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  1. ahuimanu

    AUTOPILOT DISC message when established on ILS

    Kyle, Yes, the hard disconnect in Richard's case seems acute to some non-777 quirk specific to his environment. However, the idiosyncrasies I speak of are particularly noticeable on approach and landing in the 777. A project I started promptly upon 64-bit availability was overnight long-haul 6 nights per week. My policy is to hand fly after stabilizing on G/S after around 2,500 feet radar alt, to be stable in the hand-flying stage by 1,500 feet. In my experience, the "quirkiest" between hand-flown approaches in the 777F and the 744F, by far, is the 777F. I have to chase the FD with more yoke and throttle movement in the 777F than the 744F. So, from just this simmer's experience, I am less surprised when I encounter, or about hear from others, strange 777 behaviors. That said, at this point I am not implying that quirk == bug, just that odd behavior on approach is less surprising with the 777F. For me the 777F is not as sophisticated in the hand flying department as its older 4-engined cousin is. Thus, I know a major difference to be the fly-by-wire. I wonder if I wont fall in love as much as I am hoping with the 748F because of fly-by-wire. Of course my only experience with fly by wire is in flight simulators. I personally find the airbus FBW to be less squirrelly on approach than the 777F's .
  2. ahuimanu

    AUTOPILOT DISC message when established on ILS

    Not entirely on topic, but an observation from previous experience is that quality control on the Orbx freeware airports is all over the place. I used to have endless trouble with those installed (ditto Orbx Vector). Orbx seems best for small airports and the overall texture replacement stuff with the base and LC products. I know that stability in the sim is so vital that I must favor my tubeliner obsession in terms of what I add into the sim. Given my experience with other things, don't stop suspecting that the 777 can have quirks. It was PMDG's first (and so far only) fly-by-wire bird and I think the implementation, even 5 years later, isn't quirk-free.
  3. I can't work out if or where a clickspot exists in the VC to bring up the 2D panel for the autopilot select panel (Shift + 2). Any ideas?
  4. ahuimanu

    Landing the 777, what's going on?

    I want to chime in support of those who are encountering this problem. May 30, 2017 was a big day for me in my long-ish flightsim career (FS1 on MS-DOS is my beginning and Flight Assignment ATP was my introduction to my love of tubeliners). That date (May 30) was a big one as 64-bit P3D meant that my love affair with long-haul was back on the menu. As soon as the 777F and 744F (God, please please please convince PMDG to bring me my MD11F to complete the trifecta) were made available in P3Dv4, I've stuck to the following pattern nearly perfectly except for travel, illness, or some other uncontrollable circumstance: I fly 2 days on the B744F and 2 days on the B777F and then take a break for a day. I've got the flight logs to prove that the joys of legs like EGLL to KLAX (last night's journey) are available to me. With auto step-climbs, pause at TOD, and auto tank-to-engine, PMDG has really afforded me to fulfill my desires by letting me studiously plan a journey, prep the flight, fly to cruise, and then go to bed. I wake up, put on coffee, and study what the descent and approach will be like. This is a highly fulfilling pattern for me and I am VERY GRATEFUL to PMDG for making this a reality for me. So, that long preamble was meant to establish the following: I fly the 777F anywhere from 2 to 4 times per week I bought the paper manuals from PMDG back in 2013 and study them often - I am familiar with all recommended techniques and speeds; even if I am an average pilot, I am in good practice I get to land in a variety of conditions With that preamble and those caveats I would like to fully support the OP's (and Nick's) observations that something isn't right at all. I experience everything described and it is seemingly at random. This behavior OFTEN ruins flights and I've tried about everything (reset couatl after pushback, reset traffic, etc.). Here is an illustration: using the manual and TOPCAT I should be able to land on Runway 5 at RJTT with in a B777F. However, this floating non-deceleration made for a HAIRY situation there just a few nights ago for me. Nick, one thing I can perhaps think of is that P3D remains somewhat "squirrelly" the longer it runs. I've had numerous "black hole of newfoundland" problems in the past thanks to Couatl. Indeed there are many "dances" I feel I have to do to keep this sim running correctly (deleting shaders when the video card drivers are updated comes to mind). So, in addition to your list, I would put forth the simple act of being airborne for 8+ hours. This is not a support forum and we will likely need to submit a ticket. However, just as is the case with Lockheed Martin, many support encounters end with the vendor seeking to isolate their products from others - which is understandable. So, PMDG will want you to strip down to just Vanilla + PMDG to really take your problem seriously. Lockheed Martin will expect you to reinstall or clear all files such that you are effectively reinstalling. So, i think the "gumbo" of add-ons we use to heighten realism - FSUIPC for the things that require it, Active Sky to get real-time weather, shaders to make her look prettier, EFB add-ons to monitor progress, and so on - these things all add to the "mystery tour" that is successful outcomes. The recent update from last week did not erase these issues as my RJTT experience was the day after I applied the update. So, yes, something is rotten in Denmark and we got trouble, right here in river city. Lastly, I find Dan to be often helpful, but he's giving well-intended answers that cover most "low-hanging fruit" cases. Sometimes I wish we could take proficiency/competency tests and display badges that demonstrate that we have achieved this proficiency. Otherwise, it is very difficult to calibrate what others know and don't and attempts to help are almost always all over the map (ranging from useful to apocryphal).
  5. ahuimanu

