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  1. Hi everyone. I have a 3d model of the Seversky P35/ AT12 Guardsman. i got from a friend. I do not know anything about modding and was hoping since i have the model. I could find someone who could bring it to FSX and P3D. The model will be freeware. so everyone can enjoy it. If anyone can help and take the project please PM me and i will send you the model. The AT12 Guardsman is the last remaining model of this plane that is 100% and flyable. And can be found at the Planes of Fame air Museum in Chino California. Thanks. Craig. Here are some picts of the P35 and AT12. P35 AT12
  2. Hey guys. Some of you may remember me and Amanda my daughter. We are back. Mandy will still be using my log in until she decides to get her own account. You may have been wondering why i just stop coming into the forums. Well here is why. Last year while i was on the road. My daughter and fiancee was at home during a home invasion. Amanda was hurt pretty bad, and spent a week in the hospital. My fiancee was not so lucky. She fought off the burglars as best she could trying to protect Amanda and our home. In he process she was shot 5 times. Katie died in route to the hospital. I was such an emotional wreck from loosing her, that i stopped playing FSX and even stopped going on the computer. and focused my attention on trying to find the people responsible for killing her. Once they were found and convicted. i turned my attention to work and just ran away burying my feelings in work. Amanda convinced me to return to FSX and spend time on the computer talking to her while she is at school. And she let me know it was time to get back to my life. So i am back, even though i am still fighting my feelings. No i am not over the loss completely. Craig. As for the Memorial flight. I will start working on a new flight to honor Tom, when i feel better about flying and we get away from so many airshows. I will get with the STAFF of AVSIM, to set up a perminate date to hold the flights.
  3. Ok time to Kick this again, and see if their is still some life in it. With the time that has passed. what are your thoughts about the modification and the real engine for the Goose.? Their should be some real good feedback by now.
  4. Thanks Jim. And thank you to the AVSIM staff for keeping Toms Legacy alive. And again thank you to MSFlights for their assistance with the flight, and to everyone who joined in. Next years flight. I will start planning in november, with links to sceneries and connections posted earlier, and the flight to take place at an earlier time. Craig.
  5. For all who took screenshots of their trip during this flight, you can upload the screens here. Thank you everyone who participated. the flight was great, and we had many members come and go. Screens by RyanJZ.
  6. Thanks to Trucker17 the second annual Tom Allensworth Memorial Flight is ready to Taxi Everything is set up and we are ready to go for this flight, the date will be Saturday April 9th, at 7PM. The airports are (KAVL) Asheville Regional Airport, (KTRI) Tri-Cities Regional Airport , (KROA) Roanoke–Blacksburg Regional Airport, (KCHO) Charlottesville–Albemarle Airport. aircraft, their will be private planes to WWII era fighters and bombers. (Or any aircraft that can safely take off and land at these airports. Flyby's and precision flights are welcome. We will be using SimLink software so that all platforms of FSX can fly together (such as classic, p3d, steam). If you need to set your system up with the systems we will be using before the flight, Please set it up and test it before the flight. Teamspeak Server address is ts3.msflights.net SimLink Quick start SIMCOM Auto Switch TS3 Channels using the Radio Stack This is all the information needed yo get simlink and Teamspeak for the flight We will also have a video available after the flight, and screenshots as well.For further details drop into the 2nd Annual Tom Allensworth Memorial Flight Forum
  7. So here is where you can suggest a route. The final destination will be his home airport, Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO) in CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. Also, here is where you can suggest a time and date for the flight. Tom Allensworth passed on April 4th. So I would like a date near this day for the flight. Last year we also had a variety of aircraft. Some were high performance WWII aircraft. We will have a variety of aircraft that can fly again. Only thing I would like to see is that any aircraft planning to fly into the KCHO airport be able to land safely. As suggestions are made we will take all of them into consideration and post a list of the final 3 airports which you the pilots will choose. The destination airport will be: The Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO) in CHARLOTTESVILLE VA. Coordinates: 38° 8′ 19.1″ N, 78° 27′ 10.3″ W Flight duration will depend on the suggestions given for starting points. Landings will be anytime after you arrive at CHO. So feel free to do flyby's, but please do not get in the way of aircraft landing or taking off. The date and time of the flight will also be one of the suggested date and times. My suggestions are: Oshkosh - Wittman Regional Airport 11AM EST on April 9th, 2016 Join in the planning and conversation by leaving a message in the Forum Topic.
  8. I think this sums it up for everyone here.....I know it does for me..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=l8_FqJcFRas
  9. Very sad News......And a very big loss to the sim community.....He will be missed.... Thank you Eric for letting us know......
  10. Aircraft I have flown in real life......Good post..... I have flown the C172, F4U Corsair, B25 Mitchell, and the PBY Catalina. Once I have my Grandfathers plane restored to flying condition I will be adding that one as well to my list. That plane is a 1939 Grumman G21 Goose.
  11. Thanks Jankees and Stormtrooper. I give it another try and see what I can do. Amanda
  12. Thank you Stormtrooper. I have some of them, I was hoping their was a paint kit, so I could do some custom paints myself. I don't know a lot about painting planes in FSX, I would like to have a couple of personal repaints for the B25. I'll make a new post, asking for help with painting over existing paints. I have tried a couple but the plane shows up black. I know its me and not FSX. But my work don't show up. My dad is even stumped on it.
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