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  1. I agree that there is room for different levels of sim planes in the market but its not just fouled plugs and circuit breakers it's accuracy of the flight model and physics, it's accuracy of how the engine operates, sounds and feels. Even with failures turned off a plane like the A2A is going to give a more realistic experience, even more so with quality controls. I wish more simmers invested in FFB controls, I have seen so many simpits with 10k plus in computer equipment and panels with a Saitek yoke... the one item you touch and feel the plane through they go cheap as possible.
  2. I live in Massachusetts and at least in google the data is very up to date and detailed. the houses are accurate and the image quality is not bad in the sim for me its the green tint and bridges, I can't really get rid of the tint because once I get to Worcester it's PG all the way to Boston and most of RI and then the PG would be off. I do most of my MS2020 flying in So. Cal for this reason, it's not quite as bad there with the green, just looks like they had a really rainy winter.
  3. Maybe I am alone in this but personally I don't think MSFS2020 looks all that good outside of photogrammetry areas. Where I live is WAY too green hell even the roads are green, then you go a few miles north and the photogrammetry area is a giant square you can see because the colors are more life like and it is not at all blended with the non PG areas. Plus I can not get past the airport lights always being on. IRL airports can be kind of hard to find. Plus I do not like how dependent msfs2020 is on MS staying in this, I work for a fortune 100 company, plans can change on a whim, one exec loosing a power struggle can cancel the whole thing. for example my company bought 20 million worth of land near me several years back to build a giant hub, we had a leadership change and the new CEO cancelled the project, the 20 million in sunk cost plus planning they spent meant nothing to them. anyway, I enjoy both platforms, neither are perfect but I enjoy both.
  4. The hot start challenger and the tourqesim sr22. Sometimes I load up MSFS and fly the milviz 310 but I prefer the flight dynamics of x plane and pretty much come right back.
  5. I am little late to this thread but I remember DEhowie from the x plane community. I don't believe he was on the original FSL tech team.. I remember him posting on one of the X plane boards several years ago about trying out the FSL bus and being mostly impressed.
  6. It's OK to have older hardware, but if you do you should be reasonable in your expectations.
  7. Glad to see FSL is coming to MSFS. Sure they will be out after the Fenix a320, however, I only care about one thing and that is having the highest fidelity in my sim as I can, if the FSL is better in anyway than I will buy it, even if I bought the Fenix a week prior. Same can be said about the Neo.. sure, the FBW is great but I will pay happily for a more in depth experience
  8. No, it's not a setting to improve headphone experience. The headphone simulation is supposed to be a simulation of ANR headphones, I don't think it does a particularly good job at it but that is the intention.
  9. You rather not have a high quality 737 in this sim?
  10. I built a rough profile for my Brunner and no issues with pitch. I have not set any deadzones or cut down on sensitivity. I think part of the problem with many MSFS planes is without control loading they are prone to PIO.. I know it's expensive but with the brunner this 310 is the best flight model I have experienced so far.
  11. XP12 will not match MSFS in ground environment, however I think the new trees, clouds and autogen combined with quality ortho will narrow it some. What XP12 offers is some really nice add-on planes, a healthy freeware ecosystem and not being tied to the whims of leadership at MS. What if MS pulls the plug? can that sim even run without a connection to MS?
  12. I also have the reverb G2 and agree with you on this. Once I tried VR I could never go back to flat panels. I also use my G2 for Iracing.
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