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  1. Bert, I tried PAO to check for mis-placed add-on scenery files in relation to the Orbx files. That was ok, but the warning message about the duplicate index entry came up when I clicked on "save"; clicked on that ok and selected "replace scenery index" or something to that effect. Then started P3D and it loaded normally.
  2. Checking this now, using P3D Addon Organizer (current version). It's fixed! Addon Manager reported that an FSDT exclude file was present in the scenery file twice; fixed automatically. Thanks Steve and Bert for your insight and for jumping on this so quickly.
  3. Thanks Steve, but no joy; I'm still getting the same scenery activation popups after trying closing P3D at the startup screen. Reinstall P3D? Um, I think I'll post-pone that for awhile.
  4. That's the way it's supposed to work; and has on my system until the past week or so. During start up P3D is now asking permission for just the 4 sceneries I've installed and/or activated since installing v5 HF1; and this is happening each time P3D is started (which shouldn't be happening). I'm using Orbx Central v4.1.9. All Orbx libraries and files are located on a separate drive external to P3D.
  5. Yes, I have the same issue with P3Dv5 HF1. Computer restart has no effect. Anyone have a solution?
  6. Success! My work-around was to delete ChasePlane from its original location (D:\OldProp Solutions Inc\ChasePlane) using file manager, then reinstalling using Orbx Central. That's still showing v 1.1.69 (?) but when I launched ChasePlane again it automatically updated to 1.1.78 S . Also I noted that ChasePlane is now installed in C:\Program Files\Parallel 42\ChasePlane . So all's well now.
  7. Orbx Central shows v1.1.69 installed in C:\Program Files\Parallel 42\ChasePlane . Uninstalling and reinstalling in Orbx Central fails to update (should be 1.1.78 S?) I've rerun transferring license to Orbx; message is "already installed" What can I do to get ChasePlane to load with P3D v5? BTW, there's no mention of this issue on any forum I've found so far.
  8. I'm 85; I miss the early days as a reviewer, editor, managing editor and finally board member at AVSIM Online. Each MSFS release at the time meant bringing together a half dozen or so reviewers to cover it all as best we could. And meeting developers and users at Avsim conferences (I was host at the one in San Diego). OTOH, this past year has been amazing, not to mention anticipation of what's to come. I've enjoyed long term association over the years and on-going now with friends in our San Diego SimFlite club. Rather than real-world flight (I washed out at Eglin AFB early on with a depth-perception visual issue; even now I can't benefit from VR), my career has been (mostly) in aerospace engineering and manufacturing. Designed tooling for the C-130's forward section at Lockheed initially and later F-104 manufacturing. That evolved into computer-aided design and related computer technology consulting throughout much of the industry. Not having been a pilot, what got me interested in flight simulation? In the late '90's I was asked to evaluate a simulator to train pilots in evading SAM missile sites, by a company competing for an Air Force contract during the Desert Storm era. At that time an entire wall was covered with blue cabinets comprising the system's graphic processing unit -- it occurred to me then that by the time I retired that function would be built into desk-top computers. I've been fascinated with flight simulation technology to this day.
  9. Jim, though it's been many years since we last worked together, I recall fondly each time we published reviews of new editions of Microsoft's flight simulator and pioneering add-ons, and with Tom's leadership organizing annual expositions across the country to bring enthusiasts together with one-another and with developers. Along with so many others I'm adding my encouragement, based on personal experience, that with today's medical knowledge you can expect to recover fully. I'm a survivor (at least so far) of stage 4 melanoma that had metastasized to both lungs and a kidney, diagnosed some three years ago. Throughout the past year I've been in full remission. After a year of infusions my immune system was "educated" to recognize and destroy melanoma cancer cells. Because of immunology research and related advances over the past 5 years or so, I'm here today. Along with simming friends I've made here in San Diego I look forward to even more amazing advances in simulation realism.
  10. Same issue here; easily corrected (per QW forum). You'll see this problem if P3D's HDR lighting is on; turn that off and the problem is gone.
  11. I have the same Orbx sceneries installed, with LatinVFR KSANv2 placed in the P3D library above the FTX entries, also in P3Dv2.4 No texture bleeding here; hope that encourages you press on for a solution.
  12. I've located and downloaded the 3rd-party FedEx and UPS schedule files [utlive_fdx_ups_addon_schedules] to which I presume you're referring, but I can't find P3Dv4 compatible cargo AI airplane models and/or repaints (as suggested in the install directions) in this or any other library (such as AIG). Or once the schedules are installed in UTLive, can existing FedEx and UPS aircraft be selected using existing UTL files? (Suitable choices didn't appear in the UTL control panel after selecting FDX in the panel's Carrier menu). Could you point me in the right direction?
  13. A sunken wheels Issue has been reported after installing LatinVFR's KSAN v2 over ORBX' FTX SoCal Region. I recalled that I had disabled 2 SCA files for compatibility after a previous FTX KSAN installation. From the P3Dv4 root folder these files are in ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SCA05_scenery: ADE_FTX_SCA_KSAN.BGL ADE_FTX_SCA_KSAN_CVX.BGL I had renamed these files, as in ADE-FTX-SCA_KSAN.BGL.off -- so I've removed the ".off" and together with the recent LVAR KSAN v2 hotfix this corrected the sunken wheels issue.
  14. Well, by closing CP (with P3D running) and reopening CP the problem vanished. Seems to be ok now. Thanks
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