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  1. FSX-SE

    I agree with everything you have said here but I will also add my own additional thoughts. At first I bought through Steam but I will never do that again, I will only purchase from the developer or a secondary supplier because I absolutely hate the fact that everything you purchase and install from Steam goes into a DLC folder and not into the typical folder that a normal install would - example, all the Steam add-on aircraft (and scenery) are in the Steam DLC folder with the Steam product number, if there was even a name associated with the product it would help to locate the aircraft (or scenery). Where as add-on aircraft as well as scenery installed from a developer or supplier get placed in there appropriate named folder in the aircraft or add-on scenery folders in FSX. Over the past year I have actually uninstalled Steam purchases and repurchased from either the developer or supplier for these reasons as well as the reasons stated above by Chock.
  2. Hi Greg, My two questions have already been asked but in case you missed them I will ask again... 1. Do you have to first uninstall FTX Trees before installing TerraFlora? 2. Are the correct trees placed in the appropriate regions, like example palm trees in Florida or Caribbean regions?
  3. Thanks Alex. I guess that puts me on hold for SIDS and STARS for a bit as I do not yet have FsAerodata or P3D. But you sure do have a great product in Little NavMap
  4. Little NavMap is a really great addition for flight simmers. I was just curious if it is possible to add SIDS & STARS as part of the route planning / navigation process?
  5. That used to be my time as well and I am using a SSD. I got tired of that so I decided to give up the eye candy that you get from ORBX. I no longer use Vector or Landclass and my load time is now 30 seconds to Max 1 minute depending on the airport. So it comes down to a personal preference - eye candy or better times, I find Global to be good enough along with ORBX Airports.
  6. Thanks again Alex for your help
  7. I have remove the flight plan as well as the procedure that was associated with the landing. However I cannot seem to get rid of the listing under the Procedure Tab in the Search Window https://photos.app.goo.gl/EXPIluHnBrY8gmNl2
  8. I have read the manual and have been trying experimentations to learn this great Little Navmap program. Two questions. 1. Is there and option to choose an approach that incorporates a holding pattern and have it displayed on the map? 2. Is there an option to choose Approach Charts that are saved as PDF files by right clicking on an airport?
  9. Thank you Alex I do appreciate your quick reply and knowledge. I am learning more and more about this great program.
  10. I am new to Little Navmap and I am trying to learn it. My question is that the exported flight plan seems to be missing waypoints as it only shows departing airport to arrival airport? When I import the file into my GTN750 it does not have the same waypoints as does the flight plan displayed on the Little Navmap route - see attached two files https://photos.app.goo.gl/QCSyeOZRRxBgESiP2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/1L2H2AOKICGmuCZ93
  11. Thanks Vic, I now have P3D loading with MSIAB, it actually was a setting in the associated RTSS (Riva Tuner Statistics Server) that when I unchecked it all was good. So for me my problem is behind me now - thanks to all.
  12. Thanks for your reply but I just found my problem and posted it...
  13. I just discovered my problem and have tested it out four times with the same results... I normally have MSI Afterburner running which increase ever so slight my GPU Clock Speed. I closed Afterburner and P3D opened no problem and everytime I turned Afterburner on P3D would not open. So now I know the problem but now it would be nice to know why and/or if there is a workaround for this as I do like the extra clock speed -- however, with P3D v4 maybe that is not needed.
  14. I have a similar problem and I have three times completely uninstalled using the P3D Uninstall document and have reinstalled three times and P3D v4 will not even load. Now I need to explain some background - the first time I installed P3D v4 everything worked perfectly. I used it for a couple days and thought I would like to try adding in one of my favorite 3rd party airports - well that was a dumb thing to do because after that P3D would not load. Yes I now realize I should not have done that but I figured I would just uninstall and reinstall and all would be good - well three tries later and it just does not load. The only error message I got during the install can be seen in the attached printscreen link and my response to the error message was the IGNORE button - https://goo.gl/photos/RzxYF7XuSA3cjvE79 Any help would be appreciated.