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  1. There is a problem trying to reload a new flight plan created after 3.0.4. I can reload it from an .lnmpln but not as a.pln - you get an error message see attached - https://photos.app.goo.gl/xNeUb2s2nmwwHS3g8
  2. Just curious about the attached - what exactly is the dotted circle with distance and time in red which sometimes displays on a flight plan? https://photos.app.goo.gl/3RvyBgaEGywK1kkK6
  3. Alex - I have noticed that the "Userpoint Remarks" is not being saved in .pln format but is being saved in .lnmpln format
  4. I have used JoinFS before, and it is great but it seems that it is stand alone. Is there a way for JoinFS to show aircraft on LNM like Transmitter did?
  5. Thank you Alex. I didn't think you could take it on but am hoping someone with this knowledge might consider it.
  6. Now that the announcement has been made that the great addon program "Transmitter" is closing down, is there a way for Little NavMap to create a method for Multiplayers to be able to link up to see each other as we fly in our groups? This is so important to be able to keep using LNM for multiplayer group flights. I realize there is Volanta but that is not quite the same.
  7. I have always been curious about this - Where does LNM get it's taxiways layout from, Navigraph (Jeppesen) or simply the MSFS scenery data?
  8. Interesting - I was thinking it would be nice to match the FAA Sectional format as well but didn't know if that was possible. I guess different countries may have different colors and lines. I am from Canada and noticed there is a slight difference here to FAA but I most often use SkyVector so am use to the FAA setup.
  9. Thank you once again Alex. I love this new Beta v3.0.0 and also the new way of displaying airspaces and the ability to control line thickness, transparency and text. Can the MOA and restricted orange airspaces be edited for thickness as they are quite wide? Happy New Year, Dane
  10. Greetings Alex - just curious if there is any way to add an option to be able to allow the user to add text or drawing lines, circles, etc. onto the map? This would allow the user after creating a flight plan to annotate text or markings where needed just for that particular flight plan. Just as you would in real life on a sectional map.
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