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  1. Greetings Steve - first let me say you are certainly not patronizing - I appreciate very much your help. But sadly that did not work - however, my post of ORBX Forum solved the problem. Nick, the Administrator, attached three new files that completely resolved the issue. So I am assuming there must have been an issue with one or more of the Objects, but it is now fixed. Thanks to you and to all who tried to resolve this issue.
  2. Thanks again Steve - your instructions were very clear and I had no issues going through the motions including the section of ADE - it all went smoothly. However, after doing all of this it did not make a difference with that ORBX FTX scenery in question. So I have now taken my issue up with ORBX directly to see what they will (or will not) do about it. Regards, Dane
  3. Thank you so very much. I will try this, if I run into issues I will PM you. Regards, Dane
  4. WOW - thank you so much for that, that accounts for my issues.
  5. Yeah, I did choose a different place to park. The strange thing is when I open up CYHE in Airport Design Editor it does not even show parking spots. I was going to try to flatten that area using ADE but I have never done that before. Also not sure how I would remove those two parking areas.
  6. You are correct about not being close to the Rockies, my error. I know better as I live in White Rock and my home base airport is Boundary Bay CZBB. Yes I have PNW, in fact I have everything available from ORBX.
  7. Thank you, I do have ADE but have not used it as I didn't want to mess anything up. Actually my P3D is v4.5 is HF3 for Client and Content but my Scenery is still HF2 Yep that area is very rugged, the Rockies can be a killer. I just flew from Hope CYHE (I did not spawn on a parking area) to Princeton CYDC and at about 7,000 feet there was overcast with rain with a few up and down drafts thrown in - but I made it.
  8. I used to fly into airport CYHE Hope when I used FSX many years ago and it was always a pleasure. Today I wanted to have a look at it in my P3D v4.5 for the first time. This is a default airport within P3D and to my surprise it needs flattening as the aircraft is in a deep cavern at parking 1 or 2. It is not an addon airport scenery but I did a few things to try to resolve it. First I did a repair of P3D Client, Content and Scenery, then I ran the AEC in ORBX VECTOR even though CYHE is not listed in the AEC as it is not an addon. None of this fixed the issue. Is there a way to fix this? EDIT - I just uploaded a link of the two parking areas that are sunk into the ground, the rest of the airport is fine. https://photos.app.goo.gl/XseAFD4fjbxAYeKx5
  9. Thanks Rogen for your reply and input. I would attach my Prepar3d.cfg file but I am not able to attach a file other than an image file so I can't do that and the cfg is too big to put into a post so I will just keep on doing whatever I have to do - thanks for your help. I did actually post a request on the LM site so I will see if I get an answer.
  10. Well - I deleted the CFG, ran P3D and obviously because it loads into the basic default mode the FPS was good. But I would never fly my aircraft in that default mode, so I put back in my exact setup as I had before and have had for probably a year now. The results were back to the 10 -12 FPS drop - compared to when I was running HF2 and HF1. I have gone to the LM site to try to download HF2, but the files do not seem to be there at all. Surely to goodness LM would not stop a cllient from re-downloading an older version. Does anyone know how to get this older HF2 files? My error that I made was I did not backup the HF2 files when I downloaded them or I could have just brought them back from my backup.
  11. I have read and have appreciated all the feedback from everyone - thank you. Before I roll back to HF2, I will try one thing that I had not done and has come across loud and clear from many of you - I will delete the CFG file and see what happens. Will let everyone know later today my results.
  12. Ever since I updated P3D v4.5 to HF3 my FPS have declined by approximately 10, where I used to consistently get 25 to 30 I am now getting 15 to 20. I have not added or changed anything from HF2 to HF3 or after. I am flying in the same area with my favorite aircraft the Carenado Beech Baron B58. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the Client. I tried deleting the Shaders. Has anyone else found this to be an issue? If there is no solution to this I am wondering if I can actually go back to HF2 - is that possible?
  13. Alex, I have discovered another issue which is very strange - Under Scenery Library on the top file menu drop downs P3D v4 has the blue dot denoted that choice. But when I go to Load Scenery Library in the Simulator drop down it is greyed out and it indicates X-Plane 11 and I have no way to get the P3D v4 choice in there. What I am trying to do now is to run the Load Scenery Library - I have shared the P3D location from my main PC. I don't understand why it indicates X-Plane 11? When I look at Show Database Files there is a "little_navmap_p3dv4_sqlite" file as well as a "little_navmap_xp11_sqlite" file. I keep deleting it but everytime I close LNM and reopen, the xp11 file is there.
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