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  1. Hi i use P3D and i have 2 folders, ShadersHLSL, and Reshade Shaders, which should i delete?
  2. This issue is also starting to happen with the triple 7 as well, any solutions, or causes for this issue?
  3. I can confirm this also occurs on the house livery at night Also this issue seems to also be present in the day as well, the splitting of textures
  4. is this a bug or on my side? seems to get better with more lighting worst when very dark
  5. The repaints i have tested this issue with are a variety between liveries from other users and from PMDG OPS
  6. At night whenever i try to do flights on the QOTS there is always a weird texture issue, where half of the aircraft loads, while the other half fails to load the night texture. This happens on every single repaint of the 747, and only started yesterday
  7. this just started recently with my 777 and my 747, i set heading and my plane is about to catch localiser, but right after the plane just starts to bank left and makes circles, and no matter how hard i try, i cant get the plane to follow the selected heading, any ideas is this a bug?
  8. why was my second attempt at purchasing the 747 cancelled as well, now none of my licenses work... ##### i try to fix this issue by repurchasing the 747 then all my products are suspended #####
  9. I have just repurchased the 747 I did not know my brother had disputed this until this morning
  10. I just checked my account, and it said i have to orders cancelled one for my recently purchased 737 and the 747, the 747 makes sense, since i was in a dispute with my brother, since i used wrong payment method, but for the NGX it says cancelled, and i never disputed the NGX, my brother disputed the 747 but i never did anything with the NGX and now i have 2 licenses suspended what i am going to do now is to repurchase the 747 under MY account to get access back, but regarding the 737, it does not make sense, iand since it was cancelled as well shouldn't i have recieved a refund, but the thing is i do not want a refund, i want my 737 license restored, while i repurchase the 747
  11. will the 747-8 expansion feature a moving map for the airport, taxi and other features?
  12. Normally when i do long haul flights I take off and do some errands and and come back, however lately when i have long haul flights (HKG to YYZ) i come back find the aircraft crashed, or on the ground with the engine/s shutdown, but I still have fuel, this mostly occurs near the polar regions up north near alaska and that area. Is this a failure i need to fix or is it a real life feature of some sorts.
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