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  1. Hey guys, I managed my second successful flight. This is the first time in basically 1 year that I've managed to do 2 long flights in a row without a CTD. I did the whole ANZ2 run (NZAA-KLAX, 12 hrs, KLAX-EGLL, 10 hours) without issue. The solution for me is to not use any pop-up. I am very pleased. I didn't attempt to use the pop-up FMC so I haven't figured out if the issue is with the PFD or all displays yet, but for me, using no pop-up displays seems to have solved my kernelbase.dll CTD. Once again this was not a VAS issue, see Rob's post above. Thanks for all your suggestions! I do use GSX and I have not attempted to remove it, perhaps the issue is GSX+Pop-up panels as someone pointed out? I'd have to test. Thanks,
  2. No problem! I always disregarded the people talking about pop-up panels as I wasn't getting MSVCR120.dll crashes either.. but after attempting no panels, I completed my 12 hour flight with no issue, and that's quite rare. Maybe a coincidence, I'll have to try again (tomorrow night), but for now it's looking promising.
  3. I am not sure to be honest. I've only done 1 successful long real-time flight (as mentioned above) so far without using pop-ups. My crash was almost always a kernelbase.dll crash. It was very rarely a ntdll.dll, and even more rarely a MSVCR120.dll crash. So to the person above asking (Jockos), even if it makes no sense, try using no pop-up panels at all and see what happens.
  4. Hi Robert, Thank you very much for taking the time to explain. I wish I would have posted this earlier this morning, but happily, I think I've finally come to a conclusion, and it makes sense with what you said: It's to do with the pop-up panels. I had always ignored people telling me to "not use the panels", because I thought they meant the sim would crash as soon as I opened the panels... which it didn't. It always crashed at a random time while I was away from my PC. However I was using the pop-ups pretty much every flight, either to get a nice window view + PDF or to use the FMC. I retried my NZAA-KLAX flight with the new B747 (about 12hrs of flight) last night. I didn't touch any pop-up panel. I made it to the other side without a crash or a single hitch! Once again I had well over 1GB of VAS left. Everything went well. This is the first time I've managed to fly for more than 7 hours real-time (no time compression) without getting a crash in several MONTHS. I am very pleased. I had the same problem with the B777, which had frustrated me and eventually made me stop wanting to use it (haven't flown it in about 5 months). I was annoyed when I saw the B744 had the same problem. But now that I know what's causing it, I can work around it, which is great. I don't know if what you just posted had been made clear elswhere (maybe I missed it?) but it certainly helps clear everything up. I understand the issue with the Big Company.. I don't see what could be done either. I was too lazy/didn't feel like testing one individual pop-up to see which one/ones are causing the issue; I just used none on my flight. It isn't too annoying of a workaround, as I have simserver and use an iPad as FMC anyway. Once again thank you very much for explaining all this! I hope PMDG & Lockheed come to some kind of agreement one day, or that the problem gets fixed by accident as you said. Regards,
  5. I am indeed using the shift-8/9 commands when in external views, occasionally. Perhaps this is the culprit after all, I assume those shortcuts call the pilot PFD screens. I'll try without! Thanks for the idea.
  6. Thanks for everyone's input. This is not the same issue as the "VAS leak caused by NVIDIA drivers", as far as I'm concerned. When I first installed the PMDG747, I was getting a major VAS leak but that problem was easily solved by downgrading to older Nvidia drivers. I'm still on the outdated drivers. This is a separate issue, it's an issue that's been going on for months/years. It seems very hard to pinpoint as some people get it but many people don't get it. There are posts both here and on the P3D forums about it. It seems that the sim crashes after 4-5 hours of flight, only when using a PMDG airplane. I still have a ton of VAS left, it's not a VAS problem, and sadly it almost always points to kernellbase.dll so it's hard to debug. For now my "workaround" has been simply to use time compression. I personally am not a fan of time compression, I've always liked doing it realtime, but it really appears the sim crashes after 4-5 hours of *real time* so using time compression (then auto-pausing if needed) prevents the crash. Its a odd situation, I'm sure one day someone will figure it out but man, this is weird!! Thanks for your help everyone.
