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  1. The following settings have worked for me if anyone is interested panel.cfg [Window01] //Background_color=0,0,0 //size_mm=500,266 //visible=0 //ident=10010 //window_size= 0.317, 0.300 //window_pos= 0.525, 0.715 //no_luminous=1 //zorder=7 //gauge00=CarenadoG430_3D_PAC404!GNS430_nc1, 0,0,500,266 //gauge01=PAC404!ToggleCAR430, 64, 0,384, 32 //window_pos= 0.000, 0.000 position=8 window_size=0.3214, 0.2400 visible=0 zorder=2 ident=15431 gauge00=F1GNS!GNS430,0,0,100,100,UNIT1.POP window_pos= 0.000, 0.000 [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=513,513 texture=$Panel_1 //gauge00=CarenadoG430_3D_PAC404!GNS430_nc1, 0, 0,512,256 gauge00=F1GNS!GNS430, 0, 0,509,235,UNIT1.VC gauge01=PAC404!ToggleCAR430, 64,0, 256, 32
  2. Mine is random too I can get away with some flights just fine then get the error. same plane and add ons
  3. I am also affected by this. Immediately after the update to the fall creator 1709 build I started getting an error after some flight time that doesn't let me open any of the menu options in flight such as leaving flight, saving, display options, opening the kneeboard or any GPS options, etc.. including just closing the program with the X, basically anything outside of continuing to fly. Eventually it crashes the program out. Don't have the error off the top of my head but it gives me a cant create window issue. I have tried a clean windows (same build) and FSX-SE install and it still did the same.
  4. I know it is not native, but has anyone had any success integrating it into the VC? Using the RXP install and then converting it with the F1 tool gives you working buttons and popup but the screen is blank.
  5. I just purchased the aircraft and have the same issue with the DME. It doesn't let you manipulate the on/off switch on the DME, you can manipulate the white switch above however. Does anyone know if this has been fixed?
  6. Yeah it seems to be good at that range compared to some actual POHs i have found on the web. So its just a simulator trade off it seems, I am ok with that :)
  7. 1) Has anyone created anything that makes it easier to see the G/S indicator at night without turning on the flood lights and only using the panel lights its virtually black when only on panel lights for me (actually gets darker when you flip the switch). 2) I installed the optional Bernt Stolle Air file and I noticed that the Fuel Flow now doesn't really match up to where it should be for T/O at the different Field Elev. Its always low now, is that expected with the patch? 3) Does the decision height light work on Art. Horizon?
  8. I just picked up the 430 by flight 1 and would like to use it for my baron and f33 where do you get these installers I can't seem to find it ? I have fsx-se
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