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  1. Hi Martin, I know this sounds far-fetched, but what pricing range will Dovetail Flight School and Simulator be in? Any faint idea?
  2. Thanks a lot for your inputs guys! I'll try them out.
  3. Hi guys, So whenever I'm over a significantly big mass of water, and I look straight or below, my FPS drops down by more than half (while if I look up to the sky my fps increases to 29-30fps Locked.) I had REXTextureDirect installed before this so I thought it may have caused this, but after reverting to default waters, the problem still persists. I also have DX10 fixer installed, should I mess with those settings also. Thanks!
  4. Basically for me ; VATSIM for USA and Australia, IVAO for rest of the world.
  5. I actually had the same exact problem. My solution was to upgrade to DX10 and use Steve's DX10 fixer. By setting AA through his application, my pictures come perfect :smile:
  6. I don't know what y'all are getting excited about. Some shoes arrived in the post is all ~ Aimee Thanks Aimee ..... Really helpful !
  7. Air France 274, Flying Charles-De-Gaulle -- Tokyo Haneda, F-GSPU.
  8. Some Dusk shots during my short haul from Doha to Dubai. Aircraft PMDG 737-800NGX Sim: FSX Steam Enhancements: ENB Thanks :smile:
  9. Thanks a lot Kyle! , I had seen it already, thought it would only work with Aerosoft DVDs, then it struck to me that Aerosoft distribute these. Silly me Thanks once again!
  10. So the question is how does a disc user update to SP1D? Mind you Here I'm talking about a website called flight4fantasy who re-sells the PMDG Aircrafts. One of my friends bought it from their physical store. Thus he is in a state of confusion on how to upgrade to 1d and obtain the Operations Center as he is very fond of the Poseidon . Hope there is a way . He has the original discs btw. Thanks in advance!
  11. I thought I was the only one who plans my flight
  12. In simple words SBuilderX doesn't zoom in more than 12 ( Google Satellite) . I'm working on a scenery for VOBL btw. And yes I have the latest plugin for google.
  13. Count me in then Name : Sidhant Vaidya Aircraft : A2A Cessna 182 VT-BOA
  14. What's the date? I would like to know so that I can see if I'm free to fly. Thanks!
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