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  1. Thank you Alex, as usual you always come to the rescue. In your latest Version 1.8 User Manual you have a full page of Acknowledgements to others that helped in making Little NavMap so successful. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge you with thanks for such a great product in Little NavMap. Regards, Dane
  2. Thanks Alex. I did check out fsAerodata and you are correct they can provide AIRAC 1611 - Navigrapgh cannot . I don't quite understand that as somehow fsAerodat requires my subscription to Navigraph - not sure how that works or why. Bottom line is I purchased an fsAerodat subscription and I did download and install the AIRAC 1611 Cycle. During the process the only choices that fsAerodata give are to install into the sims (P3D, FSX, etc.) - so I did that. Now I am confused as to how I get Little NavMap changed from your standard 1802 Cycle to my 1611 Cycle - can you help? Dane
  3. Thanks Alex, I will check that out as I do not fly online and the old data is fine with me as long as I can try to get all programs talking the same language (so to speak). Dane
  4. Thanks for your input, it's appreciated. I need to understand more the link you provided - how did you update GTN?
  5. Because the cost is way to prohibitive to update the GTN. But I was wondering if I downloaded the 1611 AIRAC from Navigraph could I then install that into Little NavMap? On any of these sims we are never flying as 'real pilots' so why the need to have the most up to date nav data? - as long as all your data is synced for me that is more important. We also know that the databases for FSX as well as P3D are also not the most current.
  6. Little NavMap is superb and I would not be without it - just like my Flight1 GTN750 GPS I would not fly without it. The only issue I have which I have wondered if there is a way to solve this is - - - Is there a way to load an AIRAC 1611 database into Little NavMap so that when I plan a route and export it in the GTN format for importing, my GTN often is not happy with many of the way points because it's database is an older 1611? I realize the Little NavMap AIRAC is more up to date but in a way that does not help my syncing and flow through to my GTN. Regards, Dane
  7. Thanks Alex, I do understand it is not urgent, only very convenient. What a huge list of other issues - wow. Dane
  8. Little NavMap is truly a great addon for the flight sim and I would be lost without it as it is packed with great features. Now I am not trying to compare Little NavMap to Plan-G however there is one feature that Plan-G has that I believe is very helpful that I would love to see in Little NavMap that would be accessed by a Right Click on an airport to link to a folder that contains PDF documents for Charts. This is really a great feature in Plan-G and is very useful. Regards, Dane.
  9. Bert - you are totally brilliant - THANK YOU. I don't know enough to know what that file you sent me did but it worked. I can now certify my C337H for night flight Being new to P3D from FSX-SE I have a lot to learn - what is the reason why you suggest turning off Dynamic Lighting? You were very helpful to me in my FSX-SE postings and now you have done it again.
  10. It is also my most favorite aircraft that is why I sure would like a resolution to this problem otherwise I cannot use it at night. Glad yours is fine and it seems others so far are fine. Thanks for your reply, Dane.
  11. ALL other aircraft are perfect. Thanks for your reply, Dane.
  12. Interesting. I am only three weeks into P3D directly from FSX-SE Regards, Dane
  13. Carenado just responded to me after all their tests, to say that all is working at their end and they do not have any other tickets regarding this issue, so I should consider uninstalling and reinstalling P3D. Dread of dreads I really do not want to do that but if I have to I guess I will or simply classify my C337H Skymaster as - "NOT NIGHT FLIGHT WORTHY". I am only three weeks into my new P3D Sim and all addons are installed, other than the lighting issue on ONLY the C337H everything else works great and I am getting good performance out of my settings - what a drag! So if I have to reinstall - being new to P3D v4.1 I have read the instructions on doing this but I have also read about doing a REPAIR - I am not sure what that does or if it will remove my addons - can someone expand on this REPAIR feature for me please and thank you.