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  1. This is not the place to ask. Go to the official MSFS forum, we can talk freely in there.
  2. Don't let size fool you, a piston single engine plane is a lot of work to get right. Even more so if it's glass equipped
  3. Since I have been in the alpha I deleted p3dv4, never bought 5 and only flew x plane twice and I have all the orbx TE NA regions
  4. I have used both, right now I am only flying the FSL A319 using p3dv4 steering to control the tiler. No, there is no way to have the spoiler axis turn into a tiller on the ground and then revert to spoiler in the air. You could buy a cheap joystick with a twist axis and then you would have correct tiller operation for the FSL. As far as the PMDG goes, they need to code the plane to have proper operation of the tiller for those with a extra axis.
  5. In the real A319 you have a small amount of nose wheel control with the rudder. I believe it’s 6 degrees FSL has it modeled correctly if you set up a axis for the tiller, you will only have a small amount of nose wheel control with the pedals
  6. I think the OP is getting WAY to wrapped up in procedures for a flight. His issue is far more likely to be a controller or corrupted install . A few of us have asked him to try taking off using only the f1 and f4 keys for throttle and I asked him a few times to check for controller conflicts but I don’t think he has done either of those yet. In his second post he mentioned how everything went haywire when he moved the thrust levers to the clb detent via his slider on his joystick. That piece of info suggests a controller conflict to me because even if he was not in the gates the plane would not behave as he described . he would just be in manual thrust since he is using one slider for both throttles The beauty of the FSL Airbus is that you don’t have to follow exact procedures to fly it. For example if you don’t initialize the weights you won’t have managed but it will still fly perfectly fine. Yesterday before work this is what I put into the MDCU for a few practice laps around the pattern. KBOS-KBOS 130.8/29.6 125 126 131 flaps 2 67 flex and that’s it.... I was off around the pattern with managed working a couple of TnGs and off to work.
  7. Did you try using f1 and f4 instead of your slider yet? Can you check all your axis on all connected controllers in both fsuipc and the P3D Menu And may I ask how did you come up with a flex temp of 24? Not that I think that is your problem just curious.
  8. Yeah, that is really low... even a empty a319 should never see v2 that low. I wonder how he got those numbers. BUT... I have messed around with the FSL bus alot doing traffic patterns and done things like not even initialize the weights and it still does not do anything like the OP described . I bet it has to do with his controls. One time shortly after the 320 came outs had a odd situation where I had a axis programmed to throttle in fsuipc and somehow the same axis got programmed in the FSX menu to the rudder...... that got quite interesting on climbout or or it could be a bad install like someone suggested earlier
  9. You have a controller issue somewhere. Try getting rid of the slider as throttle and using the f1 and f4 keys for the throttle to ensure your in the gates. another thing is if you have the slider you are using for the throttle also programmed for elevator or something else. I had this happen before so now I only use fsuipc and disabled joysticks in the p3d menu
  10. I am curious as well, my current setup is a yoke with mfg pedals and I may eventually upgrade to the Brunner yoke and pedals
  11. Is it dishonesty or just not having enough knowledge to have confidence in a negative opinion. If your going to call something out as wrong in a review you would need to know for certain that the developer is wrong or cut corners. This is is why I was saying bringing in the help of a typed pilot... that would be somebody with the background to know good from bad and knowledge to back a negative opinion
  12. I would love to see a review vlog or website that buys the addons and reviews them with somebody with time on the airplane being reviewed. What is the point of a rewiew where the person doing the review is not qualified.
  13. Kyle, I think this global flight operations is a great idea and I think most people will really enjoy it once they use it and grasp it.
  14. He was talking about the sr22. They are fast for a GA plane and Kyle is a RW GA pilot They did not say in development for 10 years
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