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  1. I doubt you'll get an answer here. Why don't you just take a screenshot, and use a color picker on it?
  2. Classic example of video card overheating.
  3. Normally you'd only turn it off at the end of the day.
  4. ​ That's a good start. Try hand flying as much as practical. It's not necessarily simism and some pilots do hit the CMD button as soon as 400' AGL. ​ You don't really need to know your arrival and runway when preflighting your flightplan in the FMC. These things can change. I leave them blank unless it's a very short flight, or if I need an accurate fuel estimate. In fact, for fun you can pretend to receive a new arrival when you're near your destination and reprogram it! ​ ​Weights are weights. 127.1 ZFW is 127.1 thousand pounds. It doesn't matter if it's mostly pax and some cargo, or mostly cargo and no pax. (Realistically, more pax would make a warmer cabin and is more demanding to the PACKS, but... whatever). Try starting the clock prior to your take off run and stop it when you're vacating for that extra line pilot realism. I mostly use my imagination on what I might see. Maybe today the APU is inop, so I'll start #2 at the gate and then crossbled start after the pushback. Runway change, gate change. A simism is that everything has to go according to plan. Not always! Try changing something and see how you deal with it! Yes, those are good examples, too. And speaking of "overly accurate", try loading a slightly different weight than you planned. If PFPX tells me my ZFW is 127.1, I might load 126.8 or 127.3 in the sim.
  5. In the NG, Boeing recommends that if you're flying manually outside of thrust referenced phases (takeoff, thrust ref climbs, descends), you should disconnect the autothrottle! AP off = AT off. ​ According to the Boeing 737-NG Flight Crew Training Manual (FCTM), autothrottle use was recommended during takeoff and climb in either automatic or manual flight. During all other phases of flight, autothrottle use was recommended, "only when the autopilot is engaged." [source] (why is it filed under About>Employment section of the NTSB?) ​If I remember correctly, this is the opposite of the 777. ​ ​But as for if the plane can fly and land with AP off and AT on: yes, absolutely.
  6. Hmm... because PMDG doesn't have any engines? ​ ​ :Applause: ​
  7. To find out if you should be able to see the engines seems trivial to me: create a faithfully accurate 3D model of the aircraft (which PMDG has done), then place the camera in the flightdeck looking back, and see what it looks like. ​ ​Anyone can try this out. You can even get a finished model to play around with: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-model/737-600/
  8. Thanks for the steps. I'm new to XPX and still learning its process!
  9. Well, of course without RTH there's no horizon band (as expected), but I lose the realistic blue tinting. Google Earth's implementation is one of the best and I'm trying to replicate it in either P3D or XPX. But XPX has RTH which gets me pretty close... except for the banding. Here's an example from Google Earth: Can you please post a screen shot from high altitude? I don't have SMP yet but if it's convincing enough...
  10. Thanks for the advice, guys. I already have DSF extended so I guess no RTH it is!
  11. No one seems to know... X-Plane eludes me again!
  12. Can someone please help me remove this grey band on the horizon? My RTH settings are as shown. ​ ​ ​ ​ I don't see this in any other XP screen shots and RTH examples!
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