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  1. Exact same issue, although plenty of traffic in the air and in the sourinding airports. Any idea what might cause that?
  2. Exactly, though in normal mode on the PMDG, when actuating the ALTN Pitch Trim Levers, there's also an elevator deflection. So in Normal Mode, I would assume that the ALTN Pitch Trim Levers send some kind of signal to the PFC to command this elevator deflection.
  3. I made all the tests in flight, as on the ground, moving the pitch trim switches on the control wheel or the alternate pitch trim levers would only result in a stabilizer motion.
  4. Hello, I was studying the Flight Control part of the FCOM and I asked myself a question. The Alternate Pitch Trim Levers are linked to both STCM via control cables. Therefore, I would assume that the actions on the levers bypass the PFCs and ACEs to be directly transmitted to the STCM. In Normal Mode, moving the Pitch Trim Switches on the control wheel sends a signal to the PFCs, which will change the Trim Reference Speed and send the adequate data to the ACEs. The ACEs will then command an elevator deflection, followed by a stabilizer movement to “streamline” the elevator, for it to return to neutral position. This elevator deflection is calculated by PFCs. The Alternate Pitch Trim Levers being directly linked to the STCMs, I thought that moving the Alternate Pitch Trim Levers in Normal Mode would only move the stabilizer. Thought it doesn’t appear to be the case. When testing this in the PMDG, while observing the FCTL page, I noticed that in Normal Mode, moving the ALTN Pitch Trim Levers had the same actions than if I had moved the control wheel Pitch Trim Switches: first an elevator motion, then a stabilizer motion to streamline the elevator. How is this elevator deflection calculated? In Normal Mode, are the Alternate Pitch Trim Levers linked in any way to the PFCs? Maybe I’m considering this with the wrong point of view, if someone could enlighten me I’d be grateful. Thanks in advance, Malo
  5. Hello, I would like to use two hats to control pan, one being on my yoke and the other being on the device I use as Steering Tiller. Is there any way to do that with ChasePlane ? Thanks in Advance, Malo
  6. Hi, So I'm a AI Traffic user/lover using P3D V4... I was using AI Controller V2 on P3D V3 and it was working great, making my AI experience amazing. Unfortunately, it has not been (and will probably never be) updated for V4... Therefore my crazy unpredicatble AI is back :(. I am looking foward to this product, and will buy it on day 1! Good luck :)
  7. So sad that this great product isn't fully compatible with V4... This amazing product had changed the way I used FlightSim... Roland, please come back
  8. I had the same issue using the FSLabs 320, coupled with some flickering...
  9. Hello, I'm running the last version of P3D V3. I've been using ChasePlane for some month now and never had any issues... until today. Since the v0.2.5.4 update, the zoom is not handled by Chaseplane anymore and zooming through ChasePlane has no effect on the simulator. The only way I can zoom in/out is by using the p3d default controls. The same happens for the saved cam position : the zoom stays the one set via the P3D default controls. Please help me... Thank you in advance, Malo
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