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  1. Is it possible to update the taxiway designations in LNM? As an example - Airport KACT (Waco) taxiway B should be A and A should be B - see print screen link https://photos.app.goo.gl/E4V2of9aidGysqco8
  2. Greetings Alex, I did exactly what you have shown, the result are as follows - If MSFS is NOT started the Aircraft Performance does NOT give an error. However, when MSFS is started and the aircraft loaded, then the Aircraft Performance gives an error.
  3. OK Alex, there is success except for the Aircraft matching. I followed the link you provided to create a separate installation for 2.7.8 and after ensuring all files were in order, the issue with Holding Pattern and Multiexport was resolved. However there is still an issue with 2.7.8 agreeing to the aircraft models. My example is a Cessna 152, see my examples in the links provided. Version 2.6.17 agrees with the model but not 2.7.8. The ICAO type code for model 152 is C152 but both versions do not like that Version 2.6.17: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MWGhx9515rN7stNU7 Version 2.7.8: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qLBecB4CHLZEbS7A9
  4. Is there a way to use 2.7.8 as well as 2.6.17 (obviously not at the same time)? I ask because I have been trying to do just that but having trouble in a few areas - (1) Holding Pattern not saved - (2) Multiexport settings not saved - (3) Aircraft Performance seems to give error message sometimes with same aircraft from 2.6.17 to 2.7.8 (at times no error message then at other times an error message) Is there anything I can do in terms of files/folders to be able to have both versions working or should one either stick with one version or the other?
  5. Thank you Alex. Appreciate the investigation for some day in the future. Look forward to the next update.
  6. Thanks Alex for your prompt reply. So the URL I have would be say to the Navigraph Charts Online - https://charts.navigraph.com/ - then the user would have to log in and access the charts online. The other option I wondered about was simply accessing PDF or JPG image charts that the user would already have in their PC - like this example - https://photos.app.goo.gl/1JaBNyQCrtoYDUEy9 I guess what I am trying to get at is that it would be nice to compliment LNM with published charts that would pertain to the LNM flight route being planned
  7. Greetings Alex - 2.7.8 is simply amazing. LNM has always been a wonderful tool but this latest Alpha is stunning. I have one question as a "wish list" - would it be possible to link to Navigraph in order to obtain the relevant Charts? Or failing that, could there be a method of clicking to allow you to access PDF Charts in the PC?
  8. Thanks Alex, I didn't think it was possible but no harm in asking as you certainly have done some amazing options in LNM. Dane
  9. Is it at all possible to set different altitudes for different legs on a VFR flight plan. Reasons could be East bound then changed to West bound, or could have a different terrain altitude, or specific obstacle, etc., etc. Regards, Dane
  10. Thank you and so very sorry for wrong area of posting
  11. The past week or so I have noticed that sometimes when I load MSFS and get to the World Map screen there is an applause of loud clapping and also when I touchdown on landing. It is really weird because I have not added any 3rd party utilities or sceneries. Is anyone experiencing this?? I find it quite annoying but not sure where to look to investigate.
  12. Just got another reply from Carenado - encouraging but unknown timeline... Carenado Support, Mar 29, 2021, 21:16 GMT-3: Greetings, We don't have an estimated time yet, stay tuned!. Regards,
  13. You are correct, this is a Carenado stock reply, what we need is action. I tried flying this "wild horse" again today and it is not flyable like other aircraft even the Carenado PA44 is a dream to fly. Which and what did you adjust your settings to?
  14. See attached print screen. Is it possible to set either key or button bindings for the various camera views in the drop downs for Pilot and Instrument? I have searched and tried different options but no luck. https://photos.app.goo.gl/S1NBVuERkP8CyvsX9
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