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  1. Sorry for not updating this post turns out this issue is caused by entering range rings in the fix page, confirmed by PMDG.
  2. Hello everyone, I was flying a flight on vatsim and the controller requested that I cross waypoint RIVET at time 0809 and at 250 knots. Inputting the hard 250 knot restriction was easy but couldn't figure out how to cross the waypoint at a certain time without using RTA, which doesn't work currently in the NGX. Luckily I am scheduled to cross the waypoint at the correct time. However, is there any other way to comply with this request seeing as some airlines don't use/have RTA on their aircraft? Thanks in advance
  3. If you want to find the latest PACOTS you can find them here: https://pilotweb.nas.faa.gov/PilotWeb/noticesAction.do?queryType=PACIFICTRACKS&formatType=ICAO
  4. no problem with latest drivers with gtx 970.
  5. Yeah I'm interested to see what performance updates have been implemented as well
  6. No this is normal so you can maintain the 250 knot restriction below 10000 ft. 240 is there just to make sure if theres a gust of wind you don't bust the 250kt restriction.
  7. Ok so reporting back I've put absolutely everything on lowest settings in P3D and with no addons except ASN and PMDG 737 my FPS in the VC was 45. However in the outside view it was over 200. I honestly think we won't be seeing over 60 fps in the VC of any complex aircraft unless they find a way for the clickspots to not affect the FPS,
  8. I am experiencing the same thing as you. Virtual cockpits in advanced aircraft like the PMDG 777 or 737 will lower the framerate in VC view because of the sheer number of clickspots in the cockpit. However, this afternoon I am going to test what I get on lowest settings and see what I can get and report back. Usually with my settings I get stable 40fps but I want to see what I can get on minimum
  9. I've tried fsrealtime but found that it wasn't that good. If you have registered FSUIPC theres a setting in there that keeps the minutes and seconds in sync, when you start your flight match your UTC of the sim to the UTC on your computer and you should be good to go
  10. yeah would be cool to do this but I don't think it would be in a .cfg file though.
  11. Hello everyone, I am not really looking to do this but wanted to know if it was possible. Kind of like a proof-of-concept. My question is, is it possible to run P3D at a stable 60FPS when in the Virtual Cockpit of a PMDG 737 or 777? At the moment I have no problem pulling this in the outside view of these aircraft with a 4690k and a GTX 970. However I am wondering if it is possible with a much more powerful machine to get these sorts of framerates in the virtual cockpit view. What are your thoughts?
  12. Is there a way to update the native P3D navdata?
  13. in v3 optimize parts is turned on by default
  14. Did another flight yesterday afternoon and no frame drops, no idea what is causing it.
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