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  1. Just redo step 4, or use this batch processing file. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37102-overlays-batch-builder-for-ortho4xp/ I'm just about done batch processing the entire US and will be releasing updates for my ortho packages.
  2. I have 43" 4K TV (Vizio M Series, about $500), which I think is about as large as I'd recommend. I sit same distance as regular monitor.....about 30". It's no different than sitting in front of multiple smaller monitors. It does take some getting used to. Imagine sitting in front of four 22" 1920x1080 monitors in 2x2 grid with no bezels and that's essentially what you are getting. I have GTX 970. Impact on frame rates is probably about 10% compared to 2560x1440 and 20% compared to 1920x1080. No additional stuttering. It's awesome. No regrets at all.
  3. I'm getting a little over 30 FPS with full weekly UT Live traffic at FSDT/Flightbeam KLAX and KSFO. I expect it to drop down to around 25 when I add a PMDG level of aircraft. i7-6700k and GTX 970. Most settings are about 3/4 of the way to max. Dynamic lighting disabled.
  4. That's how Ultimate Traffic works. You can set the size of the bubble to whatever distance you want. The advantage of global traffic schedules is you get realistic airport operations. Otherwise you'd see the wrong airlines showing up at the wrong times of the day.
  5. Yes, since that's pretty much all that's available at the moment. I'm sure it will drop down a bit when I install a complex addon aircraft.
  6. I haven't tried London, but I'm getting 30+ fps at Flightbeam KSFO with UT Live at 100%. Similar results at FSDT KLAX. And that's with an old GTX 970.
  7. With some minor modifications to xml files. Instructions are at the UTLive support site.
  8. I'm wondering if VRAM is full. If you are using TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8, try removing it and see if that helps. I have a feeling that instead of OOMs we will be dealing with VRAM issues with P3D v4.
  9. I have UT Live working. There are 3 xml edits required. Instructions here. http://ultimatetraffic.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=14887
  10. For the entire US, you are probably looking at about 5 Terrabytes to do entire US with ZL16 and ZL 19 around airports. About half of that would be the ZL19 tiles so you could save almost 2 TB by using ZL18 instead of ZL19.
  11. Don't forget to try DisplayFusion. https://www.displayfusion.com/ The ability to split a large monitoring into multiple smaller virtual monitors is critical for day to day use (email, web browsing, etc.). I have mine configured as two 1920x2160 monitors. Also the ability to add taskbar buttons to flip a window from one virtual monitor to the other, maximize across full screen or just within single virtual monitor, etc. is also very handy.
  12. A couple other differences. - I'm using much higher resolution DEM data to generate the terrain than you get by using Ortho4XP. - The public domain source I'm using isn't otherwise available in Ortho4XP and has much more consistent coloring. So you don't see hard breaks between different areas as you often do with Bing and the other sources. The resolution is slightly lower (but fine for ZL16 and 17), but coloring more consistent.
  13. I started working on something similar, but with a few differences. 1) Using ZL 16 for fly-over areas and ZL-17 within 3 km of airports. 2) Trying to distribute via bit torrent. 3) Includes autogen (HD Mesh V3 by alpilotx) 4) User must run a simple bat file after they download the file to convert the textures from JPG to DXT. 5) Free Starting with California to see if distribution via bit torrent will work. Still a bit of an unknown. May not finish entire US, but will be focusing on coasts and urban areas. More info below. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36327-us-orthophotos/
  14. First of all, thank you for Pilot2ATC, for the most part it works great. However, it becomes a bit routine after a while. Thinking it might be a nice addition to add some random events. Some possible examples SID/STAR/RWY gets changed at the last minute due to changing winds Short delay at gate due to weather/traffic/maintenance Assigned to a hold due to traffic Directed to do a go around while on final due to a runway incursion Arrival airport is closed due to weather/emergency and we get diverted to alternate airport divert to different altitude due to reported turbulence or traffic I'm sure there are many other things like that which pilots have to be prepared to deal with that could be incorporated into Pilot2ATC that would make the flight a lot more interesting. Anyways, just a suggestion if you're looking for features to add. Thanks again.
  15. I have 43" Vizio 4K TV for my monitor and love it. I had two 24" monitors side by side previously and like the single large monitor much better. It does take some getting used to because it sort of feels like you're sitting in the front row at a movie theater and you can't really see the entire screen at the same time. I would highly recommend getting Display Fusion. https://www.displayfusion.com/ It will allow you to set up virtual monitors. For example, I have mine set up as two 1920x2160 virtual monitors so when I click to maximize a window it only takes up half the screen. You can also add a button to ignore the split and have a window go full screen across the entire monitor. Display Fusion does many other things that really help with large monitors. Also consider getting f.lux. https://www.displayfusion.com/ It also takes some getting used to, but will save your eyes at night. Large monitor gives off a lot of bright light at night. I personally would not go larger than 43".
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