU2_KEY_O=SET 51=L:S_CDU2_KEY_P=SET 52=L:S_CDU2_KEY_Q=SET 53=L:S_CDU2_KEY_R=SET 54=L:S_CDU2_KEY_S=SET 55=L:S_CDU2_KEY_T=SET 56=L:S_CDU2_KEY_U=SET 57=L:S_CDU2_KEY_V=SET 58=L:S_CDU2_KEY_W=SET 59=L:S_CDU2_KEY_X=SET 60=L:S_CDU2_KEY_Y=SET 61=L:S_CDU2_KEY_Z=SET 62=L:S_CDU2_KEY_1=SET 63=L:S_CDU2_KEY_2=SET 64=L:S_CDU2_KEY_3=SET 65=L:S_CDU2_KEY_4=SET 66=L:S_CDU2_KEY_5=SET 67=L:S_CDU2_KEY_6=SET 68=L:S_CDU2_KEY_7=SET 69=L:S_CDU2_KEY_8=SET 70=L:S_CDU2_KEY_9=SET 71=L:S_CDU2_KEY_0=SET 72=L:S_CDU2_KEY_ARROW_LEFT=SET 73=L:S_CDU2_KEY_ARROW_RIGHT=SET and you assigned every buttons of your CDU1 try it if you want more help do not hesitate send me a personal message and we could discuss about it; Regards from France Maclaw
  10. HI Niall I sent you my files 😀 Regards from France Maclaw
  11. Many thanks Andrew for the time you spent on this superb software Linda. I wish you the best for future. Regards from France 🥰
  12. Good Morning Fiirst big thanks to ScotFlieger (Andrew) for this software Linda which is the best I known Many thanks also to Pete and Joe Downson you created the best addon a long time ago for flight simulators FSX And today MSFS2020 🙂 I would like to share a profile, I modified with an existing profile created by Andrew and Gunter for CRJ plane. I have only modify LVars. It is not perfect but it allows to recognize functions and attribute to yours joysticks I am not a soft programmeur so there are a lot of errors. But to test LVars I am using FSUIPC7 works perfectly. My material Oldest VR INSIGHT MCP COMBO 1 CDU2 (nice to add in Linda) CDU1 Oldest not in Linda but works with FSUIPC7 with in particular Macro And all of my others Joysticks are recognized with Still 🙂 FSUIPC7 PERFECT🥰 What is the solution to paste my file it seems that it is not possible or i do not have understood the method? Is it necessary to copy the code with note pad++ but it is long or i can put my file attached? Many thanks Regards from France -- Aircraft: Aerosoft ATR72-600 -- Version: 0.0 -- Date: Jun 2020 -- Author: Maclaw from CRJ Andrew Gransden / Gunter Steiner -- ## System functions ## I read this post but not understand it sorry
  13. Do-you agree that you cannot use buttons without MSFS2020 launched
  14. HI Crokybird Many thanks for your sharing merci beaucoup
  15. Many thanks Dave for your explanation. To complete my request Do-you think that it will be complicated to add some ATC instructions during TOD as you made with TOC?. Or perhaps it is not realist. I see an advantage for beginners pilots to know when to descend and not forget it. im my cas I use some phrase as report or information to ATC and it answer to me it is a little more immersive perhaps not realistic. UnInterruptAudio in OnTTSWavePlaybackStopped SugRes:~ Descend and Maintain Flight Level One Niner Zero Easy India Victor Oscar InterruptAudio in SayItSpeak- Phrase: Descend and Maintain Flight Level One Niner Zero Easy India Victor Oscar
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