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  1. glennc

    CYCD Nanaimo uncontrolled tower

    Thank you for the insight, Dave.
  2. glennc

    CYCD Nanaimo uncontrolled tower

    Thank you both. I expected tower ATC with the Jazz flights in and out. Regards, Glenn
  3. Hello all. Just bought ORBX PNW (on sale of course) and started flying Vancouver Island. CYCD Nanaimo seems to have no ATC. Is there a fix for this? Thank you in advance, Glenn
  4. Problem solved. Something must have been corrupted. Restored a previous incarnation from my backup drive and all's well. Many thanks for the replies. G.
  5. Hi all. It's been a while but I'm back flying. I started FSX-SE as usual, contacted ground and tower and took off but the ATC will not "hand-off" from tower to approach. I have never experienced this before. I rebuilt the cfg file with no effect. Can anyone shed some light on this please? Thanks in advance, Glenn
  6. I have opened a service ticket with MadCatz on this issue and shall keep you posted.
  7. I suffer the same fate after years of reliable use. Took it out of the box today after a few months and no xy response, except it jumping to the top left corner of the calibration window. Any thoughts?
  8. glennc

    Imp.War Museum, Duxford

    This scenery is brilliant! Spent time just watching the air show last night. Many thanks to the developers.
  9. glennc

    Flying a helicopter

    Try . They taught me everything I know on flying choppers. Great downloads too!Cheers,Glenn (CYQG)
  10. glennc

    Ronald Reagan Passes Away

    I extend my condolences to his family. Truly one of the greats.GlennWindsor (CYQG)
  11. glennc

    We have KDTW!!!

    I'll second that...I've been using v 4.0 since its release, and provided someone can get an AFCAD going for FS2002 life will be perfect!Reagrds,GlennCYQG*edited for spelling*
  12. Hi all,I'm messing with Paul Mainville's KDTW 5.0 (available in the file library) but the AFCAD file included does not cooperate. Is there a way to export the AFCAD 2 file for use in FS 2002?If not, has anyone started work on an AFCAD for this airport? I've modified AFCADs in the past, but never attempted a full creation.Cheers,Glenn
  13. Has anyone seen any improvement with FS2002?I'm running a 2.4 P4 w/GEForce 3 ti200.What if any ramnifications are there to decompressing the folder if I see a degradation in performance?Thanks in advance,GlennCYQG
  14. glennc

    AFCAD for Shezi's KCLE?

    Thanks, Gosta. I'll give it a go.Kevin: I haven't used RAFCAD's in the past. Will they function as an AFCAD if not provided with radius info? I don't fancy going through all my AI aircraft to modify them if I don't need to. Also, I checked PAI's libraries and can't find your RAFCAD file. Perhaps you could send it to me.Thanks to both,Glenn
  15. Nothing yet?Cheers,G.