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  1. I doubt you'll get an answer here. Why don't you just take a screenshot, and use a color picker on it?
  2. So, what would happen if you try this in PSX?
  3. There's a famous set of training videos on a famous 747 forum that specifically address flying the circuit (pitch, power, datum). The videos were made for that particular sim so I think it's etiquette that I don't link it here. Not hard to find... however :wink:
  4. Great news, Armen! This was one of the last things that for a long time I had secretly wished for. Along with the curved CRT and the bouncing MCP digits. Looks like you guys got it all. ​ ​I remember this sound feature was one of the things that was "laughed" at as a request back in the 747v1 days... along with the weather radar. "FSX limitations", they'd always say!
  5. New features... like does the engine sound finally fades away and gets drowned out by the wind noise as you climb higher into the thinner air? :Big Grin: Presently 90% N1 sounds the same on the ground and at 30000 ft... in any sim and plane :He He:
  6. Kyle, I was able to get the clock to work, but only by setting the plane to sit at SCIP, with absolutely every slider to the left and no weather. Not much of a fix, in the sense that now there's not much use of the sim but at least now I can see what is happening. I can't be the only one with an occasionally overloaded sim though. Does no one else get this when the frames rate fall into the teens? Or am I the only one that noticed this? Anyway, I also just got this from my support ticket this very evening... "It'll be fixed in the next 777 update - we found a fix while developing the 747. I don't have an ETA on when that might come though - it'll definitely be after the 747's release as that's the main focus right now." Maybe I'll look into getting a GTX 1070 to get the 777 to work while I wait for the 747 and the fix...
  7. Hi Kyle. Is it possible that there is another/different underlying cause? I've timed it with a fresh installation of P3D and 777. The clocks still drift but the sim was running smooth as silk.
  8. Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I was wondering if the handful of you guys that had this problem finally fixed this? I've had a ticket open since January but no conclusions from the support team yet? Is installing Win 10 really the only way to solve this? I'm on 3.2.3 now and still getting clock lags. I timed another default plane's timer and their clock worked perfectly... only the 777 is lagging/drifting.
  9. Classic example of video card overheating.
  10. I think I'm going to officially talk to support because this seems like a pretty atypical problem, but here's a demostration of my installtion between FSXSE and P3Dv3: ​ ​ ​ ​Same setup, same addons, same airport.
  11. No ASUS here. Additionally, I tested the 773 in FSX-SE and the clock/chrono synced perfectly. I let it run for over an hour and it was only off by a second. In P3Dv3 however it was already 2 minutes slower within real 30 minutes (28 minutes on the airplane's clock after running for 30 real minutes). And it doesn't always happen though. If I load the 773 at default airport and default weather the clock seems to run fine. I'm still running tests with different add on combos to see which one makes the time run slow.
  12. Are there any new information about this problem? P3D's clock seems fine and in sync with my computer's clock. But PMDG's clock is definitely slower. I timed it and in real 60 seconds PMDG's time was only 21 seconds. This delayed clock affects everything on the plane. Even the loading initialization time takes longer. I'm also running P3D v3, 773, Win 7. Win 10 is not an option for me.
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