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Thanks for the PIREPs, the bird looks great. Carl, is this "trolly-dolly" some new accessory to the aircraft?
  6. Sorry, it is difficult sometimes to use consistent language to describe things. This person asked my same question and was answered. I might suggest leaving my post because it uses the word "spinner" which is descriptive of the part. Thanks.
  7. Hello, During startup for engine 4 - dual start with 3 - for a period of time, the spinner cone animation stops. Then, as the engine builds up rotation, it starts again and proceeds as normal. Has anyone else seen this? This is the 747-400F model in Polar Air Cargo (2011) livery. Thanks.
  8. ahuimanu

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the situation and your willingness to accommodate a compromise solution. Would you consider the feature I described a bit closer? That is, only scan/accommodate departure, arrival and alternate? Perhaps as an option? Thanks for working with us on it. I had another recently that is an oldie but a goodie: I crashed on descent to KMEM and I used to have this a few years ago. Again, just like the Labrador thing, a "checklist" item of resetting couatl after pushback allowed me to complete the PHNL to KMEM journey on a second try in the PMDG 744 in P3Dv4.2. Thanks again.
  9. ahuimanu

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Hi, Thank you for your reply. I understand this sentiment, and I am not a novice with VATSIM. However, I think of the call systems that you encounter when seeking online service or help with many larger companies. The natural language intelligence is great. Further, at least using an USA-oriented example, FAA JO 7110.65 seems all about highly codifying and regulating procedures, language, phraseology and what not. It is within this realm that the AI I'm thinking of excels. My experience with VATSIM echoes that of others: sporadic across its history, save for organized events. I would agree with another response here is that having standards-compliant ATC for immersion when and where we want is an inevitability both in reality and in our simming world. Of course it is a monolithic task, so I am not even close to expecting it tomorrow. But, I do anticipate seeing it some day.
  10. ahuimanu

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    With the advances in AI, I've been wondering why either Lockheed Martin, or somebody else, doesn't do a full-blown new ATC/AI implementation. In fact, I could see somebody developing this and charging a hefty monthly fee and it would be both worth it and sell like hotcakes. I've tried to use VATSIM on an off for just about as long as it has existed. It is only effective at planned events. Beyond that, it is sporadic and uneven in quality of service (both the audio, the coverage, and otherwise). Pilot edge has a good twist, but I am not certain they can cover the globe. However, I think voice recognition, AI processing, and computing power in general would be progressed enough by now where this could be done. I am certain, however, that we are still not a big enough and reliable enough "market" to have this worth anyone's time. The PDK seems like it would be something that such a system could latch to. I chime in as, although the discussion is leaning towards how this could be integrated with VATSIM, I would think some AI-controlled and comprehensive system that is completely automated - voice, traffic, procedures - is within the realm of technical feasibility if not financial feasibility. I mean no ill will towards VATSIM with this, I just think an AI-powered traffic system is the way forward as comprehensive human coverage has proven infeasible after about two decades or so of VATSIM and IVAO. Thanks.
  11. ahuimanu

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Hi Headley, I use the AddOns menu in the sim and "Restart Couatl" from the Couatl menu. That causes Couatl/GSX to reset itself. That is the advice some shared here and I did it. As a result, after three nights in a row of failing an EHAM to KSDF routing, it worked on the fourth night because I remembered to reset Couatl/GSX. It is a shame that FSDT is aware of this and are not in a position to fix. I would perhaps rather tell GSX to only bother with my departure and arrival airports rather than have it constantly scan for parking.
  12. ahuimanu

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Update. Failed to complete EHAM to KSDF in the PMDG 777-F in P3Dv4.2 for three days in a row recently. Which caused me to find and revisit this thread. Last night, I reset (not kill in Task Manager) Couatl and, presto, I am on descent as I type this. Just another datapoint that a reset of GSX/Couatl after pushback (and subsequent to engine start) was the trick. The "black hole" was again westbound and coming in over New Foundland/Labrador/Quebec. Same place/time each night.
  13. ahuimanu

    How far has the 747-8 been developed?

    Hi Luojie, Development cycles for high-quality add-ons always seem to run long. There is a fligthsim expo this year and perhaps PMDG will let us know more there. I am anxious to get the 747-8 for my cargo flights too. I think its going to take my long haul obsession to new heights. Cheers.
  14. ahuimanu

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    My flight worked on Sunday - EDDF - KSAN (like I said, I loves me some long haul). I cleared shader cache, rebuild prepar3d.cfg, and ran the FSDT live updater. I also had switched from FSRealTime's timezone correction to the Time Zone fixer from Simlite. Although I made it this past weekend, upon reflection, the symptoms of crashes are very much the same: westbound and approaching the coast of Canada. To Steve's points: A drawback of the open-ish architecture in P3D isn't so much that it is there, but it resides along-side custom "hacks" for functionality, like couatl.exe. The number of ways that developers approach providing additional content for the sim varies at just same number as there are third party developers. I think Lockheed Martin tried to build us a system to address this with the add-on.xml thing, but it hasn't been universally adopted.
  15. ahuimanu

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    The two things just said that my long experience does bear out are the following: 1) Janky AFCADs WILL cause trouble - always. 2) It would be a false statement to say that Coautl has been trouble-free over the years. In fact, every time I run the FSDT Live Update utility (every flight more or less), I cross my fingers.