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  1. Not sure if this problem is just me or if it is an old problem - but I am having an awful time trying to figure out how to enter a flight plan route in the GNS430 in any of the Carenado aircraft. Now I must add that I have not used a GNS430 for a couple years as my default GPS is the GTN750. But I wanted to start using it just to keep my knowledge up for this GPS. My other thought was whether this problem has anything to do with the latest P3D v4.3 which is what I am using. My basic problem is that I cannot seem to get the entries into the GPS - example: CZBB - WC - HUH - KBLI I have read the manual and I have even checked out YouTube but when I try to do what is indicated the buttons/knobs just do not seem to function.
  2. Thanks Alex. Look forward to it. Little NavMap just keeps getting better and better.
  3. Little NavMap is absolutely the best and I would never fly without it as well as pre-flight flight planning. Alex - I wondered if there could be another export type created that would allow a Little NavMap flight plan to be exported to the AivlaSoft EFB2 in their native EFBR format? You have created so many other export/saving formats that I just wondered if efbr could also be added as an option.
  4. Dane Watson

    P3D v4.3 Individual Component Files

    I want to upgrade. I kinda thought that the Setup_Prepar3D.exe was the full install and did not think I would have to use it but wanted to be sure. Not sure why P3D includes it in with the individual component files. Thanks for your confirmation about this file.
  5. I have downloaded all 13 of the individual component files for the v4.3 updates rather than uninstalling and re-installing the full P3D file. I know I have to install by using the three main msi files - Install_Client.msi, Install_Content.msi, and Install_Scenery.msi. I am not sure what is supposed to be done with the Setup_Prepar3D.exe file and when. Can someone enlighten me on this please?
  6. Dane Watson

    F1GTN-Complete now working

    Yes - Import Flight Plan now works
  7. That was fast Alex - thanks. So I went into ADE and edited the airport to make it correct. It now only shows 07/25 in ADE. When I edit the ORBX-FTX bgl to only have the one runway, then compile it, and run another LNM Scenery Update, LNM still shows all three runways? Any suggestions?
  8. Hi Alex, I have sent you by email (hope I had the correct email address) as you requested the BGL files and a screenshot of the issue with CSK8 airport scenery. I never thought to check the Scenery Section of LNM until you just mentioned it. When I open the BGL files up in ADE I now see what the cause is. The Base BGL has two runways while the ORBX PNW file has the other problem - I think it is the PNW BGL that is causing LNM to show the issues??
  9. Hey Joel, good hearing from a neighbor. I live in White Rock. My home base airport for FSX and P3D is actually CZBB using the amazing airport scenery from Don Grovestine. Too bad CSK8 is going to close. I have actually flown ultralights out of there. Besides our comments above - do you also show the same problem with CSK8 as I do on Little NavMap?
  10. Well after a lot of research I have discovered this problem is just one of those - JUST LIVE WITH IT. The thing I do not understand is when you go to this airport and slew around at a higher altitude the runways that show in Little NavMap do not appear in FSX or P3D I even deleted the airport file and did a repair in P3D and FSX to see if the replaced airport file changes anything and then did a Scenery Library Update in Little NavMap but no change at all. Like I stated above - I WILL LIVE WITH IT.
  11. Thanks Gridley for your response. I should have noted that I did do the scenery library update for both FSX as well as P3D
  12. Running Little NavMap 1.8.5 with both FSX-SE and P3D v4.2 See link to screenshot (I do not know how to get the screenshot on the post). https://photos.app.goo.gl/yIHsfSm6FTx4yC6W2 This airport is near my home and in reality has always only had one runway 07/25 Both Plan-G and Little NavMap show 07/25 as well as 15/33 Little NavMap also has an additional runway shown as 36/18?? - where would this come from? Should I uninstall and re-install Little NavMap to fix this problem?
  13. Dane Watson

    Choosing Vehicle Issue

    Thanks Steve, I have not tried that. Yes, I always keep a copy of my control settings.
  14. Dane Watson

    Choosing Vehicle Issue

    Because it is not a Carenado issue. As I indicated it was fine before and I have not reinstalled this aircraft. However just to see if it was the aircraft I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it is still an issue.
  15. Dane Watson

    Choosing Vehicle Issue

    I am running P3D v4.2 with no issues other than this that started only a week ago and I can't seem to figure out what caused it. When I choose a specific aircraft through the P3D Change Vehicle menu there is only one aircraft that I have just started having this problem with - Carenado C208B Caravan - like I said earlier this never happened before. The aircraft is shown high in the view window and when you choose to fly that aircraft when the airport and aircraft loads the aircraft comes down with a loud thud Can anyone inform me as to what causes this? here is a screenshot... (not sure how to get the image pasted into this post so I am providing a link - maybe someone could also tell me how to paste an image into a post? https://photos.app.goo.gl/3J8bByabk8swYs6f8