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  1. Agreed, especially with the SWS Kodiak. I've experimented with Crosswind's sensitivity settings for that plane, however I and others might be interested in your settings. Might you post a screenshot of your crosswind settings (MSFS Controls screen).
  2. Couldn't resist joining in -- I just turned 87. Flight simulation has been my full-time hobby since retiring from a career in aerospace manufacturing consulting back in 1999. And we have an even longer-term member in our San Diego SimFlite club; "Trapper" is an ex B47 / Eastern Airlines pilot. He flies a shared cockpit 757 in X-Plane; currently I'm learning the FBW A320 in MSFS. Is "age" holding us back? Well, perhaps, but no worries: I'm finding it challenging enough to learn one sim well and, looking to the future I've abandoned previous sims and their complications; I find it confusing to recall the details of multiple simulation environments, so now MSFS is my preferred "adventure". Well, I'm certainly learning patience as well!
  3. Yes, every component (except the RTX 2080ti) is new. In fact the motherboard (purchased new six months ago) proved to have a corrupted bios, which Gigabyte technical support replaced under warranty, so I know for a fact that the bios is current and that the board's been thoroughly tested. The GPU had been running without issues in a server computer, which wouldn't be much of a load previously. I've now set the bios to default; everything on the bios settings page looks to me to be normal, including fan speeds. I've even tried temporarily turning off fan excess temp warnings. The PSU is 850 watts Corsair top of the line. I don't know if the mother board has a buzzer; now that you mention it the sound is more a music tone than a buzz. I'll see if I can get some more experienced technical help (San Diego FliteSim club members) to investigate inductor squeal. Thanks all for your help; further suggestions are welcome.
  4. I recently did a clean MSFS installation on a newly-built computer. This issue didn't arise with my previous installation, and I can't find a solution anywhere. At first I assumed I was hearing a Morse code airport identifier but that is ruled out as the squealing noise appears to be coming from inside the computer case (like a hardware warning), not the earphones or speakers (these are operating normally--engine sounds, etc). Another clue is that though it initially sounds like an airport id it usually changes to a constant tone after a minute or so. Once airborne, though (from any airport and flying any aircraft) the noise abruptly stops. And it starts again approaching an airport for landing. So obviously this has something to do with MSFS or perhaps the way I've configured it. Otherwise my copy of MSFS is running just as it did with my previous computer. I've made sure that Windows 10 is properly configured: current Gigabyte x570 drivers installed and am monitoring cpu/gpu/memory utilization and temps, and fan speeds; all appears to be normal. My system: Ryzen 7 5800, RTX 2080Ti, 32G ram, etc. Has anyone encountered this issue, and what was your solution?
  5. I was puzzled too that the required MSFS update didn't happen the usual way, so restarted the computer and started MSFS again. This time the MS store came up without prompting, with button to reinstall MSFS. After a brief download completed I restarted MSFS; this time the full 1.13.16 update button appeared, which ran normally. BTW I got 240 Mbps with the long file downloads.
  6. Edit: somehow my response to Web Maximus posted without the text. That's reposted on page 9.
  7. See "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 | A320 Guide | Tutorial Guide Released" at There have been several updates reflecting FlyByWire mods. Excellent and comprehensive material. Download is via his patreon site:https://www.patreon.com/OverKill_Productions
  8. Thanks to all; works like a charm. Just takes some getting used to.
  9. Thanks, that almost does it. But can the aircraft be removed from the scene?
  10. After downloading a 3rd party airport I'd like to take a look around it and its adjacent scenery. Before, with P3D I would start at the new airport's location, then close the planes' cockpit view, and switch to Slew. Use F3 to gain a 100 feet or so AGL, then use the flight stick to move about and investigate anything of interest. Note that I'd programmed the flight stick's axis commands from P3D's Controls - slew mode page. Can I set up MFS to do something similar? I've programmed the keyboard slew commands, but that's insufficient because (a) I haven't found a way to remove the aircraft from the scene; and (b) the keypad moves the scene too far and too quickly left/right, forward/back, and without a means to change heading. So can the Drone Camera be used to accomplish the same purpose? All I've been able to find in forums and on YouTube is advice to buy an x-box controller to manage the drone camera's motion, which I have no idea how to set up or use. Is there another way to accomplish what was so easy to do in FSX/P3D, without more hardware? (I'm using a Thrustmaster "Airbus" flight stick.)
  11. I had the same issue (uncontrolled slew) until fixing it yesterday. In my case I'd recently installed the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus stick, which appears to P3D v5HF2 as one of two controllers, the other being my existing MFG Crosswind pedals. P3D had assigned the X, Y, Rz axis to both -- so the solution was to delete those settings in the controller axis - "Slew" Flight Mode - Crosswind controller page, leaving these as-is in the Thrustmaster page. Slew now works correctly.
  12. Bert, I tried PAO to check for mis-placed add-on scenery files in relation to the Orbx files. That was ok, but the warning message about the duplicate index entry came up when I clicked on "save"; clicked on that ok and selected "replace scenery index" or something to that effect. Then started P3D and it loaded normally.
  13. Checking this now, using P3D Addon Organizer (current version). It's fixed! Addon Manager reported that an FSDT exclude file was present in the scenery file twice; fixed automatically. Thanks Steve and Bert for your insight and for jumping on this so quickly.
  14. Thanks Steve, but no joy; I'm still getting the same scenery activation popups after trying closing P3D at the startup screen. Reinstall P3D? Um, I think I'll post-pone that for awhile.
  15. That's the way it's supposed to work; and has on my system until the past week or so. During start up P3D is now asking permission for just the 4 sceneries I've installed and/or activated since installing v5 HF1; and this is happening each time P3D is started (which shouldn't be happening). I'm using Orbx Central v4.1.9. All Orbx libraries and files are located on a separate drive external to P3D.
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