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  1. Disastrous news. Aivlasoft is peerless with no equivalent.
  2. Sorry to chime in on a very old thread, but you'll also get this if you have a disco that is inhibiting a complete path to the airport/runway entered in the FMC.
  3. Sorry to reply to a thread this old, but I am unable to put "ICAO" into the step size field.
  4. Thanks for the reply. So they remain the original individual installers? They used to create folders in the start menu like "FS2Crew 2016" and such, is that still the case?
  5. Hello, I returned to your site to discover that you have chosen to focus on MSFS and are apparently moving on from previous platforms. While I don't welcome that development, I have enjoyed the FSX/P3D value you have provided over the years. So, it would seem that access to legacy products, via the new website, is with an "all access" bundle. So, my question is, are the installers updated in this bundle? Is it an all-in-one installer? I never liked how the installers varied over the years, so I was hoping that perhaps a bundled approach will change that. I am interested in the bundle as it would be nice to get everything available despite that fact that I had purchased about 75% of the included items. Thank you.
  6. Thank you Bryan, Still hearing much more out of right speaker/earphone on P3DV4 HF3 than the left.
  7. I am working with the button version and notice a distinct bias towards the right channel in the stereo balance. I would understand if this is to simulate the FO being over there, but I hear it in the Captain's voice as well. I can hear this both with speakers and with headphones. Any ideas on how to remedy? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have been away from FS2Crew and this is operator error. That is what the "LK" button does. DOH!
  9. using button interface. Whether I use the vehicle panel control of the mapped key, the main panel won't close. Is that a feature I've missed in the manual? Thanks.
  10. Thank you Dan, The document I searched in - 747-8_FCOM.pdf - does not have that section.
  11. This feature is not documented in the FCOM or QRF. The single bullet in the list on that page is only somewhat useful in terms of instruction of use. How do we know how to operate this mode? Thanks! 😀
  12. Thanks Nick, I've made the following landings in the last three days, all suffered from the "symptoms:" need to lower the nose completely before reverse thrust is available: KLAX KPDX EDDN
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