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  1. I seem to have many duplicate Userpoints that have accumulated over the years. Is there an easy way to mange them - to delete them?
  2. I checked and it is correct - here is a screen print - https://photos.app.goo.gl/Vo3uSobYguoG7Roy5 And if you look at the OSM Topo map lines it is approximately 200 metres and 700 feet is 213.
  3. Alex, yes I did reload scenery library. I actually created these airport in November and the elevation in LNM was correct. Yes the baro is correct. I will check and send a screenprint
  4. Greetings Alex, I have discovered an error on the map display of two airports I created in MSFS SDK. I believe they used to display correctly on LNM but I am not sure how many versions ago that was. The correct info is in the SDK, the aircraft shows the correct elevation when at the airport but the LNM airport data is wrong. Here are two screenshots of one of my two airports. Aircraft Altimeter is Correct at 700 feet - https://photos.app.goo.gl/bsts6TSphKdCCFxFA LNM Data is Not Correct at 1,969 feet - https://photos.app.goo.gl/P4vCaveirjRNV1358 The other airport is the same - the aircraft altimeter is correct at 500 feet but LNM Data is not correct at 1,000 feet
  5. LNM Ver 2.8.7. with MSFS2020. Part way through the flight my airplane disappeared, seems that connection to the Sim was lost and I was not able to reconnect.
  6. I am ready to purchase LAAO, but in using the Demo version, I do not see (or know) how to assign Xbox controller buttons in LAOO Assigned Buttons. Can someone help please? EDIT: Sorry for my post I believe I just figured it out - hopefully my problem is solved. However being brand new to LAAO I have a lot to learn and still many questions (to follow)
  7. Just curious - what is the large blue circle on the map for? https://photos.app.goo.gl/1cHq6ky5E4TA8vUq8
  8. Great job Alex with 2.7.11 - looking and feeling good. I like the new Reset Flight Plan button in the top bar, but is it possible to put back in the Delete Aircraft Trail button as there are many times you want to keep the flight plan but just want to delete the trail? But then I guess you could uncheck the Delete Aircraft Trail in the dialogue box - still easier with just a stand alone button.
  9. Greetings again Alex... Wish List - 2 items: 1. On a flight yesterday into a large airport with several taxiways to turn onto before reaching the runway, I thought it would be really awesome if LNM had the ability to choose the taxiways that ATC tells you to use. If you could bring up a menu for the taxiways available for any given airport and check off the ones you need to use - then have that drawn out on the LNM map (somewhat like AivlaSoft EFB2 does). 2. When taxiing for takeoff and also upon landing if the LNM map could auto zoom-in to see the taxiways.
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