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  1. The go-to weather engine for FS9 currently is FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW) https://www.pilots.shop/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=253b8b5c-0a91-4935-8d01-b3c70aee6034
  2. Hi, It does not seem to be working in P3D v3. With a default installation, no changes to the xml files and only the panel.cfg updated with the MIT entries, ingame MIT is showing zero funds (default value in global xml file is 500000. When clicking on 'Buy Used For', it only says (Wait), without anything happening. XMLtools for P3D are installed.
  3. Appreciate the effort! After you've finished India can you do a new mesh for Africa? :wink:
  4. This sounds like the registry entry for FS 2004 is missing in your Windows 10 registry, or it is pointing to a wrong directory. Try the Flight1 registry repair tool: http://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=library and report back. Edit: EditVoicepack is not using anything from FSUIPC, as it edits the simulators own voice file.
  5. The SDK is available from a subfolder in your FSX:SE directory. Then you need to create an exclusion zone using one of the available tools such as SbuilderX or FSXKML (with Google Earth).
  6. This would be the 'Leap Motion' stretch goal on the FlyInside Kickstarter page ... : Stretch Goal #1: Leap Motion - $20,000FlyInside FSX is 100% funded, but that doesn't mean that the Kickstarter is over or that future features are set in stone! Now announcing stretch goal #1: If FlyInside FSX reaches $20,000 I will add Leap Motion support! You'll be able to press buttons inside the cockpit with your fingers. You'll be able to activate pass-through and view your hands when you need to grab something on your physical desk. It'll even support interacting with the virtual windows inside the cockpit. This won't be a gimmick either. I'll be taking the time to make the implementation user-friendly, configurable, intuitive, and above all as useful as possible!
  7. Did you place the .dll in the modules folder of FSX?
  8. The developers mentioned that EDGE would theoretically be capable of utilizing a map the size of Earth. Populating this map would be a different matter, but the possibilities are there.
  9. For anyone interested in more GA traffic, I recommend trying the GA Traffic Generator: http://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/1671/fsx-ga-traffic/. It creates highly customisable traffic using the installed aircraft.
  10. In a perfect world they would use Outerra as engine and ditch MS Flight engine altogether. You're right that they are using an old (but nonetheless proven) system of creating scenery and planes.
  11. It is very serious. The thing that failed to attract users to MS Flight was the limited scenery that was there in the first place, next to the fact that there would have been no way for 3rd party developers to develop new stuff. Not one of the simmers who is into heavy metal will buy it if he or she will have to buy additional dlc's on day 1 just to get flying (assuming there will be heavy metal aircraft on day 1). The thing that let FSX stand out (and FS9, FS2002) was that the whole world was available. Americans could fly from american airports, Germans from German airports, Chinese from Chinese airport...
  12. Thx, I got it working. Turns out that flighttools saves the downloaded files temporarily on C:, and my C: drive was almost full.
  13. The makerwys.exe has to reside in the main FSX directory. If RC does not recognize the file, run it manually and copy the required files (after running makerwys) from the FSX main directory into the RC directory. Have a look at the RC folder for the files you would need: f4.csv, r4.csv Also keep in mind that makerwys produces an extra file that can be used by RC but that is not copied over to the RC folder automatically when running makerwys from within RC. Also, think about moving your Steam folder out of Program Files (x86) and e.g. directly on C:
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