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  1. Thank you Bryan, Still hearing much more out of right speaker/earphone on P3DV4 HF3 than the left.
  2. I am working with the button version and notice a distinct bias towards the right channel in the stereo balance. I would understand if this is to simulate the FO being over there, but I hear it in the Captain's voice as well. I can hear this both with speakers and with headphones. Any ideas on how to remedy? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have been away from FS2Crew and this is operator error. That is what the "LK" button does. DOH!
  4. using button interface. Whether I use the vehicle panel control of the mapped key, the main panel won't close. Is that a feature I've missed in the manual? Thanks.
  5. Thank you Dan, The document I searched in - 747-8_FCOM.pdf - does not have that section.
  6. This feature is not documented in the FCOM or QRF. The single bullet in the list on that page is only somewhat useful in terms of instruction of use. How do we know how to operate this mode? Thanks! 😀
  7. Thanks Nick, I've made the following landings in the last three days, all suffered from the "symptoms:" need to lower the nose completely before reverse thrust is available: KLAX KPDX EDDN
  8. Thank you Simon and Kevin, I suppose my real issue is that the change broke some harmony between the PFPX profile and my planning routine. Perhaps the new PMDG product will allow us these variances between aircraft. I will use the suggestions provided to improve my PFPX utility.
  9. Thanks. The pre-update 747-400F and PFPX aligned almost perfectly. Since the update, not so. I suppose my issue is to develop a better PFPX profile.
  10. Thanks Kevin, If you look at Michael's response to me, there were changes from the pre -8F and post -8F versions of the 747-400 base. The changes are actually a reduction from the previous max weights. The increased weight meant that I could fly further with a full load.
  11. Hello Michael, Thank you for your answer. I'm guessing that this will now curtail the published/expected range with full load? I ask because some variants are indicated in the livery downloader/manager as containing an aircraft config that was verified as being accurate (likely panel, options, systems). However, it seems that all 747-400Fs are the same (this odd addition of 50,000 lbs). I ask because the -400ERF numbers are what Boeing publishes, but these -400F numbers are modified. With the change, many routes are no longer viable. I'll end with a question please: If I manually change these values in the aircraft.cfg file, what would the negative impact be? I think I hear you say that the plane is now "tuned" to these values in terms of the .air file. I appreciate your reply.
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