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  1. ok, so what?? Are all users who, for example, still use the FSLabs Airbus abandoned? In my opinion, this was a very disrespectful choice towards those who are your customers and still use and will use everything except fs2020 for a long time... It is clear that p3d should not be the priority, but stop updates without the possibility of having others update is just shameful!
  2. Try this 😊 https://edi-gla.co.uk/site/index
  3. Good morning Bryan and thank you for answering! As for the bug, I'm sure the sequence is this: "Okay" (FO) - "Securing the aircraft please" (CPT) instead it should be: "Securing the aircraft please" (CPT) - "Okay" (FO) Then I have another request that I forgot to write: Is it possible to remove (or insert an entry in the config page) where the first officer does not say "packs are on" after turning on the second pack? Apart from that I find this call a bit unrealistic, the problem arises if you take off in CONF2 or CONF3, if you ask the first officer to pull up the flaps in CONF1 for example, the latter does nothing until he completes the activation of the packs and says "packs are on".
  4. Hello everyone! 😊 As the title suggests, I wanted to know if it was possible to add a few things: 1- Yesterday, during a Touch & Go session (button control) I realized that it is possible to turn off the FD and the TRK/FPA activated by the first officer. Is it possible to add this step in a non-precision approach? I have also thought about the RNAV approaches, but I don't remember exactly whether the FD must be deactivated when the AP is disconnected, or in the RNP APP expect the FMA to change from FINAL APP to HDG / VS. It would be more convenient to have the first officer do everything while maybe you are engaged in a demanding Non-precision, such as the RNAV-G RWY33 of Reggio Calabria .. (LICR πŸ˜†) 2- Is it possible to further extend the time between "STAND UP", "THRUST SET" and "GO" during T&G? Yesterday doing everything in a hurry but the call THRUST SET was made when the CFM was still at 60%.. 😞 3- It is possible to add an option for ferry flights where the call to the flight attendants is omitted and also the various "CABIN CREW? ADVISED?" in the checklists are they removed? 4- The bug: When you ask to secure the Airbus during the last sector, at the request from the captain to turn off everything, first the FO replies "OK" and then you hear the CPT say "SECURING THE AIRCRAFT PLEASE" so, I think it's a bit 'wrong. Sorry for the long textπŸ˜†
  5. The problem you mentioned usually happened to me when I still had the old pc and the fps were low .. Also try to increase the refresh rate of the displays to 70fps from the Airbus option on the MCDU .. It helped me! :)
  6. Hi Bryan! I select visual pattern 😁 Cheers! :)
  7. Hi Bryan! :) I wanted to know if you noticed that the first officer during the touch and go is a bit buggy, the landing checklist (button control) remains on the landing memo item, when touching on the runway he/she says "go, thrust set" with the engines at idle..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… Thanks in advance! :D
  8. The new update is only for p3d v5? Because for a performance reason I use an old version of fslabs Airbus and P3D (.266 / P3D 4.2) πŸ˜‚
  9. Hi! Unfortunately I believe that my pc will not be suitable for p3d v5. I currently use FS2Crew with an old version of the Airbus, the .266 on p3d v4.2. In the event of future updates, will it still be possible to use FS2Crew on old versions? Thanks in advance. :D
  10. Thank's for the reply! How to do that? I didn't noticed that!😱😱
  11. Hello everyone! I want to ask one thing: is it possible in the next updates to add different alternatives to the turnaround time? Example, Easyjet if I remember correctly it has 20 minutes of transit .. And often I finish preparing the plane well before 35 minutesπŸ˜† Thanks in advance!
  12. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I'll check the mouse macro, I didn't know that the clock switch was present in the mouse macro πŸ™‚
  13. Hi guys, I found small errors, in version 1.4, the first officer no longer stops the elapse time in the clock after shutdown the engine, moreover, when I turn off the engines after a flight the FO changes the range in both NDs. Can these small bugs be fixed in the next version? Regards! πŸ™‚
  14. Thank you very much Bryan for adding the new autobrake option. Now on long runway I can leave it off! Long life to Fs2crew! πŸ™‚
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