  7. Any update on this? Last night I got my first ever CTD with the PMDG 747, and it was exactly the same I used to get with the 777; a crash, about 4-5 hours into a flight, with well over 1GB of VAS left, saying "P3D has stopped working" and pointing to either ntdll.dll or kernelbase.dll (this time it was kernelbase). A few months ago I had tested using a default aircraft and unlimited fuel, and had stopped the test after flying in a straight line for over 20 hours or so. It must be some kind of addon combination. Thanks
  8. Thanks folks!! Should be another set in a few days...
  9. Hey guys, Another B747 flight with the Virgin livery. Follow up to this thread's flight. Started in London as VIR19. Yes this flight is normally a Virgin America A320 flight, I know, but I'm having fun with the B744. I'll probably fly it back to London next, directly from PHNL. Here's the full photo set, as usual, highlights below. Gate A5 in KSFO All set and ready for PHNL Climbing over San Francisco Cruise... Approaching Hawaii.. oddly enough, this is my first time ever near Hawaii in a flight sim, after over 12+ years of simming Giving myself a left downwind to save 2 minutes even though I might be heading into terrain eventually *I have no clue what I'm doing* On final for 08L now I absolutely love this last shot: Hope you enjoyed!! System: -i5 2500k @ 4.7GHZ but actually no, reduced to 4.5GHZ after a CTD midflight lol -16GB DDR3 RAM -GTX 970 @ 1080p -P3D running off a 250GB Samsung EVO SSD Addons used: -P3DV3.4 -Active Sky Next -REX 4 Texture direct -FS Real Time -GSX -EZDok 1.18.7 beta -ReShade 2.0 -Flight Beam KSFO HD -FreeMeshX North America -PMDG 747 v3
  10. Thanks to everyone for the comments! It was my first flight sim flight in months, glad it still looks this good. I didn't check the framerate, but it seemed to be as good or better as before with the B777.. nothing special. It ran well enough, especially considering I reduced my OC from 4.7 to 4.5 lately after some issues. I'd say it's pretty good! KSFO is more recent that the UK2000 EGLL as far as I can tell, but they both look amazing. HA!! Yes, the main reason I've always "loved" this flight, especially with the B744, is because of that old ITVV video with Mr. Carter. Good catch!! Virge' 19.
  11. Hey guys, First full flight with the PMDG 747 v3!! Decided to redo my old classic, VIR19 I used to fly in X-Plane 7 years and years ago. Here's the full set. A lot of screenshots taken as this was my first time with the new 747. Parked at EGLL stand 546... Taxi to 27R Early morning takeoff from 27R Off we go!! Above the soup Nice view... Over an icy area Starting descent near SFO Turning final 28L All done, gate A5 Hope you enjoyed!! System: -i5 2500k @ 4.7GHZ but actually no, reduced to 4.5GHZ after a CTD midflight lol -16GB DDR3 RAM -GTX 970 @ 1080p -P3D running off a 250GB Samsung EVO SSD Addons used: -P3DV3.4 -Active Sky Next -REX 4 Texture direct -FS Real Time -GSX -EZDok 1.18.7 beta -ReShade 2.0 -Flight Beam KSFO HD -UK2000 EGLL Extreme v.3 -FreeMeshX North America -PMDG 747 v3
  12. Hey, Just want to confirm this and say thanks. I'm currently doing my first "full trip" with the new 747; EGLL-KSFO. I realised that I had almost no VAS left after reaching cruise. I haven't used P3D in months so maybe something is broken, I thought.. I saved and reloaded the flight. I had about 1.8GB free (FSUIPC) upon reloading. Flew for about 20 minutes (cruise only, no airports to load in) and returned to find I had 0.6GB left. This didn't make sense! I found your post, downgraded my NVIDIA drivers to the same version you suggested, reloaded my flight, and now it seems to be fluctuating between 1.6-1.7GB VAS available, after over 45 minutes in cruise Thank you very much! Weird glitch, but the workaround is quite simple. Phil H
  13. Indeed, this cannot be a solution. I only started doing this after "giving up", I couldn't find a solution and I wanted to complete flights.. I'm sure a solution will be found one day. It's a bit odd, many people don't have this issue but it seems more and more people have it. To be continued...
  14. Hey all, If this can be of any use to you, I have the same problem. Well, I'll say I had the same problem, as I haven't flown in a few months. I participated in a few long threads both here and on the P3D forums, but a solution was never found. I'll post links to the threads later, if requested. Basically what I had found out is that the problem is/was "actual time" based, and in PMDG airplanes only. I did a test, flew a default aircraft with autopilot and unlimited fuel in a straight line... I quit after 24hrs, the sim hadn't crashed. However, flying the PMDG777 would crash the sim after a few hours (4-8 I'd say). Workaround was simply to use time compression all the time. Make sure my total sim time was as low as it could. I'd take off, set max time compression in the FMC as soon as possible, and then return later (with the flight auto-paused, most of the time). This was the only way I could do long haul flights without getting a random non-VAS CTD. Hope this was somewhat useful.
  15. Mini update: I haven't tried a long-haul realtime flight in ages, but if I use the PMDG's built in "auto-cruise" time compression, my sim does not crash. It's like P3D couldn't bare staying open and running for 7hrs, but if the sim is auto paused at TOD (thus only "running" for 2 hours, being paused for 5hrs until I return to it), it works. I would have to try a real time long flight to see if I still have the issue.. Just an idea for those at loss! Phil
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