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  1. Try waiting longer. Sometimes takes A LONG time to load when you first install a new addon.
  2. I have pretty much exact same system as you and also notice a lot of screen tearing now. Maybe something going on with my settings, but Vsync doesn't seem to work like it did before most recent update.
  3. I use the Experimental version through their installer program. I'm sure it doesn't have all the VNAV features of A320, but it follows altitude constraints on the decent relatively well.
  4. I don't have a lot of A320 experience, but VNAV seems to work reasonably well. It automatically adheres to altitude constraints on climb and decent, what is missing?
  5. Same issue here for a long time. P2ATC doesn't have this problem.
  6. Look for Texconv.exe you'll have to set up a bat file.
  7. https://www.flightbeam.net/post/what-s-next-for-flightbeam
  8. It will duplicate what's already in the default traffic file if you do that.
  9. There's also a Russian AI traffic addon out there, but it sounds a bit sketchy.
  10. The link below has a GA traffic file. Just unzip to your Community folder and enable AI-Offline traffic in MSFS. This is essentially the default MSFS traffic file minus the airliners. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T9yi5DH3et57WeCzr0oM9idJ6WkpyxLP/view?usp=sharing
  11. Great idea. Thanks. FYI, your discord link is wrong.
  12. This seems to currently be broken. The problem seems to have to do with the SID/STAR transitions. When you select a start gate, MSFS flight planner will randomly choose a transition and then it breaks the entire flight plan. Simple fix is to let it start you at a runway, then slew over to a gate. A more complicated fix involves manually editing the flight plan file with a text editor to manually insert the gate starting position. If you are using Pilot2ATC, then it shouldn't matter since you don't need the MSFS flight planner.
  13. See this post for how to add GA traffic with AIG. Probably not officially supported by AIG,but it works. https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=37845.0
  14. The 170-175 is $25 for a reason. Next time suggest you watch a youtube review first. If you don't want to purchase a medium/low quality scenery port from FSX/P3D, then don't buy it. You can certainly wait for the higher quality version designed from scratch for MSFS to come out. But that might be 6 months...or 2 years.
  15. So it's "good", but not "very good". I'm sure someone will do a proper update to MSFS. Going to cost more as well.
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